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Nick Caserio might get second interview Saturday

It's going to be a busy day of finalists interviews for the Dolphins. And Patriots vice president of player personnel Nick Caserio might be one of those, according to Tom Curran of CSN New England.

Curran was told by a source that Caserio stayed in South Florida overnight after his interview Friday and was "going back tomorrow." But the source apparently was not clear whether he meant Caserio was going back for a finalist interview with the Dolphins or going back to Boston.

So, basically, Caserio might be a finalist. Or he might be nothing more than a tourist in a South Florida airport Saturday morning.

(My guess is he's a finalist, but that is only a hunch based on years of knowing how the Dolphins do business).

[Update: Caserio remained in South Florida and continued interviewing Saturday. It is unclear if this means he is a finalist or his initial interview continues.]

Tennessee vice president of football operations Lake Dawson was also scheduled to interview on Saturday.

Dolphins assistant general manager Brian Gaine, definitely a finalists, had his interview Friday afternoon and evening.

Cleveland assistant GM Ray Farmer, who was to be a finalist, turned down an opportunity to be considered any further.

It is interesting if Caserio has made the final cut because he was the last of the GM candidates to have a first-round interview. The Dolphins targeted Caserio early in their search but were not sure they would be able to get an interview with him until after the Patriots were eliminated from the playoffs with a loss in the AFC Championship game.

Three things you must remember relative to the Caserio candidacy:

 1. Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and Patriots owner Robert Kraft are not close. Indeed, "not close" can be said another way ... they do not like one another. It probably would please Ross to take one of Kraft's men. It probably would please Kraft to keep Ross from getting his guy.

Either way, the sound of a cash register could be ringing in Caserio's head.

2. There is something to be said for Caserio bringing the Bill Belichick system of player evaluation to the Dolphins. But that system has been with the Dolphins before. That system has roots in the Bill Parcells approach, which is in part what Jeff Ireland was using after Parcells departed in October 2010. And the Dolphins had a derivative of that system when Nick Saban was running the Dolphins as well.

3. Remember what I've told you multiple times about Ross since this process began: He often falls in love with the latest person he engages with. Caserio was Miami's final candidate Ross and his team interviewed in the first round of this process.

Just saying.


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Bill Belichick and Nick Cesario both come from the Bill Parcells tree.

Unless this guy is bringing Bellichiek,why would I want another failed patriot exec and that list is long. Bellichek and his coaching is the key to maximizing talents. Outside of Welker who was not even drafted by the pats, even their free agents are busts when they leave.

Nick Caserio = Scott Pioli and we all saw the wonderful job Scott did with the KC

Bill Belichick, Tom Brady & Nick Cesario came to New England at the same time in 2000 & have all been together for 12 years. To say that Cesario didn't play a big part in that decade of success would be completely stupid. If Miami has any chance whatsoever to land him as our new GM they better do it. Now Brian Gaine or Dennis Hickey may be just fine, but nobody can argue that NE is the winning-est team over the last decade & their drafts speak for themselves.

heheheheh. I am flattered.

Hollywood, You are reaching bro. Bellichek is the key to the entire operation. His ability to coach both complete products, under achievers, and raw athletes is what separates the pats. The patriots draft success is debatable. VERY DEBATABLE.

GM fills a team with bodies, Capologists handle the finances, the coaching staff maximizes the talent by putting players in a position to succeed through teaching and game planning strategy. Look at the hit rate on GM's and you will see the truth.

Nick Caserio = Scott Pioli and we all saw the wonderful job Scott did with the KC
Posted by: FanForLive | January 25, 2014 at 09:40 AM

Do you know how many pro bowl players KC has had on their temas the past few years? Look it up. They just didn't have a competent QB. Andy Reid was handed a gift in KC thanks to Pioli and Harbaugh.

maybe "whats changed Caserio's mind" is that he realizes Brady is another year older, and therefore closer to the end of his career……he's the engine that drives NE…..Belichik too obviously, but coaches usually become "great" coaches because they have a "great" QB--Brady drives the bus

The dolphins are just entertainment for the owner Ross.Whatever his scrubs do and they are all his scrubs including Aponte and Philbin he still rings up a profit when he sells the team its called appreciation and since the US economy has turned around its inevitable.
The last owner was similar and he owned the team for two decades,dont know if Ross will make it that far but his decendants will.
To become a billionaire you gotta know how to BS.He does it well with the media every year just like Huizinga did.Joe Robbie was different in the sense that THIS TEAM WAS HIS BUISINESS.He built it from the ground up.

Nick Cesario has been in New England for the same length of time as Bill Belichick & has been Belichick's right hand man for the last 6 years + he is the only Patriots executive in the draft room with Belichick & Robert Craft in every draft since 2008. To think that Cesario hasn't picked up a ton of great leadership skills during that time is completely moronic. You need to screw your head on straight !

We're Close, the evidence against Craft if you want to know and were paying attentio was the NFL striping them of draft choices, the NFL fining Belichick, and the NFL fining the club itself. Is that enough for you.

FanForLive, yeah 8 Pro Bowlers in 2012, and 5 in 2013.

Insults get you nowhere dude, its childish. the patriots have more 1st and 2nd round busts than the dolphins. Did you know that? The leadership skills come from Bellichek. The game planning comes from Bellichek. The match ups come from Bellichek. The education of players about how to approach every single aspect of football come from Bellichek. GM's are glorified Talent Scouts. Bellichek is the Alpha male in that room when it comes to players, don't get it twisted.

no one should be surprised if it turns out Caserio is just playing Ross to get a raise from NE….happens all the time, in every type of business (and good for Caserio if he gets the raise)--but having him in the mix adds some credibility to our GM search (should ease the concerns of many Dolfans who are apparently worried about our reputation in "league circles") and simply adds another quality candidate to the pool--positives far outweigh the negatives, even if he goes back to NE for more money

The Phins problems this season come from poor coaching. It is blatantly obvious to anyone who can comprehend game film. The scheme was bad, the player rotations worse and in-game adjustments did not exist. This teams problem has more to do with coaching and less to do with talent.

Your welcome

Coming from an organization in New England that has been to five Super Bowls since the turn of the century and won three gives Caserio some perspective on how to build a championship team. He has spent 13 seasons with the Patriots, 11 of them on the personnel side, and was promoted to his current position in February of 2008.

Caserio served as Bill Belichick’s wide receivers coach in 2007. That’s the year Randy Moss caught 23 touchdown passes and New England went 16-0 in the regular season before losing to the New York Giants in the Super Bowl to fall a game shy of the first perfect season since Miami’s in 1972. His only other year on Belichick’s coaching staff was in 2002 as an offensive coaching assistant.

Success has followed Caserio dating back to his college days as a four-year starter at quarterback for John Carroll University, where he led the Blue Streaks to just their second appearance in the NCAA Division III Tournament and was a two-time captain and three-time All-Conference selection. He went into the coaching ranks as a graduate assistant at Saginaw Valley State for two years from 1999-2001 and then spent a brief period in the same role at Central Michigan in 2001 before joining the Patriots’ scouting department as a personnel assistant – the year they won their first Super Bowl.

After his first season on the coaching staff the following year, Caserio became an area scout for two years and then was named director of pro personnel in 2004. He handled press box responsibilities for the coaching staff during games from 2003-06, moved back to the sidelines in 2007 and made his final move back to the front office on the first day of the 2008 NFL Scouting Combine.

agree with Hollywood at 9:51….no one knows if any of these guys (or others that didnt interview….or Farmer) will make a good GM, when they have the title/responsibilities…..whether he made many or any key decisions along the way or not, working next to BB for years couldnt hurt

Belichick was a nobody and proved not to be a genius before he got Tom Brady. Brady put Belichik in the map. Have Joe Philbin as HC of the Pats with Brady as the QB and nobody would ask for Philbin's head as we are today. In the NFL today you live or die by your QB and when you have one like future Hall of Famer Tom Brady, you become a genius for a decade. And once you have the QB producing for you big time, you can take some big gambles with personnel, some turning out to be good and some not.

Our own Philbin does not have a Tom Brady working for him. And of top of that, Philbin has proven to be inexperienced, stubborn and inflexible. Three traits that usually guarantees the mess we had last season and that will be duplicated next season as well.

agree Pollard…..thats why I'm nearly positive, despite what some others here think, that Philbin gets 1 more year to post a winning record or playoffs, or he's gone…..I dont buy into him having much long term power or security (ie. the DawnJoe references)--he's a HC….he wins at some point (soon) or he's gone-so if he doesnt win next year, we'll have a new HC…..and our new GM will have plenty of input in that hire

Frank from PA...you want proof, you want proof from a Mando blog report? You cant handle the proof!" Just kidding. Here is a way to save a few bucks a week...assume 90% of the Mando blog is speculation and guess work with a sprinkle of potential half truths. If you go in with that mind set, you will save a few bucks on anti-acids!

John Carrol University? Division III football? dude you are going way too deep, but I understand. Was he holding the camera stealing defensive signals from 1999-2007 too? Listen, what I am saying is you can draft a team FULL of studs. If the coaches cannot maximize the talent and put them in a position to succeed it is irrelevant. The phins had all the talent they needed since september and coaching failed this organization, Period.

The Dolphins will host Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio for a second interview on Saturday.
The Dolphins just interviewed Caserio for a first time on Friday, but look to be attempting to expedite their GM search as the fanbase becomes restless. (The fanbase is always restless in Miami, but we digress.) Landing Caserio would be a coup for the Fins, so much so that our money is against perennial-whiffer Stephen Ross pulling it off. The finalists for the Dolphins' GM vacancy are Caserio, in-house option Brian Gaine, and Titans VP Lake Dawson.

The proof is right in front of you if you look. Philbin wanted Dansby, Burnett, Mcdaniels and Bush out. How are they looking with their new teams? Look at Ellerbe and Wheeler game film from last season with the Ravens and Raiders and contrast it with this seasons film. Explain why deion Jordan was barely played from the beginning, but was very effective when he did ON FILM. Why did Cameron Wake sit so much this season including the Majority of the final 7 minutes vs. tampa bay after closing out cincinnati the week before. Is that Jeff Ireland or Joe Philbin. The coaching mistakes from this season are LONG!

Here is what this new GM candidate brings that none of the others have...working with the best HC who is also a well above avg personnel guy, and winning enviornment, and different ways of doing this associated with that winning organization that just may rub off on dino-Philbin-saurous.

not saying I want him or know anything about him, but it was reported (I thought) that Hickey is one of the finalists too…..no? Another reasonable candidate to talk to, thats all….

I'll know the sissy when I see him, than JoeDawn will hire him. It's that simple really.

I'm worried though, JT, that Caserio is going through the motions while fully intending to stay with the Pats if offered a raise there…..which wouldnt surprise me…..but would ultimately disappoint alot of Fin fans again

Bellichek is 11-5 without Tom Brady people. 11-5 with MATT CASSELL!!!

TOO much QB love in todays NFL. #SMH

Posted by: J T SANDER | January 25, 2014 at 10:10 AM

That in itself is worth it because he can evaluate Philbin and then let Ross know how he compares to BB

I love the way Ross's ear's look like vage pubes

I don't know who they will hire, who may or may not back out and who will or will not get the job done if they are hired. Or, if the job can even be done in Miami, in it's present environment.

What I believe is the "issue" is that of a question regarding Dawn Aponte. It seems reasonable to believe that she is the main reason why Farmer walked and also why other candidates, reportedly, declined the invitation to interview. The alleged Aponte power play that was reported here was also alleged in Cleveland. That explains Farmers uneasiness. But, it also likely explains the others who cited concerns over the Miami front office. Execs move around the NFL, teams contact other teams and word gets around in the NFL as a normal part of business.

None of this is to say that Aponte is definitely a poison pill. But, when two GM's are rumored to lose their jobs (Kokinis and Ireland) due to a front office power play that Aponte is reported (or rumored, in the least) to have executed, then questions are warranted and I have respect for Farmers decision to pass on the potential opportunity and the others who may have passed on interest because of it. It raises legitimate questions and concern. If true, and it happens again, the candidate who takes the job has limited his chance of success within the organization and potentially damaged his future prospects in the NFL. I would do the same thing if I had individuals who I trusted tell me that the Miami situation with Dawn Aponte is "toxic".

That said, only time will tell if it is really true and, if so, if it happens again. Right now, even though it's only a reported theory and not concrete fact, it is two strikes against Aponte IMO. If she really is that blindly ambitious and/or power hungry, it will happen again. She wont be able to help herself. If untrue, then it wont happen again.

All in all, I think it's fair to say that this has hindered the process. Maybe not the end result, but definitely the process. Any press is good press does NOT apply to the Dolphins here.

Just my 2 pennies worth ... that's post 1983 97%+ Zn pennies worth.

JT SANDER, You can evaluate Philbin right now. Inexperienced and gives his assistants too long of a leash. The Phins had the most inexperienced staff in the NFL and it was obvious.

Mando, couldn't agree more with your last post. I am sure that Gaine can do wonders rattling off draftable stats and attributes in a very Mel Kiper-esque way. Unfortunately he has been teamed with Ireland too long. I also would have reservations (fair or not) that the Gaine hire would be like the movie Ground Hog Day on a loop.

Great teams are typically tied to great QBs. Think of the many stellar teams over the years and you will usually have a stud at QB.

In our own house we won a lot of games due to Marino's prowess alone (even despite having suspect running games and less than dominant DEF at times).

Bradshaw, Staubach, Joe Montana, Steve Young, Troy Aikman, Brady and Manning.

Benz in his post above took the thought right out of my head, Brady is winding down. Belichek can even see the end of the easy 11-12 win seasons from where he stands.

The higher should be Nick Cesario. He would usher in a new thought process on picking winners in the draft. The battle tested addage is "You can't do the same thing, in the same manner, and expect a different outcome." Gaine would seem to be too close to the same.

They also should not hire a candidate simply and solely on the idea that he will "get along with" Dawn Aponte and Philbin.

If you have ever heard Ireland speak off the cuff and in person, you can see that he is a different sort of dude. It is no surprise to me he didn't "get along" with many. Just the fact that he would ask Dez Bryant about his mother being a prostitute shows his filter is out of whack. Despite being a big pain in the butt, the fact that Dez's mother was (by what I could glean) at one time in that line of work has zero to do with Dez Bryant being able to be a pretty dominant football player.

In the end, Ireland is gone. Even if the next GM fails, I don't feel the Fins can take a chance on having an Ireland 2.0. It just opens the door to waaaaay to many fans saying "Damn, I kew it...I told you so Mr. Ross!" I believe Mr. Ross wants a winner as bad as any owner and gets some unfair press. A Gaine hire would be just too much status quo.


yaaaayyyy you go girl. Girl power. I hope Dawn hires Rosie O'donnell. I always liked her. Rosie can be the first Linebacker/player/gm to ever hold that position

It should have read:

Bradshaw, Staubach, Joe Montana, Steve Young, Troy Aikman, Brady and Manning all had great teams because they were at the helm.


More QB love. #SMH

Insert QB win superbowls, this is bad.

Hey, we have Tony Spaano 2.0 and Chad Henne 2.0 so why not have Jeff Ireland 2.0?

agree Pollard that there may be too much QB love……but we are talking about Brady here, one of the best ever…..not one of the newbie media darlings that havent accomplished all too much yet (you know, those referred to as "elite" after 1-2 seasons….comical)--Brady is an exception……but obviously Belichik and his crew are very talented too, no question…..and you gotta assume that Caserio picked up more than a few good ideas/traits, etc

It's the evil white man that's brought us down. Ross, do the right thing. Hire either a woman or a black man, if you don't your a racist. All white men(except gays,liberals,communists) are evil devils. Prove your one of us perverted degenerates ahh, err, I mean... never mind

Benz, 11-5 WITHOUT Brady. 11-5 with MATT CASSELL Its called a consistent coaching and game planning Methodology. This has NOTHING to do with Caserio. This is not a slight to him, he may be a very good talent scout, but the REALITY is so was Jeff Ireland. That can be proven. This coaching staff was awful.

Belichik is a shrewd cookie. If he allows Caserio to go to a team within his division you know he stinks.

We're. Close - Kraft is the architect of the NFL channel and the debacal around getting the cable providers on board. Heavily involved in the nfl. Communication products so we out of market fans can thank him and his like for having to PAY for Free internet radio when the games are on.

Also if you have ever been to Gillette, used to be able to park next to he stadium. Now it's. Self promoting Kraft owned mall that u have to walk through to get to the stadium. Walk from the lots is now a mile in many cases.

many seem to forget that we added Lazor to the mix, who is inexperienced but highly regarded……Chip Kelly's endorsement is enough for me, and almost has to be an upgrade over Sherman……most agree it was a quality addition in any case

Posted by: Grier | January 25, 2014 at 10:18 AM

Good post and I agree. As to Caserio, I like the fact that he's coached before. I say hire him if he'll take the job but get a new pic...maybe dark glasses?

You guys need to relax. A blind monkey throwing darts will have better results than Ireland. So improvement in the drafts is really a certainty no matter who we pick.

The convo here in the wee hours was more funner than this stuff.
You can pot-shot Caserio & Pioli all you want. The point is that of the actual, breathing candidates, Caserio towers above the rest. He's actually seen, tasted, worked on & participated in Winning. Gaines is drowning in the stench of FIRELAND.... Why FIRELAND & hire his Butt-boy?
The other guys come from other inept orgs. GO WITH THE WINNER!

This thread is an exercise in perception and reality. wow!

Caserio is an evil white man, why can't you guys see that, there are alot of great choices being over looked by racists, what about Rosie O'donnell, Chad Bono, etc... All white men are racists.

I agree that our coaching wasnt good Pollard (when did I say otherwise?)--and also said/agree that Belichik is obviously a very good coach too (speaks for itself)--i'm just saying that I dont think Philbin gets more than 1 more year unless he has a winning record or makes the playoffs…..and that, while Cesario isnt Belichik, bringing Cesario in couldnt be a terrible thing because he's learned under BB for quite a few years…..plus, we dont know that any of these GM candidates are going to be good anyway…..bring the guy in that worked w/ BB, thats all--I think we're in agreement…..

Thank you

Hey whats up everybody, I am looking for a Hugh G. Rekshun. Has anyone seen Hugh G. Rekshun around here lately?

I dont see anything great happening ANY TIME SOON! Ross is just ridiculously incomptent as a sports owner.

I understand Benz, Just saying most fans do not understand who is responsible for what in an organization. What happens on the field is Philbin. Talent is the GM. Finances is Dawn Aponte. I don't think most people were questioning the talent thru September. Ireland has gotten a really bad rap in this circumstance. People do not realize that the NFL average is 2.3 potential starters per draft, good teams strive for 3. Ireland BEAT those numbers. If you think he had anything to do with a draft before April 2011 draft for the 2012 season, you are mistaken. If Parcells who left in Ovtober 2010 is in the building, he is running the show, Period.

deity, your nasty. That's a good one

Posted by: Ellen Degenerous | January 25, 2014 at 10:32 AM

Ummm he has a woman working for him bro. Be mad at Armando as he is one who has a problem with a female in a position of power. But so do lots of unsecure fellows. Also, the black man they were going to hire was too stupid to realize that not even taking a second interview was a blow to the miority process. Forget taking the job, this cat set the Black man back a decade with his thoughtless, selfish actions. So there is no loss for the Phish for losing out on this nimrod. Addition by subtraction folks.

Deity, Kind of hard to see how he set the black man back considering the other "Black Man" Lake Dawson is taking his second interview. WTF?

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