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Miami Dolphins interview Lake Dawson for GM

The Dolphins today continued interviewing general manager candidates by hosting Tennessee Titans vice president of football operations Lake Dawson at the club's practice facility in Davie, FL, according to an NFL source.

Dawson played collegiately for Notre Dame. He was selected in third round of the 1994 draft by the Kansas City Chiefs. The man who drafted him?

Then Kansas City general manager Carl Peterson, who is advising Dolphins owner Stephen Ross in his search for a general manager.

Dawson has spent seven seasons with the Titans, the past two in his current position. This from the Titans media guide:

"Dawson works alongside general manager Ruston Webster by managing day-to-day football operations with a primary focus on player personnel.  He is responsible for overseeing both the pro personnel and college scouting departments.

"A highly-respected talent evaluator, Dawson assists head coach Mike Munchak and the general manager with the team’s daily roster moves and all transactions via free agency and the annual NFL Draft.  He also scouts all levels of professional football, including the NFL, CFL and Arena Football League.  In addition to his various football operations responsibilities, he assists with contract negotiations. This past May, he participated in the NFL’s Career Development Symposium at the Wharton School of Business in Philadelphia."

Obviously, Munchak is now gone but the media guide has not been updated.

Ross is getting other help in this process. Club president Tom Garfinkel, RSE Ventures CEO and Ross advisor Matt Higgins, and club executive vice president of football administration Dawn Aponte are involved.

It is unknown if Dawson was the only interview today.

The Dolphins have released the names of their previous interviewees -- in-house candidate Brian Gaine, Cleveland's Ray Farmer, Pittsburgh's Omar Khan and Arizona's Jason Licht. When they release the name or names of today's interview's I'll update this post.

[Update: The Dolphins announced Dawson was Sunday's only interview.]


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Like that we are looking to organizations like Cleveland and Tennessee as the answer to our problems. Can it get any more strange ?

No I do not like it...

I looked at the last 2 Titans draft classes. Nobody stands out?

Another seriously blown pick by Miami was choosing Philbin over McCoy. Just look at their backgrounds. McCoy has far more experience and is a guy with fire. Philbin was just another assistant and he couldn't make a mad dog bark.

Here is a concept - how about going after someone in the Patriots or 49ers organizations?

tampa looking to interview dawson also

once again dawson wasnt in charge of titans drafts


One of the candidates (Gamble) spent most of his time with San Fran.

Farmer spent most of his time with KC. Just one year in Cleveland.

Club president Tom Garfinkel, RSE Ventures CEO and Ross advisor Matt Higgins, and club executive vice president of football administration Dawn Aponte are involved.


Now I can sleep better at night.

Any other org. would have fired him this year.

Posted by: cocoajoe | January 12, 2014 at 05:00 PM

Oh, please.

No, actually the VAST majority of teams would most certainly NOT fire their Head Coach after two years.

You don't have to like or support the guy but that statement is ridiculous.

Like the diversity aspect of the search but why not with individuals who have had a hand in building successful programs?
What next, getting pointers from Matt Millen and Rick Spielman?

jt doesnt matter if it was his 5th or 6th year or 2nd. with an ending like that most any team would of fired philbin, but i may add also most every team would of never hired him to start




John C,

Are you paying attention? Tom Gamble is from the 49ers organization. He has only worked for Philly for the past year. In addition, the true talent evaluator in the Patriots organization is Belichick. I think Ross is doing a fine job at interviewing the best candidates out there. Everyone should be happy right now as the main reason for the Dolphins mediocrity, Ireland, is now gone. Maybe our new GM will have the balls to pull off good draft day trades or see veteran players as good stopgaps and positive for the team.

This should be an interesting offseason to say the least.

I'm fuming mad we haven't interviewed any Indonesian GM's.

The Bucs did fire Schiano after two seasons but the situation was unique.

Thought was they under achieved big time especially on defense.

Not a players coach either.

TYPICAL BLOGGER HERE | January 12, 2014 at 05:07 PM

Anyone who doesn't agree with this post 100% needs mental help.

I wonder how you "experts" would have felt about hiring Bill Belichick as your Head Coach back in 2000?

In case you've forgotten, his career record at that point was 36-44 and he was much better known as a surly jerk who constantly fought with reporters than as anything special as a Head Coach.

He also went 5-11 his first year in New England..making him 41-55 at that point.

You guys aren't fooling anyone. You would have thought he was a TERRIBLE hire. You would have been demanding his firing and calling management idiots for hiring him in the first place.

About that, I have not a SHRED of doubt.

For those who think we should have fired Philbin, you will have to wait a year to see if you are correct. However, while watching the Panthers/49ers game, the announcers made note of how local Carolina media outlets wanted Ron Rivera fired last year and had renewed calls this year when the Panthers started out 1-3. So maybe consistency, continuity and patience regarding its HC can work for a team.

lets see miami,clev,bills, jack, den, kc, oak, wash, det, atl, tb, sea, sf, rams have all fired coaches after 2 or less seasons recently

The one thing we can all count on is the Dullfins to make the wrong decisions.

dbmfins difference is philbin shows nothing, no fire, no teaching. its amazing watching him on sidleines, dead silent. how did this guy ever get hired

If some of you guys want to have a franchise that switches coaches every couple of years and thinks going on wild spending sprees in Free Agency is the way to get things done (and make you happy) then I suggest stocking up on Washington Redskins gear and hanging a portrait of Dan Snyder on your bedroom wall.

That style has worked just GREAT there.

So maybe consistency, continuity and patience regarding its HC can work for a team.
Posted by: dbmfins | January 12, 2014 at 05:14 PM

Not when ya have a Philbin or Sparano.

They say its a desire able position due to a young Qb , talented roster and cap space. Hmm?, you guys chanting Fireland.... Smh. Better line play and coaching and playing the right players(Jordan) and suddenly Fireland did a pretty good job. Nobody gets it all right. He missed on the line which consisted of 1st rnd talent J Martin, Clabo an experienced starter and Long who was injury prone. I think the right thing to do was to keep Ireland one more year to fix the line and or fire all of them and reboot. The main problem wasn't Oreland it's Grandpa Joe and his lack of game planning clock management and personnel decisions, coupled with Sherman calling plays out of the 20th century. Most people with sense who weren't influenced by Internet blogs know this.

nobody wants that. we want a franchise that hires the right guys and has them here for years to come

Posted by: dbmfins | January 12, 2014 at 05:14 PM


My thing is who is out there to replace him who is better.

Jay Gruden looks promising but is no guarantee. We would have had to change our whole defensive scheme for Lovie Smith.

Philbin needs to be more flexible though and be willing to use the talent he's got to it's strengths.
He doesn't have the time here to rebuild his old Green Bay roster through the draft.

Knows better,

Agreed. Those are great points about Belichick and you are absolutely right about how the fans here would have thought of him at that time. Only a fool would deny that.

Hell, for that matter the fans in New England thought he was a lousy hire until Brady landed in his lap!

But now that we gotta choose another and will be set back be sude of it, the obvious choice is Gamble. I've yet to here a OC candidate worth hiring.

rick philbin hasnt a clue how to fix anything

Some of you actually want Mike Shula for HC or OC? Haha Mike Sherman 2.0 with all of his questionable calls in NC today

I'd take Dan Snyder over CHEAPSKATE ROSS any day of the week. At least Snyder tries and isnt cheap.

Dust, with only a couple of exceptions those teams you named are pretty much the dregs of the NFL.

Not exactly making the best point here!

no way would i ever want mike shula

paul that was basically half the league with seattle and san fran among them

dusty your getting all that based on what you see on the sideline on tv?

AJ wtf are you talking about? Give any instance that would indicate he is cheap

On Jay Gruden, I just read a column (maybe from a Washington columnist) decrying it as a TERRIBLE hire, and as yet more evidence that Snyder makes awful decisions.

Can't tell you whether they are right or wrong on that--only time will tell--but it's just interesting how some people's "right guy" is another one's disastrous hire.

on philbin, on everything. rem hard knocks when he had those meetings. was horrible guy isnt head coaching material. that much is obvious , nice guy but come on

ross def not cheap, thats just the same idiot in here who repeats himself day after day

3rd sack of Rivers. No pocket awareness.

I will admit the whole staff made me uncomfortable watching them on hardknocks.

They were on camera though and overplaying the whole rebuilding the character thing.

Ahhh haven't been in here consistently recently. . Didn't know we had a new zonk..
They def need to bring I'm a strong qb developer

Exactly. Remember when Ireland said it looks like a bunch of 4,5and 6 's? This after he traded Marshall away. That wasn't Ireland that was Grandpa Joe who caused that. Which is why Ireland made sure it was heard on the show. His way of saying he was unhappy with the receivers they had. Ireland wouldve kept Marshall but Joe said no becuz he left candy wrapper on the locker room floor. Smh

I don't think you can necessarily base your opinion of a GM candidate on the organization he's coming from. Remember, these guys aren't GMs yet, they didn't make the draft and free agency decisions for their teams. These guys are understudies to their teams' GMs, and it's possible that they have their own ideas and aren't carbon copies of their respective bosses.

lol that was pioli caveman

Need to bring in a strong qb coach


Ross has made plenty of wrong moves and missteps but he has NOT been cheap. The team was maxed out on the salary cap the first couple of years h owned them and only got that under control recently.

Money was NOT the reason they didn't get Harbaugh. The Niners simply presented him with a better opportunity to win right away (that defense was already really good) and he didn't even have to move himself and his family since he already lived in the area. That was too much for Miami to overcome.

Fisher? I just think he was uncomfortable with the situation and working with Ireland. There's never been the slightest indication he was lowballed at all.

Players? Well, Jake Long is the example people love to use but every report I've seen is that Miami met or even EXCEEDED what the Rams offered and that the REAL reason he left was that he and his wife intensely disliked living in South Florida and wanted to return to the Midwest. That's not a money deal.

Look, I don't even LIKE Ross so don't read this as some great defense of the man. It's not.

But calling him cheap is just not accurate at all. If you want to see a cheap owner look at Brown with the Bengals or the Davis family in Oakland. THOSE are the only actual cheapskates in the league.

like who matty, dont say pennington has to be realistic option




THE...CELLAR ..............

Need to bring in a stronger qb

See, that's one of the ways you get the D off balance.

Dusty wouldn't say Pennington but that would be good. . The guy from gb or Philly. . North whom are OC candidates of I'm not mistaken. .

Ahh, I would have been a Great QB if I only had been given the physical talent.

I swam in Lake Dawson once.



Refreshing, LOL

Posted by: Knows Better | January 12, 2014 at 05:12 PM

Bill Belichick won nothing until Tom Brady....

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