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Judgment day 1 over: Stephen Ross departs

Well, seven hours after he arrived at Dolphins camp in his helicopter on what was expected to be an axe-wielding mission, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross fired up his flying machine and left.

The helicopter was apparently the only thing Ross fired (up).

No one was let go -- people at Dolphins camp exhale -- as today was apparently more a fact finding day. Ross and advisor Matt Higgins are said to have met with both general manager Jeff Ireland and head coach Joe Philbin.

I am assuming each man explained to the owner why he believes the Dolphins finished the season 8-8 and out of the playoffs.

This isn't about reliving the season, folks. Ross saw the games. I assume he wanted to get the why and not so much the what out of Ireland and Philbin. And I assume he asked for their contingency plans for getting the team in the playoffs in 2014.

Both Ireland and Philbin obviously survived a potential judgment day. But this is not yet settled.


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Fin4, cool. I've got the Sugar Bowl on, but confess I watch no more than 1 or 2 college games a season. I've seen Johnny M play once for example. So if there is anyone else worth keeping my eye on, relevant to our picks, let me know.

Researching the salaries is not worth the effort.

Rishard Mathews- 7th round pick. Had a good 2nd year as the slot receiver after Gibson got hurt. Had a 100 yard game.
Ryan Tannehill= threw for almost 4000 yards and 24 TDs. that was without a great running game and taking 58 sacks. Tough kid and will be a franchise QB.
Tyler Thigpen- Very good kick returner. Stats down a little this year but he was a bargain.
Sturgis- Was actually rated higher than Carpenter per PFF.
Demitri Patterson- Was a great find and is making 4 million a year.

Ireland has had some great finds in the later rounds.
You cannot judge rookies. I can name a bunch of nuggets that Ireland has found in the draft but most are going to be more than 2 years ago.

All of those guys you mentioned for the Bills with the exception of Kiko Alonso are not special. They would be back ups or riding the pine on the fins.

I cannot believe that you used the Bills for your example. It has been 14 years since the Bills have made the playoffs and they went 6-10 this year. Yea wow we should be jealous of the Bills, lol.

If you notice, Paul and I attack Ross, Ireland, Philbin, indiscriminately. We have their transgressions on tape.

Miami Dolphins, Oakland Raiders & Dallas Cowboys. Good teams for so many years with large fan bases. All now stuck on an endless hamster wheel of mediocrity or, in the case of the Raiders, dismal failure.

The only years the Dolphins were really relevant where all coached by Don Shula. Everyone else has screwed it up or just been average. If a team is unable to look itself in the mirror and see the truth then there will be no improvement.

The offense was horrible, the draft questionable (where the heck was Dion Jordan most of the season?), run defense pathetic, offensive playcalling mystifying. Would Reggie Bush have hurt or helped this offense this year? Easy question to answer. How come the fans and everyone outside the organization can see all of the mistakes but the geniuses making the decisions don't seem to be able to.

Nothing....will....change. Next year this time Dolphins fans will be posting the same kinds of comments wondering why this franchise can't get its act together. It's kind of fascinating to see such cluelessness. It's kind of like watching the Federal government in action.....

Now your talking Oscar and they were right there to be had.

Instead we get the hope of a game changer in Dion Jordan because of his "potential".

Did he even take over a game at Oregon??

Oscar, are you a fan of psychodelic mushrooms?

Only one of those guys would have seen significant time on the Fins? Really Orlando? Hughes had 10 sacks. I can give a rat's behind what he did with the Colts. The Bills gambled on him and he paid huge dividends. How many guys had over 10 sacks on the Dolphins? Vernon I think?

Glenn would have been an INSTANT starter at LT compared ot the garbage we had. Both of their secondary players could have conributed more than our nickel guys, and possibly started at Saftey at CB. Alonso was, of course, and animal. And Woods? I betcha Matthews would have never seen the field if we drafted Woods.

C'mon, really dude. Let's not overestimate some of the garbage on this team

Like everything in the US, the people make it happen. Sorry to say folks, but if you buy no tickets, Ross has no choice but to listen...
Showing support for our team does not include wasting our good and hard earned cash on crap like Philbin and his excuses.
Ross will axe that dude faster than you can imagine if no one buys tickets and lets him know why.
It's up to you...

So if there is anyone else worth keeping my eye on, relevant to our picks, let me know.

Posted by: Zilo | January 02, 2014 at 08:27 PM

Alabama Safety Ha-Ha Nix (his actual given name) is an interesting player as well given I don't think we can simply go on ignoring the mediocre play out of Clemmons but may go high Rd-2, we will see given the Safety class for the coming draft is weak!

Vegas how about fs clemons pretty cheap n he contributes cant catch a cold though how about Wake got him cheap out of canada Hartline 4 round picc Thigpen decent player Nolan Carrol steped up Bess was undrafted still feel like we shoulda kept him plays wit heart


If we hadn't lost Keller and Gibson.

Alabama Safety Ha-Ha Nix (his actual given name) is an interesting player as well given I don't think we can simply go on ignoring the mediocre play out of Clemmons but may go high Rd-2, we will see given the Safety class for the coming draft is weak!

Posted by: fin4life | January 02, 2014 at 08:40 PM

Agree 100%. If we're going to keep Coyle and this bend, don't break zone pass defense, we need great safeties.

Ala, Dick Anderson/Jake Scott. I posted this earlier today.

This team is not garbage Tvegas great dline good wrs good te decent qb with upside our secondary played well even thoe our second best corner was injured all year just o line is suspect rbs are a question mark and lbs are ass besides that we are stocked wit talent

I'll keep following R.Wilson and the next dynasty of the N.F.L. !!

unfortunately this is sad.

I can do a better job at putting at team together and I am an a idiot.



The bottom line is the Bills were 6-10 last year and have not made the playoffs in 14 years. Not exactcly the model on finding talent. At least Ireland took them to the playoffs in 2008 and was on the verge this year when his players were 8-6. Then, this coaching staff could not put these player in a position to win or motivate them. Ireland gave philbin a good enough team to make the playoffs, the record after 14 games shows that. The fact that they beat 5 playoff contenders including the Colts and Steelers on the road shows that.

BTW-the dolphins pick 19h in the draft and your garbage Bills are picking 9th. Yes, they were the 9th worst team in the league. Yea, they have done an awesome job of building that franchise. I will always be a fins fans. GO Fins!

I would seriously give Scott Pioli some consideration if Ireland is fired. He was fired at KC, but then again almost all of KC's success this year is from Pioli's player picks.

Tony Romo $120 Million, 8-8
Tannehill $72.00 8-8

Very few seem to understand that psychedelic drugs were used to approach the Metaphysical. We ARE in the Metaphysical now, but again Very few seem to realize it.

Please, please no old Jets cast off and equally inept mangement. Mr. Ross, you own the Miami Dolphins even though your primary residence is in New York. Since you live there you should have first hand knowledge that their people are worse then the people running this cesspool of stink you own. I didnt it think it possible, but when The Mando reports you may be hanging with the likes of Mangini and Tannanbum, after bringing Dawn "I am Joe Philbin" Aponte, please, please don't bring them here. Again, look at the track record.

Cid. Get a clue. All of the players you mention were over 2 years ago on Parcells watch.

Btw, Carrol blows and Bess got shipped off for nothing. Thigpen took a major step back and contributed little to the return game this year. Clemons was drafted in 2009, Wake 2009. Hartline was Parcells last draft.

Please know what your are talking about before you post. I am looking for impact player or bargain players on IRELAND's watch. Most of us know the answer. NOT MANY

If any of you remember, Ross went after Harbaugh right after he extended Sporano's contract. Just because he hasn't said anything at this point doesn't mean anything one way or the other.

He's probably planning his next move as we speak.

So keep your panties on and have a little patience. You know, like adults do.

Ross spends money during free agency and stays out of personnel and coaching decisions during the season. That is ideal behavior for an owner. Let's give him some credit for his restraint. I'm sure he is frustrated with this season as well.

His charitable contributions are admirable too.

Would you prefer an owner who inserts himself in personnel decisions or fires coaches based on fan opinion? We all know how that turns out.

Be careful what you wish for.

Orlando Dolfan im wit you all the way Tvegas dosent knw wat hes talking about at the end of the day Ireland put talent on this team coaches did not take advantage of it

What? The same talent that got pushed around by the stinking Bills twice this year.

Posted by: oscar canosa | January 02, 2014 at 08:30 PM

anybody with half a brain could see that

Oscar, few realize that it is the physical that is the illusion. Everything is meta-physical be default.


I agree. Sometimes the GM is the victim of the coach. I truly think that if we had kept Todd Bowles, Brian Daboll, and Mike Nolan we would be in the playoffs, even with Matt Moore. Moore was the 12th rated passer under Daboll's tutelage and was the team MVP.

I wish that Ireland could convince Ross to bring back those guys. Moore blossomed under Daboll and TH has more tools. I would love to see what Daboll can do with TH.

BTW- You know what one of the best defense in the league, is KC. Guess who is the DC, Todd Bowles. Reed is a smart coach, that is why he hired Bowles.

Right now Ireland is being victimized by Philbin's ineptitude.

Orlando, did you have to blow your high school teachers to get a passing grade? You seem kinda dumb and very naive.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | January 02, 2014 at 08:29 PM


Orlando, I know we differ on our opinion of Jeff Ireland and I'm not even sure if my theories are right but your defense of Ireland to tvegas's post is weak.

You should take a harder look at your list.

I know it's not my argument but you can't be seriously be giving Ireland credit for Dimitri Patterson, Sam Brenner, and Bryant Mckinnie.

Patterson was a waiver wire pick up, a band aid who ended up needing many band-aids and wasn't able to be counted on.

Mckinnie was a last ditch trade for an over the hill past his prime greybeard who could have been signed in the preseason. Any sports fan worth their salt knew he was sitting there on the Ravens roster after the season started, available to be had for cheap. It didn't take a rocket scientist to make that move when we were in dire straits.

Every team I would imagine (i'll admit I haven't checked), has a Sam Brenner type on their practice squad they can plug in to survive a game or two if a position gets that thin. That's what the practice squad is for.

Why would Ross take an ex-Jets (Higgins) to that meeting?
Don't you think that Higgins still has contact with the Jets Execs?
Why would you trust someone like Higgins?
Dumb move Mr Ross.

Screw DonC and his fear!
I wish, I wish....

Thanks you for being the voice of reason Dolfan Rick.

I'm tired of arguing with people that think Ireland has produced a bunch of great finds and solid drafts to lead this team to glory.

Every team finds an acorn or two. But how many failures or desperation pickups do we need to realize Jeff just doesn't get it?

I think odin, besides myself, was the only one here that noticed this Blog was transcendental in some way. Why he has chosen to stay away from it, or write with a different name, I don't know.

I recently came out of the closet, and I am glad I did. You should to. Then we can hookup.

I fear an owner like Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder.

Ireland sucks, he sucks he sucks, unless Dez's mom is not a ho

I am not an advocate of coaching changes occurring as often or with as much ease as changing underwear, but the Dolphins are not in the right hands. I credit Philbin with rescuing the Fins from the image created by Sparano, the Wildcat and Parcells but little else if anything has been accomplished. Most standout players were already pieces on our team or on the draft boards, so the Ireland/Philbin scouting combine was limited, to say the least.
For right now though the question needs to be which way you turn.
Do you hire a long-term coach and hand over the reigns to everything that is to do with the team, including being a GM?
Or do you hire a long-term GM who then handpicks a coaching staff to lead?
Lots of names and candidates are out there, plenty of opinions and a god-awful loads of observations; so, here's mine.
I choose both considerations and name candidates:
You hire Nick Caserio and have him reshape and possibly rebuild the team from the bottom up, Nevermind the BS. This will probably mean a few losing seasons of unwatchable play and crushed hopes, but it's been 40 odd years since a Super Bowl trophy graced the City of Miami, so I can't see a few more seasons being a total devastation. Caserio has a long history in the NFL and should be considered a top candidate.
If you desire both Cap-Space and NFL intelligence, take your pick from Pat Moriarty and Eric Decosta. Both would be rookie GM's and will assuredly suffer bumps and bruises, but I can't see them investing and guaranteeing 60million to a Mike Wallace with absolutely no performance stipulations in his contract. Neither do I see them buckling under the pressures of sports media when an Incognito/Martin "bullying" issue comes up. (For the record, I AM pro Incognito, even though he is obviously a loudmouthed idiot.)
You can give it all to the coach and hope and pray not to pi** him off.
Enter Mike Shanahan with whatever baggage you think he may bring. Yes, he is not RGIII's biggest fan but that's only because you can't believe in a QB who never listens and only is an 18oz T-bone of prime cut fame, with a side of handmade fame and a scoop of angel churned fame on top. If RGIII had placed his team ahead of himself he would be less injured and more productive, he just wouldn't be able to soak up the spotlight. Shanahan knew this from the beginning and coached the best he could. Unfortunately for Mike, RGIII’s reaction to a coach’s tongue-lashing was not the same as John Elway’s years ago and created more rebellion and dissension. Shanahan is a dangerous choice and could prove costly but so could just about anyone else you hand over the entire team to and Mr. Shanahan brings NFL rings and wins with him. Shanahan works well with smart GMs who listen to coach’s wants and recognizes team needs.
Rob Ryan would be the next best choice. That long-haired, loud mouthed, defensive genius could auspiciously become another Shula, finding a no name killer D. Besides, the sheer matchup of playing his brother twice a year will definitely put a chip on this teams shoulder and would motivate the coach to only accept perfection. Can you imagine Thanksgiving dinner at either Ryan household after a loss? Well imagine what practice would be like after losing to the Jets.
But seriously, Ryan is defense first minded with enough offense knowhow to shame many other coaches. He teaches his defensive players to perfect their positions, learn, adapt and recognize vulnerabilities. That's why he garners the comparison to the Great Don Shula; attitude. He will educate his offense that mistakes made and converted to points makes defense impossible and hold them accountable for those mistakes with the fire a sideline coach needs, not to mention he makes the defense look for scoring options.

Who would be poison for the Dolphins?
John Gruden. Not a candidate, not a team player and more of a namebrand as well as a hothead. If the Fins do bring Gruden in he will only become Saban 2.0.
Lovie Smith...meh, he could work but would need a heart to heart with Tannehill which would start with shape up or be traded, TOMORROW! Something the press here would never live with. And let’s remember that the South Florida press would probably eat Lovie alive, so his time would be tumultuous at best and possibly extremely short.
Leslie Frazier, Jim Schwartz and Greg Schiano all have what it takes to make teams meaningful again but taking the next step has been an issue with all three. Any would still be an improvement over what you have in Miami now but none would be a Super Bowl bound coach.
Outside candidates you ask?
Brian Bellick. Very under the radar but should definitely be considered and placed high on the list. Smart, professional and well versed at working with the tools at hand as well as drafting for immediate development.
Bill Cowher is doubtful to unretire unless given the complete control he deserves, but would again provide an attitude and confidence this team has lacked for years.

Ultimately let me say that Philbin, Sherman and the rest of the staff have done what they could with the tools at hand. Unfortunately for them travesties and travails they faced were not dealt with correctly.
Chad Johnson's arrest was terrible but survivable.
Jake Long deserved a raise, would have continued to develop and eventually become a mean bastard tackle!
Anthony Fasano had plenty to contribute as a TE, team leader and mentor.
Incognito/Martin should have been addressed, investigated and judged internally with the immediate dismissal of Martin, a four game suspension for Incognito and end of story. Ritchie has always been mean and gritty; he was hired to be the tough guy so you can't cry about him being too tough on his fellow linemen. Strip-Bar meetings, telling your 60million QB to get you a jetski or inappropriate contact with a scantily dressed waitress during a drunken golf outing are pretty typical in the NFL. Humphrey Bogart married a woman well out of his league and 20 years younger, movie star Heddy Lamar invented WIFI on a bar napkin while drunkenly thinking about torpedos and Steve McQueen invented the automobile bucket seat. You put Ritchie, Jake Long and Pouncey on an offensive line together and suddenly Tannehill is not plucking grass out of his helmet 7 times a game.
And to be clear, Incognito didn't run anyone over while drunk on South Beach, allegedly rape two different girls at a bar or frat house, murder his pregnant girlfriend or mastermind a Breaking Bad style drug ring after being drafted.
For the record, playing a "grab ass" is not acceptable behavior, but it happened in clear daylight, he got busted, fined and paid a readily accepted amount of hush money. Punishment Fulfilled.

So I am sorry for what should be the mass firings of Jeff Ireland, Joe Philbin, Mike Sherman and Kevin Coyle. Ireland has been a septic pimple on the ass of the team for years and a hated villain of Dolfans everywhere.
Philbin was always too serious and considered-I think-weak in his position as coach. I like the guy but I would rather hate my bastard coach who wins all the time-or most of the time. I want to see Ditka Tyrades, Jimmy Johnson's hair flying everywhere and wouldn't mind a Bobby Knight chair toss from our coaches.
Sherman continued using Tannehill the same as he did in college, apparently never accounting for the invention of the Internet, game film and scouting from other teams to find and exploit weaknesses which were masterminded in COLLEGE.
Coyle is a hard call but given the fact he had a few rising stars on defense whom he didn’t develop plays around and utilize frequently, proves him to also be weak spirited and less than argumentative when it comes to gameday defensive planning, back up planning, etc…You just can't have a defense constantly looking around for what they're supposed to do next and having absolutely no clue.

So to my fellow Dolfans who will trash me, call me a fairweather fan or a bandwagon driver I say this; I married a diehard Buffalo Bills fan that keeps two NFL Sundays per year quite interesting. We own several rag dolls that are thrown at our TVs, have both been known to (insert Soup Nazi accent)”No Sex For You” when each other’s team won and have shed tears at the end of every non-playoff season we have suffered for what seems like decades.
So say what you like, I don’t care.
I remember watching my first game when I was 4 years old, on a rabbit ear set in my first bigboy room and bed. I remember buying superbowl t-shirts for the Marino/Montana matchup, suffering through the Jacksonville and Denver Blowouts that retired my favorite QB. I remember thinking that "Bad Day" fantasy football commercial was always, specifically directed at me and my fellow Dolfans.
I can say that I know it sucks to rebuild, reshape, regroup and to reestablish our hopes yet again; but what choice is left? Shall we continue with the Status Quo and eventually become the Detroit Lions or Tampa Bay Bucks of old, or like the Patriots and move forward always as a team and with plenty to offer during every game.
I see no other choice, so let’s start now

Esteban W. Yaniz
Dolphins Fan since 1975
My only wish is "ONE BEFORE I DIE"
Thank you

The key to keeping that cutie coming back for more? Learn how to use your tongue. Not like a barbarian, like an artist.

I am and will 4-Eva be a Dolphin fan.Mr Ross ,it's your team and your money.I do not like the current product.Plz make some changes.( Somebody should have been dismissed!)

Steven, word to the wise...these bloggers are dumb, illiterate, and have the attention span of a house fly.

In other words, nobody read past the first 3 sentences of that run-on poppycock.

Ala, Dick Anderson/Jake Scott. I posted this earlier today.

Posted by: Sam I Am | January 02, 2014 at 08:45 PM

I don't see how we can keep the zone scheme without adding a ball hawk back there. The reality is you might have your freelancing FS in R.Jones if they player from 2012 decides to show up again. He played FS last Season with Clemmons manning the SS but Clemmons blew alot of Tackles and they needed a bigger body at FS. I see Ha-Ha Nix as an NFL SS but again this Yrs. class is very weak. We should have taken TJ McDonald in Rd-4 last draft.

Cid- Out of respect of being a fellow Dolphins fan, I am not going to respond to your last post. I have posted several times that I agree with those that think the coaching was subpar. I agree with those that think Bowles was a good coordinator and think he could have coached the Fins better than Philbin.

However, those of us that pay attention, also know that the Fins have several large holes and a whole lot of garbage that has been accumulated under Ireland. Some pre-Ireland but many many under Ireland's control. Not to mention that he isn't exactly a people's person, as subject to the latest middle finger salute by Starks, arguably the best DL the Fins have seen in quite awhile. Part of this could be Philbin but Ireland has to take the blame for a bunch of lousy seasons left with the hope of fixing things next year. The guys that are ok with that nonsense really make me scratch my head

He should not be afraid of anything in this meta-world, but sharp tongues hurt, oh yes they do.

Bills 2012 Draft

Round Selection Player Position
1 10 Stephon Gilmore CB
2 41 Cordy Glenn G
3 69 T. J. Graham WR
4 105 Nigel Bradham OLB
124[a] Ron Brooks CB
5 144 Zebrie Sanders Tackle
147[b] Tank Carder MLB
6 178 Mark Asper G
7 251[c] John Potter K

Only C.Glenn is serviceable. NOT saying he is great. Just that he is OK. The rest of that draft I don't even know if they are on the team. S.Gilmore is just average. He would be the Fins #5 CB. Maybe lower.

So far, the Sooners have come to play tonight. Sooners 14 Crimson Tide 10

Dolfan Rick,

The argument by tvegas was value. He sited a bunch of back ups from the Bills as these great signings in the last two years. He even mentioned a punter that had a 41 average. That allowed me to mention guys like McKinney. McKinney is no superstar but he did an adequate job and did not cost them a lot. Brennar was an undrafted rookie and started two games and was solid. I really like Demitri Patterson, it is not his fault that he was hurt. When Patterson was in there he was a playmakers. He had 4 interceptions in like 4 or 5 games.

I do not judge rookies. You cannot judge a draft until the third year. Looking back at the whole body of work, Ireland has found a lot of nuggets. I will rattle them off again.

lop off some heads or sell franchise!!! Been a fin fan for 30 years and am tired of how terrible the dolphins are!!!! I ripped of bumperstickers seat covers everything dolphins off my car as far as I care they can move to Guam !!!! Fire Ireland and Sherman !!!!

worst NFL HC in history is Rich Kotite/Herm Edwards

worst GM is history is Jeff Ireland

Lmao Piper. Maybe I am illiterate. I didn't make it through the first paragraph.

Jeremy Hill!!!

The solution to our 3rd down problems(with some o-line help!)

A Baton Rouge area graduate like Eddie Lacy!

Thanks Dashi! I don't know what tvegas was talking about using the Bills as this great franchise that can find talent. Compare that draft to Ireland's draft in 2012. Check Mate!

People over react to Ireland and don't realize that compared to others he has not been that bad.

That Bills draft in 2012 sucked!

Hey folks, just got back from two weeks in the islands. Aruba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic. Puerto Rico is prettiest. Aruba has a nice calm beach, but kind of Americanized tourism. Dominican Republic has by far the most eager ho's for very reasonable prices. Most of the hotels are girl friendly. Stay at a hotel that has a bar or casino, the girls are all there and you can bring them up to your room no hassle. They aren't beauties, but some are pretty nice and young and trim and eager and affectionate! Fun is fun. Just don't marry them!

Just because a team looses a team that is inferior does not mean we dont have talent since we beat the colts the falcons does that mean they have no talent did THE STINKIN JETS NOT BEAT THE SAINTS So are you saying the saints have no talent AT THE COWARD WHO IS TO SCARPOST HIS NAME

Glenn was a rock on the left side and would have started for the Dolphins. That's one Bills draft Dashi. How about 2013? They produced no less than 3 quality starters that made an impact year one. How many did the Fins have? You are going to make me post Ireland's last 3 drafts aren't you. I am too exhausted to go there tonight but I can tell you in confidence that it was really really poor overall. Not to mention his miscues in FA with overpaying Wallace, missing pretty badly on the new LB core, and having the worst OL in football. And who was in dead smack in the middle of the Harbaugh/Sparano debacle before Ross fell on his sword and kept Sparano? You got it- the same guy Ross still seems to be protecting!

He gets no pass from most of us

Just like I've been telling you:



Dumbo Go! Yes!, that's my name for it.

Jeremy Hill!!!

Ran strong in the 4th quarter vs. Iowa. Big Back, always falls forward.

Its no wonder this team continues to underachieve and finish below their own expectations they set before the year started.

Here is proof that our owner doesnt give a damn how his money is spent and who is the person doing the spending.

2014 will be more of the same. no emotion joe and no clue ireland will be back at the helm and will continue to run this once proud franchise into the ground
the ireland draft plan in 2014 lives

round 1. We trade up with jacksonville only surrending our 1st in 2014 and 2015 and draft the best hot dog vender out of college ranks and he goes on to lead the league in concession sales.

round 2. We forfeit this pick as we cant decide between the grounds keeper from USC or The valet parker from Michigan. lose the second rd pick

round 3. Not top worry guys. The grounds keeper slides out of round two and into our laps in round 3. Ireland is quoted as saying ive had my eye on him since he did the scotts turf building commercial last year. We go onto lead the league in grass growing.

round 4. We finally use a pick on a player. MVP of the pop warner league in california. Ireland tells us he will be probowl ready in 2025

We trade the rest of our draft for new equipment

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