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News and opinion on Jonathan Martin interview

First the news, although in this case there is precious little: In his interview with NBC, Dolphins offensive tackle Jonathan Martin claims when he became uncomfortable with what appears to be verbal abuse he told coaches "above me" of his discomfort but "didn't get into specifics because you're not supposed to quote unquote snitch on your teammates."

That suggests Martin told Dolphins offensive line Jim Turner of something going on but obviously was not specific.

Martin also confirmed he never talked to head coach Joe Philbin about his issue, which has been reported here multiple times and Philbin has claimed throughout.

"There was persistent comments of a racial nature, aggressive sexual comments related to my sister and my mother,'' Martin told Dungy in the interview, portions of which aired on NBC's TODAY Wednesday morning. "I’ve spoken to my former teammates in other locker rooms across the NFL and I asked them, does this stuff go on? Is this normal rooking hazing? The consensus was, this is not normal."

Martin claimed he had no issues with pranks (perhaps because he participated in those and pulled them on other teammates also) but said the verbal abuse was "personal."

 "I have no problem with the normal hazing that you see in the NFL," Martin said. "'Get a haircut,' stuff like that, little pranks. The personal attacking nature, I don’t think there’s any place for that."

That's it. That's the news. The full interview with NBC's Tony Dungy will be aired on NBC Network's PFT at 6:30 Wednesday.

Now my opinion ...

At the risk of sounding unsympathetic, Jon Martin, your weak act is officially old. Go away. Just do what you did best as an offensive lineman on the field and back away. Just do what you did when you left your teammates unexpectedly during the season and simply disappear.

Every single step taken by you in this saga feels manufactured and authored by a lawyer as a step toward a suit. And that makes sense because you definitely have gotten excellent legal advice from your family and the lawyer you added to represent you in this matter. And I, for one, would be surprised if your legal team isn't preparing a suit.

The dramatic throwing down of your lunch tray and departure? No other teammate did that when you were among the players standing up and leaving them alone at a lunch table. So the fact you chose that harmless act to make your departure statement seems contrived now.

Seeking medical help? Please tell us where exactly? Please provide the details of what you were treated for? Because it seems you had some issues you're not eager to share. Furthermore, my understanding of classic ambulance chaser strategy is he or she demands you get "medical treatment" so your coming lawsuit can show damage, thus giving the legal action more bite. Give details, please.

The well-timed and slow leaks of allegations of wrong-doing, all of them done anonymously by your camp? Classic. They slimed the parties you intended be slimed and it was done with plausible deniability that you had nothing to do with it. It's brilliant, actually, using a media hungry for a story to feed the narrative of Martin as victim. You did it through the national media, of course, because you wanted to get your "story" out to as many as possible as quickly as possible. But you also wanted to use that vehicle because the national media wasn't going to question your motives. The national media wasn't going to form an opinion that is politically incorrect. And the national media wasn't in the locker room the week before you left when you were stewing and clearly unhappy about getting moved from left tackle to right tackle -- which in hindsight seems like another reason you left the team.

And now this NBC interview? Timed, coincidentally of course, during Super Bowl week. It is the NFL's biggest attention grabbing week of the year. And so that's the week you pick to go public with your first interview. Because that's the week it will get noticed most.

Well, this interview so far, is a dud, big guy.

The most hurtful thing you can point to as reprehensible behavior by the Dolphins is verbal abuse. So where's the "physical attack" your lawyer claimed happened? Why not give details to that? Where's the evidence of code reds?

You mean to tell me the full extent of the "bullying" your camp has alleged comes down to a pattern of mean texts sent and mean and unfeeling insults uttered by your teammates about your race or your mom or your sister?

Are you 11 years old?

You went to Stanford. You know how to communicate. Why didn't you take your tormentors aside and tell them in no uncertain terms the verbal abuse had to stop? Why didn't you tell your head coach, who definitely would have stopped the abuse and done so in-house so as to not embarrass you, your teammates or the organization? And failing that, why didn't you make an open show of one of the abusers in a full-on locker room takedown that would have definitely gotten everyone's attention -- including your coaches -- and screamed something had to change?

(Sorry people, but sometimes a man has to be a man and defend himself and his honor with whatever tools are available. Yes, flight is one of those tools, but that one pretty much sealed Martin's fate in Miami. He'll never play on that team again. He had to know that.)

Another thing:

Please Tony Dungy, you're a nice man and a Christian. So where is your discernment in all this, my brother? So far this interview shows no moment where you ask Martin why at the height of his frustration he didn't simply get face to face with whomever was tormenting him and do what men have done since David faced down Goliath -- they stand up for themselves.

No, NBC would probably frown upon this line of questioning because it would fly counter to the politically correct demasculinization of men in the 21st century. But if Martin's response to the abuse was always to grin and bear it, or even join in the abuse of others to be part of the group, that speaks poorly of the abusers, no doubt, but it also shows how weak Martin is in a den of Alpha males.

Dungy, by the way, is part of Dolphins owner Stephen Ross's committee that will look into establishing a code of conduct in the locker room. That the Dolphins need such a committee speaks poorly of the coaching staff because it is their job to establish that code and make it clear to players in no uncertain terms. Discpline on the field is born off the field, folks.

Dungy should be removed from this committee because he no longer seems impartial.

One more thing:

None of this gets Richie Incognito off the hook. He's a meathead. He displays all the signs of a bully -- loud, obnoxious at times, demanding attention. He will not be and should not be in any future Dolphins locker room. His abuse of Martin and perhaps others within the Dolphins organization is reprehensible. And his text messages? Who talks like that? But because he's something of a bully, he can be stopped dead in his tracks.

Early in training camp in 2013 he started calling another reporter a "nerd." One day as I'm standing in the middle of the locker room, he walks by and starts joking about me looking like I was lifting weights (which I don't) and then started speaking gibberish as if in mocking Spanish.

I asked Incognito politely, but firmly and seriously to stop. "Just stop."

He did. Never again.


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Jay Fieldler 100x the better QB than Trannyhill.


S.Richardson would've been a good fit. I see the Fins going this route as soon as they can. I would still take D.Jordan over any other defensive prospect. You know who I would've picked at #12. The Best Offensive Prospect in 2012. The RB who doesn't need an O-line to get 1 yard.

I know some like Soliai and Starks. But you can't honestly say they played to their usual level. They underperformed and played at half-speed many games. Agreed. Half-speed for those 2 is still better than half the starting DT in the NFL.

I just have a problem when I see guys quit on their team or quit on a play. Reason I can't stand Dansby. Dansby could've had the best season ever by a LB, not just his life. I still wouldn't have wanted him back. When the game gets tough Dansby Quits!!

Say what you want about Wheeler or Ellerbe. Neither of them quit for one minute this season. Reason that even though the defense played worst this year the fins were able to win more close games than the year before with Dansby.

Ellerbe made more plays to win games this season than Dansby had all 3 years in Miami. That is a Fact!!

F' what Dansby did this season(Best season of his life). Remember how that overpaid chump was insubordinate and quit in the 4th qtr of games as a Dolphin while earning $10+M a year.

I really am not sure at all about this need vs BPA stuff. If it had been strictly BPA I would have taken Kuechly over Tannehill at #8. Jonathan Cooper last year. That SS Vaccaro from NO, in 2nd Rd. etc, etc

A woman cooking steak Mark? Not just no but hell no. Filet or Strip red, cool center and grilled. Woman of the house handles the salad & potatoes. It's a law I passed years ago at my house.

I don't see the Fins resigning Soliai and Starks. I was disappointed with their performance this past season. Both of them are entering the Twilight of their career. Get a young replacement.

Posted by: Dashi | January 29, 2014 at 04:12 PM

More stupid comments from the sheBoy.


A locker room in the NFL is not a gang with gangsters. It is a bunch of college boys (save for a few). Incognito was trying to act like a street hood and should have been slapped down. And it would have worked. If Incognito hurts Martin in any way he is off the team. It is a work place.
This brings it to where the coaches stood on this mess. And I am astounded that nobody did a bloody thing to cool this down starting with Martin. And especially Martin. If he was offended and let it be known they would have laid off or lost their jobs.

Hell must have frozen over! Even the guy who rarely gives the fins the benefit of the doubt and gleefully finds reasons to pile on, is calling out this contrived outside-orchestrated one-sided, self-serving, unchallenged "version." The Last Man Standing now climbing onboard definitively confirms the BS money grab many of us declared it to be from the get-go

Gotta say, Armando just pulled the greatest Jedi Mind Trick I ever saw. I mean, Ii'm hearing people say he showed courage and great Job. I feel like I am in the twilight zone. It seems THED and silverback..and maybe some others are the only ones right off hand who is seeing this...maybe more but I couldn't read anymore. I will say this...Armando get's some mild kudos for actually, finally saying what was quite obvious back then but I would feel a lot better about this article if it started off with "My bad, I should have done the right thing and not speculated and help stoke the national flames against the Doplphins, esp the team...." Then proceeded to lay into Martin. No we got article...i mean blog after blog after blog of half truths, truncated, handwritten voicemails, leaked camp stories, unsubstantiated accusations blogs about how this was going to end ugly and heads were going to roll based on sources, the term code red! I mean REALLY??!!!! Then there was a group of us who sat here picking all of this apart all the while pleading with Armando to stop adding fuel to the fire and making all of the points he made above and we got nothing but more nonsense. A man lost his job over this and got labeled a racist when he was nothing more than a MEATHEAD...A Meathead who his teammates loved...A meathead who was a serviceable lineman. A guy who actually WANTS to come back to his team who never can. Yeah...Bravo Mando. I like you but...AMAZING!!!!!

You draft the Best Player Available for your Team. Not just BPA.

I am also not saying you draft biggest need first.

You find the most talented player you can find to fill a need. Also, the Depth of the position is important when drafting. If that position has a lot of depth you can wait a round or 2 to draft a player. But if the position of need has very few players left, you might be forced to draft one earlier than expected if you want to fix a need.

I'm surprise Martin didn't ask Oprah to interview him instead. It would've been perfect. He could play the victim card, cry on camera and rally women around him. His lawyers and PR team aren't doing their jobs.

Here, I'll teach you how to pan-broil taken straight from the great James beard. Get a heavy iron or stainlesssteel pan (if you have an induction range), set it at 6 or higher until heavy smoke is coming out of it. Add salt, Fry both sides of the steak. A very crunchy, delicious crust will come out. The favorite way that Manhattan socialites prefer it.

When reached by The Miami Herald this afternoon, Dominik was non-committal about whether he would end up here as assistant GM but didn’t rule it out. He said he has “a lot of options” and a lot to digest. He called Hickey a “good friend” and said he knows a lot of people in the Dolphins organization.

The Buccaneers were 28-52 during Dominik’s five years as GM, with Hickey heading up the personnel department.

Great what a dream team Hickey and Duminik would make. Ross has learned nothing. These guys make Ireland look respectable. That 28-52 is just awful, why are we gathering a collection of the NFL rejects here in Miami.

Exactly, wth are you saying, Dashi, need, BPA, both? Please express yourself better.


Have you overcome your fear of women more successful than you (most women) yet?

Have you overcome your fear of women more successful than you (most women) yet?

Posted by: Hole in my stocking | January 29, 2014 at 05:21 PM

Good evening darling girl. Are you well tonight or have you still got the painters in. You are such a pretty girl, wearing your black silk stockings and the gimp mask ?

If Dawn Aponte ran into Marco at a fine restaurant, she would think he was the busboy. That's ok. Marco should be jealous that so many women are far more successful than he is, I mean, they earned it and he didn't.

Fair is fair.


Not one single NFL team would pay Marco a nickel for his opinion. Compare that with Dawn Aponte who has had 3 NFL teams employ her for her services, and as well the venerable NFL!


he is the bus boy

Dawn rocks. She is not only the MVP in the Dolphins FO, she is the only VP.

Diverting my confrontation post to Dashi. You allow that, Dashi? Why?

Well Done....Now Back to FOOTBALL....

You know, after all this crap, in retrospect I'm kinda glad all this happened even at the sacrifice of the 2013 season.
We will start with one top tier OL (Pouncey) and will NEED to re-tool the rest of the line.
Imagine having to come into another training camp and by extension another season with more disappointments and excuses on the merits of why Martin should be given the chance to win a job if he hadn't bailed. He was a wasted pick and you gotta recognize it and move on. I'm also tired of waiting for John Jerry to emerge. I mean by the 4th season you either have it or you don't. He doesn't have it AND comes to camp weighing nearly as much as an adult beluga whale. I'm also fed up with this team's former regime's complacency in trying to fix the compound fracture that is this OL with a band aid. Look at the lines of the teams that made the playoffs. Do you see patchwork there? I understand that there are injuries that force you into patchowork, but starting the season with this mess?
You just gotta draft smart and look at young viable talent in free agency and maaaayyybe, get a band aid type of a guy like a Clabo or a McKinnie as a capable backup in case something happens to a starter.

Is it my imagination or do all these bloggers seem to be genuinely miserable in life?

Armando you are the man! Great article! Nice job of going through the timeline of event. From Martin's stand point this is all about the money. He used the national media and the politically correct world that we live in to build up his law suit. This guy did behave like an 11 year old.

I agree also that Incognito is a bully and a meat head. However, no one else is complaining about the dolphins locker room. If this was he case we would have heard more from others? Why did Samuda say that others were hazed more than Martin was? And of all people the 330 offensive lineman is the one that is getting picked on? This whole story is ridiculous. What we have here is the classic case of a big cowardly wimp. I cannot see any team picking this guy up in the NFL. This is why he is setting up this law suit. He wants to make as much as he can before leaving the NFL for good.

I am still concerned with Roger Godell. He seems to have excessive reactions. I am afraid that Godell is going to go after dolphins draft picks. We can use every single one of our draft picks. Look at his reaction during bounty gate.

I would keep Clabo at the lowest possible price. Towards the end of the year he got better. McKinnie may be back and would be another good backup if we don't land Albert. I think we would go LG and keep Jerry for another year, unless Bremner can beat him out ? Im guessing we use the 1st and 3rd rounders on o line with Albert at LT.

We wont address all of our o-line problems this year, but a new LT and LG would give us a solid start. Dallas Thomas, Garner, Bremner with another value FA and late pick can battle it out for reserve. Our running game averaged 4.1 a carry around mid table. Sherman gave up on the running game as we all know. Lazor won't do that.

Lazor wants to get his hands on a quality rookie back, like Carlos Hyde. A power runner that can catch out of the backfield and pass protect better than our current crop.

on Internet, in the hands of a competent attacker any Blog wolf pack can be made mincemeat even of their individual components if wanted. Tell Paul and I about it, that we had to face all those wolfpacks in Fidel Castros's Blogs, even Fidel Castro himself with whom I had some amicable discussions. No wussies there, brothers. In any case, most of these Herald Boys here better be preparing their luggage to travel who knows where.

I told you before, Paul and I are long time Dolphins Fans but that's not the main reason we are writing in this Blog. You, here, are part of an experiment that has been assigned to Us for some time now.

Brian Gaine was escorted out of The Dolphins facility because he refused to leave and was reportedly shouting "What do I have to do to get the godd@mn GM job, f u c k Dawn Aponte ?

Who assigned us that? You, me, them, the Collective.

It's nice to know that FIRE ROSS still craves our attention. If we can help lonely souls, we do.

This is old news. Both richie and martin were bad this season. Glad they are both gone.
Marco i would give LG to brenner next season the kid was able to play better than incognito who is supposed to be a boderline pro bowler.
I dont mind carlos hyde, but rusting a rookie and miller to carry the running load is a big burden. I prefer ben tate in FA but thats just me!

I see it hasn't occurred to Marco that nobody here really cares about his opinion. Why would they?


BPA + Need = What you draft/ How you draft.

You have to find the right balance in both.

Plus, you have to add depth of the position to the formula. How many good players are left at that position when you draft.

What another embarrassment? They will certainly close The Miami Herald.

The only thing Martin is good for is to pick me.

Oh, finally somebody on my side, BPA + need are equally important. Ahhhhh.

DD, I get out to Austin quite a bit so I'll have to look the place up. I live north of DFW area. yeah there are probably several places in the Texas area. The best I've had is in a small town near Mexico, Browbsville area but I can't remember the name of the town but the joint is Fat Daddy's BBQ.

BPA is for stacked teams with few if any weak spots. When you need half an oline, RB's and a safer and maybe another CB, you don't have the luxury of BPA. If BPA is a DE do you take him? Only an idiot would. This team has far too many other needs.

I thought Fat Daddy's BBQ was Jessica Simpson' nickname? Who knew?

Brownsville* not Browbsville


The reason why Brian Gaine was fired was because he spewged in Dawn Aponte's grill.

"Best Player Available for your team"

BPA + Need = ∆∆∆∆∆∆

Is this the sign that Turner may be gone soon?

Andrew Abramson ‏@AbramsonPBP 34m
Dolphins officially announce John Benton as assistant o-line coach. He was previously Texans o-line coach.

Posted by: Emperor of Reason | January 29, 2014 at 06:24 PM

I like Bremner too. He needs this season to break through, I can only see him getting better, he is tough and with a decent o-line coach could be decent.

I like Hyde because he is a threat and will make defenders pay for their trouble. Tate is a tough runner and I would welcome him and Hyde as a one two punch. Miller could be the number 3 back and take over from Thigpen as the KR. Gillislee could be stashed on the reserve list as he only saw a few games.



Mando, u read Heartiste?

I believe Martin will be back with the Dolphins next year. He will be placed in charge of removing the lint from players' belly buttons.

Wow for once I totally agree with Armando. Great post!

In 2014, please prove wrong. Dolphins suck!

amazing work armando. one of your best pieces. EVER!

In 2014, please prove wrong. Dolphins suck!

Posted by: Sam I Am | January 29, 2014 at 06:59 PM

Would you agree those who suck the most know best who sucks?

Great blog and all too true. I would call the Martin draft pick an Ireland miss. Good riddance to both of them!

Stop sucking up to Armando,he hates the barbie phins as much as we do Eh? JAJAJAJAJAJAJ.But of course we are going to give the freshly painted front office and OC a chance to FLUSH the stench away at least Eh?,MAYBE Eh? JAJAJAJAJ

Ape still needs the bloggers attention. Let's support him in his loneliness.

Hi Ape.

We welcome your stupid nonsense because really, all posts here are stupid nonsense.

BPA means BPA, Period Once you say BPA according to team needs, well then that is not BPA. Obviously you are going to pick the best player available at whatever position you need.

Sam you need a Xanax. Or medicinal smoke.
Please don't panic before the roster is set.


Dashi, BPA is definetly needed. Also needs = Big WR and tall safeties who can still their hips.

Midget corners will only take us so far.

Line backers that play down hill would also be nice.


I have been criticsl of your opinions (and reporting) at times AND I have been all in on many of your articles. This piece is, by far, your best one ever. I agree with every single thing you wrote. Good article!

I only wish that the starting O-Line is completely rebuilt with only Pouncey AND Cogs being retained. This team needs an A-hole, mean SOB on the O-Line and Cogs is definitely that!

I meant to say "starting O-Line". Garner, Brenner and Clabo (by virtue of his improved play in the 2nd half of the season) all deserve to be part of the rotation, but we need 3 new "starters".

Mando, I TOLD you weeks ago you were on a roll. I realize it can be job-loss threatening to tell it as it is, but the truth is the truth, and you have no need to qualify your words.
Well done!
As for Dungy, I've posted that he's gotten a free ride from the press and the league.
The fact that Ross chose him as a member of the so called committee is another reason Ross appears clueless, a guy who has little ability to read between the lines.
Real estate is black and white. dollars and cents, and personalities rarely come into play. I know this as my brother is in the business. You just play the game, and allow others to do the paperwork.

You have got to be kidding! For the record I have said all along this guy Martin is full of SHITZ. This is a set up all the way. A SET UP! Go for the cash via a lawsuit because you can't block and you got mauled in the NFL. Please Ross don't fold on this go for the win in court or ever two years a team will be dealing with this.

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