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Judgment day 1 over: Stephen Ross departs

Well, seven hours after he arrived at Dolphins camp in his helicopter on what was expected to be an axe-wielding mission, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross fired up his flying machine and left.

The helicopter was apparently the only thing Ross fired (up).

No one was let go -- people at Dolphins camp exhale -- as today was apparently more a fact finding day. Ross and advisor Matt Higgins are said to have met with both general manager Jeff Ireland and head coach Joe Philbin.

I am assuming each man explained to the owner why he believes the Dolphins finished the season 8-8 and out of the playoffs.

This isn't about reliving the season, folks. Ross saw the games. I assume he wanted to get the why and not so much the what out of Ireland and Philbin. And I assume he asked for their contingency plans for getting the team in the playoffs in 2014.

Both Ireland and Philbin obviously survived a potential judgment day. But this is not yet settled.


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No Evidence

-Armando Salguero 3 days ago:

-Eric Mangini
-Brian Gaine
-Dawn Aponte
-Scott Pioli
-Mike Tannenbaum

Good grief and this is all the explanation the fans get.

Wow. Maybe this team will never get back to the glory days. It does take a fan base to keep a sports franchise afloat.

NOOOO! to Pioli or Peterson

Ross did let go and fire (out) a mean deuce in the 3 o'clock to 4 o'clock hour, that apparently cleared out half the building!

WHATEVER ......... We are the joke of the sporting world.

Love your optimism Mando but it's over. Ross cannot make tough decisions. Pablum tomorrow about how close we are.
Another year of this Dreck. Ugh.

Does he wanna alienate the fans so Goodell says okay Stevie, you get L. A.?


piloi is awful but id love to have carl

More embarrassing than The Harbaugh Debacle?

It's becoming a sad tradition for the past few years that around this time of year instead of talking about the playoffs, FinsFans are talking about who should get fired.

Good grief and this is all the explanation the fans get.

Wow. Maybe this team will never get back to the glory days. It does take a fan base to keep a sports franchise afloat.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | January 02, 2014 at 07:02 PM

I agree this a bit of a slap in the face with ZERO explanation.

As pissed I've been about the prospects of Ireland staying, I'm becoming equally upset by how this is playing out...Just ridiculous, yet again.

I understand wanting to make a reasoned, informed decision, but this front office and ownership comes off like they have no clue what they are doing.

It's so disheartening.
Nothing is done in a decisive and effective manner.
It should be no surprise the team on the field operates much the same and lacks any sort of identity or coherent vision.

Most of the team did the best they could. Losing half the oline and 3 starting WR/TE along with half the DB's suffering groin injuries was too much to overcome.

Fire Sherman and his key assistants. Keep everyone else.

: Stay the Course | Jan

starting to seriously wonder that. miami or jacksonville will def be one of the teams moved when they open la and london teams. its hard to even imagine someone being as dumb and naive as ross seems to be

Ross needs a helicopter? Dumbo had smaller ears.

Well i saw that Ireland was busy signing everybody from the practice squad and some OL from the Canadian League to future's contracts, so at that point i figured that he was probably safe. His offseason started last Monday, with a lot of moves and decisions to make on the teams own Free Agents, most of whom i don't expect to be back and who he needs to cut to get further under the cap.

I hope Philbin and his staff use this time to pull their heads from their collective ass's and formulate some better game plans.

I hope RT and Wallace spend a few days a week working on the deep pass.

Mr.Ross is a smart man.

Who the F' is Matt Higgins? What happened with C.Peterson?
Don't tell me Matt Higgins is the Matt Moore troll.

Ross Should've showed up with Shula in a Golf Cart. Then we would've known he meant business.

Ireland, Philbin,Sherman and the Special teams Coach have done there job.

Coyle should be demoted to DB coach and Zac Taylor to Assistant QB coach.

Bring in Penny as QB coach, and Mangini as DC.

Priority #1b,#2, and #3 this Off-season is O-line. Priority #1a RESIGN Grimes.

I agree this a bit of a slap in the face with ZERO explanation.

Posted by: fin4life | January 02, 2014 at 07:09 PM

We are not owed any explanations until decisions have been made. The final two game meltdown caught Ross offguard. The teams that have done the firing so far knew many weeks in advance they would do so. It's been less than 1 week for Ross.

A dumb man reacts on emotion with little understanding of the consequences. A wise man does the necessary research before acting.

Amen rym..
Laughingstock indecision & inability to take any action AND to explain circus like high profile (choppering in, frr chrissakes). Joke franchise on & off field.

Don't attend the games don't buy there stuff and something will have to be done. Sorry but it's the only way to take back our team.

So the Dolphins are the real life version of "Major League"?

Seems unlikely, but I have to admit I've had that tho0ught myself the last couple of years. Because you'd imagine Ross being much more cunning and shrewd than he's shown here in Miami.

zilo u changed your name again, ross has had years not weeks like rest of teams

Posted by: fin4life | January 02, 2014 at 07:09 PM

Even no explanation as to what the current staff's plan is to right the ship.

Surely don't think that season ticket sales will go up after that collapse at the end of the season.

Yeah I'm fired up to go watch the Jets and Bills own us at home.


long time its time to get serious about that, i dont live down there. but a radio station or something should get everyone on same page and not spend a dime on anything fins. this may be the only shot if heads dont roll tomorrow

What you didn't notice was that the Helicopter had 2 Jet Engines on the side. You need to have a lot of Thrust to get them things moving Foward.

Dusty Ross is not dumb. The fans are dumb.

Dashi,aren't you the one who constantly gets beat up on the day shift Eh?

pioli is excellent

anti-climax...like the end of our season.

Well now that it's the offseason and Ireland will be doing more press conferences, let's see if any of the media will have the balls to ask the tough questions or will the just get down on their knees like normal.

Stephen Ross is a big PUSS

Steve, get some big boy shoes and sweep out the trash!!!

Dolphin Denny

pioli is a proven talent evaluater

pioli didnt prove a thing in kc. wasted pick after pick and got mad about gum wrappers on floor

Most of the team did the best they could. Losing half the oline and 3 starting WR/TE along with half the DB's suffering groin injuries was too much to overcome.
Fire Sherman and his key assistants. Keep everyone else.
Posted by: Stay the Course | January 02, 2014 at 07:10 PM


We all need to remember this post when the next Stay the Course is posting next years excuses.

I stand corrected Matt Higgins is the PR guy I was talking about.

The Dolphins Have completely Sold Out. Higgins is basically replacing Mike Dee.

tomorrow could end many fin fans passion for football for years to come. or it could light a fire and get everyone on board for 2014. do the right thing ross......wake up!

Ape I shall be gone then.

Higgens is the former Executive VP of the Jets.

It's the QB Stupid, WHO better than sherman,who knows that TCHOKE Sucks at 3 of the most important traits for an NFL QB Eh?

Meanwhile around the NFL, with other franchises whose teams want to win, and whose owners care about winning, like Tampa Bay and Cleveland, they have already interviewed and or signed the quality coaches that are out there. If and when Ross shits and gets off the pot, we will be stuck again with no quality candidates for any positions!! Sad that storied franchises like Washington and Miami are in the same downspiral as perennial loser franchises like Cleveland, Detroit and Tampa Bay etc. Amazing how fast poor GM's and coaches and bad owners can tear a franchise apart.

I will not renew my season tickets. I threw with this organization and owner.

It's an open blog, an open forum, as it should be. However many here are either too young or have not risen very far to understand the mechanics of business and particularly the media very well.

The owners don't concern themselves one bit with the largely ignorant fan base, other than the occasional politically correct lip service they are obligated to give at their few media events.

Ross does not owe any of you anything. Zilch. Why would he? He's buying more tickets than the fans as it is.

Ross is a businesman. Just like Wayne H. Wayne never won jack, yet still flipped the team at a handsome profit.

It's about money and the thrill of owning a team. Nothing more. What a surprise.

Yes Dusty a ground swell of "boycott the Fins" should start now. If everyone gets on board Ross has to do something. Maybe even sell the team to someone that knows football.

Hey Mr. Ross:

"Go!"...no, wait..."Go Go!"

Dashi,the night shift are more civil,i was just asking, no need to high tail it Eh?

Well, now I get to wait until tomorrow until Ross and his lovable sidekick Ireland go flying from coast to coast to coast looking for a new HC while forgetting to fire the old one. hahaha

I'm no economist or financial analyst, but the way I see it, Ross's unwillingness to shake things up to excite fans will only decrease the overall value of his investment.
a) Unwillingness to fire Sherman (at least) = THill and the offense's regression
b) Regression = Less wins
c) Less wins = Decline in fans' interest + inability to attract top coaches, GMs and free agents
d) Decline in fans' interest = lack of tickets, merchandise and media sales
e) Lack of sales + overall demands = depreciation in value of investment
f) Depreciation in value = no community/state support for a stadium upgrade
h) No stadium upgrade = No Super Bowl or major event revenues
i) No additional stadium revenue = Ross eats it and moves the team to LA
Total = we're all screwed

A dumb man reacts on emotion with little understanding of the consequences. A wise man does the necessary research before acting.

Posted by: Zilo | January 02, 2014 at 07:14 PM

You mean more than what he did when his olive branch to his G.M. last Yr. was a (LAME DUCK) 1 Yr. extension? Upon which the player the G.M. Overrides the H.C. about firing is heaped in scandal for sexual harassment and "supposedly" bullying a teammate?

How about the Press Conference he held in Tampa to address these issues were he omitted mentioning said G.M. announcing a committee to over-see the direction of the team at Yrs. end while witnessing his OL wilting in front of a Nat'l audience? Could this time during the course of the Yr. been when he began to take inventory on his team surrounded by former team greats?

He had ample time in watching his dwindling home crowds spending their disposable income on Heat games to ponder the shake ups that could kick start renewed enthusiasm! You think that look on Nat Moore's face (who seems to be the one with he's ear for the last 6 weeks) doesn't speak volumes about what he sees and tells Ross?

Listen there's also a saying about those that procrastinate to much!

You can't have a ground swell without first having a fan base!!!

Look at this blog, after all these years Armando hasn't aquired more than 25 bloggers!

Good. let the ahole Ross continue to buy Eh?

If he keeps Ireland he will be below average for a team next year.

I was driving home listening to local sports radio out of Tampa and it seems like Buc fans may have something to be excited about.

They are talking about making a play for Manziel and about Lovie Smith bringing their defense back to their glory days.

Still haven't hired a GM yet though which is a little strange.

I can't imagine much thrill for Ross being the team owner of the Do-do-fins,,,

I think LA would just love to have this wonderful franchise. Note to Ross: move the team to LA have enough respect to leave the dolphins name in Miami... Then let's get an explanation franchise. That's our best shot at a playoff appearance before 2020

so the media wound this thing tight as a top as an ax grinding session, and when it didnt happen they blame ross missing the playoffs? We werent even expected to make the playoffs, never mind a win and were in.I dont care how bad we bombed the last 2 games we were close with an avg team.Cutting lose now means starting COMPLETELY over. Its not just a coach or gm or 2. People seem to thin kjust a couple staff would go but no. It wuld be a complete clearing out.

Matt Higgins. I was expecting Mark Higgs.

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