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News and opinion on Jonathan Martin interview

First the news, although in this case there is precious little: In his interview with NBC, Dolphins offensive tackle Jonathan Martin claims when he became uncomfortable with what appears to be verbal abuse he told coaches "above me" of his discomfort but "didn't get into specifics because you're not supposed to quote unquote snitch on your teammates."

That suggests Martin told Dolphins offensive line Jim Turner of something going on but obviously was not specific.

Martin also confirmed he never talked to head coach Joe Philbin about his issue, which has been reported here multiple times and Philbin has claimed throughout.

"There was persistent comments of a racial nature, aggressive sexual comments related to my sister and my mother,'' Martin told Dungy in the interview, portions of which aired on NBC's TODAY Wednesday morning. "I’ve spoken to my former teammates in other locker rooms across the NFL and I asked them, does this stuff go on? Is this normal rooking hazing? The consensus was, this is not normal."

Martin claimed he had no issues with pranks (perhaps because he participated in those and pulled them on other teammates also) but said the verbal abuse was "personal."

 "I have no problem with the normal hazing that you see in the NFL," Martin said. "'Get a haircut,' stuff like that, little pranks. The personal attacking nature, I don’t think there’s any place for that."

That's it. That's the news. The full interview with NBC's Tony Dungy will be aired on NBC Network's PFT at 6:30 Wednesday.

Now my opinion ...

At the risk of sounding unsympathetic, Jon Martin, your weak act is officially old. Go away. Just do what you did best as an offensive lineman on the field and back away. Just do what you did when you left your teammates unexpectedly during the season and simply disappear.

Every single step taken by you in this saga feels manufactured and authored by a lawyer as a step toward a suit. And that makes sense because you definitely have gotten excellent legal advice from your family and the lawyer you added to represent you in this matter. And I, for one, would be surprised if your legal team isn't preparing a suit.

The dramatic throwing down of your lunch tray and departure? No other teammate did that when you were among the players standing up and leaving them alone at a lunch table. So the fact you chose that harmless act to make your departure statement seems contrived now.

Seeking medical help? Please tell us where exactly? Please provide the details of what you were treated for? Because it seems you had some issues you're not eager to share. Furthermore, my understanding of classic ambulance chaser strategy is he or she demands you get "medical treatment" so your coming lawsuit can show damage, thus giving the legal action more bite. Give details, please.

The well-timed and slow leaks of allegations of wrong-doing, all of them done anonymously by your camp? Classic. They slimed the parties you intended be slimed and it was done with plausible deniability that you had nothing to do with it. It's brilliant, actually, using a media hungry for a story to feed the narrative of Martin as victim. You did it through the national media, of course, because you wanted to get your "story" out to as many as possible as quickly as possible. But you also wanted to use that vehicle because the national media wasn't going to question your motives. The national media wasn't going to form an opinion that is politically incorrect. And the national media wasn't in the locker room the week before you left when you were stewing and clearly unhappy about getting moved from left tackle to right tackle -- which in hindsight seems like another reason you left the team.

And now this NBC interview? Timed, coincidentally of course, during Super Bowl week. It is the NFL's biggest attention grabbing week of the year. And so that's the week you pick to go public with your first interview. Because that's the week it will get noticed most.

Well, this interview so far, is a dud, big guy.

The most hurtful thing you can point to as reprehensible behavior by the Dolphins is verbal abuse. So where's the "physical attack" your lawyer claimed happened? Why not give details to that? Where's the evidence of code reds?

You mean to tell me the full extent of the "bullying" your camp has alleged comes down to a pattern of mean texts sent and mean and unfeeling insults uttered by your teammates about your race or your mom or your sister?

Are you 11 years old?

You went to Stanford. You know how to communicate. Why didn't you take your tormentors aside and tell them in no uncertain terms the verbal abuse had to stop? Why didn't you tell your head coach, who definitely would have stopped the abuse and done so in-house so as to not embarrass you, your teammates or the organization? And failing that, why didn't you make an open show of one of the abusers in a full-on locker room takedown that would have definitely gotten everyone's attention -- including your coaches -- and screamed something had to change?

(Sorry people, but sometimes a man has to be a man and defend himself and his honor with whatever tools are available. Yes, flight is one of those tools, but that one pretty much sealed Martin's fate in Miami. He'll never play on that team again. He had to know that.)

Another thing:

Please Tony Dungy, you're a nice man and a Christian. So where is your discernment in all this, my brother? So far this interview shows no moment where you ask Martin why at the height of his frustration he didn't simply get face to face with whomever was tormenting him and do what men have done since David faced down Goliath -- they stand up for themselves.

No, NBC would probably frown upon this line of questioning because it would fly counter to the politically correct demasculinization of men in the 21st century. But if Martin's response to the abuse was always to grin and bear it, or even join in the abuse of others to be part of the group, that speaks poorly of the abusers, no doubt, but it also shows how weak Martin is in a den of Alpha males.

Dungy, by the way, is part of Dolphins owner Stephen Ross's committee that will look into establishing a code of conduct in the locker room. That the Dolphins need such a committee speaks poorly of the coaching staff because it is their job to establish that code and make it clear to players in no uncertain terms. Discpline on the field is born off the field, folks.

Dungy should be removed from this committee because he no longer seems impartial.

One more thing:

None of this gets Richie Incognito off the hook. He's a meathead. He displays all the signs of a bully -- loud, obnoxious at times, demanding attention. He will not be and should not be in any future Dolphins locker room. His abuse of Martin and perhaps others within the Dolphins organization is reprehensible. And his text messages? Who talks like that? But because he's something of a bully, he can be stopped dead in his tracks.

Early in training camp in 2013 he started calling another reporter a "nerd." One day as I'm standing in the middle of the locker room, he walks by and starts joking about me looking like I was lifting weights (which I don't) and then started speaking gibberish as if in mocking Spanish.

I asked Incognito politely, but firmly and seriously to stop. "Just stop."

He did. Never again.


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Posted by: Sam I Am | January 29, 2014 at 02:45 PM

I don't think I could take one down in the NFL, maybe I could punt or kick off, that would be it. The hits are harder than ever. Bell of the Steelers took a belter against the Ravens, I thought he was dead. A tough game for tough guys, no place for anyone fragile. Nothing personal just the nature of this game.

my dear?

you one of them finocchios?

This article was so bad that it gave me cancer, AIDS, a heart attack, and an aneurysm.

But seriously, questioning the need of a player to seek mental help when you cover a sport where athletes regularly shoot themselves in the head is certainly something.

Posted by: oscar canosa | January 29, 2014 at 02:51 PM

Give it up, Dr Oscar. You speak to a brain dead audience.

Mando,great column about Martin.He needed to find another job long ago. All he ever had to do was take one so called verbal abuser and paste him right in the mouth.
Even if that resulted in him getting his ass kicked all that BS would have stopped.


Expect Dominik to be named the ne Assistant GM.

You think that if he had fought Incognito the abuse would have stopped? Then you don't know bullies and gangs.

It worked for Armando when Richie was making fun of him for being the buffet killer and being out of shape..

Expect Dominik to be named the ne Assistant GM.
Posted by: New Blood | January 29, 2014 at 02:53 PM


If that happens then it would be news Marco.


You need to start a new blog about Gaine's departure.

Everyone else has already announce it.

my dear?

you one of them finocchios?

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 29, 2014 at 02:52 PM

So, you're not going to tell everyone how you left me so all alone without even so much as a Dear John letter? So, all of those "I, only love you's" were just a lie?

Hes was a terrible waste of a pick. Quitter. Thanks for telling it like it is Armando.

yep, definitely a delusional finocchio

Yeah, sure. Stop it. Richie probably thought, Fu-k you, sp-c!. You dealing with dangerous anti-social People there.



You need to start a new blog about Gaine's departure.

Everyone else has already announce it.

Posted by: New Blood | January 29, 2014 at 02:56 PM

Heck, many of never heard of Brian Gaine around this time last year. Maybe 5% o the entire Fin fan nation at best. The good news about Gaine is most never knew of him anyway.

Even writing of him now is about as exciting as writing about the leaves falling from trees during atumn.

No, NBC would probably frown upon this line of questioning because it would fly counter to the politically correct demasculinization of men in the 21st century.


Oscar, Mando said it never happened again... although I don't doubt those were the words going through Richie's head after doing his Tito Santana impersonation...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto

I'm surprised Cox had an open mind. He usually takes the patronizing, bleeding heart character of the paper he works for. But fair enough. My only point was that the tone from Miami from guys who interview the players in the scandal clearly had a different tone than the brain dead "bully" narrative of the media at large.

As for the usage of finnochio, you a Ita too?

Didn't watch the crucifixion of the Dolphins by his majesty Tony Dungy $ NBC. Other then looking like someones uncle, what does Dungy possess that Incognito doesn't? My point begin Dungy is no better then Incognito and Ill go to my grave believing Incognito was Ross's sacrifice to the NFL Gods. Ross is the weakest owner Ive ever seen. He wants to rub elbows with the old white fat men in the NFL owners club, but hasn't a clue of whats going inside his own locker room,,,thank you Philbin. Ross hired this idiot at the behest of King Carl Peterson. Ross, Carl has given you bad information from the start, when oh when are you going to fire Peterson and get a person who Knows the current NFL,,,,,and what a head coach looks like, instead of that no nothing, (double negative) Philbin.

Interesting NFL news tidbits...

Rams hire Greg Williams as D co-ordinator ... wish we had a d co-ordinator like him...

Broncos not expected to re-sign Knowshown Moreno... ptoential fit? I'd rather have Gerhart or Tate personally.

TO, not Italian but grew up on St. Clair West during it's heyday. Went to oakwood collegiate and still hang out with amny Italian friends... on St. Clair alhough the area is much more Hispanic and Brazilian than when I lived there in the 1980s...

I'm from a Portuguese background..

You think that if he had fought Incognito the abuse would have stopped? Then you don't know bullies and gangs.

Posted by: oscar canosa | January 29, 2014 at 02:53 PM

Oscar were you ever young??? You say you grew up in Miami and also talk up a storm about your exp.'s letting one to believe you've been here (in this City) for a long time. I also tend to catch things and over the Yrs. by your posts regarding Miami get the impression you went to Miami High or some School in the more predominant Cuban community and you mean to tell me that had Martin not stood his ground what ever was going on wouldn't have slowed it's roll??

For starters you have to believe Martin's account of events, which I personally don't! If the decision mine this guy would be traded for the last pick of round-7 (Mr. Irrelevant) or flat out cut and I don't believe by the way that he latches on anywere else in the forseeable future! Your defense of this MORON has perplexed me from day-1! You talk as if though this were an isolated incident and something akin to Locker Room antics going back to the K-Land Pee-Wee League's! Seriously given your heritage and the things our Families have been through you have pitty for Martin and his chance at being an NFL -Player collecting DISGUSTING Bank for playing a sport we played for free as kids........

Not buying it Canosa!!!

Oscar is neither Cuban nor a doctor.

I think he's a white bartender from Des Moines...

I have no doubt most people want to sweep this issue under the rug, Mando included. I would guess those comfortable with bullying behavior (both those doing the bullying and victims) are all for the social darwinistic theory that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. (Ironically, I would gather most of those individuals also refuse to accept darwinism as it pertains to Evolution).

For those of us, however, who have not been bullied and do not bully, I have to tell you this is not going away.

I have family members that were treated poorly, sometmes violently, because they may have been different than the social norm...including of greater intelligence. It is the "stupid" way out to argue that "this happens all the time" as if to say it should.

There is an anti-bullying campaign going on in Washington conducted by also a bi-racial Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. Is our ex-Marine dense or what? Well, you know what's coming

If we want to get semi-technical ...

Fiedler only played 76 games over his career, or at least in part or all of 76 games (regular season). That equates to 4.75 total seasons (based on a 16 game season) and 14.5 (14.526) TD's per "season".

Probably better to figure it per game:

Fiedler = 69 TD's/76 games = .907 TD's per game.

Tannehill = 36 TD's/32 games = 1.125 TD's per game.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 29, 2014 at 03:10 PM

cool. All my buddies are originally from St. Claire. most went to stella maris in elementary and central and western tech in HS. Then they moved to the burbs in North York. A few portuguse - but they're OK because they refuse to wave brasilian flags during the WC. LOL

Guess I'm out. Nothing here but Armando "sheeplessy conforming" to popular opinion of fellow "bullying" media. Then bullying attacks from "keyboard bullies" feeling safe behind their shields called:


Have a great day guys. :)

After posting my last comment it occurred to me that I no longer wish to read opinions from a right wing christian zealot who likely does not understand that bullying goes beyond simple schoolyard behavior; this is about workplace behavior. And you are an idiot.

haha, TO, that's awesome. I went to Stella Maris from ~ 1980-85.

I also do not wave the brazilian flag ... hate that soccer team actually.

I also did my time in North York after St. Clair.

Small world...

Good job Mr. Salguero.

I only have one problem.

You were one of the main ones blowing the flames to this whole situation. You actually saw J.Martin as a Victim and not the big conniving Winnie the Pooh Honey Bear that Huge Twink Really is.

Finally, a decent article! Where did Mando READ this?

As for the people talking about Martin's "trade value", that was absolutely ZERO long before Halloween...

Hickey is already flexing his muscles. Quoted from the Miami Herald.

"As of Sunday morning, Brian Gaine was still technically a finalist for the Miami Dolphins’ general manager job.

Three days later, he was escorted out the door — for apparently no other reason than his new boss, Dennis Hickey, didn’t want him around."

So far so good.

MIT @ 3:12

According to a simple Google search there is in fact a Dr. Oscar Canosa practicing in Miami; so that is not the question.

The question is: Is our Oscar canosa the famous doctor or is our Oscar a patient of Dr. Canosa who is being treated for multiple-personality disorder?

evidently some posters are 1)clearly in here 20 hours/day non-stop and 2)posting under multiple names. Those being the case it is reasonable to me to assume the person with nothing else to do but post in here is a mental patient. Or it's Mando. Nothing else makes sense. Ross owns the team but even he doesn't give it more than 1 or 2 hours a week tops.

Oscar is neither Cuban nor a doctor.

I think he's a white bartender from Des Moines...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 29, 2014 at 03:12 PM

You listen to him enough and you begin to wonder with some of his rants.... You say Des Moines?? More like Dow City, Iowa - Pop.-550! Lmao!

I read Mando's post just I like I read many of the fans' posts since this 'scandal' first broke. I infer from Mando's post that he was surprised by Martin's most recent comments. I think he, like many of us, are waiting to read the investigator's report and are expecting to see documentation of EXTREME bullying.

To see a growtn NFL player leave a signfiicant position with a NFL team most of us would have to assume the work conditions were EXTREME. But from Martin's comments it doesn't appear his 'bullying' was much more then him not liking the language used by teammates and comments made by teammates.

I think we would all agree that is not what we were expcting to hear from Martin. If he was being harrassed and truly threatened I could see him taking action. I am not advocating him physically assaulting teammates but I would have expected him to escalate his concerns to the OC, HC or GM.

Based on these recent comments its seems he was exposed to a regular dose of vulgar language and inappropriate comments. To see him out right leave his post for that does seem inappropriate and it leaves me questioning if this kid is really mentally stable.


did you say Brazilian?

Give R.Tannehill, Ricky Williams, JT, and Zach and I bet the Fins might've even went to a Superbowl. Even with Wannstedt Coaching.

No you don't like Fiedler, but love his mediocrity.

Matt Moore Sucks!! And Swallows!!

Those who wanted Matt Moore to Start are blind to the truth.

Funny that those who love Matt Moore and thought M.Barkley will be a good pro are the main ones denigrating Tannehill. Somehow they know something that none of us know, Even NFL coaches.

never a dull moment with this mickey mouse run franchise

Ha, rdubs - not those he/she types. Although I have a story about that - just not involving me - I SWEAR!

A fellow consultant that put in time here got sent to the head office in Rio and decided to go out for a walk one night. He gets approached by a bunch of he/shes that want to show him a good time and they start touching himm everywhere. Well, he gets flustered and runs off. Well, it turns out that this was a ruse ... they started touching him to distract him and one of them stole his wallet.

f4l/ETF, you come up with some clever possibilities. I have much to think about...

Tell em Mando!!

Broncos not expected to re-sign Knowshown Moreno... ptoential fit?

i'd take Moreno in a heartbeat, no question!


When josh was throwing to Vincent Jackson then Jackson led the league in receiving.

The franchise is loyal to the $60mil it owes to Wallace more than it is loyal to it's $3mil/year starting QB. Even Henne makes more than that.

Sure, I went to Miami High in my 2nd year in this Country, but left in the middle of the year. Too many Anglo gangs there, at that time Miami was 95% "Anglos", I got tired of the name calling, sp-c and overall abuse there.


damn stole his wallet and gave him blue ballz. Wonder if this happened to Justin Bieber

The part of Martin's interview that they showed on NBC last night was mostly about inappropriate language in the locker room.

Evidently Jonathan doesn't get out much or is very sheltered.

I doesn't make it right though. Some folks can be way over the top. You can either choose to ignore or it or do something about it.

I think the trouble with Martin is that it was directed at him and he just isn't the type of person to know how to deal with it.

So as Dolphins snakebit luck would have it he chose to bail out when we were trying to make a playoff run.

If there is a problem it's in all NFL locker rooms and lots of other places, not just with the Fins.

Nicely done Mando!

Fortunately, my Dr. Father was finally released from Cuba and he put me in La Salle High School which was where I always belonged.

Offensive lineman are the "bad boys" of a team. It's their job to intimidate the opposition; protect the QBs, RBs and WRs; and set the tone for the game. How does Jon Martin see himself doing this at his next stop?

One thing: his statement to T Dungy that he had alerted coaches "immediately above me", 1)shows that he tried to do the right thing and; 2)puts the 2 Dolphins OL coaches in the crosshairs of this scandal.

One OL coach is gone and the other is awaiting his future. It might bring some bad on the Dolphins if the coaches did nothing to help Martin but not as much as it would if the entire organization knew of this problem.

To bad Dungy wasnt tougher on hin in the interview. That way we could see walk out that as well.

I apologize on behalf of my nation for deporting Justin bieber into your nation and city but in our defense we weren't the ones that bought most of his music, t shirts, and concert tickets....

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 29, 2014 at 03:20 PM

Jeez. That's exactly when my friends went there. They would have been 5 and 6 years old in 1980, so starting grade school. I'd bet dollars to donuts if I started to spit out names, you'd know some of them. You'd have to


I am convinced Justin had had Brazilian dong in his mouth, maybe butt and hopefully in that order lol

The Herald Boys angry Today. I wonder why?

Oscar, I thought your dad had the tattoo of a heart with the word "madre" beside in on his hand between his thumb and index finger...

Great read -

TO, I bet I would, bet I would.

rdubs, no doubt that was how he got his "push".

Dolfan Rick,

The big problem I have with all the rant from Martin is it happened very soon after the move to RT. Why not before?


Many people in the world have a chemical imbalance in there brains that causes them to 'flip out'. All age groups are affected.
Statistically it makes sense that every once in a while these players are professional athletes. In the case of football OL they suffer hits to the head on every play.

That makes more sense to me than any of the other bs being forwarded by Mando.

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