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GM finalist Ray Farmer may not interview ... or may

Ray Farmer is a Dolphins general manager finalist but unlike most folks eager to take their second interviews for the job, Farmer is at this writing uncertain.

Farmer told me over the phone he is not certain whether he is going to take the interview or not. He told me a decision on the matter would be coming soon.

Meanwhile, John Wooten who runs the Fritz Pollard Alliance -- an organization dedicated to advance the cause of diversity within the NFL's coaching and executive ranks -- spoke to Farmer even as Farmer had me on hold. And Wooten tells me he is recommending to Farmer to absolutely interview with the Dolphins.

So what's the big problem?

Simple ...

"He has reservations about the structure of the Dolphins," Wooten said. "He's not certain who would be running things, whether it would be him or someone else. I told him the only way you can find out is to take the second interview and get the answer."

Wooten believes Farmer is strongy considering his recommendation.

This is highly problematic for the Dolphins because, obviously in Farmer's mind, they conducted an interview with a candidate so qualified as to be a finalist in their search for a new general manager ... and during that interview that took multiple hours, they did not clearly explain to Farmer what the job is exactly.

And if they explained it, Farmer still came away uncertain.

As Vince Lombardi once famously asked, "What the hell is going on out there?"

By the way, CBSSports.com and NFL Network already reported Farmer is not taking the interview. He was not so decisive with me on the phone.

I told him those are the reports out there and he declined comment. I told him it sounds like he's staying in Cleveland and he said, "I'm not saying that at all."

The Dolphins are interviewing finalists this weekend, as I reported Wednesday. Lake Dawson is also a Dolphins finalist, as I reported Thursday morning.


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We all know how this is going to play out. They will offer the job to Gaine because he is the only person who will take the job and is the only person who would put up with PhilAponte. Once he is hired Ross will claim that he was their first pick all along and he will anxiously wait for those season ticket orders to come rushing in. The sad fact is that people who have never been GM's are actually turning down a GM position in the NFL. That is how fukked up this team is. There is only one GM job left open in the league right now and people like Farmer are content to stay with their own team. Just make Aponte the GM and be done with it. Hire a glorified scout to give her a foot massage and "Bone" her up on draft prospects and Free Agents. Maybe make Aponte the Czar and have the Williams sisters, Gloria Estefan and J-LO attend the scouting combine and run the draft room. As one fellow blogger put it: "The worst team in professional sports".

I'm not sure that Farmer can get along with Philbin. It might be the other 2 guys.


We'll just have to agree to disagree on Ireland. I am just not a fan.

I respect your opinion but we can't agree on everything.

To pay Albert over 8.5/ is just plain ridiculous (9.5 to 10 mil forgettabotit!). And he may want more!When you can retain either McKennie or Clabo for 4 mil/. Keep Clabo for another year.

Posted by: signal | January 23, 2014 at 08:27 PM

Ireland did exactly as you've posted and the net result?

= 58 sacks. A Fins record. He took the "cheap" way out.

BTW, $8.5M for a pro bowl LT is "PEANUTS ON THE DOLLAR". Albert did make the pro bowl didn't he?

Maybe Farmer asked the right questions and the answers were inconsistent, illogical pablum.
Maybe Farmer's the one who was insulted when the owner couldn't address him by his first or last name.

I am sorry but ross is a complete joke!
The only 2 left are Dawson and Gaine!
Tell you the truth i would go Gaine see what happens if he flops then we clean house completely if he does really(i mean really!) good then sure keep him!

Seems things are looking bleek, hopefully it gets better.

Per espn, Farmer is staying with the browns. What a joke!

How embarrassing that Miami can't even land a Browns exec to take over.

No one with any shred of decency or self worth wants this job. That speaks volumes about this job & this ownership. The execs & top flight people around the league know Ross is a doofus with zero football knowledge.

Even if it means more money, it should be clear to everyone now, no one wants this job even if it means more money & a step up in the football world. Miami is a joke in the NFL.

Ross has completely ruined this franchise. All to protect a shi**y coach & some capologist ho.


After losing Long, Dansby, Burnett and Smith to FA last off season the league should take pity on the clueless that run this franchise. They should give Ross a compensatory pick at the end of the third. They may do it and then purposely take it away for the 'institutional failure' for the Incognito/Martin fiasco!

We all know how this is going to play out. They will offer the job to Gaine because he is the only person who will take the job and is the only person who would put up with PhilAponte.

Posted by: No Brain Defense | January 23, 2014 at 08:38 PM

Naw, I think after everything that's happened, Ross will threaten to fire Gaine if he doesn't take the job. Scary part is Gaine may let them fire him rather than take the job.

Those will be "BIG TIME" unemployment bucks. :)

Ross has found ways to make extra money even when it may have hurt the team. Honoring Tebow, Hard Knocks, an extra preseason game, a London game next year, 30 mill under the cap, and changing the logo have all brought him extra money.

Paying Albert with money that's not your's but a multi-billionaire's would have: A.Prevented T-hill from getting beat up bad every game, & B. Precluded promoting an inept RT to LT, thereby eliminating the whole Cogs/JM Debacle.

Why are my comments being erased???
I contribute to!!


You've not been reading my posts. I just took exception to Ireland's ridiculous actions. Go back and read the posts before you take a shot.

Per Armando:

Armando Salguero @ArmandoSalguero

If you missed it from this morning, Lake Dawson is a Dolphins GM finalist:

This is great, only because this franchise has been "SINKING" for over a decade now. We may have finally found a "LAKE" in which to hit our bottom.


Loria is just a scoundrel who hoodwinked this city into building him a stadium with tax payer money. He then he just conducted a fire sale and is raking the money in. He just does not care about the fans, as I said he is manipulating thief and a scoundrel. He is shrewd and only cares about making money, a horrible owner.

Ross is worst because he is trying, but just does not know what the heck he is doing. He wastes money and constantly makes the wrong moves. He is a meddling owner that does not realize that in the NFL your job as an owner is to find the right leader to run your franchise. Does this guy not read what people are writing about him? How did this guy become so rich? Did he inherit his millions because right now he is looking like he is a poor leader and a complete fool.

Whoever they hire will be introduced as "the man we wanted the whole time, to lead the Franchise back to its glory days".
Joke Franchise.

BTW, $8.5M for a pro bowl LT is "PEANUTS ON THE DOLLAR". Albert did make the pro bowl didn't he?

Posted by: Sam I Am | January 23, 2014 at 08:40 PM


Now there's a comment I can agree with. I mean are trying to win or not?

How embarrassing.

Nobody wants to be associated with this franchise anymore.

Opinions Opinions everywhere... And ner' and Opinion to share...

Watching the pulse of this blog go up and down as the Cuban Fifer play's his fife is a case study in reactionary knee jerking...

So... Let me get this straight, some of you believe that Ray Farmer is going to tell a reporter for the Miami Herald ANYTHING beyond a well thought through statement..?

Some of you REALLY believe you know and understand the dynamics of what is going on in the Miami franchise..? If so... Why isn't Armando speaking to you..?

I don't think some realize that Ross & Co. may be looking farther down the road then the next 6 weeks or 6 months. Ross MAY be hesitant to turn over too much power and leverage to a GM who doesn't have any experience at that level. Seriously, guy's... Some of you are getting caught up in all these guys names, AND NOT ONE OF THEM... has done the job before.

I've seen guys on this blog jump from one name to the next with comment like "He doesn't do anything for me" and "He knew better then come here" or "He doesn't blow my skirt up".... And the reality is... You guy's don't know a damned thing about any of them save they're employment record and personal information. You can't know.. it is ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE for you to know because NONE of them have done the job. They are all exec. guys who work well out of the view of the public... So you don't know squat.

There is a very good possibility that whoever take this job, will be given more power as it is entrusted to him. But I'll be honest, you look at the sheer number of turnovers in the NFL front offices every year and you'll come away believing a guy will walk on you in a New York Minute. I don't blame Ross for how he's treating this... As far as Farmer goes... Who's fault is it that he left an interview not understanding the job..? Who's fault is it that the appropriate questions that would lead to clarity were not asked of the Dolphins to understand the authority structure..? Are you REALLY going to blame the Dolphins for a guy leaving a GM interview not having his most important questions answered..? I wouldn't have... Before I did ANYTHING I would ask for a complete job description and what my direct responsibilities were... If Farmer didn't do it, or forgot to do it... I don't want him anywhere near this team.

Unless your REALLY THICK... You cannot help but see that Miami, particularly Ross is refusing to march to the NFL or SOMEONES tune. And in case your REALLY REALLY thick... You cannot help but notice that what is going on here is NOT business as usual. 2 Years ago Ross would have hired a guy the second day to avoid you fans who love trippin'... He would have done anything to pacify the media from crucifying him... He's not playing that game here... This is a different show and what the media doesn't understand they mock, and what they don't mock the spin... and what they spin you get spinning with them...

Miami WILL hire their guy when they hire their guy... You may as well enjoy the process because Ross isn't setting his watch to your time... Doing that got him RIGHT WHERE HE IS... and he is FAR TOO SUCCESSFUL in every other business venture to not get this one on track... he won't keep doing the same thing over and over... He tried the "Good ol' Boy approach and they hated him for it...

Now it's going to go his way... It;s his team and his to save or ruin... Not a single person here can see the future so no one knows what will happen.

Posted by: signal | January 23, 2014 at 08:47 PM

My bad, fair enough Signal. I'm human, I miss things at times.

Steve Ross makes Jeff Loria look like a great owner.

I was going to give it to my girlfriend waiting in bed but i thought I'd hang on the blog a little longer to say how bad Ross and Ireland and Philbin are and how dumb they are and how many mistakes they made and what they should do.

It never gets old. I will be here along with your all they way up to September.

I like Farmer a lot and I completely understand his reservations. Being a GM is a tough position, so it's only natural for him to question if he's walking into a situation in which he's set up to fail or be the fall guy.

This leads me to believe: Ross is a senile ol' bat who can't think logially. He's more interested in his personal affinity for Dawn Philbin than this team! Scru him!

gnash teeth moan ritual suicide

The only light this season is if Lazor makes thill great and wallace gibson hartline and matthews and clay continue to get better.
The defense next year is gonna be a worry especially considering coyle will be at the helm of it.

Roflmao now the loser Phins can't even draw someone away from the pitiful Browns.

This should be a coveted position.

The opportunity of a lifetime.

Yet The Dolphins are so dysfunctional they can't even communicate effectively among their ranks...and this is without the new "power structure" even coming into play.

The Super Bowl is in less two weeks.

It'll be twenty years before the organization formerly known as winners will ever play in a Super Bowl again.

I'm glad that they changed the logo.

Every piece of information reported about The Dolphins has been negative to the point of humiliating...going all the way back to The Bills game over a month ago.

Why would anyone invest emotionally in this organization anymore ?

Ross and his people are imbeciles.

5-11 next year.

How embarrassing.

Nobody wants to be associated with this franchise anymore.

Posted by: Franchise Of The Fallen | January 23, 2014 at 08:50 PM

Even worse, it was a virtual no-name from the Cleveland Browns. The only franchise arguably ran worse than ours.

Pinch me guys, he didn't really choose to stay in Cleveland over Miami, did he?

Wait a minute, I know what happened. Farmer was a little confused, he thought he was interviewing to become HEAT GM. He thought that he was pulling another "LEBRON" leaving Cleveland.

You slow pokes are late to the dance. It has already been announced Farmer is staying will Cleveland,

Take a minute away from the blog to breathe once in awhile.

It's going to be Gaines. He's the only one willing to play in Ross's private club with Dawn Philbin. I'm sick!

time will tell u 2 smart 2 b here

I can definitely see how Loria became a billionaire. This guys is about the bottom line. He is not about pleasing fans. He looks for the best business move which for him is fielding the cheapest team and collecting on the dumb owners that pay the money to the poor teams and collect the money he makes from the stadium proceeds.

Ross is spending big money and losing fans. He just does not know what he is doing. He made a big mistake buying this franchise. First time GMs are turning the opportunity to be promoted because they don't want to work for this owner.

How bout Armando for GM. He can evaluate talent better than Ireland.

Just IN:

"Gaines Turns Down Dolphins GM Offer"

geez this is so disturbing……one less "B" list candidate to interview, a guy that many slammed here because he had a weak affiliation with the Browns…..hardly the end of the world.

I feel bad for some of our players who actually look like they want to win
I expect our GM to be named on saturday or sunday.
Then we can talk about draft and free agency.
Lazor will not be able to improve the offense without an o-line and a more reliable RB.

How bout Armando for GM. He can evaluate talent better than Ireland.

Posted by: Monte | January 23, 2014 at 09:02 PM

Just In:

Armando Salguero Turns Down Dolphins GM Offer

My last for the night....I have no idea why intelligent, for the most part thoughtful individuals go on and on about Ross. He's not about to sell. He may, a month or a week before he leaves us for good, sell. More then likely he will want the franchise buried along with him. Sorta' Egyptian style. We have Ross, will continue to have Ross and can't get rid of Ross. Seems that there are a good number of other topics that can be discussed. If your venting, OK. But enough! The totally inept owner of this franchise is here to stay!

Just In:

Mayhem, Of the State Farms Insurance Commercial, Turns Down Dolphins GM Job.

Something's really wrong when mayhem himself turns you down.

I wont give that CHEAP SOB Ross another dime of my money. He wont even have a normal payroll or fix his run down stadium. The guy is SO CHEAP and CLUELESS.

to me, Ray Farmer is a fool……opportunities to interview and/or become an NFL GM dont come around all that often…..so he's content to remain with an awful Browns team, playing 2nd or 3rd fiddle to whoever their GM is……with no guarantee he'll have that position in the future, or when it will become available-maybe the Fins position is viewed as sub-par, or loose on the details of what they expect…..but for a supposed "up and comer" like Farmer, for him to not interview is a bad decision by him

Posted by: Sam I Am | January 23, 2014 at 09:04 PM

It was just in before I mentioned it at 8:53 LOL

You fools are just dying to be right about Something,

Miss me yet?
-Jeff Ireland

Time will Tell...good logic. But, you're wasting your time. You have to understand in general this group can barely spell, most are angry at their life...and bitching/venting here despite being inherently ignorant somehow makes them feel better.

It's hard enough for a minority to make it to the top floor in this league. But to have one turn you down and stay with a worser team??? You suck Ross!

Just In:
Armando Salguero Turns Down Dolphins GM Offer
Posted by: Sam I Am | January 23, 2014 at 09:06 PM


No hierarchy - no accountability. Simply as that. Aponte and Philbin joined at the hip present any candidate problems from the get go. That person, if they accept job, comes in knowing they are already somewhat behind the eight ball. It may not be true, but preception is a mo fo.

So you have Peterson advising Ross. To my knowlege Peterson wears no super bowl ring.

You have Philbin reporting to Ross and in on the GM candidates. Philbin is a below .500 first time head coach who was hired to improve the offense because of his prowess in Green Bay where he coached TE and O Line, plus organized practices. Ouch

And then you have Aponte who made her bones in the Jets organization, 15 years (correct me if I am wrong) also advising Ross.

Assistant GMs, well qualified (and yes its always a 50/50 proposition as to whether not they will be succesful) turning down the opportunity to sit on top of an organization and say thanks but no thanks. The fact they are turning down an opportunity to be the boss and according to Ross have final say so in all personnel matters and still say no thanks speaks volumes.

And we blog and blunder here trying to make sense of all this.

I'm not sure why this decision really matters……lets face it, we have no idea if any of these guys will be a good GM……several apparently were "impressive" in their interview, whatever that means--its a crapshoot, with or without Farmer…..I've said several times……choose one, and hope he's good--not sure we should expect much more

Just IN:

Dashee Turns Down Dolphins GM Offer

uh, no Jeff…..we dont miss you…..and I'm pretty sure never will

Just In:

Sam I AM Says, "HELL NO" To Dolphins GM Offer

ok, assuming that Xanders dude didnt decline a 2nd interview…..what happened to him? He was getting good reviews and was considered a good candidate a few days ago…..?

Given the number of candidates that have turned down the job, does that by default put everyone of the seven that didnt say "no" into the second round round of interviews?

Just In:
ALoco Says, "HELL NO" To Dolphins GM Offer

yeah, looks that way JT…..they're all finalists!

Mando…..what happened to "more GM interviews coming"……according to a "high ranking team source"?

Mando…..what happened to "more GM interviews coming"……according to a "high ranking team source"?

Posted by: benz | January 23, 2014 at 09:29 PM

Only means it filtered down from "king of delussions" himself, Stephen Ross.

Better questions is, many of us know Armando doesn't answer questions here except for "Live Blog". So wh are you asking questions of Armando here, he'll never answer?


Benz...the only other GM candidates coming are coming by way of match.com. Ross should have just used one of the online dating services. That way when he is told no, it can be done quickly and painlessly.

Of course there is always this method:

Semi-qualified General Manager Position to lead professional football team.
Qualifications: Must have served at a level no lower than Assistant to the Assistant GM
Must bring good organizational skills and be able to work under several people whose career and general football accumen may not be as good as yours.
Salary: Commensarate with experience.
Must be willing to interview multipule times and not press management during said interviews
Send e-resume to: FinFrontOffice.com

It should be Gaine. He has seen Ireland do what should not be done, and also how to pick acorns.

He has the perfect training to be our new man. Also, he has top knowledge of how this circus is ran. Who else can appease the Ring Master, Fat Lady, and Dumbo?

Wait a minute who is interviewing who?

Dolphins are in charge not Farmer...

the dolphins ask the questions.

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