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More history, fallout from Ireland vs. DawnJoe

If you've been following my recounting of the dysfunction within the Dolphins late last season you understand why the relationship between general manager Jeff Ireland and coach Joe Philbin was broken. You understand why this team may struggle to hire the most gifted and serious general manager candidate available.

Now let me give you more history. Let me give you more background on the dysfunction to help you understand its genesis.

I already shared what caused the rift between Ireland and Philbin. I blame both parties for that rift. Grown men, professional men, who have the same goal at heart should be able to sit down and have frank discussions about what troubles them about their relationship. Obviously that's in a perfect world.

The Dolphins facility is far from that world.

And part of the problem points directly to executive vice president of football administration Dawn Aponte. It seems that when Bill Parcells hired Aponte to be Miami's capologist in Feb. 2010 he brought in a tough and experienced corporate in-fighter. She is clearly adept at forming alliances. And when she sees a threat, she is well capable of attacking it.

Ireland was a threat to her, according to sources who called me this morning.

Ireland was her boss when she joined the team four years ago. But after Parcells left in October 2010, she lost her chief sponsor. And she wasn't comfortable with Ireland as her supervisor. So soon after Joe Philbin was hired, Aponte decided she and the new coach could bond and that alliance could strengthen each person's position within the organization.

Aponte, club sources say, also found ways to ingratiate herself to owner Stephen Ross. Nothing wrong with that. He's the boss. She would often ask to join Ross on his private jet flights back to New York from home games, often citing a need to handle club business at the league office in New York.

Aponte, a former league and New York Jets employee, apparently used the face time with Ross and the help of Jay Cross, a Related Company president and a former New York Jets president, to convince the owner of her value and how she should not be under Ireland's supervision.

Ireland, seeing this, asked Ross to fire Aponte. Ross didn't go for it and, indeed, after mulling the matter, actually promoted Aponte from Senior VP of Football Operations to her current Executive VP role. And in so doing, Ross doubled Aponte's salary. And got her out from under Ireland's umbrella. And Aponte joined parts of the coach search of 2012 that led to Philbin's hiring after Jeff Fisher turned the Dolphins down cold.

Knowing that Ireland had tried to get her fired, Aponte turned her sights on the GM. The relationship between the two, professional and even cordial in public at league meetings and alike, was a struggle for power behind the scenes.

Aponte, strengthened by her alliance with Philbin, had been winning that struggle for quite some time. She made herself very visible, attending practically every practice. She met with Philbin to advise on how to handle the media before every weekday press conference -- that meeting sometimes taking longer than the actual press conference. She attended the coach's show and made sure the questions were positive and gave Philbin an opportunity to shine. She edited the videos the team posted on its website of the Philbin postgame speech to the players.

(Unfortunately for Philbin, she didn't think to cut out the part where coach needed to read off index cards to deliver his address).

The bottom line is now Philbin and Aponte -- fresh off a victory over the last general manager -- want to make sure the next general manager is not truly empowered. The last thing they want is for Ross to hire a guy who will have the power to hire and perhaps fire Philbin and or Aponte.

They want a puppet person that will merely evaluate talent and handle the draft and keep his mouth shut and business to himself.

But as I've shared already the best candidates for a general manager job may not bite because 1. They don't want to get involved in the Dolphins office politics and/or 2. They want to have the power and autonomy to bring their own people and perhaps get rid of the current people if that's what they think is best.

So keep a close eye on what is about to happen next with this hire. If Ross hires a strong GM with authority to hire and fire Philbin and/or Aponte, then the duo has lost favor. But if Ross promotes Aponte to GM or hires someone who is merely a personnel guy but not the general manager in power as well as title then the DawnJoe has won and runs the show.

There is a third option and that's the czar approach the Dolphins have used before, as well, with that person over everyone. But that's for another day.

Stay tuned.




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Peyton Place BS!!! Let's play real NFL football next year!!!

Farley must have ate a Xanax.

Ross should consider Armando for GM. He knows more football than Ireland did.

Farley you idiot troll. I was thinking the same thing about you. I can tell by how you right that you are either some little 14 year old virgin or a loser.

Anyways, I usually don't blog at this time precisely because of trolls like you.

Don't bother responding because I won't be here. Have fun talking to yourself. I got some advice for you, GO lose your virginity, you freaking troll.

Aponte just gives one hell of an ear rub!

Bring back Parcells as GM.

According to Mando's sources Aponte is a femme fatale. She became Ross' mistress and at his direction,seduced Ireland and Philbin to extract information from them.

Carl Peterson as Football Overlord!!

Non impact players = Nolan Carroll, Jimmy Wilson, Chris Clemons

Needed = LB's that can stop the run

O line stinks so bad, will probably take 2 years to fix.

Also need another TE and RB...

Draft Steven Morris in round 4. He can throw deep, lol

Philbin must step up piss poor game plan and half time adjustments or.... SEE YA!!!

Thank god for the new GM. The personality change was needed.

She wants to be the first female GM in the NFL and by god she'll get what she wants. Don't get in her way or she'll take you down.

Dawn Aponte is a Cougar. She can Suck & Swallow a mean earlobe and is an expert at Shinning Heads.

*Carl Peterson For Football Czar!!


I hear you and understand.. I recognize the anonymity of a source, but the rule of thumb used to be that all stories and reports had to be fact-checked and corroborated before going to print. I'm just not sure that's the case anymore given all of the new media technologies.

All of the false rumors surrounding Bullygate and Sparanogate should serve as a reminder of our need to have a more accountable media contingent. I'm not sure how we get there, but I'm getting annoyed and angry at the hit our team's organization takes at the expense of fabrication. Again, I'm not saying that this report is fabricated, but it's definitely alarming- what started out as a sentence a few days ago about possible friction from within the organization has blossomed into catastrophic conflict.

I also have a problem with the notion that just b/c we have a few people within the organization that don't get along presumes a poorly run organization. And if there was friction there, firing Ireland was actually a healthy move.

I think Ireland could land a job at McDonalds flippin burgers.

Philbin cant be pleased with Tannehill. Draft a 1st rd QB like Manziel or Bridgewater.

NO GM should be given that much Power. A GM is a Glorified Scout. Why do you think Jerry Jones can call himself GM?

A GM should be under the coach. If the Coach is any good. Name 1 Great Coach that has a GM better than him. That could fire the Coach.

All we need is a Good Talent Evaluator that can Communicate with the Coach.

Ms. Aponte has done her job. If she is the one responsible for our Cap Situation, Ireland deserves little credit for the way this franchise is set up to succeed in the nearfuture. Just on that alone most teams will hire her for GM. $30+Mil in Cap Space.What GM wouldn't want that. If means dealing with Philbin and his new Staff for a Season. Or with Tannehill the Go-Go Nazi which was brought to us by Herr Sherman.

Armando, STOP PLEASE !!! You are making a fool out of yourself. Get a hold of yourself.

This blog has turned into a gossip rag. I think people are growing tired of it. Can this blog ever go back to talking about FOOTBALL ???

On another subject. If Jacksonville was smart they will lose all 16 games for Winston.And Draft either S.Watkins or J.Clowney this year. Whoever is available to them.

Posted by: Marc from nj | January 08, 2014 at 09:13 PM

Marc from NJ,
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Rut roh, a c*nt on a mission is trouble.

This isn't the year to draft a First Round Qb. You will be getting Fools Gold this year in the First Round.

This Year, J.Football, TBW, the UCF QB. (I Feel all are Overrated)

Next Year, Winston, Mariotti, and the kid from UCLA which might be a close #2 to Winston next season.

Better Talent in the 2015 Draft at QB. Those guys have Pro Size. They have a Pro Arm.

Manziel has a lot of flaws that will be exposed at the Pro Level. He will be a Top 10 or maybe even Top 5 Depends on who falls in Love with him.

How fast is Johnnie? 4.5-4.6?

How Tall is Johnnie? 6'-6'1"?

How Smart is Johnnie? 2-3? No Online Exams at the Combine.

Why do our cheerleader uniforms show less cleavage than other NFL cheerleader uniforms? We're the Miami Dolphins- we should have the hottest looking cheerleaders in the NFL. Can't we get anything right?

It seems to me that Armando was close to Ireland. Who else would give him this type of gossip, except Ireland or one of his allies. This is such high school trash that I am surprised that so many believe any of this garbage. If Armando wanted to write a good article he would represent both sides, but he does not.

Aponte is a typical power hungry you know what? But God forbid we criticize and scrutinize the self-serving audacity this breed of woman...

"I got money...and I got picks"....

-J. Ireland.....round about this time last year....

well....he still has money.....I just wish he had "fired himself" when the fan asked him two about 2 years ago....

just when it seemed Ireland was turning the corner (as a FA GM any way).....Ross pulls the plug.....

Philbin will soon be on notice....he needs two GOOD/SOLID back to back 10 win years to hope to survive this and bring some stability to the FINS organization....

I lost some faith in Joe due to Bully-gate.....and I am not as high on him as I once was....but winning a Division tittle next year will go a long way to mending the fences with us fans....

Good Luck FINS......

wouldn't be surprised if the next scandal-gate is a triangle sex scandal...

Posted by: beerphin | January 08, 2014 at 02:34 PM

LOL....funniest post on here....

So.... You're saying Ireland shouldn't have been fired and it's all Philbin and Aponte's fault that we lost our precious GM! Who cares how it came about! Yeah she may be a problem, but she helped us get rid of one of our biggest problems. So I say "For Now" thank you Dawn and Joe!!!

Speaking of FUNNY....

man....i'm gonna miss Ireland's Republican Army......this guy has provided comedic relief that is rivaled only by a Soiled Bottom post....

I hope you resurface with something equally good in the near future.....

did you know Ken Stabler was gay too? apparently it's the in thing now. so you can come out of the closet, we all know anyway. ever been with a really fat guy? wink wink

Its about 6 AM were I am @.....my day is just getting started....

why are you here @ midnight idolizing me?

remember that monday night in jerzy in 2010? do you still like fallafle for breakfast

this soiled bottom you speak of, is that "Ireland's soiled diarrhea diaper"?? that guy is hilarious.

it's only 9pm here on the west coast

Dawn attended Incognito's strip club team meetings.

Jax is taking Bortles from UCF!

Dawn is not attractive, but she is powerful, and that makes her sexy.

I like her too!!

Joe Philbin is obviously an alien.

I am not giving this story any validity, but has anyone else had the idea that the lack of playing time by the rookies could be part of Philbin trying to make Ireland look bad?
If they are successful next year, I would expect Philbin to take credit for their development.

Name 1 Great Coach that has a GM better than him.

Posted by: Dashi | January 08, 2014 at 11:03 PM

Look no further than your own back yard, right under your nose. Don Shula had Bobby Beathard as GM. Once BB left, Shula never won anything ever again, while BB went on to build his next power house. Shula was not in the same league at picking talent.

Dashi, you are just too young to be discussing football. You need to counter your lack of experience with study and homework to not keep making yourself look dumb as a dashi.

Watched that game winning touchdown in the Colts game. What a great throw by Andrew Luck, hitting T.Y. Hilton in stride on his way to the endzone. That is what is missing from the Miami offense. If Tannehill were throwing the ball, he either overthrows Hilton, or he has to slow down for the ball and is tackled moments after it hits his hands.

How come this guy cannot throw a deep ball?

A GM should be under the coach. If the Coach is any good. Name 1 Great Coach that has a GM better than him. That could fire the Coach

 Posted by: Dashi | January 08, 2014 at 11:03 PM


Miso Corny @12:45,

Clown, could Bobby Beathard FIRE SHULA?

Comprehension isn't your strong suit is it.

Just cause you are older doesn't mean you have more experience or knowledge, definitely doesn't mean you are smarter. IT JUST MEANS THAT YOU ARE OLDER.YOU WERE AN IDIOT IN YOUR TWENTIES YOU ARE STILL AN IDIOT IN YOUR 60s.Your quest to always believe that only your answer is correct is Nauseating.

I'm tired of your Master Baiting Tactics.

Yes, I am still learning and will do so to the day I die(you can learn something new everyday if you put your mind to it). You have already started to forget the little you do know.(Reason you repeat stuff every 2 Hours)

"In addition, the Miami Herald reported this week the Dolphins are targeting Packers quarterbacks coach Ben McAdoo. Kyle Shanahan, most recently of the Redskins, and former Texans head coach Gary Kubiak also are possibilities".

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/01/08/3859020/miami-dolphins-expect-to-conduct.html#storylink=cpy

I like Young Shannahan the most out of all of these guys....but the Eagles offensive coordinator is in the mold of a post I talked about earlier....even tho I over looked it because of the year Foles was having....

Get a OC who is making LEMONADE out of lemons....IE Young Shannahan...who showed his system works....when the QB doesn't have a busted knee....

Larzo...made 2 QBs better....an aging vet in Mike Vick....and a young slinger in Foles....both 2 differnt styles of play...both getting about 30 Points per game when they played....the deciding factor was Vick's penchenat for turn-overs....while Foles had one of thos miricale years when he threw like 3 INTS....

I like the direction that Mr. Ross (Philbin)is looking....

Up and comers who made SH@T into shinola ....NOT OC's with PERRINIAL top 5 QBs who do it year in and year out beacuse of the QB....not in spite of....

I wonder ... Jets game: Tannehill throws a perfect ball to Wallace in the end zone. Defended by Milliner who never plays the ball, doesn't even look back for it and gets early contact on Wallace. Clearly a blown pass interference call otherwise it's 7 points and it's a 14-14 game. Next play, Tannehill throws low and away to Wallace but doesn't read Milliner who picks it off. Terrible missed read and pass. The game was most likely decided on those two, consecutive plays. Miami wins that game, they would have gone on to, most likely, being handled in the WC game but we probably aren't talking about any of this now.

So, what is better (or worse), leaving things as they were as very possibly would have been the case should that Tannehill to Wallace endzone pass been called the pass interference that it was. Or, being in the position Miami is now with, hypothetically, an ill equipped Dawn Aponte taking over the GM job.

My mind cannot wrap itself around any possible scenario where a football owner would hand that job over to a person with no actual football experience outside of working in the sport as a lawyer/finance/contract person. BUT ... we are living in a "progressive" age in this country where everyone MUST be a clone of everyone else and political correctness MUST be adhered to at all costs and Football culture must imitate regular life. What does this have to do with anything Dolphins? Well, I wonder if Ross is a liberal worshipping at the alter of the White House occupying messiah as so many seem to do (at everyones expense). Would he make a "statement" for politics sake (and self promotion) by actually hiring a woman as the GM of his NFL franchise? The first female ever to be the GM of an NFL franchise? I'd have no problem with a female GM if that GM was qualified. Dawn Aponte is NOT, in any way, qualified. Could the plan be to hire a subordinate underneath her who actually makes football decisions while Aponte does the cap work and has the final say (aside from Ross)? Would he make Aponte the "face" of the organization in order to make that political (and public relations) statement?

All the fumbling and bumbling that Ross has done and all the negative public attention and media scrutiny. All the negative press, mostly deserved. The Incognito / Martin "scandal" (BS as it is)... all wiped out, at least for a short while, by the hiring of the first woman NFL GM.

Imagine the liberal media having a freakin party over that move. Ross ends up looking like the face of the "progressive" dream. The liberal mainstream media accolades and attention easily drown out the sports media criticism. Every group remotely tied to women's rights or equal rights in any way would be showering down the accolades. I'd bet that even the messiah, Obama himself, would publicly praise Ross and his Dolphins organization. In reality it would be dead, rotting fish smelling like a rose but could Ross really be thinking like this. As insane as it seems and indeed is, is it really all that far fetched to think that Ross would do it ...

Ahhh, maybe I just have too much time to think ...

I think Stephen Ross is going to hire Dawn Aponte as general manager because she doesn 't know anything about running a football team. But, I did hear she slept in a Holiday Inn once.

This is why I laugh when I hear Stephen Ross say he wants to run a first class organization.

I jokingly suggested that Ross was a closet Jets fan, and was sabotaging his own team. Now I think this really may be true, this Aponte person needs to be fired now.
She must be doing Ross, it's the only explanation.
This organization is a joke that I no longer care about.


Is that you???
LOL, way to use communist propaganda to push Ireland's agenda. That's your "unnamed" source Mando, couldn't be more obvious.

What a mess. In my ideal world, anyone with ties to Bill "Fat Tuna" Parcells and his old regime would get a one-way ticket out of town. It's a pretty obvious pattern as to what the cause of the dysfunction is and I'm shocked that Ross hasn't noticed it yet. Clean.....house.

Mando covers every point that indicates drama and creates something for him to write about for the next year.

Let's think about this from another angle. Here's a novel thought. News flash!!! Ross, Aponte and Philbin all have the Dolphins best interest at heart!? That maybe Ireland wasn't the right GM, was a clown and he is the one that created drama rather than Aponte and Philbin. And now that noise has departed the franchise and any drama and dysfunction Mando refers to is gone.

Maybe...just maybe...just possibly...they Philbin and Aponte have a desire to get the best person for the job whether it means they have ultimate power or not. Because guess what? If they get the power that Mando suggests is more important to them than the overall well being of the franchise and it doesn't work, they are both gone in a year or two anyway. If they don't get the power and the GM gets to bring in his own people they are gone in a year or two anyway. They are gone either way. It is in everyone's long term best interest to do what is best for the franchise.

But that's too boring and doesn't give Omar anything to write about.

is scott pioli working anywhere in the nfl? if not, why isn't he a candidate or the guy (his name escapes me now)who's on espn? he was in indy with peyton. or casserly?

So Ireland watched Joe Philbin lose to a winless Tampa team and he got mad. That's his job!! Would it be better if Ireland was happy? Philbin refused to change anything. Philbin should have been fired immediately.

The thought of an NFL team having a woman as General Manager just makes me ill. Men have a hard enough time doing this job. This isn't Any Given Sunday. This is some trifling woman who is playing politics....probably has some men on sexual harassment as well...who knows, but if Ross makes her the GM too, I will cancel my tickets tomorrow.

Dawn Aponte, "Capologist"? The salary cap is the only thing on this team that hasn't been F'ed up. The broad earned keeping her job. The coaches and the talent evaluators are expendable.

Wow! No wonder this team is so bad. Who the hell would want to deal with 2 adults who act like children behind closed doors.
Aponte and Philbin gotta go....ruin someone else's team....maybe the Jets or Pats
You pick

What's the point of this article Armando? Your soap opera piece only does harm and adds no value - you further dispel notion that there is a dysfunctional organization. This an example where the press can cause more harm than good. Poor sap, you just want to have your scoop and show how you have a better pulse of the fins organization, while the only thing you are doing is disenfranchising the Fins further from getting quality management. Armando please retire or go cover the jets,

Thank you mrs. Aponte for trying to improve the team and defending your Boss' investment by getting rid of Ireland. My apologies on behalf of the lewd, sexist remarks from the low brow, insecure souls on this board.

Jimbo please sell your tickets; in fact move to Taliban country, you'd fit in well.

Rick and you must be f'in your postman because he delivers your mail. grow up man, no room for that crap spewing from your mouth. Pathetic and sexist soul.

This just in: Dolphins mathematically eliminated from playoff pending change in ownership. It's a football team, Mr. Ross, not a realty.

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