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Nick Caserio might get second interview Saturday

It's going to be a busy day of finalists interviews for the Dolphins. And Patriots vice president of player personnel Nick Caserio might be one of those, according to Tom Curran of CSN New England.

Curran was told by a source that Caserio stayed in South Florida overnight after his interview Friday and was "going back tomorrow." But the source apparently was not clear whether he meant Caserio was going back for a finalist interview with the Dolphins or going back to Boston.

So, basically, Caserio might be a finalist. Or he might be nothing more than a tourist in a South Florida airport Saturday morning.

(My guess is he's a finalist, but that is only a hunch based on years of knowing how the Dolphins do business).

[Update: Caserio remained in South Florida and continued interviewing Saturday. It is unclear if this means he is a finalist or his initial interview continues.]

Tennessee vice president of football operations Lake Dawson was also scheduled to interview on Saturday.

Dolphins assistant general manager Brian Gaine, definitely a finalists, had his interview Friday afternoon and evening.

Cleveland assistant GM Ray Farmer, who was to be a finalist, turned down an opportunity to be considered any further.

It is interesting if Caserio has made the final cut because he was the last of the GM candidates to have a first-round interview. The Dolphins targeted Caserio early in their search but were not sure they would be able to get an interview with him until after the Patriots were eliminated from the playoffs with a loss in the AFC Championship game.

Three things you must remember relative to the Caserio candidacy:

 1. Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and Patriots owner Robert Kraft are not close. Indeed, "not close" can be said another way ... they do not like one another. It probably would please Ross to take one of Kraft's men. It probably would please Kraft to keep Ross from getting his guy.

Either way, the sound of a cash register could be ringing in Caserio's head.

2. There is something to be said for Caserio bringing the Bill Belichick system of player evaluation to the Dolphins. But that system has been with the Dolphins before. That system has roots in the Bill Parcells approach, which is in part what Jeff Ireland was using after Parcells departed in October 2010. And the Dolphins had a derivative of that system when Nick Saban was running the Dolphins as well.

3. Remember what I've told you multiple times about Ross since this process began: He often falls in love with the latest person he engages with. Caserio was Miami's final candidate Ross and his team interviewed in the first round of this process.

Just saying.


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Its only nasty after you take it out.

He took it out? It? It. Out? Out.

Maybe it needed some air.

I'm a facetious ironic militant gay mirage

Gotta admit it was humiliating that Farmer refused a 2nd interview. He probably realized the dysfunction of the organization or cheap Ross wanted him to work for peanuts.

How is Caserio a no-brainer? Many have tried to pluck fruit from the belichick tree and they have all withered (poetic, eh?).

I don't think Crennel, Weiss, McDaniels, or Pioli have set the world on fire. Belichick is such a control freak (and it works for him) that none of his minions ever learn to do their jobs and stand on their own.

Caserio would be a first, as first as I'm concerned.

deity @ 10:57
couldn't agree more

LP its a matter of how hard the NFL and Pollard has worked to get black men noticed and hired in a dominantly white environment. All the things they have gone through to get to this point and this dummy is just like, um, no thanks? If he doesn't want the job then that is fine. But he just spit in the face of the entire process. Take the damn interview and if you want to afterwards, then decline the job. He should have taken the job, there are only 32 opportunities for all people to have this job in the world and I think only 2 are manned by Blacks? Farmer is dumb and we are lucky he is that dumb. How many black men have taken interviews for like or lower level jobs ONLY because the org. HAD to meet the interview "quota" and minority requirements but they do it anyway knowing they have no chance. They do it for the cause, they still do it. These guys swallow pride for the bigger picture, this guy is just retarded. I thought dawson should have been the hire all along, I like this cat. But with Caserio in the mix now...looks like the Black man will lose again. Good job farmer. lol

Just read a very good article on ESPN titled "The End Came To Quick". It's about Pete Carroll and his one year as the Jet's HC. Talk about dysfunctional! A good read!

Barry Jackson had some good positive info on Casario.It's
like anything else though, you never know until he has had a chance (Just win, baby!!).

Signal, did the article talk about Rick Kotite, he was my favorite Jets HC, he was our Tony Spoogano.

I guess there are no GM candidates we will ever be happy with. We'll be wishing we stuck with Ireland in 3 years from now.

post the link signal!

Deity, I don't agree. A LOT of black mend turn down opportunities like this if they feel the process is tainted. Ray Farmer is just the latest. I understand the Fritz Pollard Alliance point of view, but the NFL owners own ignorance holds them back. The sheer ratio of Super Bowl appearances and victories divided by the number of opportunities for these same minorities proves that. If the NFL ownership wanted to hire more minorities they simply would, but a lot of minorities are insulted by hollow efforts and opportunities. I, myself would have taken the interview, but in the end he decided it was not worth it. MIami would irk me, we interview Mike Tomlin and hired Cam Cameron. 15 minutes with Tomlin should have been sufficient to see he has "IT". I have seen his interview I know. I like your perspective though, you are free in your thoughts, keep grindin.

Until we win 5 consecutive SB's, I will be miserable.

Everything is wrong with everything. I thought about changing my favorite team but then I won't be able to complain so much.

I'm not sure I will ever recover from any of our mistakes. The team should have disbanded after the perfect season.

I'm so glad we finally got rid of Ireland! Now if only I didn't hate all the other options.

Hmm. Good post.

Offensively, cornerstones remain from Pioli's time, in quarterback Tom Brady, guard Logan Mankins and receiver Wes Welker. But since, New England has rebuilt the tailback position, with Stevan Ridley, Danny Woodhead and Shane Vereen; the tight end spot, with Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez; and the offensive line, with bookends Nate Solder and Sebastian Vollmer.

Likewise, on defense, Caserio walked into his new role with Vince Wilfork and Jerod Mayo to build around, and went to work by inserting draft picks like Chandler Jones, Brandon Spikes, Dont'a Hightower and Devin McCourty, giving the Patriots their youngest defensive group in more than a decade.

Now, when Belichick's in charge, there's always the question of how involved anyone else really is, since the coach's fingerprints are all over everything. But given Caserio's acumen, those who've been around him have little doubt.

And there's black-and-white proof, too, in the number of roles Belichick has entrusted him with, from offensive coaching assistant (2002) to area scout (2003) to pro director (2004 to '06) to receivers coach (2007) to his current role, which he started while still holding some coaching responsibilities.

"It's a huge asset to Nick that he can move from personnel to coaching and coaching personnel, and even perform those tasks in the same day," Dimitroff said. "To be able to handle that multitasking and understand what someone as talented as Bill Belichick wants, it's huge. When you work for Bill, you better come to the table with your I's dotted and your T's crossed. Nick is able to do that, and Bill has great respect for that."

Maybe Farmer felt like he was being interviewed from simply a "meets requirements" POV. I can understand saying no thanks to that, as I am also a very prideful person. Not everyone was meant to help pull the sled through the mud. I still think the Phish should hire Dawson, something about the look in his eyes. He could be running the whole show before he's done. Such a cool name too, Lake Dawson. Sounds like a place I'd like to vacation.

I will NEVER regret them getting rid of Parcell's flunky known as Ireland

I don't know, Farmer may be an "Alpha" male. The league is full of them. Maybe he decided to keep working until an opportunity that gave him full control of both the personnel side and the coaching side is his best opportunity for success. He won't get that in Miami. Ross has constructed the power structure more like that of a Fortune 500 company than an NFL organization.

Meet Nick Caserio, undercover architect of New England Patriots


The scoop on Farmer was during his interview Dawn told him she does not do black men.

So Pioli takes a job as an assistant GM with Atlanta and does not even interview with the Dolphins. My guess is that Ross did not like the stink from Parcells and hiring his son in law just would not work.

sounds awesome mando. young guy who has a better grasp on these guys coming out of college. Hopefully he impresses, and checks this ridiculous philbin/aponte battery. go dolphins!

One thing I have learned, If you are going to be a Miami Dolphin fan, you have to be committed to it and cold hard objective. You have to look at all information with your head and not your heart that is hard to do. I have a couple of friends in the league and I follow a lot of beat writers. In the NFL Ireland has a SOLID reputation as a good scout. If you look at his drafts, and we are only talking about 3 drafts, he had good drafts by NFL standards. It is an inexact science, ALL GM's miss as much as they hit. Their success is tied to coaching, that is really why the job in miami is pushing candidates away. I posted about too much QB love, and it is true. Coaching wins games and championships in the NFL. GM's are mostly talents scouts.

Flee, I don't know where you get your lying propaganda but...

15 years since a playoff win. The worst Dolphin teams ever.

That former Patriots personnel man, who worked with Caserio in New England, called him "Type A", but said the idea that he's strangely intense is a "misperception," and that he's simply "really into what he does." Dimitroff added to the point, calling Caserio "misunderstood" and saying he's a "great soul."

Dimitroff, Pioli and everyone who's worked with Caserio agreed that, when the time comes, he has the makings of a very solid NFL general manager.

Caserio's résumé will likely get him that shot, sooner rather than later, if he so chooses.

But the best part for New England? It's a good bet he's not real worried about that right now.

Meet Nick Caserio, undercover architect of New England Patriots


Damn, I wish I had a life

hollywood, guess what...we all know how to read. no need to cut and paste what we already read here.

I hope they hire Lake Dawson. A former player who has worked his way up. Screw these Parcells/ Bill B. disciples!

I realize many of my more recent posts have been of an extremely negative and pessimistic nature. It's only because I my GREAT LOVE for what was once a proud and very prestigious flagship franchise.

I gain no joy in watching it systematically dismantled by grave bafoonery and gross ineptitude.

I'm now torn between continue to watch as my team's on "brain dead" life support. Or hoping some one with greater power than I, does the right thing and have the NFL doctors to just "pull the plug".

This is the haunted and black matter place where I now reside.

Posted by: LPollardJr | January 25, 2014 at 11:48 AM

The coaches cant make chicken salad out of chicken shyt. No coach could survive Ireland when he cant supply any talent. Neither Sparano nor Philbin could survive the worst GM ever.

I hate all the options, but I'm glad Ireland is gone. I guess I'll hate the next one just as much.

@ Flee : That's only for all the idiots that are saying Nick Caserio would be a big mistake as our new GM.

Benz. Pollard...great posts both. To Benz's point, yes, Ceaseio maybe be using Ross to currie favor and more $$ from the Pats. Not like Miami hasnt been used that way before. That said, I would bet Bilichek may be supportative of his younger protege to move up, but probably outside the AFC east.

Ro Pollard's point with regard to Philbins coaching and more so lack of leaderships and guts, the team that Ireland put together should have been better than 8-8. Philbin lack of leadership and I dont mean the rah rah on the sideline stuff, could be seen in the offense. He came here speaking of running a WCO, and his o coordinator kept force feeding the offense the 1970s/1980s run first, run second, throw on third, pumt on fourth and hope your defense can hold, then try again. Why is this a failure in leadership, because Philbin allowed Sherman to run the show as if he was the HC. Philbin should have either told Sherman NO MORE, and start calling plays which maximizes our strengths and minimizes our weakness or your fired now and I will either do it myself or have someone do it who will do what I say.

Last years team was geared, given the o line woes that became evident by week 4, for the short passing game, three and five step drops and no more. Yes, Clay had a great year, and his success was brought about using those types of plays. I also think Philbin should hve gotten more out Sims and Egnes in the seams to help Tannehill. The inability as a HC to allow a subordinate to undermine your philosphy, one of the tennants which he touted, shows a terrible lack of leadership. Everything starts from there.

And finally to all bloggers here damming Bilichek, staffs, their drafts, FA signs, spygate, and Pats ownership, who here wouldnt trade it straight up right here and now? Even if you dont like the Pats, Bilichek, and the lot, as football fans you have to applaud what they have accomplished over the past 15 years. Heck, I wish the Fins had that problem.

8-8 is terrific. Whats wrong?

So what if the Jets finished ahead of us.

This franchise is in such disarray, Bill Bellichik would beat us for the afc east title with our own cheerleaders.

So what if we didnt attend the Senior Bowl? Sowhat if Ross cant make a decision?

hey douche, if the jets finished ahead of us how come we pick behind them?

Might be using Ross to get more money from Kraft but I doubt it. Ross is not cheap and will spend money if he thinks it will benefit the team. Caserio would be getting an increase in his responsibilities in that Belichick controls all. In Miami he would have complete control over the roster. I think it could work out; Aponte, Carserio, Philbin, it reads like a law firm.

Monte, that is completely inaccurate. it is perception. Were you trashing Irelands picks in April or excited? Happy about Free Agency moves in September? This team COMPLETELY underachieved at the hands of an inexperienced coaching staff. The most inexperienced in the NFL. A lot of Philbins hired are getting first time NFL experience at the level they are at. Sherman and Coyle were the biggest underachievers. Sherman ran a system based offense that ignores match ups. Ignores match ups in the NFL? Coyle ran too much soft zone 4-3, when your personnel is obviously better suited for 3-4. You wonder why the defense was soft and easily run on? You have 3 of the better interior lineman in the league. In the 3-4 when the defense was good, they were ALL on the field at the same time. IN the 4-3 they are not. He runs a hybrid that switches fronts, he should have used more 3-4 looks. He rarely mixed his coverages in and out of Man, cover 2, cover 4, cover 3. On offense it was even worse.

So what if the Bills shut us out?

JT they were dead in the water especially afte the BS bully scandal. And the HC pulled them into the picture again. the last two games were awful, but on noe can discout what Philbin did as a LEADER of the team to keep them in contention until the last week of the season. A lot of this Philbin hate is very unwarnted IMO. Fans are mad and they need someone to blame. Ireland is gone, Sherman is gone... so in steps Philbin. Most of this is Armandos fault with his terribly inaccurate, "loosey-goosey" reporting. This is why I bash Armando on the regular. because he deserves it.


Its not even debateable how pathetic a GM Ireland was. He had far more busts than any GM ever. He was the worst. So debate with yourself if you like. I wont address it. You must be a relative of his.

LPollardJr for DC, can't do any worse that what we've had the last 2 years. You'll have to run it by the typical fins fan but you got one vote

Here we go with the insults, not even necessary. I look at ACTUAL NFL DATA, not an opinion. The NFL average is 2.3 potential starters per draft, Ireland ACTUALLY beat those numbers by far with a BAD coaching effort. take Irelands name out of it and examine the information yourself. The majority of sportswriters are trying to sell their brand with sensationalism. They report inaccurate nonsense all the time to draw people to their brand. Objectivity saves Phin fans from nonsense. RIGHT NOW, the NFL scouting community still sees ireland as a very good talent scout. If Ireland was the problem and so bad, Why such a hard time getting a GM right now? Be objective and take the emotion out.

Armando and some fans around here still make smartazzed comments about how the Phins missed out on Jeff Fisher and how doomed we are.

Jeff Fisher with Rams who had a "franchise" QB in place, "more complete" roster, a PILE of HIGH draft picks, full control for Fisher who has about 15 more years of HC experience 14-17-1

Joe Philbin 15-17


Diety...ok on the Mando blame! LOL

Philbin failed to hold to his WCO philosohy by not calling out Sherman due to misplaced loyalty. Philbin's loyalty should be to the team first, friends who are coaches, last. He failed in this regard and failed badly. The fact he was forced to fire Sherman is proof. Instead of standing up to Ireland on his own, he hid behind Dawn's skirt and let her by all accounts do the dirty work.

deity, it's hard for me to understand how a good coach on the brink of the playoffs can have his team demoralized in the last game by a scrub team especially after being thoroughly trashed just the game before by another bottom dweller. That to me does not bode well for a HC's resume

Ross is kicking himself for choosing Ireland instead of Jeff Fisher.

I feel your pain JT SANDER, Philbin did not hold his coaches to the same standard as his players. He gave Sherman and Coyle way too much slack.

Fisher is mediocre at best, he's trash

Fisher = Wan stache

I was mad at Sherman during the course of the season as well. But objectively it is pretty amazing IMO what this team accomplished during the course of the year with ZERO running game.
Also, Philbin was hired to do his job and part of that job was and is to make personnel decision with HIS staff. Are you telling me that if you were in charge of a group of people and we given final say and you felt they did well with what they had to work with and your boss came in with little perspective (like fans) into the situation demanding you fire people you would not be upset by that? Well my friend, I would have probably come close to quitting too. Where is Ross' experience in determining how well a football coach is performing. Philbin and Sherman have more football knowledge and experience in their left nutz than Ross has or ever will have. Ross was mad (as he should have been upset) at the end of the year and made an irrational decision to force Philbins hand in a matter he had NO BUSINESS sticking his face in. He wants to send Ireland packing then thats his call, but to stick his face in staff personnel decisions was an egregious error.

Cue Ball Failbin has no talent on his team and at least he realizes that. Thats the 1st step. Getting some talent may prove to be more difficult and take years.

If Ross wanted people gone he should have just fired everyone and started over. Otherwise they should have let Ireland, Philbin and the satff of HIS CHOOSING begin their 3rd year together.

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