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Miami Dolphins interview Ray Farmer

It's the weekend but the Dolphins are working.

(No, not in a playoffs kind of way. Sorry).

The team today interviewed Cleveland Browns assistant GM Ray Farmer, according to an NFL source. It is believed Farmer is the only interview today. The team is expected to release the list of all general manager and offensive coordinator candidates every day once those interviews are completed.

I'll update here once the Dolphins announce their interviews for today.

[Update: The Dolphins have confirmed this report. And there were no offensive coordinators interviewed today.]

Farmer joins Pitsburgh's Omar Khan, Arizona's Jason Licht and in-house candidate Brian Gaine as having interviewed. The other three men interviewed Friday.

I cannot tell you if the interview with Farmer went longer than that with the other candidates. If it did, it would hint at the idea that he is indeed the leading candidate for the job. Farmer and Gaine are considered the two most likely hires, according to a source.


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Great idea, let's hire bums from the worst team of the last 3 decades.

Yeah boy!! We're going to the Super Bowl!!


Farmer spent ONE year in Cleveland, can't judge him negatively because of that. Look at his entire track record back to KC, before making a judgement on him.

I am fine with either Farmer or Marc Ross

Both are reputed personnel men


I would like to know what Madame Pelican was telling you in the cafeteria yesterday.

I blame Ross for the Fins failures. He's just too nice of a boss and is afraid to pull the plug on his employees. DawnJoe should have been fired as well. And how is it that nobody is blaming Philbin for what happened in the J Martin's saga. It's just absurd,,,, hire a real GM that will have control over everything and let that person be the one responsible for everything that happens on and off the field. By the way, I still don't understand why DawnJoe was seen in the locker rooms and at practices if she's only in charged of salaries. She should be behind a desk working with the numbers not evaluating talent with GM or telling the coach what to say during interviews. I have lost so much respect for this organization, it's not even funny.

After learning so many things and reviewing their organizational structure, I think they made a mistake letting Ireland go. I honestly thought he had more power over Philbin and the day-to-day activities.

Ross, you have too many Chefs in the kitchen.

Ross will never win.

Why is Farmer leaving after ONE year? Besides, KC sucked until after he left LOL.

The NFL is the old boys clubs. Farmer is Petersons friend. He'll be the guy.

This what happens when you allow a owner to buy a NFL team for a hobby.

We fired Henning, the 31st rated OC in the league and replaced him with Daboll, 32nd (last) in the league. LOL.

Same thing, from the same team even.

Farmer has been steering the worst teams for how long?

I'm starting to believe that Ross is an infiltrated Jets fan.
He just keeps making the wrong decisions again and again.

Do you see this raging enthusiasm on the Seahawks? Philbin 'sliced bread' will never get that out of his players.

I don't blame anyone. The mess has a lot of blame to go around and blaming people will not change any thing at all. We need to chill and see how it all turns out. More changers are coming. Bill

Sheeesh..... I was a huge FIRELAND guy, & I worried about G.M'S role UNTIL RECENT CLARIFICATION.

So now we're interviewing. The candidates thus far seem good.

So wtf are u guys complaining about?

please no on farmer. just get gamble here!!!!

What was KC's record while Farmer was there?
What was Clevelands record while Farmer was there?

Job Opening - Miami Dolphins - Winners not wanted.

Would Joe Philbin be a HC today if we didn't hire him?

Um, no.

Does Ross really expect to win when he's not using 30 MILL IN CAP SPACE?

LOL, some of you complained about having a team with an 8-8 record and the 19th pick in the draft. Unjustly, blamed that record on Ireland (Philbin was 8-6 and could not prepare the team to beat 2 bad teams). Now Ross may hire a guy who was part of team whose talent accomplished a 4-12 record and the 4th pick in the draft. How is that an improvement over the last GM?

Be careful what you wish for?

Notice that nobody is interviewing Mike Sherman or Ireland?

This team is commited to losers, we swap old losers with new losers.

orlando u realzie most every single fan in here knew how bad the oline was in august. and ireland ignored it

Winners not wanted, don't worry, we'll still pay you well.

8-8 was great for these scrubs!

Must work for peanuts. Contact the Miami Dolphins.

When was the last time a HC left Miami and got another HC job?


Miami is an HC death trap.

Miami will kill your NFL coaching career. You either retire or go back to college.

unzer shula retired, jimmy retired. wanny-yes, bates no, saban yes, cameron no, sprano no, bowles might this year

shula and jimmy could of had another nfl job easily. wanny and saban both wanted to go back to college. bowles many teams want. sprano ast head coach oak

dusty pay attention, I am talking HC's. None got another NFL HC job after leaving here. They retire demoralized or go back to college.

Miami is the biggest blemish on JJ's resume. He had to be begged to stay and then retired a failure here.

unzer pay attention, 2 of them could of had many nfl jobs. saban could easily comeback to nfl if he wanted. bowkles will have job soon

My statement stands true. Let's not debate the future it's pointless. Bowles was never really hired to be an HC, he was the token black place holder that was never considred for our HC job after his 3 game cleanup job.

Saban could come back to the NFL, but he won't, because he left this town demoralized like Cam and Tony and Wanny and the rest.

jimmy retired after a winning season which he won a playoff game

JJ retired losing 62-7, most embarrassing loss in team history. You can't argue the fins are the only blemish on his resume.


I am not saying the team was ready to compete for a championship but it had enough talent to get a wild card spot in the playoffs. Ireland could have addressed the offensive line next year. Changing to Philbin's finesse style two years ago opened up a lot of holes that had to be filled last year. I agree that the O-Line should have been addressed better last offseason but again the team was right there to make the Playoffs and Philbin blew it.

Now we are reaching for executives on the worst teams in football. Bottom feeders like the Cleveland Browns. I mean there leading candidate has helped build a loser in Cleveland. Leading candidate really? Change for the sake of change is not always the right thing. You have to have a plan when you make drastic changes and it does not look like he has a plan. You thought it could not get worst, well ask Farmer we can become the Cleveland Browns.

was gonna post but I can see its amateur hour, outside of dusty…..unzer has apparently nothing to do because he's posted 76 times……I think he's actually responding to his own posts…..and I guess his Jets blogs must be closed today.

yes orlando but team had enough talent to win div if ireland had fixed oline with b albert and company

I still think it's going to be Tom Gamble, if he's willing to work here with Joe Philbin as the in house head coach.

i dont want farmer but he wasnt in control in cleveland, lombardi was

I'm watching the game. When I was 3 I learned how to do two things at once.

benz, tell me what is amateur about my comments? And are your comments certified pro?

be huge rick to get gamble, just huge instant respect

Only difference in Tannehill and Wilson and Kaepnick is Sherman wouldn't let Tanny use his legs.

Maybe the time Sherman made Tannehill stay in the pocket will pay off but the new OC needs to use Tanny's speed as a weapon.

I dont understand some of you fans. About 95% of everyone on these blogs wanted ireland fired. Now you are criticizing who the team is interviewing. Who do you want them to interview? Bill (100 year old) Polian. Scott (I couldn't find a QB) Pioli? Im sure there are more interviews to come but so far, all the guys interviewed are considered up and coming and good talent evaluators. Cut Ross and company some friggin slack already!

Good point Frank.

Great!!! We are going to bring in Ray Farmer from one of the worst professional sports franchises in all sports. Sounds just like what happened with Dan Henning. Didn't he come from a horrible franchise, as well? He didn't work out too well, as I recall.

they need to start playing Egnew... it just pisses me off knowing we could have had
TY Hilton and we got Egnew instead... the thing is the coaches for whatever reason haven't given him a chance yet. They gave Clay a shot and look how productive he was... Sims had a game winning td. and then was shut down for the rest of the season pretty much... Coaches suck.

ANYBODY is better than Ireland!!!!!!!!!!!

Media in Cleveland giving the Browns the business for possibly letting Farmer get away.

I would be happy with Farmer or Gamble and possibly Marc Ross.

It would depend on the interview and which one is the most excited about the opportunity.

geez unzer, I knew you were gonna take the bait but I didnt think it would be THAT easy--yeah, I'm a certified pro…..I have a badge and everything! You've posted 95 times and your first 2 are completely off-base……Farmer has been there for less than a year, so hardly a strong Browns connection (to say the least)--and he's not "leaving" after 1 year, necessarily, or looking to leave…..he was asked to interview for a GM spot, so he's interviewing…..is that hard to understand? Glad you could multi-task at 3…..too bad you dont do it well

beerphin….seriously, get over it…..because if you're really going to stress over "who we could've had"…..we passed on signing Brees…..Matt Ryan….passed on Kaepernick…..and Russell Wilson 2 or 3 times--took Ginn instead of Patrick Willis and Revis……and you wanna stress about a WR?--stress over those other guys we "could've had"….

Have to agree with Unzer.... since J.J. the quality of Dolphins coaches has not been very impressive. However, I do like Philbin, and I'm hopeful that he will prove to be a consistent winning coach.

what in the world can u like about philbin

Let's see....Ross paid Ireland $2.8 mil. per year when all the GM's in the league are getting between 1 and 3 mil. Ross spent last off season, through Ireland and Aponte, 280 mil in current and future contracts. Ross has a number of negatives but being cheap isn't one of them!

yeah ross might be clueless, but cheap he isnt

just relevant cuz TY is from Miami and we fired Ireland over misses like that. Also the article by Neal on TY. I'm harping more about coaching I guess. I don't understand why they choose to sit guys like Egnew or Thomas. I mean they played Brenner over Thomas?? Dion Jordan barely got onto the field... Egnew is 6'5 and from the little i've seen he looked alright catching the ball... I just think the coaches suck. Sporano was horrible and now it seems Philbin is heading down the same path...

Thanks signal. Could have lived without knowing Ireland was paid almost $3 million for drafting worse than I could.

They interviewed a Farmer and Philbin looks like a farmer. Hire the Jew.

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