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Nick Caserio might get second interview Saturday

It's going to be a busy day of finalists interviews for the Dolphins. And Patriots vice president of player personnel Nick Caserio might be one of those, according to Tom Curran of CSN New England.

Curran was told by a source that Caserio stayed in South Florida overnight after his interview Friday and was "going back tomorrow." But the source apparently was not clear whether he meant Caserio was going back for a finalist interview with the Dolphins or going back to Boston.

So, basically, Caserio might be a finalist. Or he might be nothing more than a tourist in a South Florida airport Saturday morning.

(My guess is he's a finalist, but that is only a hunch based on years of knowing how the Dolphins do business).

[Update: Caserio remained in South Florida and continued interviewing Saturday. It is unclear if this means he is a finalist or his initial interview continues.]

Tennessee vice president of football operations Lake Dawson was also scheduled to interview on Saturday.

Dolphins assistant general manager Brian Gaine, definitely a finalists, had his interview Friday afternoon and evening.

Cleveland assistant GM Ray Farmer, who was to be a finalist, turned down an opportunity to be considered any further.

It is interesting if Caserio has made the final cut because he was the last of the GM candidates to have a first-round interview. The Dolphins targeted Caserio early in their search but were not sure they would be able to get an interview with him until after the Patriots were eliminated from the playoffs with a loss in the AFC Championship game.

Three things you must remember relative to the Caserio candidacy:

 1. Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and Patriots owner Robert Kraft are not close. Indeed, "not close" can be said another way ... they do not like one another. It probably would please Ross to take one of Kraft's men. It probably would please Kraft to keep Ross from getting his guy.

Either way, the sound of a cash register could be ringing in Caserio's head.

2. There is something to be said for Caserio bringing the Bill Belichick system of player evaluation to the Dolphins. But that system has been with the Dolphins before. That system has roots in the Bill Parcells approach, which is in part what Jeff Ireland was using after Parcells departed in October 2010. And the Dolphins had a derivative of that system when Nick Saban was running the Dolphins as well.

3. Remember what I've told you multiple times about Ross since this process began: He often falls in love with the latest person he engages with. Caserio was Miami's final candidate Ross and his team interviewed in the first round of this process.

Just saying.


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your previous post on gain was as good a job as i have seen from you. you are on fire mando!

Ross better land Caserio & quickly.

AND..... who the hell in NFL doesn't get along w/Kraft?

I hate the Patriots but I don't hate Kraft. How could you? Never heard anything scandalous about the guy and he single-handedly built a dynasty in NE. Success starts at the top and I don't need to spell out what that means about the sad state of affairs in Davie.

How can you hire Gaine who worked under the guy you didn't want to fire but had no choice because his body of work was so bad. Caserio is such a no brainer compared to the other options they should have hired him already. I can only hope he was the goal all along and once the Pats were eliminated they got the green light to interview him. He should be hired by Sat night or this is absolutely the worst run franchise in the NFL by far!

This real estate salesman we have masquerading as an owner better close this deal before Caserio leaves town.
Gaine was FIRELAND'S BUTT-BOY. Hiring him is absurd.

It's already been decided. Tomorrow is the dog and pony show. It's caserio, and only becuz Farmer bailed out. They've embarrassed themselves in the process. It dwindled done to inexperienced applicants from losing teams and they wanted to go with the minority hire to look good and it failed and decided to find someone, anyone from a winner. Caserio by a nose is your new GM. Until we get a new owner or a reputable czar, we will be chaos....embarassing

No nothing scandalous about Kraft , just had hiscoach taping other teams practices , hires thugs on his team routinely and we know hes got the refs in his pocket you freaking moron!!!!!!

Ross versus Kraft, gee I wonder who wins this one?

Nice, Brian. And you can provide evidence, I am sure (since you seem like such a cerebral sort of man), that Kraft has done all of this. Give me the links.

Enough of the minority hire BS. Take the best man for the JOB! Christ the guy is young at 38. some good points made tonight on the blog! Not the minority crap though!!!!!!!!!

Krafty has a rep in New England as a super cut-throat business man and is not the saint some people would like to make him. The way he handled Connecticut and Massachusetts in pursuit of his new stadium in Foxboro is a classic example of duplicity.

Ross versus Kraft, gee I wonder who wins this one?

Posted by: El Poopster | January 25, 2014 at 01:58 AM


All successful businessmen are cut-throat.

does anyone have Velveeta cheese? I need some..

We'd be lucky to get the Patriots Director of Cheese Whiz Distribution for the concession stands at Gillette Stadium.

Very intrigued by Curran. Very intrigued.

Correction: Caserio.

I apologize. Not to familiar with winners.

Caserio should party his arse off and place a call to Ross while at the strip club all wasted. He'll get the job right there.

Folks it does not matter who Ross hires, HE is the problem. This will not change until there is a total culture change and the only way that can happens is when the owner cleans house not while he keeps people around like Peterson who is not even officially employed by the Phins!!!!! You can not make this stuff up!

And you wonder why around the league we are the laughing stock! BTW these players feed off this dysfunction. Boycott this team, I mean at this point does it really matter if they move to LA? Perhaps that was the plan all along.

does anyone have Velveeta cheese? I need some..

Posted by: linus | January 25, 2014 at 02:51 AM

I hate to support the trolls but that is the funniest thing I've read in here for months!

The trolls are the only interesting thing about this blog.



Only total and complete DOUCHEBAGS have to say "Just Saying" after things they say. You are a terrible writer dude. And a hypocrit of the highest degree. I also find it funny you think you know hor Kraft and Ross feel about each other.
Man you are and epic douchebag. Just saying lol

Kraft was only able to completely wash his hands from any responsibility of the Patriots invlovment of a MULTIPLE murderer. This is the NFL and if you win games, you can do what you want. Armando if a hypocritical douchebag.


This team needs a good evaluator and 'new GM same as the old GM', may be accurate regarding Gaine. Dawson or Caserio would bring more of a new direction and different insight. That's what the Dolphins need, someone who can evaluate; can this guy play in the NFL. 'Can he play', as mentioned in the previous article. When all the stats are in can the NFL prospect play. Ireland had trouble with this question also.
Dawson or Caserio would be a better choice for Ross to make for his new GM.

Kraft was only able to completely wash his hands from any responsibility of the Patriots invlovment of a MULTIPLE murderer. This is the NFL and if you win games, you can do what you want. Armando if a hypocritical douchebag.

Posted by: deity | January 25, 2014 at 05:23 AM

You still here. Thought we had taught you a lesson last time when you got booted of the site for your abuse.

As I have said before, Gaine is already here, so whats the point to bring him onboard.

It would be like making Philbin the OC, sorry he has never called plays. Caserio comes with a great background from a winning system, I can't see what the problem is ?

It must go back to the DawnJoe concerns that every other candidate has had.

MMmmmm Dawn Aponte is better looking than I thought

I hope we get him now For the gm.

Ross is a real estate billionaire, and to become a real estate billionaire you must be a real big-time shark.
Quite clearly Ross doesn't know a lot about football, but stop portraying him as a sort of idiot "who falls in love with the latest person he talks to".

Hey Diety, before calling someone a terrible writer, you ought to do a spell check on your post. "JUST SAYING".

Nick S,I agree. Ross is a multi billionaire and you do not get that wealthy by shear luck. I can not say that I am a fan of his and I can not say that I like the direction of the Fins since he bought out Huizinga,but to portray him as an idiot is going too far,because I do not know anyone that owns his own jet. If you get my meaning.

Is that fugly picture really DA ??

Why is it Ross has aligned himself with so many former Jets employees. We all hem and haw about his business accumen in the real estate world, and yet he is surrounded by people who have repeated failed when it comes to football. Aponte and Mangini togther in NY and Cleveland. Both teams failed and are still generally bad. Aponte shows up in Miami on the advice of Parcells and Mangini. Problems again between GM, coach, and owner. There are no coincedences, at least with what is going on in Davie. Aponte aligns herself with a weak coach and both advise the owner of the GMs short comings while hiding their own. This is more about Philbin's failures than Aponte. That fact she ratted out Ireland to Philbin shows the self preservation mode when she did not really have to do it. You can definitely infer an ulterior motive is what drove her to go Philbin like a little school girl and tattle.

Hopefully which ever person they hire will work out and bring some sort of order to this calamity of a front office/HC love fest.

So... is this guy the reason that Steve Ross decided to extend the time for GM selection?

According to Wikipedia, he joined the Patriots in 2001 and has been there ever since. Considered close to B Belichick, he has served as coach and scout for the Pats.

Caserio apparently turned down an opportunity to interview for the Colts GM position in 2012- the year the Colts drafted Luck and may well decide he doesn't want the Miami job, either. For some insight:

Armando, you may be right about bypassing B Gaine and deciding on another candidate. New ideas spreading from the top down in the FO may be a better way to go.

At this point, hire Caserio. He comes from a successful organiztion that knows what they are doing. He may not end up fixing anything here in Davie, but at least he brings down some ray of hope.

What about MArino?

Posted by: Marco | January 25, 2014 at 05:43 AM

That has never happened so keep trying buddy. You are as hypocritical as Armando. As many inappropriate things I have seen come across YOUR NAME. GO FK YOURSELF MARCO and if you want a piece of diety, then COME AT ME BRO!


I think Belichick has developed his own style which is far different than the archaic style of Parcells and Ireland. When he was in Cleveland he tried to mirror Parcells and failed miserably. I don't care for him personally but give him credit, he went back to the drawing board and reinvented himself and came up with his own style that has made him the most successful coach of his era. Also Belichick has won 3 superbowls without Parcells. What has Parcells won without Belichick? Nothing!!!! Belichick was the mastermind behind those Giants defenses that won 2 superbowls, not Parcells.I would love to see a Belichick disciple come to Miami and get rid of the stench left by Parcells/Ireland....

Posted by: pkm | January 25, 2014 at 07:22 AM

I dont get PAID to write for a living you douchevag

My only comment is : What a frikkin fiasco !!!!

To be 100% honesty I don't know much (if anything) about the final three candidates. But my GUT tells me Gaine is NOT the guy for this job. I know he is well thought of and respected. So, are the other candidates. I, me personally, I just want CHANGE and I want to see NEW BLOOD in the front office.

Yes, change for change sake is what I am looking for here. I am not afraid to honestly say it's that simple for me. The trigger was pulled on Ireland, so lets get a new thought process in here and lets go in a different direction.

Marino, Cowher, Gruden, Mayock, and anybody else in the media have the sweetest jobs in football. They make decisions and voice their opinions on these decisions. If they are wrong, it means nothing; the next week they do it again.
They work(so to speak)a few hours a week and live off of their past accomplishments. Anyone that would give up that would be an idiot. Anyone that thinks a sane person would give up that, is an idiot, or thinks that he can convince an idiot to believe in this dream.

Why do Ross and Craft hate each other?

Posted by: deity | January 25, 2014 at 05:18 AM
What did Armando do to you, BANG YOUR WIFE Eh?
and it's the QB STUPID EH?

I know I should be over it but damn......we've all watched bozos here for the better part of 20 years. Moves and hires that can and have crippled this franchise like Jamar Fletcher over Brees, Carey over Wilfork, Eddie Moore over Boldin, Culpepper over Brees, the Ginn family; Wannstedt & Spielman, Cameron & Mueller, Parcells-Ireland-Sparano, Ireland.......geez, just get it right for once you bumbling schleps.

No Ape, not married...yet. Never been a big fan of Armandos "source" information and he is wrong 95% of the time. After the bully BS I've had enough. So, one of my main goals here is to let my opinion of his hypocritical writing and smartazzed opinions be known. Just like everyone else on this blog, if peeps got a problem with my opinion then scroll on the FK by.


Not sure what your problem is. I like Armando's column and read it all the time. I was just trying to point out that someone who has worked for Belichick doe not have the same training as someone who worked for Parcells. Agreed, Brady is a big part of the success but the Patriots still went 11-5 in 08 when he was hurt. That's good coaching.

Perhaps an English 101 course at the Community College would help you to better understand what you are reading. As to my wife she is hot and any man would be lucky to have her,but alas, you never will...

When all is said and done you need play makers, or an extraordinary talent (quarterback) to win consistently. Over his tenure in New England Belichick has had numerous draft failures, Brady was the constant to take New England through. Peyton Manning is an excellent example in Denver. Honestly, does anyone believe that without him Denver is playing in the Super Bowl?


You went from a great blog post "Gaine reminds of the past" and than you scribble this shite of a blog! What proof do you have that Ross and Kraft don't like each other? That's preposterous conjecture unless you have proof. What proof do you have? Every other part of this blog reads fine except that glaring part. And that is a HUGE glaring rumor you are starting without proof man.

I always spew hate and anger at everyone and everything. If you don't like f off. deity dangs his own drummer and everyone else bangs my wife. I have a short bald man complex and being over 250lbs doesn't help, so you guys go f off, I'm the only smart one around here all you guys are idiots


I agree belichick can coach. But 2008 should not be proof alone. Matt cassel won some games in KC before injury. He lead minn to their only wins this season. I think in short doses, Matt cassel is a capable QB. Let's not give belichick too much credit for 2008. I think he coaches better this year with all the injuries they had.

why does everyone think I'm a consummate dusche? I'm the smartest guy in everyone room I walk into, just ask me I'll tell you.

I'm always angry because I have no friends and I'm repulsive to look at. I only shower once every other week, and my keyboard is stained with transfats.

what owners do you hear "scandalous" things about? only a few, like Jones and Haslam and a couple of others, are even mentioned in a negative light once in awhile--most NFL owners are not well known, if at all……most intentionally keep a low profile, for obvious reasons--so how do a few hear know so much about Kraft, truly?--that he's some great guy, etc……media speaks well of him occasionally, when he's on camera during a game…..I'm sure he does plenty of good things in that community, but most owners do…..we have no idea what he's like behind the scenes, or in the business world…..yet some nick Ross here because he doesnt get along with Kraft?--like we know Kraft THAT well?

smartest guy in any room I walk into*

2. There is something to be said for Caserio bringing the Bill Belichick system of player evaluation to the Dolphins. But that system has been with the Dolphins before. That system has roots in the Bill Parcells approach, which is in part what Jeff Ireland was using after Parcells departed in October 2010. And the Dolphins had a derivative of that system when Nick Saban was running the Dolphins as well.

Now all this part is wrong :

But that system has been with the Dolphins before. That system has roots in the Bill Parcells approach, which is in part what Jeff Ireland was using after Parcells departed in October 2010. And the Dolphins had a derivative of that system when Nick Saban was running the Dolphins as well.

New England hasn't been this dynasty team until 2000, when Bill Belichick & Tom Brady came to the Patriots at the same time. That tells you that Belichick was the mastermind on the NE dynasty NOT Bill Parcells or Jeff Ireland. Nick Cesario was groomed under Bill Belichick NOT Bill Parcells, so Armando Salguero needs to get his facts straight.

Quit screwing around and land Caserio. The Bilichick way of drafting is to draft football players that are not just based on numbers and and stats. Which is something the Dolphins don't do. You can call me anytime if you need a real perspective.

Pray for new ownership.


Nick Cesario comes from the Bill Belichick tree NOT the Bill Parcells tree (BIG DIFFERENCE !). Armando Salguero needs to get his facts straight. To say that Miami went the Patriots way & failed already is completely bogus. Bill Parcells went the NY JETS & GIANTS WAY NOT THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS WAY ! There is absolutely no doubt that Nick Cesario would be the best possible GM candidate, but only if he has complete control of player personnel !

After a woman see's my small organ I never get a second chance. I'm extremely lucky to get the first chance. That's why I'm always angry, and it's all Mando's fault. Don't you guys see that?

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