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More history, fallout from Ireland vs. DawnJoe

If you've been following my recounting of the dysfunction within the Dolphins late last season you understand why the relationship between general manager Jeff Ireland and coach Joe Philbin was broken. You understand why this team may struggle to hire the most gifted and serious general manager candidate available.

Now let me give you more history. Let me give you more background on the dysfunction to help you understand its genesis.

I already shared what caused the rift between Ireland and Philbin. I blame both parties for that rift. Grown men, professional men, who have the same goal at heart should be able to sit down and have frank discussions about what troubles them about their relationship. Obviously that's in a perfect world.

The Dolphins facility is far from that world.

And part of the problem points directly to executive vice president of football administration Dawn Aponte. It seems that when Bill Parcells hired Aponte to be Miami's capologist in Feb. 2010 he brought in a tough and experienced corporate in-fighter. She is clearly adept at forming alliances. And when she sees a threat, she is well capable of attacking it.

Ireland was a threat to her, according to sources who called me this morning.

Ireland was her boss when she joined the team four years ago. But after Parcells left in October 2010, she lost her chief sponsor. And she wasn't comfortable with Ireland as her supervisor. So soon after Joe Philbin was hired, Aponte decided she and the new coach could bond and that alliance could strengthen each person's position within the organization.

Aponte, club sources say, also found ways to ingratiate herself to owner Stephen Ross. Nothing wrong with that. He's the boss. She would often ask to join Ross on his private jet flights back to New York from home games, often citing a need to handle club business at the league office in New York.

Aponte, a former league and New York Jets employee, apparently used the face time with Ross and the help of Jay Cross, a Related Company president and a former New York Jets president, to convince the owner of her value and how she should not be under Ireland's supervision.

Ireland, seeing this, asked Ross to fire Aponte. Ross didn't go for it and, indeed, after mulling the matter, actually promoted Aponte from Senior VP of Football Operations to her current Executive VP role. And in so doing, Ross doubled Aponte's salary. And got her out from under Ireland's umbrella. And Aponte joined parts of the coach search of 2012 that led to Philbin's hiring after Jeff Fisher turned the Dolphins down cold.

Knowing that Ireland had tried to get her fired, Aponte turned her sights on the GM. The relationship between the two, professional and even cordial in public at league meetings and alike, was a struggle for power behind the scenes.

Aponte, strengthened by her alliance with Philbin, had been winning that struggle for quite some time. She made herself very visible, attending practically every practice. She met with Philbin to advise on how to handle the media before every weekday press conference -- that meeting sometimes taking longer than the actual press conference. She attended the coach's show and made sure the questions were positive and gave Philbin an opportunity to shine. She edited the videos the team posted on its website of the Philbin postgame speech to the players.

(Unfortunately for Philbin, she didn't think to cut out the part where coach needed to read off index cards to deliver his address).

The bottom line is now Philbin and Aponte -- fresh off a victory over the last general manager -- want to make sure the next general manager is not truly empowered. The last thing they want is for Ross to hire a guy who will have the power to hire and perhaps fire Philbin and or Aponte.

They want a puppet person that will merely evaluate talent and handle the draft and keep his mouth shut and business to himself.

But as I've shared already the best candidates for a general manager job may not bite because 1. They don't want to get involved in the Dolphins office politics and/or 2. They want to have the power and autonomy to bring their own people and perhaps get rid of the current people if that's what they think is best.

So keep a close eye on what is about to happen next with this hire. If Ross hires a strong GM with authority to hire and fire Philbin and/or Aponte, then the duo has lost favor. But if Ross promotes Aponte to GM or hires someone who is merely a personnel guy but not the general manager in power as well as title then the DawnJoe has won and runs the show.

There is a third option and that's the czar approach the Dolphins have used before, as well, with that person over everyone. But that's for another day.

Stay tuned.




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So let me get this straight, because of a money hungry, power starved beyatch, our franchise is getting run into the ground??! Nobody will want the job here if there is a back stabbing chick behind the scenes pulling strings and spreading gossip. Sounds like she should be fired for undermining her authority. Go figure, behind every effed up man is a bossy, nosey woman!! So behind the Dolphin team is a now it all good for nothing woman screwing everything up??! Why are woman even allowed jobs in football??! It is pointless, just like a female sideline reporter??!! Does anybody even listen to them? All we care about is her body and the size of her breast!! I take that back, woman do belong in football, as cheerleaders or beer servers at the games. Not as executives, coaches, reporters or analysts!! It is a man's game, stay out of it before you ruin it!!

albert, welcome to Toronto my friend ... Our sports ownership is beyond incompetent. Unfortunately all the teams are owned by what is in effect the same entity. The Raptors are at .500 and the city is going made with excitement!

Ooops should have proof read my post 1st! ... her authority figures, ie. male bosses! know it all, not now it all, and breasts, not breast! lol!

I guess I'm just about done gripping for one day, and I'm not altogether 100% serious about my name today, but...

I was on board when we hired Jimmy Johnson and showed an aging Shula the door. And then when the torch was shockingly and suddenly passed to Whanstat. I believed when we hired Nick Saban, and then Cam Cameron, and then Parcells/Sparano/Ireland, and again when we hired Philbin. each time I've gotten on board and cautiously believed and all the while we're not getting closer- we're getting farther away.

So now Jeff Ireland has been fired. Whoppie. Why should that be cause for celebration or optimism about what's to come next? will the dysfunction or addiction to failure suddenly end?

Mark in Toronto,

Dude, you miss the point. The QB they drafted and coached, respectively, is the main reason they are both gone. Its odd and its a fact. Tannehill has a hard time hitting the side of a barn with any consistency if the barn is farther than 20 yards away. If Tannehill was a more acurate QB none of this would be happening and we would of been in the playoffs.

Mark In Toronto,

I guess I should of classified "In The US" Sorry Dude.

An open letter to Jeff Ireland:
........('(...´....´.... / . . . )

Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Miami is interviewing Bill Lazor the QB coach from Philly. Would be interesting to land him as OC and Gamble as GM.

Albert, the qb is not the reason the team didn't do better.

Again, no team with a qb who finished 10th in yards and 12 in scoring ever failed because of the qb.

Our defense was 21st

Our overall offense was 27th

our o line moved our passing game from 10th to 20th, think about how many yards we lost on sacks

Our run game was 26th. No playoff team finished with fewer yards rushing than ours. the teams behind us in rushing all missed the playoffs - even with qbs totalling four super bowl appearances and still in their primes.

Blaming the qb for not making the playoffs is beyond ridiculous.

Texas @ 4:04

Doesn't Philbin get to pick his new OC?

So, you miss the point, my friend.

love watching this fan base and team implode every few years. 15 yrs , 6 new regimes and now a new gm a new vision a house cleaning and 3 more yrs of rebuilding ....... priceless

Sorry, a mistake in my post above, that is actually six super bowl appearances, not four.

ross hurry and call gamble


Yeah! Maybe Bill Lazor can bring the Eagles OL and Shady McCoy with him to.

Guys lets not forget how many times Ross has swung and missed to get his guy or player in here to turn things around. Harbaugh, Fisher, Manning to name a few

His franchise has become more of a joke than it was 3 years ago. What great GM is going to be chomping at the bit to come here.

I fear we are going to get a Carl Peterson or Brian Gaine with no prior GM experience in the position.

When will Ross learn that when it comes to football. He fails more than succeeds

But you blame Marino for not making the playoffs MarK. You can't say it was Marino's fault, but, not RT's...Geez

Can you share your accredited sources, Armando? Given all of the misrepresentations over the last few years with our coaching search and Bullygate I find it evidently more important that the media substantiate their claims.

You've now concluded through your opinion piece that the Dolphins organization is no longer a desired place to be. This kind of article fuels dissension, division, and the credibility of the team we love.

That's why it's imperative you corroborate your sources for such a loaded segment. Your job to get the people relevant news supersedes your desire to protect the team- I get that. But please do so in a way that we know that the information you're providing us is accredited.


'As the Dolphins World Turns' should move from print to TV.

I know most on this site are going to blame the rich guy who owns the team. However Ireland is reported to have been trying to fire Dawn his capologist. What would any of you macho guys do if someone tried to fire you. She is not a Bit*h but a survivor. Trouble maker you might indicate. Well why, she worked hard and was said to be good with the cap issue. Then Mr. Acorn Ireland tries to fire her. Ireland is the correct person to fire, so poetic justice has been served. This might be a mess but smart people work things out. Ding Dong the wicked witch is dead and the good witch from the North killed him.

carl peterson would be great


Bottom line is that Marino and Tannehill shouldnt be used in the same sentence. Marino is football royality who played his career without a defense and running game. Tannehill may be good in time but for now hes just another guy

Mark in Toronto,

If Tannehill is more accurate, specially in his throws to Wallace when he was continually open for TD's is THE main reason we are were we are. If you are to blind to see that can't help you. Imagine how much all those stats would of changed if Tannehill was more acurate and we would of scored more. We left an average of one TD per game on the field cause Tannehill has issue with the long ball.

Marc, I said if YOU blame Tannehill for not making the playoffs then you should blame Marino for the team never meeting objectives during his career. Not vice versa.

Marc, give me your addy, I have a lifesize Tannehill cardboard cut out for your office.

Why do so many of yall keep acting like Tannehill's only problem is deep ball accuracy when its well known that its not. Tannehill has overall accuracy problems. Tannehill gets some completions but the receiver has too much adjusting to do to make the catch which never allows them to get any yards after the catch. A major part of QB accuracy is getting the ball to receivers where they can run after the catch and Tannehill doesn't do that very often. Although his numbers improved that doesn't tell or show the whole picture on how well he played the postion.

albert, you know what the collateral damage is from those missed passes, what are we talking about 10 passes over the year? he hits the league average of let's give him the upper range, 40%, that's four passes for an average of about 50 yards a piece and 4 tds.

So you think 200 yards and 4 tds over the entire year was the biggest contributor of failure for the Dolphins?

Please, try the 258+ yards they allowed rushing in one game against the Buffalo Bills!

HOW DO YOU MISS THIS MOST IMPORTANT PART of this story that was on NFL.com?
Steve has a lot of confidence in Joe. Joe's our head coach -- a lot of confidence in Joe Philbin," Garfinkel responded when asked if the new GM would be able to select his or her own coach, per The Palm Beach Post.

Do the work and get all the details. ESP ones that support your points !

I blame RT for just not being that good

If all facets of the game finished 10th in their respective categories like Tannehill finished 10th in passing yards, we would've been home and cooled for the playoffs long, long ago.

10th in passing YDs. you keep touting that! It's ONE category! Where did he rank in turnovers? What about fumbles? What about QBR? TD/INT ratio?

MarK. I love you buddy, but keep the RT doll and make love to it

When you want to tell the WHOLE story about RT and not JUST the stats he's done well in please do.

You're creative with your hand-picked stats and any of us could do the inverse.

He's an average QB. He'll NEVER, EVER, EVER be "ELITE"...He's NOT a franchise QB

lol most likely no marc on franchise qb, hardly any qbs are. but he has potential to be a very solid qb who can win games for us

"Wait a minute. I thought we all wanted Ireland gone. He ruffled a lot feathers as a GM."

Posted by: Renaldo Brown | January 08, 2014 at 02:53 PM

- I'm not sure I've seen anyone here advocating for Ireland. This isn't a defense of Ireland as much as it is a lashing out at Philbin, and apparently, his benefactor in DA.

The entire stinking axis of offal needed to be flushed. Sherman and Ireland were only two-thirds. But the main problem was on the field against lesser opponents; and Philbin, the only one of the three who had full control of all on-field matters -- who is directly responsible for each and every second half collapse and being outcoached in must-win games is who failed most of all and is clearly the most deserving of being canned.

By not taking over play calling at crunch time in those second half disasters, Philbin showed he is one of two things: 1. a chickensh-t coward who can't lead or 2. a fraud of an offensive guru who can't interpret events as they happen and call the right plays. The truth probably involves both options. This guy is not a coach; he's not a motivator; he's not a talent evaluator; he's not even an in-game play caller. He's none of those things. He's a game planner at best. maybe he's the guy who you want scripting the first 15 or 20 plays of a game. But he's proven to be incompetent at adjustments, creativity and downright stubborn in acknowleging when change is needed - whether it's go-go (really, an entire season of that nonsense folks???); or moving around playmakers to create mismatches; rolling or running your athletic QB (I don't see why RT can't rush the 45-50 yards a game Luck usually gets); using your freakishly athletic #3 overall pick once in a while as an OLB to blitz, shadow TEs and spy on scrambling QBs who can't pass (hmm, Geno smith maybe)rather than always a predictable, situational 3rd down pass rusher. Those things have nothing to do with Sherman. Those are philosophical decisions a coach makes and MANDATES to his staff either pre-season or as an adjustment in-season to counter what ails the team. With Philbin, the adjustment never comes. That won't change. That's in his DNA.

All that doesn't make him a bad person, but I can care less if the head coach is a swell guy. He's shown nothing as a motivator, offensive thinker or player developer that makes me believe he's a good football coach - not to mention he's too thin-skinned to let players have any real leadership positions in the locker room. The results of that were clear in the martin-ritchie situation and the lack of preparedness and effort in the last two losses especially.

So, I think all this backlash is in response to the likelihood that Joe stays - even for one year- not that we want Ireland and the fear, even if it's a little true, that the Joe-Dawn alliance interferes with the hiring of the best GM. NO one knows if that's the case, but it's a valid concern.

As for dawn. I can care less one way or the other. If she's the cap queen of the NFL, then great - keep her, pay her, whatever. But the fact (and this isn't a mando thing, it's been widely reported) that she's micromanaging the coach - down to his press conferences and tie selection - screams something else. And, sorry, that's a problem. Not because she's a woman, but because she's a corporatist with no football background. Ross needs to clearly define her role, which should have nothing to do with the day-to-day handling of the head coach.


Your wasting your time with this guy he most likely never played the game. Both Ireland and Sherman, two guys most responsible for bringing T-hill to the Dolphins are now gone. That should be an indication that most likely the preseason will bring us an open competition for QB. Moreover the new OC will be changing the offense.....stay tuned

I'm not able to fully process this story...

On the surface it seems the "morale" is to be weary of Aponte and there is a real possibility that her continued employment and good favor may create continued dysfunction, and apparently a Game of Thrones situation in Miami...

But on the other hand...

Apparently she thought Ireland was a D-Bag and she worked to get him fired? I can get behind that...and if she played any role in the final nail in Ireland's coffin then she is my favorite person in the world at the moment.

On the plus side, I find any of the "negative" scenarios presented in this piece by Armando infintley better than some of the names he shared a week ago - such as Tannenbaum.
Hopefully the team will be able to land someone such as Gamble though...As fans we have no way to know how prepared a guy like that is to take the reigns, but I like that he's been a part of successful, well-drafting, organizations, so he is intriguing as his credentials look good on paper.

Next episode on "As the Dolphins turn"

Watch as a heated power struggle engulfs the franchise as Steve Ross attempts to change hot dog suppliers. DAWNJOE steps in and smacks ross in the face only saying "these hot dogs have created the recent losing culture and made Ireland sick more times than not.

All the while, behind the scenes Ross meets with LA city officials and promises to bring his franchise to the city if it promises to have a half empty stadium and hires Rob Ford as Senior vice President of football operations and rehab.

10 picks and millions.of $ under the c and the best Ireland got out of it was a kicker.It boggles the mind how a guy being paid millions of bucks can do this draft after draft and still have the owners confidence in week 14 of his 6th tour. Ross has to finish cleaning and bring in a real football mind like Cowher...

Marc, compare Tannehill's overall #s to Andrew Luck and see how actually not far apart they are. Tell me he hasn't closed the gap between them considerably in year 2.

yet one is the qb of a generation and the other one is a bum, yeah, sure, whatever.

Sherman stunk at play-calling, but, I liked him. He had fire. I remember him punking Egnew on Hard Knocks. "I'd cut you on the spot"

I would have fired Philbin and made Sherman Asst coach.

Rejoice Dolfans, we have a good chance to watch everything get better. Goofy play calling and a telegraphed snap count helped to make this all happen.
Hope they stay away from Pioli, big time trouble maker.
More heads will roll including the HC.

marc, how many super bowls have the current franchise qbs won? Peyton won one, Brees won one, Rodgers won one... every other year someone else wins one.

You may want to throw in Brady too although his current year was nothing special. Still hasn;t won one since what 2005, 6?

Every other year someone is winning it and it isn't an "elite" qb. You just have to be top half, closer to top ten and have the right supporting cast.

PS, yards is not the only stat I bring up, he was also a respectable 12th in touchdowns. His turnovers (fumbles+INts) per attempt was slightly below average and he greatly improved on reducing turnovers in the 2nd half of the year.

I would counter that there are more GREAT QB's in this list than good, or average ones

Super Bowl 1. Bart Starr (MVP), 2 TDs
Super Bowl 2. Bart Starr (MVP), 1 TD
Super Bowl 3. Joe Namath (MVP), 0 TDs
Super Bowl 4. Len Dawson (MVP), 1 TD
Super Bowl 5. John Unitas (Chuck Howley), 1 TD
Super Bowl 6. Roger Staubach (MVP), 2 TDs
Super Bowl 7. Bob Griese (Jake Scott), 1 TD
Super Bowl 8. Bob Griese (Larry Csonka), 0 TDs
Super Bowl 9. Terry Bradshaw (Franco Harris), 1 TD
Super Bowl 10. Terry Bradshaw (Lynn Swann), 2 TDs
Super Bowl 11. Ken Stabler (Fred Biletnikoff), 1 TD
Super Bowl 12. Roger Staubach (Harvey Martin & Randy White), 0 TDs
Super Bowl 13. Terry Bradshaw (MVP), 4 TDs
Super Bowl 14. Terry Bradshaw (MVP), 2 TDs
Super Bowl 15. Jim Plunkett (MVP), 3 TDs
Super Bowl 16. Joe Montana (MVP), 1 TD
Super Bowl 17. Joe Theismann (John Riggins), 2 TDs,
Super Bowl 18. Jim Plunkett (Marcus Allen), 1 TD
Super Bowl 19. Joe Montana (MVP), 3 TDs
Super Bowl 20. Jim McMahon (Richard Dent), 0 TDs
Super Bowl 21. Phil Simms (MVP), 3 TDs
Super Bowl 22. Doug Williams (MVP), 4 TDs
Super Bowl 23. Joe Montana (Jerry Rice), 2 TDs
Super Bowl 24. Joe Montana (MVP), 5 TDs
Super Bowl 25. Jeff Hostetler (Ottis Anderson), 1 TD
Super Bowl 26. Mark Rypien (MVP), 2 TDs
Super Bowl 27. Troy Aikman (MVP), 4 TDs
Super Bowl 28. Troy Aikman (Emmitt Smith), O TDs
Super Bowl 29. Steve Young (MVP), 6 TDs
Super Bowl 30. Troy Aikman (Larry Brown), 1 TD
Super Bowl 31. Brett Favre (Desmond Howard), 2 TDs
Super Bowl 32. John Elway (Terrell Davis), 0 TDs
Super Bowl 33. John Elway (MVP), 1 TD
Super Bowl 34. Kurt Warner (MVP), 2 TDs
Super Bowl 35. Trent Dilfer (Ray Lewis), 1 TD
Super Bowl 36. Tom Brady (MVP), 1 TD
Super Bowl 37. Brad Johnson (Dexter Jackson), 2 TDs
Super Bowl 38. Tom Brady (MVP), 3 TDs
Super Bowl 39. Tom Brady (Deion Branch), 2 TDs
Super Bowl 40. Ben Roethlisberger (Hines Ward), 0 TDs
Super Bowl 41. Peyton Manning (MVP), 1 TD
Super Bowl 42. Eli Manning (MVP), 2 TDs
Super Bowl 43: Ben Roethlisberger (Santonio Holmes), 1 TD
Super Bowl 44: Drew Brees (MVP), 2 TDs
Super Bowl 45: Aaron Rogers (MVP), 3TDs
Super Bowl 46: Eli Manning (MVP), 1 TD
Super Bowl 47: Joe Flacco (MVP), 3TDs

() denotes who the MVP of that game was, if i

The 12th in TD's is misleading as he's bunched up with a bunch of other's, some much better (Brady) I think Flacco, Stafford, etc are all 1 or 2 TD's separation

Out of that group though if I recall he's thrown more picks than all but Stafford I believe

Marc, nice way of skirting my Peyton, Rodgers, Brees comment, but anyway.

The league avg this year for Tds per game was 1.6 td per game. How many times did a Qb throw for more than 2 tds in the super bowl as per your list?

11, 11 of 47.

Seems to indicate that most of the time there was a team effort involved in there.

But on the other hand...

Apparently she thought Ireland was a D-Bag and she worked to get him fired? I can get behind that...and if she played any role in the final nail in Ireland's coffin then she is my favorite person in the world at the moment.

Posted by: rymflaherty

That's a good point. On that note, I would agree. If her tactics, including Stepford wiving philbin, were instrumental in getting ireland fired, then so be it.

But the flip side is now she should go back to to the corner office to crunch numbers and increase sales, welcoming with open arms a bright football-minded GM, and staying completely out of the way in how that GM works with the head coach. You really think that's what she's going to do based on everything we read about her? uh huh

Mark in Toronto, I think a better comparison of Luck vs Tannehill's numbers would be up to the point of when Reggie Wayne got hurt. Luck lost his best receiver and Tannehill didn't.

Marc, as far as turnovers ... Tannehill turned the ball over (fumbles + interceptions) 4.4% of the time.

The league average based on the compilation of the top 40 qbs in the nfl by passing yardage last year. 4.2%. He is slightly below average.

The reason the Tannehill argument goes around in circles is because each side has numbers to back up their claim.

Seriously just go check out his win loss splits.
In wins he was a Pro-Bowl caliber leading the team to wins over playoff teams. (66% 7.6 ypa 13-5 96.4 rat)
In losses he was emergency QB bad losing to the dregs of the league. (55% 5.8 ypa 11-12 68.0 rat).

So which is the real Tannehill?
I think you owe it to both him and the team to give the third crucial year to find out.
And when you look at those results a big factor is what you make of the talent around him. Personally I believe it was a mediocre to poor team in most areas, so I see those splits as Tannehill elevating a mediocre to poor team to some good wins, rather than seeing it as a Great roster that Tannehill was bringing down.

Either way, each side can point to legitimate facts, stats and results to support their claim.
Despite being someone that never wanted him in the first place I am still skewing toward the positive for the reason mentioned above, as well as looking around the league and realizing there are many teams with MUCH worse QB situations...and even as you get toward the middle of the QB's I'm not so sure I'd rather have guys like Dalton, Cutler or Smith over Tannehill.

They usually say the third year id when you can really define a guy, so we'll see which way he trends, or if he remains mediocre.

No Fin Fan, indeed Tannehill lost his best receiver in preseason when Keller went down then about 6 or 7 games into the season he lost Gibson. it was obvious to all he had the most chemistry with Keller and Gibson from very early on.

But I'm not into making excuses for anyone. I don't do it for Tannehill, I just state facts. i won't do it for Luck. It is what it is. Luck still had plenty to work with as we saw when he put up 45 on the Chiefs.

finfan u could do that with everything, thill lost his slot wr and te and had the worst oline ever

Very true rym, I agree 100%.

Sounds like Ross has a thing for the young female in the organization.... She knows how to work him in every aspect.... She sounds like a virus to me. Maybe she's the problem.

Marc @ 4:41

Good list (I thought Steve Young had won 2 SB's).

Anyway how many of those super bowl winners had:
-shhtty defense
-shhtty secondary
-shhtty ol
-shhtty running game

On the other hand you got Dilfer, Johnson, Hostettler & Rypien all were benched repeated throughout thier careers.


Dan Marino was czar for 2 or 3 days and then he quit, no?

I've always felt and though that woman sounded like a snake.


Very true ETF, if all those other units you mentioned were even just average, we net somewhere about 800 yards on the year of production.

The team was awful and the Qb was ok, not bad. Small wonder we were not in the playoffs.

C'mon Mr Ross I have been A Dolphin fan since the days of Manny Fernadez Morris Kiick and Czonka watched them win Super Bowls I watched in horror as a talent like Marino was wasted because of a lack of defense and running game the killer Bs give me a fu($&?g break. We.want a real GM. Not some handcuffed chump. somebody with a football IQ?Please finish the job and get a new GM with a 2014 football IQ.

LLS at worst o-line ever not even close to that. I am not making excuses either just want an even comparison not apples to oranges. I am not on the board of getting rid of Tannehill but I am for drafting a QB in rds 2-4 or a signing FA with starting ability and having a true open QB competition for the starting job. I was always of the opinion that we drafted Tannehill WAY too high and he has done nothing to make me change that opinion. Tannehill was considered a 2nd rd pick until other QB's like Matt Barkley and a few other said they were going back to school. You don't take a 2nd rd projected QB 8th overall just because the higher ranked players didn't come out.

Also I wouldn't hire Marino to do a damn thing!!!

be glad barkley went back to school

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