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Judgment day 1 over: Stephen Ross departs

Well, seven hours after he arrived at Dolphins camp in his helicopter on what was expected to be an axe-wielding mission, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross fired up his flying machine and left.

The helicopter was apparently the only thing Ross fired (up).

No one was let go -- people at Dolphins camp exhale -- as today was apparently more a fact finding day. Ross and advisor Matt Higgins are said to have met with both general manager Jeff Ireland and head coach Joe Philbin.

I am assuming each man explained to the owner why he believes the Dolphins finished the season 8-8 and out of the playoffs.

This isn't about reliving the season, folks. Ross saw the games. I assume he wanted to get the why and not so much the what out of Ireland and Philbin. And I assume he asked for their contingency plans for getting the team in the playoffs in 2014.

Both Ireland and Philbin obviously survived a potential judgment day. But this is not yet settled.


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I think LA would just love to have this wonderful franchise. Note to Ross: move the team to LA have enough respect to leave the dolphins name in Miami... Then let's get an explanation franchise. That's our best shot at a playoff appearance before 2020

Posted by: Ericatl | January 02, 2014 at 07:37 PM
Ah, the Miami Moros, has a nice international ring to it.
Unless the stupid NFDL mandates they be the FLORIDA Moros. No alliteration, hmmm.
OK, the Florida Flamingos. Nearly as fey as the new logo.

Ireland has to be laughing inside that idiot Ross continues to pay him.

Loving this Bama game. What Dolphins fan doesn't want to see Saban lose?

Posted by: stillhardcoredolphinsfan
That was called sarcasm:) I think I know that Ireland doesn't call plays thank you. And David Lee was the last coach we had that called an intelligent offensive play btw!

BOB STOOPS... Get him ROSS and stop this pathetic embarrassment of our team...

My apology, tvegas. I am not an Ireland fan, just in case it appeared I was defending him.

I told you Mr. Ross that it was Ireland's drafts and not my coaching!!!

Posted by: IMAWriter | January 03, 2014 at 12:20 AM

Huh.... when has Ross ever been clever? My money says NOBODY is getting fired. Not even Sherman.

Posted by: Sam I Am | January 03, 2014 at 12:23 AM

Sam I Am, if you are correct Tannehill will indeed become David Carr II as Ireland's ouija board will betray him once again. Sherman's short term memory loss will again cause him to forget what worked the previous serious, and Philbin will mismanage the clock at least 3 times.
I really can't believe Ross won't make a move somewhere. At this point, I'd settle for Sherman and his son-in-law's dismissal.

Sorry, meant "series" not serious.

If I'm Ross, the only petson I would have spoken to (before I fired him), would have been Sherman. I would have simply told him, " If you could have just tried the QB sneak more than ONCE all year, I wouldn't have to sh.tcan you now."

IMO, Alabama losing "consolation" games speaks volumes. His teams are taught that only a (for now) BCS Championship means anything. Anything else is dreck. They won't lose 1 recruit. They just don't give a sheeee-it about 2nd place.
THAT'S why Alabama will be #1 again by midseason. I hate it, bu8t it's the truth.

Bama, Texas A&M, Tennessee, Canes.
In that order.

Since Philbin will not fire Sherman, Ross will back down.

Maybe Ireland goes, maybe not.

But in the end, by the time Philbin is let go at the end of next year, he will be remembered as someone in way over his arrogant, hard head.

This was a flagship franchise at one time. Now look at us. Perception is reality. Need I say more about the Dolphins.

New offense needed badly. I don't care if the west coast offense was the only one tannehill has played in. It doesn't fit his skill set.

He can run, so why for two year has he been a drop straight back behind the center QB 97% of the time? Not saying we should be a wishbone offense but how about moving him around, use more read option.

He ran the two minute offense extremely well. The dolphins were near the top in that category. So why, when we were promised an uptempo offense from day one have we still only seen it it 2 minute situation??

Why are there only EXTREMELY poorly executed screens to Wallace? Where are the RB screens?did we run any in the last two years? I honestly can't think or one.

Also, why were there almost never a TE tight to the formation to chip the DEs??

We need another WR. One that is a beast. 6'4, 230 who has hops. A guy like, oh, I don't know, Brandon Marshall!!

We need a carry the load RB. Green Bay got a great one in Lacey. One of the only Saban backs doing great. He has deceptive speed and a load to tackle.

The offense has tons of needs. The draft should be all offense.

The defense has the personnel. Question there is can the stay healthy??the injury list is extensive!! We would have won at least two more game with a 100% Patterson in all of them. When on the field he was better than grimes. But when you look at 16 games to 5, that is a real problem!!

Neggah Pleeeze!!!

Franchise On The Run = El Poopster = Jaison


Umh Umh Umh

I think Pioli would work well with Philbin.

Don't take my bootie

Bring in Polian as GM, a new coach he picks, a new OC coach picks, keep DC Coyle and get him two linebackers that can tackle, (Zack Thomas types vs Wheeler types) bring in Pennington as QB coach for THILL, get 2 OLineman from draft, 2 from Free Agency, and a workhorse RB. That is it.

Phins have very good receiving corps coming back in Hartline, Wallace, Gibson and Matthews, who developed while Gibson was out, Clay and maybe Keller back on a cheap "show me" contract. Add one DLineman to replace Starks, who disappeared in a contract year, add to Odrick and let Dion Jordan play, keep Grimes and Defense should be ok. Get rid of Ireland so we have a chance in the next draft and free agency. Team can go 11-5 next year. I blame Philbin and Sherman for last two games of "choke-city"...no adjustments made, no real game plan, and this vs teams that they should "know" pretty well in same division.

Ireland can not draft, rounds 2-4 are the key rounds. Anyone can draft in the 1st round and from 5-7 is more about rollnig the dice than anything else.it is really between 2-4 the rounds that separate the men from the boys
his miscalculations on the oline killed the season. as if that was not enough he also made the wrong decissions on J. Long, R. Bush, dansby, barnett and carpenter. And as usual a very poor draft, Jordan was a dissapointment and the 2 corners could not unseat carrol
aside from signing a good FA here and there, ireland is terrible. but then again I can sign good FA, the real trick is be able to visualize how good a player is going to be, signing them after they played a few years and displayed their potential is not too complicated.

in regards to th coahing staff, i just will say this: Go-GoGo (God that was stupid)

I have been a fin fan since 1966. If Ross can't make a decision he needs to sell the team. If Sherman and Ireland are not fired I will give up on the fins. I am not a person that likes to give up. But even a blind man can see where we are headed with current staff. Same place we have been last 15 years. Come on Ross grow a pair.

This team is the perfect model for mediocrity. The owner is a "hands on" who does not know what he is handling. The only reason Philbin was hired was Fisher, Harbaugh..... all laughed in our faces and took other jobs. Manning, Alex Smith and even Matt Flynn wanted no part of this organization. How sad is that, Matt Flynn?? We actually got better once we lost Martin and Incognito so that is not an excuse. The main thing was losing Gibson, Keller and Hartline. These coaches have no clue how to make changes, Mike Sherman got fired from A&M for a reason. No excuse not to make fourth and inches. Shula would have gotten into everyones grill but Philbin just stands there with that "deer in the headlings" look. Nothing will change until we get some true leaders, coaches included on this team. Every leader we had, Dansby, Burnett, Smith got traded because they were not "Philbin" type of guys.

Just look at Ross' face on todays cover story.There's your answer on why the team STINKS Eh?

I have news for all of you. Stephen Ross isn't going to fire anyone, unless he fires everyone & starts with a new GM. Joe Philbin has a clause in his contract that only he can hire & fire any of his coaches & unless he wants to fire Philbin all the coaches stay. So like I said, it will be everybody or nobody & right now it's looking more like nobody. He went into his meeting yesterday with only Matt Higgins as an adviser & he knows absolutely nothing about running a team. If Miami loses next year only Stephen Ross will be to blame.

This is why Im not buying tickets anymore

Louis brown are you serious about matt Flynn? Dude it was the other way around you idiot. The Dolphins didn't want anything to do with Flynn. That's why that didn't sign him. Holly hell get your facts right son. For others, Tannehill will be the face of the franchise. They will build a statue for him in south beach, since lebron will be leaving the heat next summer.

No matter who Ross hires or fires, the Dolphins will remain the bottom feeders of the AFC. Ross doesn't have a clue of what or what not to do! He has blundered ever coaches search he has participated in since he bought the Dolphins. Gang, he simply doesn't know how and no one is going to tell hime how to do "it". Carl Peterson? King Carl was his moniker, he did it his way and now he's out of football cause he couldn't keep up with the new NFL baller. They want their money now and maybe they might play later. Mike Wallace received 60 mil guaranteed, did he run screaming to the HC or OC telling them to get him involved in the offense?? Don't think so, a couple of articles came out that he was unhappy, well hells bells, my dog aint happy all the time but he hunts. What I see is the Dolphins being run by Uncle Donalds nephews, Hughie , dewie, & louie. Can it get any worse?

Bill Cower meet Ross' blank check....Ross is a VERY successful business man. He HAS TO make bold changes. He HAS TO.


Don't expect a winning season anytime soon finzfanz!

On Page 1 spmeone said "We are the joke of the sporting world", not so fast, my friend, there will ALWAYS be the Detroit Lions. We are BAD!!!!!!! but 1 win in the last 53 years is incomprehensible----unless you have witnedded it from up close and afar.

The team would be better off getting out of the often crying, very soft area like Miami!
They have better fans out of state anyways.
We have a GM .. We have out future QB.. we have a HC!
You guys that think Ross is reading your threats of not coning to games are retarded!He is not reading what fans think on forums lol.

Plus if you knew anything about anything? Ross is doing a great job by not reacting right away without a plan because fans think he should lol!

Lions/ saints / Vikings/ bills/ jets and many, many teams all said they won't go to the games... well others always will.. change your tampons and know you don't know better and watch the games because you love it not because its your whole life! And argument is blissful but please learn it ! For the love of god!

Zilo, you're an idiot! "We aren't owed any explanation . . . Ross was caught off guard!" If you are a billionaire owner of a conglomerate and a professinal football franchise you should NEVER be caught off guard! Any professional, well-run organization should have a set of contigency plans for any situation that may arise. And you better damn well explain to your constituency/fanbase/season ticket holders/loyal followers what is going on before you lose them ALL! The fact that he was "caught off guard" shows a lack of vision and preparedness that is frankly alarming and disturbing. I wouldn't want a surgeon or a pilot to be"caught off guard" and not know what to do in the event something should go wrong because he never imagined there may be a problem.

u a billionaire?

I guess the media won't be happy until Ireland, Philbin or Sherman get the boot. It gives them much more fodder to discuss. It appears that the initial six coaches that where fired are now either re-hired by another franchise or they will be "expert" commentators for the media. Ross is looking around to see if all the scuttlebutt that he has heard and read is fact. I'm glad he takes the dismissing of anybody as serious as it appears to me. After all if he fires Ireland or Joe, in essence he is taking away their livelihood, I know Joe has like eight kids and a wife to support. I don't know about Ireland. This is serious business. Put yourselves in their place for a while...what does it feel like to be criticized without being able to respond in a proper forum and the loudest voices are calling for your boss to fire you? Not a good feeling. I've been running a small company for over 10 years I consider having to fire an employee a personal failure after all I hired all of them. I hope Ross feels the same way I think the Phins need one more year to make an impact in the NFL.Mr. Ross give them one more year with the caveat that if the team doesn't make it to the playoffs, you expect their resignation on your desk the following day.

I wonder if we had made it into the playoffs if any of the glaring issues being discussed now would have been addressed. If we win the last two games and Sherman is no longer a bad OC. If we dominate the Jets and the free agent LB's are still a downgrade from the two we let go-definitely Dansby. I want to hear Ross say "even if we had made the playoffs changes were necessary". This fan reaction to missing the playoffs is funny. I am a 'Fin for life, and I know we were not going to make a long appearance in the post season- for the reasons we all know to be true. 1) Weak personnel decisions 2) Poor offensive play and 3) Leadership issues- both on the field and coaching. I agree it is time to make changes. I just hope the motivation is to create a championship organization, and not JUST TO MAKE THE PLAYOFFS!!

Did Ross sell or die?


Miami has the Dolphins,
The greatest choking team!
They turnover the ball from goal to goal,
Like no one's ever seen!
They're in the lounge chair, they're on the merry-go-around,
They're never in control!
And when you say Miami,
You're talking Toilet Bowl!

Cause we're the Miami Dolphins...
Miami Dolphins...Miami Dolphins number none!
Cause we're the Miami Dolphins...
Miami Dolphins...Miami Dolphins number none!

I'm thinking of canceling my NFL Sunday ticket subscription. It costs me $30 per month on my DirecTV bill during the season and I don't think it's worth it any more the way this team continues to play. When is this team going to get some offensive protection for th QB and RBs. Their offense has sucked since Marino retired. Come on Fins.


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