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GM finalist Ray Farmer may not interview ... or may

Ray Farmer is a Dolphins general manager finalist but unlike most folks eager to take their second interviews for the job, Farmer is at this writing uncertain.

Farmer told me over the phone he is not certain whether he is going to take the interview or not. He told me a decision on the matter would be coming soon.

Meanwhile, John Wooten who runs the Fritz Pollard Alliance -- an organization dedicated to advance the cause of diversity within the NFL's coaching and executive ranks -- spoke to Farmer even as Farmer had me on hold. And Wooten tells me he is recommending to Farmer to absolutely interview with the Dolphins.

So what's the big problem?

Simple ...

"He has reservations about the structure of the Dolphins," Wooten said. "He's not certain who would be running things, whether it would be him or someone else. I told him the only way you can find out is to take the second interview and get the answer."

Wooten believes Farmer is strongy considering his recommendation.

This is highly problematic for the Dolphins because, obviously in Farmer's mind, they conducted an interview with a candidate so qualified as to be a finalist in their search for a new general manager ... and during that interview that took multiple hours, they did not clearly explain to Farmer what the job is exactly.

And if they explained it, Farmer still came away uncertain.

As Vince Lombardi once famously asked, "What the hell is going on out there?"

By the way, CBSSports.com and NFL Network already reported Farmer is not taking the interview. He was not so decisive with me on the phone.

I told him those are the reports out there and he declined comment. I told him it sounds like he's staying in Cleveland and he said, "I'm not saying that at all."

The Dolphins are interviewing finalists this weekend, as I reported Wednesday. Lake Dawson is also a Dolphins finalist, as I reported Thursday morning.


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Dusty, if Farmer has reservations and takes the job anyway. We're still in lots of trouble. I don't want anyone being here when he doesn't really want to be here.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2014/01/a-second-look-at-finalist-possibilities/comments/page/7/#comments#storylink=cpy

How the fukk can a guy already have had an interview with this team and be uncertain of what the structure is? What kind of a circus is Ross running here?

I read today that multiple times Ross called one of the candidates the wrong name. I mean how fukking unprofessional and incompetent can one organization be?

DawnJoe has scared most good people away. Ross can't have it both ways, I'd say all of the candidates rated Philbin quite lowly and as for his relationship with Dawn, that would have been nauseating.

The GM would want to clear the coaching staff of dead wood like Coyle, Turner and Taylor. Philbin would have gone pink in the interview and put his foot down,(most likely while playing footsie with Dawn), insisting his coaches were, 'Excellent', truly pathetic viewing.

sam farmer wants the job, but only if its a real job. hes the gm, he needs control and to be able to rid us of the awful philbin


From the last blog, I don't think you read properly what I said. What I was saying is that maybe this environment is jst a bad place all around. Maybe Ireland never had a chance from the get-go. Guys hated him but as I've argued MANY times, things could always have been worse. I've read REPEATEDLY on here 'Ireland the worst GM in NFL history'. Could it be that things are so fukked up in Miami that he never had a chance to begin with. Let's see how great the next guy is, whoever that ends up being.

worst franchise in sports, nobody can even argue that anymore

Dashi says "If the horse was in me, Dashi would be in pain, but Dashi would still like it"

It would better for Miami fans to find a new team to root for for about 3 more years. Three years should be enough to expose RT as no more than adequate, and should be enough to eliminate Philbin and MAYBE even Ross. Nothing good is going to happen until all of them are gone.

its become obvious that the 3 headed retarded monster of philbin,aponte,ross have destroyed any respect this franchise had left

Nasty rumours floating round that Brian Gaine is the new GM, hnece Ross took off in Earforce One to hawk the franchise to the English and the Chinese.

Wow imagine Thill in a black cab and bowler hat, or Philip Wheeler pulling a rickshaw with Ross in it down tiananmen square.

no dusty, we can agree on that. However the Jags are pretty sorry looking, those helmets...URGH !!!

And the hits keep on coming. As bad is this is, you don't want somebody who don't want to be here.

why did we want ray farmer anyways?

Everyday the news gets worse.Being a dolphins fan,and remaining positive is getting harder.

I've been a fan since I was 9 (1972. I really, really want to trust these guys, but it's stories like this that make if very difficult. I'm afraid that if we do hire the right person, it will just be a result of pure luck. Fingers crossed.

I wouldn't take the job either with Dawn and Joe up to no good. Why would you get involved in that web?

Does anyone really care anymore at this point. I know I don't. It's all about humor at this point, laugh instead of cry Dashi says

Ross is going to hitch his wagon to Philbin. He did the same thing with Ireland. It cost them Fisher and others. It's going to do the same with Philbin safe and secure. Clear to me now that Ross has no clue what he's doing.

Starting to think Miami's hiring process is more about who will take the job as opposed to who Miami wants to hire. Seems like business as usual.

Posted by: Craig M | January 23, 2014 at 05:16 PM

I 100% agree. However, Ireland pulled enough stunts of his own to be considered a "terrible gm" by many fans. It's not like it's totally "unwarranted".

As far as, "things could be worse", it's part of why Ireland's no longer here. Sad that Stephen Ross can not give himself the boot too. Because, today, things look a lot worse, not "could be".

That's the primary problem with Ross, in trying to correct whats bad about the franchise, he makes things worse. The only good is that things "legitimately needed changing".

Just seems Ross is "the worst person" o go about making thes "needed changes".

if they hire Gaine i am done with this absolute laughing stock of a franchise. how can you even consider someone who worked hand in hand with Ireland to run this franchise into the ground??
Quick, someone name me one playmaker DRAFTED by Ireland/Gaine in the last 6 years. I just need one, either side of the ball will do.

I agree with Marco. To tell you the truth if we get Gaine in as GM the seats will be empty. Joe philbin and his coaches proved nothing this season. Most if not all of our games were won by our talent alone( pretty impressive to win on pure talent Imo).
I can now see why Gamble did not take the job.

I sure hope our players are ready for a tough season. Its sad really we have talent we just don't use it right. I feel bad for players actually trying to win games.

The reports from Jason Cole stating that those who interviewed for the GM position did not know the structure of the organization appear to be true. The Dolphins did not detail their plans or structure so no one knew if the new GM reported to Ross or Aponte.

There was also concern about working with Aponte and Philbin and how that would work out in the future, especially if Philbin is fired.

The Dolphins have been turned down by several talented GM prospects and one took a job elsewhere. And now Farmer states he is uncertain as well.

Those that wished for a total change in Coaches and Personnel (GM and Aponte) were probably right. This is a mess and Ross is just looking for PR while he gives Philbin one or two more seasons to make progress.

The Dolphins are a joke.

And to think they passed up Pioli because Peterson, who has NOTHING to do with this team was mad because he replaced him. Smh right now

2014 was looking good until this happened!
Ross knows nothing about football!
Feel sorry for thill he wont get the talent necessary for a great third year.
For whoever said to follow another team way ahead of you us Miami residents will always have the Heat! Riley and Arison truly know what they are doing to make a contender!

This team has been a circus for years and a complete three ring circus in 2013 and 2014.

The horrible FA signings, the joke of a draft, the terrible OL, the scandal, the rise of DawnJoe, and on and on.

Meanwhile, the Patriots survived much worse and were in the AFC Championship game.

If it's Gaine I'm absolutely done with this team. WTH are they thinking over there. More of the same Ireland BS in a different suit. Just some guy with slightly less baggage. A HC who the players don't like or respect. If this is your path Mr. Ross have fun losing more of your billions on this team. You are listening to the wrong people(Peterson). You don't know how to run a sports franchise. Sell our team please!!! or get out of the way and hire a football czar. You clearly haven't learned your lesson trying to piecemeal the team together instead of doing it the right way and cleaning house and starting over with new GM, no Aponte, and new HC.

@ sickandtired
Brian Hartline
R. Jones

Free Agents -
Cam Wake

A few play makers.
Read up a little on Gain and educate your self unless you feel better about being clueless. I'm not saying he is a great choice but be a little realistic. A lot of hard working smart people work under complete idiots in this world. Get a grip

it's not that Ross has been disengaged with the GM hiring process.

It's because he's been practicing for the World Wide Ear Wrestling Championship between Ross vs. Obama in Washington DC

bobby trust me on this one , u dont want pioli. i had front row tickets to the disaster he was. but whats it matter who the gm is since they refuse to give them power. so pathetic. frustrated as all heck

We have all had interviews. If the employer is vague, unspecific and non commital in any way most people would walk away. That is what seems to be going on down here.

I have been told that DawnJoe were present in all the interviews. How awkward would that have been, hearing Ross bang on about how great DawnJoe are. The truth around the NFL is that Philbin won't be here in 2015 as its playoffs or bust here. More to the point not being told where you stand where the power lies is pathetic and lacks order, why would you come here ?

Xanders is the right choice but no one wants to work with the circus monkey ross.

Next offseason they will get rid of the coaches. Im not sure who our GM will be but it seems the structure has scared off prospects. It leaves us with Gaine! That gets us back to square one!
Ireland was not very good, but even he wanted out of the organization remember he was not fired there was a mutual agreement so he wanted out of here.

Gaine is the only candidate left! Well at least we know who the GM will be. Can't judge until FA and the draft. I will reserve bashing Gaine until this time.
I will however bash Ross philbin and the coaching staff because i know they are the reason we couldn't get a relevant up and coming GM

Well just like I commented in numerous posts the front office Ross aponte a joke and so will team as long as their here I am so sick of this garbage I want Ross and aponte gone I hate u aponte plain and simple buy can't rid of these idiots this sucks man B.S

As they say, not even one real elite playmaker drafted. I will say Clay is excellent and Vernon very good.

Tannehill is a question mark and a big one at that.

Way to go Dolphins!

You have successfully chased everyone away!

Great F'ing Job!

Firing Philbin isn't the answer.

One of the reasons that coaches and GM's are shying away from the organization is that from the outside we look spastic with the never-ending turnstile of coaches,gm's,czars, etc rolling through.

The franchise needs some continuity. It needs to commit to someone's vision for 4-5 years and give them the resources to succeed. You can't just start fresh every time.

Ireland was neither the best nor worst GM in the league but he trashed his head coach and embarrassed the organization with his handling of the Dez Bryant interview. It was likely time for a mutual parting of the ways.

Despite Philbin working with a decimated OL, he did get us back to .500. If we don't lose more than 9-10 games next year, I'd give him more time for no other reason than giving the appearance that we're willing to commit to our people through good times and bad.

Posted by: Emperor of Reason | January 23, 2014 at 05:32 PM

Its really hard to see what will happen from here. Thill will have the same QB coach, bad. Turner will have the same o-line blocking as last season, bad.

Gaine is a complete mystery really, he worked with Ireland so who knows which were his picks and which were Irelands ? It just seems a waste when he is already here. We need a new direction, a breath of fresh air, not another yes man, or woman.

FA's won't be too happy coming here with all the BS that is going on behind the scenes and it looks like GM's are now the latest people to shun the Dolphins.

Ross may be well intensioned but he gets it wrong so often that we are now a weak franchise. Pat Riley are you available ?

philbin is awful and for some reason has much more control than just being the head coach. its plain awful

Cleveland Browns assistant general manager Ray Farmer will not take a second interview with the Miami Dolphins for their open GM position, a league source said.

CBS Sports

Forget what happens on the field. 32 teams- too much competition for distinguishing yourself by making plays and winning.

Instead, we distinguish ourselves in the off-season.

Everyone notice us?

Last year we were the ill-advised free-agency spending- spree champions.

This year, we up the ante by distinguishing ourselves as being the clueless dysfunction champions!

We Win!

Why is Gaine not his own man ? Why do i always hear he so well respcted around the league ? How do you know he didn't like other players that turned out to be great that Ireland passed on ? Who says Farmer is great ? Does anyone know how well Farmer can evaluate talent ? Now Farmer is the next Great GM because he might not come here ?

Despite Philbin working with a decimated OL, he did get us back to .500. If we don't lose more than 9-10 games next year, I'd give him more time for no other reason than giving the appearance that we're willing to commit to our people through good times and bad.

Posted by: Jeff in Oz | January 23, 2014 at 05:54 PM

All teams have injuries, we had the same as most teams and those that made the playoffs.

When we needed to be focussed and come out swinging Philbin had the team flat-lining. He also stood by and watched refs abuse us and did nothing, Sherman got his full support as did Coyle even though their units were seriously underperforming.

After two years you have a losing record... ok. If after 3 years here Philbin has ZERO playoff appearances he is toast. Unless we go 10-6 like the Cardinals and at least show signs that we are for real.

The sideline apathy and lack of emotion really keeps the energy levels low. Look at Carroll, Harbaugh, Fox and Bill B. They all either get their players jacked up, or talk to the units during the game and make adjustments as the game is happening.

I'd also like to see the nco-ordinators on the sidelines. Up in the gods they are far too detached from the action. You would think Philbin might have tried this, but no, its amazing that he ever got this gig in the first place.

I can't believe some of you are still talking about Fisher. In case you haven't noticed Philbin has a better record than Fisher. Fisher has never done anything. Why in the world would anyone want him in Miami. You seriously need to get over your man crush.

The only thing truly pathetic about Miami? Its fan base and this blog. You people are fkking clueless.

At the end of the season Philbin was asked why they were not making plays. His answer was that he did not know why and had no answers. So he is either incapable or just does not care, either way I'd put his touche if I was Ross. That answer could have just been for the fans though, what do we count for anyway.

Orange carpet, Yellow bellies.

A human being is the only one who runs into the wall time after time. I have been a dolphin fan fourty years and will continue to follow them. That being said Ross is clueless and is surrounded himself with people with there own agendas. You are only as good as who you surround yourself with. I just don't get it first Irealand now Aponte and coach Joe his right hand people none who have the franchises best interest. Steven grow a pair humility is knowing you cant do it by yourself ask your peers fellow owners how to go about being a successful owner in this league you have the resources use them.

Posted by: jose | January 23, 2014 at 06:09 PM

Ross isn't a football guy. The management of a NFL franchise isn't like his other business interest's. Emperor said it best, he just has people on with their own agendas.

Who cares who the GM is? Why? Every season new GM's and Coaches are announced with much fanfare to the fan base. They are told how they were thorough in searching for the best candidate to lead this team and that they are thrilled of the new hire. 2 to 3 years later, most of them are once again pushing the reset button.

An assistant GM from the Browns? How low can we go? Why would we want him?

all i care is Ross can sell the team and movies ass back to New York I'm done

being Bazooka Joe's towel boy is hard to explain to the candidates?

This entire process is totally upside down.....

...and Philbin and Aponte have got Ross by the strings...

..totally fukkin' amazing !!!!!!!

Isn't it odd how bloggers that routinely act like 7 year old children sit and debate over who knows better than the other?

BuckEye - Philbin may have a better record BUT the Rams play 4 games against Seattle and 9ers (arguably 2 of the best teams) and a 10-6 Arizona team this year. He lost his starting QB and the team still went 7-9. Philbin matched up against the jets and bills 4x and lost three of them.

You guys sit around here talking like ghetto drop outs and then turn around and try to act superior to the other. Too funny.

It makes sense to hire Gaine. If they bring in a name guy and the team flops next season, then Ross has to once again fire the coach and keep the GM, because if he whacks the GM after one season it does not send a good message.

Hire the internal guy Gaine. It shows you give your own a chance to rise up. If you win you look good. Now if things fall apart next season, you can start with a clean slate and those situations will be more attractive to the best GM candidates.

To me its not the fact as much whether farmer could be good gm or not its more of fact he chose to stay with browns (the browns) unbelievable Ross does not get it his football ineptitude and stupid really is unreal and I just don't believe what a joke this franchise had become


Look, I don't think Philbin is killing it and those last two games are inexplicable but I just don't think firing him soon is the answer. We're not getting to get a Harbaugh or a Belichick until we improve our image. We need to give him more time.

Yes Sherman was a disappointment and Philbin should have seen that but in some sense, I admire his loyalty. Philbin seems like a high-character guy and the Phins need a few of those.

I just hope a new GM can get us a few more pieces, Lazor can help Tanny continue to improve and new LB coach gets better production, too. Next year could be better.

The Miami GM position is a great opportunity to restore a floundering franchise to. You've got a young team and an owner that will spend to win. Turning around terrible teams is how you make a name for yourself as a GM. They should be lining up for this gig.

To me its not the fact as much whether farmer could be good gm or not its more of fact he chose to stay with browns (the browns) unbelievable Ross does not get it his football ineptitude and stupid really is unreal and I just don't believe what a joke this franchise had become

Posted by: Jason nuhfer | January 23, 2014 at 06:53 PM

"its more of fact he chose to stay with browns (the browns)"

Does anyone else get this? Great post man!

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