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GM finalist Ray Farmer may not interview ... or may

Ray Farmer is a Dolphins general manager finalist but unlike most folks eager to take their second interviews for the job, Farmer is at this writing uncertain.

Farmer told me over the phone he is not certain whether he is going to take the interview or not. He told me a decision on the matter would be coming soon.

Meanwhile, John Wooten who runs the Fritz Pollard Alliance -- an organization dedicated to advance the cause of diversity within the NFL's coaching and executive ranks -- spoke to Farmer even as Farmer had me on hold. And Wooten tells me he is recommending to Farmer to absolutely interview with the Dolphins.

So what's the big problem?

Simple ...

"He has reservations about the structure of the Dolphins," Wooten said. "He's not certain who would be running things, whether it would be him or someone else. I told him the only way you can find out is to take the second interview and get the answer."

Wooten believes Farmer is strongy considering his recommendation.

This is highly problematic for the Dolphins because, obviously in Farmer's mind, they conducted an interview with a candidate so qualified as to be a finalist in their search for a new general manager ... and during that interview that took multiple hours, they did not clearly explain to Farmer what the job is exactly.

And if they explained it, Farmer still came away uncertain.

As Vince Lombardi once famously asked, "What the hell is going on out there?"

By the way, CBSSports.com and NFL Network already reported Farmer is not taking the interview. He was not so decisive with me on the phone.

I told him those are the reports out there and he declined comment. I told him it sounds like he's staying in Cleveland and he said, "I'm not saying that at all."

The Dolphins are interviewing finalists this weekend, as I reported Wednesday. Lake Dawson is also a Dolphins finalist, as I reported Thursday morning.


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Yes Sherman was a disappointment and Philbin should have seen that but in some sense, I admire his loyalty.
Posted by: Jeff in Oz | January 23, 2014 at 06:54 PM

Hitler hated Jews. He killed 6 million to prove it? Should you admire his loyalty to it, too?

Loyalty doesn't in it's own merit make a thing right.

Posted by: Jeff in Oz | January 23, 2014 at 06:54 PM

Jeff, Im not sure if you can say he is a high character guy, he seemed to cover up the Ritchie golf club scandal quite nicely. As for the character, its nice, but I'd rather have it show up in the teams performances.

Loyalty is one thing for a friend, but when its turning a blind eye to the team, thats not good enough really. Everyone has a line when enough is enough. For me another year with no playoffs I call for Philbin to be out.

Building a playoff team from scratch can be done as we have seen over the recent years. Philbin is an admin guy and if/when he gets fired could you ever see him get a HC job again, I seriously doubt it.

If we fail to make the playoff and go say 8-8 again, would you still want him around ?

Who was it who took great umbrage with my statement that the Dolphins are the Laughingstock of the League? Bill A?, whose reasoning was that other teams had worse records, so therefore.....
Dude, it ain't Ws & Ls. It's insulting candidates to their face by not remembering their names. It's the reluctance of an org devoted to advancing minorities in the FOs to advise its members to interview due to chaos & lack of clarity re job. It's ten yrs plus of MYSTIFYIng so-called decisions. Not a joke franchise?? Please.

Dashi is wrong.

Dashi thought Farmer was going to be the GM.

Right now, If I was S.Ross I would Interview Sherman and/or Ireland.

Letting go of Ireland was the Dumbest Decision Dumbo made.

Unless you are going to blame the whole J.Martin Scandal on Sherman and Ireland. I see no reason of getting rid of Ireland. M.Sherman was done as a play caller. The game has passed him by. We needed a new "Lazor".

I understand Ireland didn't want to respond to CapCoach. He is use to only taking orders from an Overlord type(President). C.Peterson would've filled that role. Make Peterson a Minority Owner/President.

The right move was to get rid of Ireland next season, when you get rid of Philbin during the season after an 0-7 Start(Throw the rest of the season). That way you can be the first in line to restructure everything, Offering a Ton of Cap Space and the #1 Overall pick.

The Dolphins need to have a GM in place by Monday. Even if we are promoting Ireland's Assistant.

I don't see the purpose in maintaining a charade or doing the politically correct thing if it means risking another season just so you can clean house.

Be bold.

Act bold.

Change your mind.

Clean house now.

Flush and be done with it. Begin now.

Waiting to begin resolves nothing. It is a lose lose situation that benefits nobody.


It would depend on how the season played out. I think you can have an improved team but an equal record. Also, you'd have to look at what kind of locker room you have next year and what kind of production you get out of your players but generally speaking, yes I'd keep him if we're 8-8 next year and likely if we're 7-9.

We were rebuffed when we wanted Harbaugh, Fisher and half the GM candidates we approached. I just don't think if we fire Philbin next year, we'll get the head coach the fans want and deserve. I think we've got to hang in there with Joe and if if we get much worse, well then, we're drafting in a better position and a little more enticing to coaches for that reason. If Philbin improves over the next couple of seasons (and I sincerely hope he does) then we all win.

It does not appear Ross has made a single good decision since owning the team. He was even considering keeping Ireland in a reduced role? That would have only fostered more animosity and tension.

If he wants to own the team, he really should hire a czar and stay 100% out of all affairs. His opinion and influence seem guaranteed to make matters worse at every turn.

I am totally embarrassed to be a Dolphin Fan after almost 40 years. I just heard Ross is trying to sell the team to the Chinese but they don't want it because it would pretty much ruin their portfolio! ;(

I'm not going to say that keeping Philbin or cutting the ties is best. At this stage I don't have an opinion other then to say, that to this point, I've not had a great deal of admiration for him as a football coach. After saying that I'd like to point out a couple of things that Ireland left this team with that Philbin has to live with.

First, the total paid out to the three top RBs on this team this past year was a grand total 2.4 mil. That ranked 30th in the league. If someone made the connection 'that you get what you pay for' I couldn't disagree.

Next, the OL. When we started the season we had Incognito at 4.3 mil, Pouncey at 2.3, Jerry @ .7 mil., Martin @ 1.2 and Clabo at 3.5. For a total of 12.1 million. And this team spent (w/ dead money) 106 mil.
So when we started the season we had one of the lowest expenditures in the NFL, if not the lowest, invested in this OL.

So when the dust cleared with the bullying scandal (or whatever it was) this is where they ended up. Still having both Pouncey, Clabo and Jerry for a combined 6.5 mil. Added to that the newcomer McKennie @ 3.1 and Brenner at .45 mil. For a grand total of roughly 9.7 mil.

Now when you add the RB's total of 2.4 mil. and the ending OL total's together you come out with the robust figure of 12.1 mil. (This represents 11% of our total payroll). You can plainly see why we couldn't pass protect nor run the ball. If you want to do it on the cheap, don't be disappointed with the end result!!!!! The most remarkable figure yet is that Ellerbe and Wheeler were paid 13 mil. last year. Two completely wasted FA pickups, on defense, that were paid MORE THEN THE ENTIRE OL AND RBs COMBINED!!!!!! Even before the Martin etc........fiasco.

And Jeff Ireland kept his job how long? Oh, and if you notice that Brenner was the only one working on a rookie salary. Except for Pouncey all the rest were veteran players who couldn't command a big salary due to their previous years performance.

Just saying........You do get, for the most part, what you pay for!!!

let's get real here. Parcels and Sparano loused this thing up pretty good.It's not gonna be easy fixing that mess those idiots left. Ireland missed on some but he hit on some too. All GM will hit and miss. The key to our success in 2014 is gonna be fixing the OL and developing a run game. I think all all arrows are pointing up now that Mike Sherman was ran out of town with his one page playbook.

I hope that my last showed beyond a doubt that it wasn't all Sherman!

Just saying........You do get, for the most part, what you pay for!!!

Posted by: signal | January 23, 2014 at 07:30 PM

Not necessarily. Many high round picks are busts while many late round picks become stars. This isn't like comparing a Hyundai to a BMW.. In that case you are guaranteed a superior product paying up. In sports, too often players don't live up to their potential, and often FA's are not as good on their new team as they were on their previous team.

I like Brian Gaine the fact that other teams have tried to poach him is a good sign. Lets give him a shot

Clean the Whole Friggin house NOW.

Dashi is wrong.

Posted by: Dashi | January 23, 2014 at 07:07 PM

How bout telling us somethin we dont know?


I don't believe that keeping a coach if he isn't winning. What makes you think there isn't anyone else out there too ?

Iam surprised that you would keep him even with a losing record. Yes you can tell if a team is improving by other factors, but wins are the bottom line. If Philbin has a losing record after 3 years he is gone, thats ample time to show you have what it takes in this league.

Im sure Ireland had a lot to do with players, coaches and others not wanting to be part of this franchise. I can't think of many GM's that asked rookies if their moms were prostitues, pretty horrible thing to ask a young guy at an interview.

Philbin doesn't have the energy levels of coaching ability to get the job done here. In GB he never called plays, so why does he get the HC job here, there are many more candidates I would rather have here than him. I will list them of to you if you like.


These players, sans Pouncey, all lived up to 'their potential'. You may point out how this worked for another team but for this one, NOT SO GOOD!!!

Reports are that Ray farmer has passed on the job too. I had bought into hiring Farmer, I thought he was the best man for the job. Ross should probably start considering getting on his knees and begging Ireland to come back. Man, Ireland must just be rolling on the floor laughing. Be careful what you wish for. We are basically going to be hiring a GM that no other team in the NFL would hire.

This once proud franchise used to attract to flight candidates like Jimmy Johnson, Bill Parcells, and Nick Saban. Now Ray Freagin Farmer is passing on the Miami Dolphins GM job so that he can take a lower job for a miserable team in Cleveland.

Stand by my fellow Dolphans next year is going to be real bad. Stephen Ross has destroyed this fanchise!

More evidence how this franchise has become a national laughingstock. As I said weeks ago. A total house cleaning was needed and by not doing that. No worthy candidate wants anything to do with this job or regime.

Ross please sell this team now as you havnt a clue on how to be organized and run a pro football franchise. Why make the rest of us suffer for your lack of intelligence

Mike McCarthy struggled early at Green Bay,also, he has a lot of say in the Draft, along with the GM.We need to evaluate players better and give Philbin a chance with whoever the GM that's hired.

Fire Ross!

Posted by: smitrock | January 23, 2014 at 07:51 PM

Sure all coaches deserve a chance. After 48 games, you have had more than a fair chance, so my point is that we will have enough to evaluate the guy.

As things stand I would have liked Rob Ryan from the Saint as head coach. He is my kind of football guy. We all have our favourite coach and players because of their style or attitude. Philbin fans probably won't like Ryan, but he is passionate, successful and a leader, that what I would like to see here.

I'm still fine with Ireland being gone. What's he going to laugh about all those Super Bowls we had with him?

If they truly wanted a top GM if there is one out there, they should have offered total control. Philbin or not.

If you think so much of Philbin give him total control. If he doesn't give you the warm and fuzzies about doing that then why keep him.

Reports are that Brian Gaines is going to be the next GM for the Dolphins. So, why did they fire Ireland again? Ireland put a playoff caliber team on the field this year and they were poised to be in the playoffs before Joe Philbin pissed it all away. So instead of firing Philbin and that dumb coaching staff, Ross fires Jeff Ireland. Ross better stop getting his advice from Carl Peterson.

My only hope is that Gaines was able to take good notes from Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland the last 6 years as he has absolutely no experience as a GM.

signal, Tell me how Wallace lived up to his potential. You can't put it all on Tannehill, he completed more passes to him than Ben ever did. Wallace dropped more passes than ever.

If I didn't understand the term poor ownership then I have a clear understanding of it now. I've never seen a regime or owner so clueless on how to run a football franchise. The only hope for us is that Ross sells the team to a person with half a brain.

Cue Ball Failbin may still be fired when the Incognito racism and extortion investigation results are made public.

They would have given Flacco a giant 100 million deal if they knew he wouldn't even get him to the playoffs. There are way too many examples.

wouldn't have


That'd would be a huge factor—if you could get a great candidate to come here after another losing season.

I'd be interested to hear to you'd like to see next.

I'm not sure who we could get. Would love to see someone like Dungy or Cowher at the top of the organization before we start looking for our next coach.

I'd just hate to see us chasing candidates that don't want to come here because of the negative perceptions. Think a little more continuity could help that out.

If I were interviewing for a job I would ask what the structure of the org is. This shows Farmer ain't real bright and therefore a perfect hire for the Dolphins.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | January 23, 2014 at 07:56 PM

Very true. I don't think Ireland was pleased being sacked either. He did deserve it, but Philbin really didn't help his cause. Ross wanted Philbin so take from that what you will.

Philbin staying here has more to do with Ross's ability to judge football talent, than results, quality or capabilities requires to be a good HC in the NFL.

No one with a choice joins the lowly Fins.

This from the P.B. Post: "A source on Tuesday told the Palm Beach Beach Post that Philbin wanted to trade last offseason for Kansas City left tackle Branden Albert but that Ireland overruled it and said Jonathan Martin should remain the left tackle." Mmmmmuh!

Hey Armando here is a lead for you. Dig,dig dig! Get to the real story. That what good reporters do. Who else did Philbin want or not want? Journalism is hard work if you aspire to be good.

And I was so hopeful when Ireland was fired. It looks like they're just being set up to fail again now. Ross needs to hire a consultant to evaluate himself so he can be fired.

Wow we may have the two worst owners in sports. Jeffrey Loria is the worst owner in baseball and Ross is quickly starting to become the worst owner in football. At least Loria can brag about winning a world championship. The Dolphins are starting to spiral out of control into becoming the worst franchise in the NFL. We used to ridicule the blogger "FIRE ROSS" and as it turns out he may be the only one of us that was right. The problem was not Ireland, Philbin, or Sherman. The problem starts at the top with Ross. FIRE ROSS was right!

Armando Salguero you are a little Machiavelli twisting things to stir up the pot. And at the same time helping Farmer with negotiating tools. You are punching your payroll card for the future if if is signed. Because that's all Farmer's stance stands for. He knows that he is the frontrunner and has the inside support of Peterson. You guys are all playing the cards in front of the public.

Boy, do we really need a straight and upfront beatwriter at the Herald !

We weren't speaking of Wallace and you just brought his name up! But from a dollar and cents standpoint he was another that singly made more then the RBs and OL made combined! And no he certainly didn't live up to his pay grade. But this team needed a 'down the field' threat, badly, so I'm not quite as incensed at him (Wallace) as what already has been mentioned. Ireland over paid and I think he was bidding against himself! If he stays for another 4 years he will have taken home $60,000,000.00. That's 12 mil / year and AGAIN more then the RBs and OL got combined!

Granted this is starting to look ugly but dont forget firing Ireland was a huge positive.

Great blog tonight !!!

All the best fellas.

Jeffrey Loria is actually a pretty good owner. He brought us a World Championship, kept the team in Miami and secured a state of the art stadium. And he did make a 225 million dollar offer to get Albert Puljos a couple years ago.

Dolfan Rick,

Ireland is a far better GM than any of the candidates left. He put a playoff caliber team on the field this year. He basically had the same defense that he had under Sparano when they were ranked in the top 10 in defense. Now the defense is mediocre and ranked at the bottom of the league. On offense: He went out and got a young QB with a lot of potential, Wallace, Hartline, Clay, Mathews, Gibson, and Kellar (I know a couple of players got hurt).

The bottom line is this team was 8-6 with the best odds of making the playoffs with Ireland's players. Philbin then could not beat two bottom feeders in this league needing just one win. In fact, he got blown out at home by Geno Smith and the lowly Jets. The bottom line is that if Rex Ryan would have been the HC for the dolphins this year they would be in the playoffs, guaranteed!

Loria is a pretty good owner? I thought I had heard it all...

I said on here right after the season ended and there was talk of a change that I would promote Gaine.

He has respect around the league and was a finalist for the Jets job.

He was well trained under Parcells and Ireland. The trouble with Ireland wasn't necessarily his organizational skills or his training. His personality just gets in his way.

He failed to work two coaches now. He doesn't have a good repore with fans or the media. He's not well respected around the league. He creates animosity with veteran players during negotiations. His gaffes have also played a big part in the teams bad image.

It's kind of telling if Gaine is more than willing to work with Philbin and Aponte, who the cause of the friction was.

The trouble with this whole thing is Ross had to put on this big dog and pony show again. Just like with Harbaugh and Manning and end up with egg on his face.

Ross would have been better served keeping both Ireland and Philbin for at least 1 more season. Of course that would have meant not neutering Ireland.

At least this way, 8-8 or worse in 2014, they indisputably both hit the door. Plus, the franchise saves face on the despicable farce going on right now.

If there's a wrong way to handle a bad situation, Ross, seems to always find it.

So many people on here are football team owners and former GM's (in their minds). A fan since Shula arrived. So if you are tired then move to Boston.

How much clearer can be put by Ross and Peterson? They are looking strictly for a good talent evaluator Period.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | January 23, 2014 at 08:09 PM


I could be wrong but I think FIRE ROSS was created because of this dysfunctional organization.

Loria is a pretty good owner? I thought I had heard it all...

Posted by: finfan71 | January 23, 2014 at 08:20 PM

Far better than Stephen Ross. At least Loria is "SHRED", Ross is just "TOTALLY INEPT".

Also, like the other poster said, at least Loria brought a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP to Miami. Ross is still searching for the playoffs, let alone a playoff win.

This franchise is a wonder from a distance. We overpay for Wallace but with extenuating circumstances. We grossly underpay for OL with no extenuating circumstances! Talk about a rudderless ship! To pay Albert over 8.5/ is just plain ridiculous (9.5 to 10 mil forgettabotit!). And he may want more!When you can retain either McKennie or Clabo for 4 mil/. Keep Clabo for another year. Draft Martin or Lewan for the other OT position. Get a RB in the 2nd or third, get an OG in the 2nd or third, get a DT in the 2nd or third, get an OLB or safety in the 2nd or third. Wait a minute I've run of draft picks several picks back! Do you think we need another draft pick or two????

I have a way to get a couple of extra picks but I'll save it until later or tomorrow.


I can hear Keith Jackson yelling, "Whoa Nellie!" For those of us who were saying the front office structure as described in various reports would be problematic, kudos! Maybe Mando's report is accurate, maybe not. Just the same, if Framer does not accept it would not surprise me and it tells me he has more on the ball then given credit for. I would still argue that the NFL is a tight community and it would not surprise me if Farmer has reached out to orhe current and/or former GMs and asked them what they thought.

Unfortunately, if Farmer is an up and comming highly respect personnel evaluator and potential GM candidate this year, he will be sought after next year as well. He may just wait and see. It appears upon prima facie review, working in the asylum may not be in the cards

I'm strictly a capologist. Keep me separate. Both me and Dawn.

Posted by: Sam I Am | January 23, 2014 at 08:23 PM

You are absolutely right. The move was either to clean house and start over or to keep everyone for one more year and cleaned house next year. Three years with the regime and the perception around the league would have been that Ross has patience and people would have wanted to come here to run this franchise.

The bottom line is that Ross has bad advisers that are leading him down the wrong path. Dawn Aponte and Carl Peterson have made Ross look like a complete bumbling idiot.

Far better than Stephen Ross. At least Loria is "SHRED", Ross is just "TOTALLY INEPT".
Also, like the other poster said, at least Loria brought a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP to Miami. Ross is still searching for the playoffs, let alone a playoff win.
Posted by: Sam I Am | January 23, 2014 at 08:26 PM

Agree. Ross has NEVER had one winning season. His stadium is decrepid and wreaks of urine. And he wont even fix it.

Is Dickey still a finalist? I've lost track now.

Like I said before, the best man may not get the job, the job may be taken by the last man to be asked.

Right after Inconito/Martin, this can not look good to the NFL league office. Then when throwing in past dysfunctions, it looks like "FULL SCALE INEPTITUDE" abound in Miami.

This can not look good representing the NFL SHIELD. The league has to step in and soon do something. Hopefully after the Martin report comes in.

This much incompetency simply can not be allowed to continue UNCHECKED on a PROFESSIONAL LEVEL.

Dawn Aponte and Carl Peterson have made Ross look like a complete bumbling idiot.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | January 23, 2014 at 08:29 PM


I don't think he needed any help.

As I've been saying for years. Ireland was a BIG problem but, it is becoming more & more apparent that, as I have suggested, Ross may be the biggest obstacle on the phins.

He is clearly football stupid if GM candidates don't even know who'd be running the show? How many candidates didn't even want to interview here to further their careers? Pitiful.

All so some capologist has all the say?
All to make sure a HC in over his head, clueless about in game adjustments, sticking with horrid players(wheeler), not playing young guys, not firing Turner, not wanting to fire Sherman etc...gets to stay?

Yes fans, Ross is the biggest issue around South Florida.

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