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GM finalist Ray Farmer may not interview ... or may

Ray Farmer is a Dolphins general manager finalist but unlike most folks eager to take their second interviews for the job, Farmer is at this writing uncertain.

Farmer told me over the phone he is not certain whether he is going to take the interview or not. He told me a decision on the matter would be coming soon.

Meanwhile, John Wooten who runs the Fritz Pollard Alliance -- an organization dedicated to advance the cause of diversity within the NFL's coaching and executive ranks -- spoke to Farmer even as Farmer had me on hold. And Wooten tells me he is recommending to Farmer to absolutely interview with the Dolphins.

So what's the big problem?

Simple ...

"He has reservations about the structure of the Dolphins," Wooten said. "He's not certain who would be running things, whether it would be him or someone else. I told him the only way you can find out is to take the second interview and get the answer."

Wooten believes Farmer is strongy considering his recommendation.

This is highly problematic for the Dolphins because, obviously in Farmer's mind, they conducted an interview with a candidate so qualified as to be a finalist in their search for a new general manager ... and during that interview that took multiple hours, they did not clearly explain to Farmer what the job is exactly.

And if they explained it, Farmer still came away uncertain.

As Vince Lombardi once famously asked, "What the hell is going on out there?"

By the way, CBSSports.com and NFL Network already reported Farmer is not taking the interview. He was not so decisive with me on the phone.

I told him those are the reports out there and he declined comment. I told him it sounds like he's staying in Cleveland and he said, "I'm not saying that at all."

The Dolphins are interviewing finalists this weekend, as I reported Wednesday. Lake Dawson is also a Dolphins finalist, as I reported Thursday morning.


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New list of candidates just released. See below...

Wallyfin...if you can answer your own question, then congrats! You have just been hired as the new GM!

Ok let's lighten things up with a joke: "what does a dolphins fan do after his team wins the super bow? He turns off Madden and goes to bed"

My Ross is such a passive kitten, you should see him in a ball gag and bent over the ottoman with my 8" strapon buried to the hilt, he likes that

Question: farmer has two hour interview and before leaving doesn't ask exactly what the role of th GM is? Maybe he is not qualified.

Justin beiber for gm. He will bring in the drugs and hot chicks!

Farmer knows what the role of a GM is. What he didnt realize is that Ross doesnt want a real GM.

you guys have no Idea why the big eared one is letting me run things? really? He is my sissy you fools

A lot of hate in this page, some justified, a lot if it not.

One, we are pissed because we can't get the Brown's asst GM???
A team who still is searching for a QB, a starting RB and traded FOR Davone Bess
Ok, he was just the asst GM, but he has promise.
Can't our guy - Gaines - be a guy with promise without the mistakes of his boss.

And stop complaining about losing out on Fisher.
His Rams STILL suck, they need a QB, an LT and missed the playoff again.
Plus they're division is getting tougher.

Pioli, he had his time, but just like Parcells, his latest accomplishments are as strong
as a South Beach sand castle at high tide.

We got a bright OC, got rid of the GM we hated.
Kept the financial wiz to keep the cap room healthy.
Pick a few better asst coaches (ahem OL!) and a few good draft picks.
(OT, RB, OG, DB, LB in that order) and we could win 2 or 3 more games.
Maybe more.

Take your time Ross, find the right guy.
A for the love of all things aqua and orange... Remember their effin names!

Steve Ross, the worst sports owner ever?

Bring back Bill Parcells, pay him big, and let him make the deciions = Playoffs again

Dear Stephen Ross, please sell the team before you further embarrass the fan base and destroy the Dolphins brand. You obviously have not learned a thing because you just keep making the same mistakes over and over again. There is no reason that many candidates should be turning down interviews. You have handcuffed your own GM search with your misplaced loyalty and seeming arrogance. Your level of incompetence is shocking.

Not the worst ever, there is a big list of bad team owners. But you have to give him credit, he's certainly climbing the ladder pretty fast and looks hell bent on getting to the top and becoming the worst owner ever. At this pace I say three years.

Dj I'm mad because people are turning down interviews for a promotion in their careers. Think about that. It doesn't matter what the name is, if they won't even interview it says something. And there are reports Ross and Petersen aren't telling candidates exactly who they will answer to. Some are getting the impression they will be answering to Dawn Sponge, THE ACCOUNTANT. If this perception is out there why haven't they cleared it up? Seriously, I'm usually patient but this is too much.

Dawn Aponte. Lol, my tablet spell checked it to sponge.

Ross is having fun. Let him play with his team set till time for his bath.

Wootens the guy who exacerbated this mess telling all minority candidates to stay away from the Dolphins. Shot yourself in the foot there Wooten no new black GM under your watch.

Are the Jets taking new fans,,,?

The main problem with the structure. Why is Ross letting his "capologist" strut around with so much power that hood candidates are scared of the job? This corporate backstabbing b.s. Belongs in a board room or Washington, D.C. Not on a football team. What the hell does Aponte even do (besides network and kiss ass).

dolfans lets let the smoke clear get through a season with knew hires and then give true realistic feedback on what moves the franchise made moving forward because right now all the comments being made regarding this gm search is screaming we should have not let go of Ireland I moved forward we all should move forwad and take wait and see approach.

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