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Judgment day 1 over: Stephen Ross departs

Well, seven hours after he arrived at Dolphins camp in his helicopter on what was expected to be an axe-wielding mission, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross fired up his flying machine and left.

The helicopter was apparently the only thing Ross fired (up).

No one was let go -- people at Dolphins camp exhale -- as today was apparently more a fact finding day. Ross and advisor Matt Higgins are said to have met with both general manager Jeff Ireland and head coach Joe Philbin.

I am assuming each man explained to the owner why he believes the Dolphins finished the season 8-8 and out of the playoffs.

This isn't about reliving the season, folks. Ross saw the games. I assume he wanted to get the why and not so much the what out of Ireland and Philbin. And I assume he asked for their contingency plans for getting the team in the playoffs in 2014.

Both Ireland and Philbin obviously survived a potential judgment day. But this is not yet settled.


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All for nothing, nothing will change until Ross is gone.

Stop buying tickets to games.

Shame on those thinking Ireland is doing a better job than the rest of the AFC East drafting and finding players to build this team.

I'll post this again in the new blog. Wish Ross would see it, although he wouldn't know what to do with the information anyway. Give this a good read and then objectively ask yourself what Ireland has done to deserve keeping his job.

Name 10 guys on our list between last year's draft and free agency that were a better value than these guys. I can name you one- Brent Grimes. Almost all of these players were plucked in the last 2 years by Buddy Nix. The guy is running circles around Ireland. And if EJ Manuel takes it up a notch next year, watch out. If you want to defend our GM, please do your research first!

As posted by By Matt Warren on SB Nation:
Buddy Nix and Doug Whaley deserve a lot of credit for the folks on this list. The Buffalo Bills did exactly what fans continuously pine for: got great value from aging veterans and young additions to the roster. This list represents the best bang for the dollar Bills in 2013.
-Lowest-value 2013 Bills players

10. Robert Woods ($884,868). Despite missing a pair of games with an ankle injury, Woods still had 40 receptions for 587 yards and three touchdowns in his rookie campaign despite a near-catastrophic quarterback situation. He also chipped in a pair of runs for 16 yards. His rapport was clearly best with EJ Manuel, who was named the starter heading into the 2014 season, so hopefully Woods' numbers will only go up.

9. Jim Leonhard ($555,000). The league allows each team to "ignore" up to $1,000,000 in cap money from three veterans with five or more years experience. This is called the veteran exception, and it's in place because for each season you are in the league, the minimum amount a team must pay you goes up. To combat players getting released to save a few thousand, the NFLPA added this exception so players like Leonhard, who made $840,000 in 2013, can compete on a closer monetary field with the youngsters' league minimum. As you'll see, the Bills used this exception to their advantage in 2013. Leonhard benefited by playing more than half of Buffalo's defensive snaps in place of injured Jairus Byrd and Aaron Williams throughout the season, compiling 37 tackles and four interceptions while returning seven punts.

8. Cordy Glenn ($1.1 million). The only player to cross seven figures on this list, Glenn earned his spot with great play as the starting left tackle. Projected by many as a guard coming into the NFL, Glenn has locked down the blind side for two seasons and is making fewer and fewer mistakes as his career progresses.

7. Thad Lewis ($391,764). He was 2-3 as a starting quarterback thrown into the fire this season, but the pro-rated league minimum is a great price to pay for a backup quarterback. He threw more touchdowns than picks and had better per-pass numbers across the board than any of Buffalo's other quarterbacks.

6. Brian Moorman ($391,765). He played in 11 games in 2013 after replacing the man who replaced him, Shawn Powell, early in the season. Moorman played for less than $1 million, and using the veteran exception noted earlier, the Bills were able to bring Moorman's cap number under $400,000. His 41.6 yards per punt weren't great but for the price, the Bills got a bargain.

5. Da'Norris Searcy ($676,106). Searcy had one career-defining play in the season opener, running back a fumble recovery for a touchdown against the Patriots. It was the beginning of a solid season for the safety, who contributed 3.5 sacks, a pick-six, 69 tackles, and solid all-around play to the defense. He is clearly the Bills' third safety and a great value moving forward.

4. Jerry Hughes ($870,000). Obtained in a trade during the preseason, Hughes was labeled a bust in Indianapolis but in Buffalo proved why he was a first-round pick. With 10 sacks and 42 tackles as a pass rush specialist, Hughes was the disruptive force the Bills hoped he could be.

3. Dan Carpenter ($555,000). A late roster addition, Carpenter had a 92 percent success rate on his field goals in 2013, scoring 131 points. He was nothing short of exceptional. He collected paychecks totalling $715,000 in 2013, but like Moorman and Leonhard, the Bills used the veteran exception on Carpenter with great results. He's due for a much larger contract in 2014 with Buffalo or elsewhere.

2. Nickell Robey ($405,000). Quickly inserted into the lineup when Ron Brooks went down to injury, the undrafted free agent making the league minimum quickly established himself as a key contributor on Buffalo's new-look defense. He played more than half of the defensive snaps in 2013. Three sacks, a pick-six, 10 passes defended, a fumble recovery and 39 total tackles is a pretty solid year, all at a bargain-basement price.

1. Kiko Alonso ($781,891). The second round pick finished third in the NFL with 159 tackles, and his cap hit was $7.5 million cheaper than number two on the list, Paul Posluszny, who finished with 161 tackles. He had four interceptions, five passes defended, a forced fumble, and two fumble recoveries. He played every snap on defense.

Not to mention the 1, 2 attack of Spiller and Jackson, and probably one of the best DL's in football.

If they had any continuacy at QB this year, Miami would have been the team trying to knock THEM out of the playoffs.

So you Ireland defenders want to keep this clown around or start building a real team?

Posted by: dusty bottoms | January 02, 2014 at 07:13 PM

If that's the case, Ross is not dumb at all. Imagine for how much he could sell the team.

Listen there's also a saying about those that procrastinate to much!

Posted by: fin4life | January 02, 2014 at 07:33 PM

True, but do you think 4 days is too much? Just because the media baited you into thinking today was judgement day doesn't mean Ross has to oblige. How about waiting for his decision and plan before reacting?

On top of that, we have no idea where Philbin is at on any aspect of this and what he recommends. Is Ross dealing with firing one, a few, or a complete clean house?

If it takes a little more time to figure out what the best plan is than it's worth giving it the extra time.

I am so sick of hearing how the teem is really pulling together and how much talent is on the team. THEY HAVE NO PRIDE. To lay down and roll over like they did the last two games, was sicking! They did it a couple of other games as well, but the play offs was theirs to have. THEY DID NOT WANT IT! Any body around that still remembers how few teams ever won in the Orange Bowl. That was home and protected like a rabid pit bull!
These guys don't have any heart. They are a bunch of over paid losers! Philbin on the side line, flatlining! Don Shula would have been busting blood vessels! I been a fan since 1970,
But I am really sick of the way this team tanks, over and over, and the Coach doesn't that they play flat! Pancakes are not as flat as this team plays!


You said from the last two years. Here you go for Ireland:

Olivier Vernon- 3rd round pick- 12 sacks. 4th in the league in sacks.

Ryan Tannehill- A franchise QB.

Brent Grimes- Pro-bowler

Brandon Gibson- was having a great season before his injury.

Dion Jordan is going to be a stud pass rusher. He could not get passed the great pick by Ireland last year Olivier Vernon and Wake. That is the reason he did not play more but mark my words. He will be a stud.

Demitri Patterson- 4 interceptions in 5 games.

Bryant McKinney- Had a solid year for the fins.

Mike Wallace- Had almost 1000 yards and 5 TDs.

Sam Brenner Undrafted rookie that made two starts for the fins.

He had a lot of success the year before too.

BTW some of the guys you listed for the Bills are garbage. Thad Lewis? Jerry Hughes (1st round bust for the colts)? If the Bills were so good why did they go 6-10 and are picking in the top 10 in the draft. They have not been in the playoffs for 14 years. Yikes!

Guys since Ross left the facility already and unless Schefter is reporting Philbin and Ireland are staying I think Ross is really leaning towards changing GM and coach maybe unless he would have said it already or it would have been reported no changes this season. Maybe wishful thinking on my part.

Ross is so stupid that he could be convinced by an amateur football coach about the promising saeason the Dolphins had and that his team will go to the SB in 2015.
So, it's not surprising that a pro-coach (a bad one, but pro anyway) and a tricky GM managed to go into Ross' head to in order keep their job.
Boycott Ross' products !
We deserve a better team, not this crappy organization lead by pathetic morons.

Dolphins stadium was state of the art 27 seasons ago.it is a DUMP now, why do you think Clueless Wayne and Clueless Ross use a Heli to go to the games EH?
Because they do not want to get CAR JACKED IN THAT GHETTO WHERE THE STADIUN IS Eh

Ross will do nothing !! We will be stuck with Ireland again he's the worst !! Nothing like not making the playoffs again!! When was the last SuperBowl Miami won ?

How anyone could remain a fan of this septic tank of an organization or somehow spend a dime of their money supporting it in any capacity is beyond my comprehension.

This team stopped being significant decades ago. Now, it's just a pathetic sit-com.

Mr. Ross:
Please terminate Ireland and Coyle. Give Philbin final authority over Personnel issues,and promote Aponte to GM.

Ross is a businesman. Just like Wayne H. Wayne never won jack, yet still flipped the team at a handsome profit.

It's about money and the thrill of owning a team. Nothing more. What a surprise.

Posted by: Zilo | January 02, 2014 at 07:29 PM

Now your simply tweaking the subject! Your point here unnecessary given Pro Sports Ownership Worldwide is the ultimate self-indulgence the fantastically wealthy can heap on their legacy's. My point was that this isn't some 1 Yr. hiatus but a troubling trend in the tenure of Steven Ross's ownership of the Miami Dolphins were embarrassing fiasco's have become common place not the exception.

Given that at the end of the day it is in fact a business then he should come out in front of this because I assure you he isn't meeting his potential bottom line were his future revenue is in the hands of, "us! the idiot fanbase" (Your words!) Like you said he's purchasing more tickets than we are and that's just for starters! He's assuming the purchase of entrances to see his team while simultaneously absorbing the loss of revenue by an inability to sell his product.

In essence the ultimate double whammy! Your wrong from my perspective, he should and needs to address the mediocrity of this brand in his hands! The future of his business which caters directly to us depends on it!


Ireland will fire Wake, Grimes, Pouncey and Fields. Maybe Hartline too. Why ? Just because.
He doesnt need a good reason, except his mental retardation. Of couse Ross will agree with such moves because he will save some bucks.

I'm absolutely convinced Ireland is a master salesman. It's not easy convincing a billionaire to shell out $280M for an 8-8 record while getting an extension out of it. The Davie facility should hang a plaque with him as "Salesman of the Year" and Ross next to it as "Donkey of the Year"

orlando. what was the score of the final 2 games Eh homer?

If it takes a little more time to figure out what the best plan is than it's worth giving it the extra time.

Posted by: Zilo | January 02, 2014 at 07:47 PM

This more of a 3-pronged question and wont argue your point here!

Three more for you Vegas:

Rishard Mathews 7th round pick. Had a good second year. Had a 100 yard game .

Lamar Miller- 709 yards rushing and 4.5 yards rushing in his second year.

Caleb Sturgis (since you sited Carpenter)- Sturgis was actually rated higher than Carpenter per PFF. He was just a rookie.

Derick Shelby- Was a great undrafted rookie that made some good plays for the fins.

Draft 3 years ago:

Pouncey- Pro bowler:

Jimmy Wilson- Good nickel corner. Great find in the 7th round.
Charles Clay- Almost had a record setting year for Dolphins TE. Great find in the 6th round.

Mr.Ross can You NOT Hear us Fans....ENOUGH!
Super Bowl 7 & 8 were a LONG Time ago and the last one the Dolphins even played in was 19....Now at 48...

On that list I give you the following:

Vernon and Grimes for sure.
Tannehill- A question mark for sure

The rest. Really?

McKinnie filled in admirably but looked like a turnstile at times, especially down the stretch when it mattered.

Brenner- A couple of nice starts- let's see if he makes the team next year!

Wallace- for that money almost EVERYONE expected a lot more. And almost led the league in drops. Did you see what the Bills are paying their guys on that list?

Patterson- Can't stay on the field and likely a goner

Gibson- Loved him before the injury, Problem is he gets injured every year going back to the Rams,

Jordan- Exactly what did he do as a #3 overall pick? Hope he gets better and he should. Again not a bargain player like the ones I listed.

Now the Bills are far from perfect, But they had a hurt rookie QB, a hurt Spiller all year, and a backup QB that beat us TWICE.

You want to reconsider comparing this list to ours and find 10 Ireland bargains? Becuase I can't

7 hours? That's as long as it took Ted Wells to interview Jonathan Martin. Ross with this guy Higgins there besides him. Investigating reporters, were Ireland, Philbin cars there, those of other Coaches? Jim Turner was there, Armando saw him; and he left early.

Ireland should be fired immediately he has proven he can't build a winner and I don't want to see or here that crap about some players who are playing or played well we are still out of the playoffs again people.Oh and did I mention the coaching is terrible they should both go please already !!!!!!

Getting into specifics, the fact that the Jets and Bills beat them the second time they played and that they had difficulty numerous times throughout the season with second half adjustments does not bode well for this group. Other coaches have them figured out and MIA coaching staff has not been able to adjust. Sherman had this same problem at TX A&M........Ross needs answers to why that is happening.

Also, he should question why they are the least physical team by far in their division over the last 2 years and how the coaching staff/GM is going to change that issue. They have no intimidation type players on Defense, they arm tackle continuously, they have no physical backs, etc. The Bills and Jets are going to continue to build physical rosters that pound them if they don't change their plan. Physicality is back winning in the NFL unless you have a top 5 QB. SF, CAR, SEA, BALT 2012, physical, smash mouth teams.

Please call me 'Coco' because I AM COCO. I am alluring and elegant. Sometimes a vixen. Me-wow.

I am Coco.

oscar.is higgins the kneeeegro with the constipated look on his face that we see always standing next to Ross
and who tf is he Eh?

fin4. I an understand your frustration and desire for urgent change. I'm only saying 2 weeks ago it looked like we were playoff bound and nobody was thinking overhaul.

My gut feeling is he is going to retain Philbin, and therefore has no extreme urgency to make his other decisions - meaning he doesn't have to enter the slim HC pool. I'm not saying he can take his time, but if it takes another few days to a week I see no big deal impact. Best to do the right thing and if needs more time I'm cool... AS LONG AS HE DOES THE RIGHT THING!

Jason Taylor or Nat Moore head of Football operations. Get a coach with a pulse who realizes that his team isn't really playing hard, and a GM with people skills, who has a clue!
Run off the over paid non producers in mass! OC, DC, OLC, HC, GM! There is a lot of over paid non producing tackles on this team. Fire them and start over. Send the message, produce or unemployment! There is plenty of Beef that will play for next to nothing,just to get in the league! 9,8, 7, sacks allowed! Millions in salary! Somebody has to be NUTS!

The Davie facility should hang a plaque with him as "Salesman of the Year"

Posted by: 58-Sacks | January 02, 2014 at 07:55 PM

Could very well be the truest statement posted here tonight! Your 100% correct on Ireland's self preservation skills, to bad it doesn't translate to his efficiency!

The only way Ross will ever wake TF up is if Serena Williams immediately sits on his face BUTT Naked after one of her 4 hour tennis matches in the Dubai heat Eh?

More Jeff Ireland draft picks on the way to save the day.
Philbin keeping mouth open and everyone shoes tied to company specs.
How can we lose with these guys in charge.

Where can I buy tickets to this show next year, should be at least as good as this past year.

This team sucks ass!

I will say, I had absolutely no expectation that any kind of decision or statement would be forthcoming today. There was no reason to. The media played their game and many bit on it. Not me. Today was the big gathering. Ross gave his ear. Listening is a good thing. Now I do expect decisions to come soon, I can't see this thing lingering very long. I believe Ross will act quickly and decisively within a week.

We'll see.

Let's start over Olrando because you aren;t getting the drill. Some, apparently like you, state that Ireland has found several great players since building our great franchise. Acorns, bargains if you will. Only one player on the Bills list is paid over $1 Mil.

If you want to start with Vernon and Grimes, they would qualify based on their salaries. Although Grimes could be argued that we Ireland should have locked him up for more than a year. But I won't nitpick.

Name 10 Guys within the last TWO years, that are bargains for the Dolphins and made significant contributions to the team. You see you can't have it both ways. Highly paid guys like Wallace don't count and really only strenghten the arugument for Ireland reaching in desperation for need.

Can please don't insult us with Sturgis. The guy he replaced is one of those players on the Bills list that outkicked our guy by a mile


Looking at the list you provided. Only 1 of those guys would get significant time on the fins, Kiko Alonso.

Hughes is a bust he did not last 3 years with the Colts and was a 1st round pick. Glenn would not start over McKinney or Clabo, Robert Woods would ride the pine here behind Hartline, Wallace, and Gibson, the punter you sited 41.6 LOL Fields could out kick him with his left foot.

I have no gauge on the GM's out there. But what are the thoughts on the young Polian?

Only imbeciles dont learn from their mistakes. Ross is the bigest imbecile. He will keep Ireland until this team disapears from the face of the Earth.
But we fans are not imbeciles, and we learned long time ago that Ross was the biggest mistake. The only way to correct it is to boycott Ross.
Boycott Ross !

Apparently, Higgins is some kind of mysterious Evaluator with a broad range of abilities used in a broad range of "ticklish" situations.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | January 02, 2014 at 07:58 PM

No disputing your points and you missed on a couple given Carpenter himself was an Un-Drafted player who paid dividends for the team in his 1st three NFL Seasons. You must by the same token admit his inability or big misses in the early Rds. are maddening when analyzing his great track record with finding some diamonds in the rough.

Orlando: they took a broom to us, didn't they?

No one on the Dolphins gives a crap about the fans. So why should the fans give a crap about the pathetic franchise? Move the circus to London and do everyone a favor.

A week?. JAJAJAJAJA,He is senile, a week is as good as a 2 decades for the CLUELESS barbie owner Eh?
Remember Henne = Marino Eh?.No Tchoke = Marino.1-10 in Road Playoffs for Marino = Champ of the Chokers Eh?
TCHOKE and Marino can have a bronze toilet of their PATHETIC selves erected out in front of the stadium for the fans to take a p and kraap in/on before,during and after home games Eh?

This team has talent Tanni is prob best quarterback we had since pennington so Ireland is not at fault he has missed on some piccs but so has most gms I blame Philibin his finnes style of football sucks at least with sporano he did one thing good n that was poundthe rock and how do you firee toc and keep the hc that hired him and refused all year to take control of the play calling how do you justify that

Miami is a very tough City to live in. The Ones that come here must be equally tough or tougher to survive in It.

Btw on your last list.

Pouncey- Number 1 pick making more than the ones on the Bills list, but maybe I give you him.

Miller- WHAT? He has shown diddly squat so far and will probably never be a featured back

Clay- THREE years ago but finally looks like a good find

Wilson- No way did he contribute anything close to qualifying for this list

Matthews and Shelby- had their moments but can't say they contributed much on the stat sheet. I personally would put Matthews on the list because I think he has potential.

So I am up to about 4 or 5. However, if we start adding up Ireland's busts, we can go a lot higher a lot faster

Friends dont let friends buy Dolphin tickets.

Last year we collapsed because of the Offensive Line. This year we start the season with an even worse Offensive line and no starting caliber running back. Next year, I predict we draft another injured pass rushing specialist in the first round.

These investigative reporters from SoFla and crap are =, don't you think so, Ape?

No long ball,0 touch on short passes,no pocket sense,no leadership and he is quite stupid, slide before the 1st down Eh?
this is why Sherman only calls 4 plays a game Eh?

My gut feeling is he is going to retain Philbin, and therefore has no extreme urgency to make his other decisions - meaning he doesn't have to enter the slim HC pool. I'm not saying he can take his time, but if it takes another few days to a week I see no big deal impact. Best to do the right thing and if needs more time I'm cool... AS LONG AS HE DOES THE RIGHT THING!

Posted by: Zilo | January 02, 2014 at 08:05 PM

I see your point as well, in fairness I didn't expect a Coaching change.

Your right about the frustration seeping through!

By the way if your watching the Sugar Bowl on ESPN try and keep an eye on Alabama LT Kaoundjio (I believe that's how it's spelled) There is 2 of them (Brothers) with the other at LG and they are PURE MAULERS! Alot of people expecting the Dolphins to move on the FSU LT Irving as the one that gets to them at pick #-19 but I got a feeling about this Bama kid. I watched him Vs. LSU and Auburn's Semi-pro speed rushers and think he maybe better than the kid he replaced Flucker but given the one Collegiate Season doesn't have the same fan fare.

Oscar,Armando and Omar are the best of the rest Eh?

Suck it

Those of you who try to tell us a Billionaire is stupid only look stupid, for too many reasons.

Ross may not be a good owner of a football team, but how many are? Call him a bad owner, ok. Calling him stupid is calling yourself stupid.

I'm sure you will all call me stupid now. It's ok if it makes you feel better.

Move the circus to London and do everyone a favor.

Move the circus to London and do everyone a favor.

Move the circus to London and do everyone a favor.

Move the circus to London and do everyone a favor.

Move the circus to London and do everyone a favor.

Move the circus to London and do everyone a favor.

Move the circus to London and do everyone a favor.

Move the circus to London and do everyone a favor.

HoHo!, Ape.

Steve Ross, worst owner in sports history?

"I didn't plan to fire anybody monday, I was getting ready for a playoff game" any everybody's waiting with baited breath. You guys can all take a few days off. Have a blogless vacation you've earned it, you spend more time on here than people that have actually jobs

Higgens was Magmum PI's housekeeper.

We could have used some Kuechlys, we could have used some Jonathan Coopers, We coulda been contenders...

The Dolphins have outworn their welcome in Miami.

This really sucks;

Who was it that said owner Stephen Ross will look at everything and then do nothing........

Ross gave the staff another season: No one lost there job! Okay lets fixed the problem.

We all know about offensive and defensive linemen.
You can still get a proven offensive and defensive threw free agency.

The Positions that will have an e mediate impact
Draft first " Another Larry Z. Ricky William, Peterson etc
tailback - fullback
Why? When you can Dominate Running ( You give your
entire team a new Attitude!

Drafting other positions required a few years to developed. This staff does not have two more years? Agree or Disagree?

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