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Nick Caserio might get second interview Saturday

It's going to be a busy day of finalists interviews for the Dolphins. And Patriots vice president of player personnel Nick Caserio might be one of those, according to Tom Curran of CSN New England.

Curran was told by a source that Caserio stayed in South Florida overnight after his interview Friday and was "going back tomorrow." But the source apparently was not clear whether he meant Caserio was going back for a finalist interview with the Dolphins or going back to Boston.

So, basically, Caserio might be a finalist. Or he might be nothing more than a tourist in a South Florida airport Saturday morning.

(My guess is he's a finalist, but that is only a hunch based on years of knowing how the Dolphins do business).

[Update: Caserio remained in South Florida and continued interviewing Saturday. It is unclear if this means he is a finalist or his initial interview continues.]

Tennessee vice president of football operations Lake Dawson was also scheduled to interview on Saturday.

Dolphins assistant general manager Brian Gaine, definitely a finalists, had his interview Friday afternoon and evening.

Cleveland assistant GM Ray Farmer, who was to be a finalist, turned down an opportunity to be considered any further.

It is interesting if Caserio has made the final cut because he was the last of the GM candidates to have a first-round interview. The Dolphins targeted Caserio early in their search but were not sure they would be able to get an interview with him until after the Patriots were eliminated from the playoffs with a loss in the AFC Championship game.

Three things you must remember relative to the Caserio candidacy:

 1. Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and Patriots owner Robert Kraft are not close. Indeed, "not close" can be said another way ... they do not like one another. It probably would please Ross to take one of Kraft's men. It probably would please Kraft to keep Ross from getting his guy.

Either way, the sound of a cash register could be ringing in Caserio's head.

2. There is something to be said for Caserio bringing the Bill Belichick system of player evaluation to the Dolphins. But that system has been with the Dolphins before. That system has roots in the Bill Parcells approach, which is in part what Jeff Ireland was using after Parcells departed in October 2010. And the Dolphins had a derivative of that system when Nick Saban was running the Dolphins as well.

3. Remember what I've told you multiple times about Ross since this process began: He often falls in love with the latest person he engages with. Caserio was Miami's final candidate Ross and his team interviewed in the first round of this process.

Just saying.


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Fisher = Wan stache
Posted by: Sports comment board poster | January 25, 2014 at 12:31 PM

Wan stache was pretty good in hindsight.

Posted by: LPollardJr | January 25, 2014 at 12:28 PM

Curious as to how you came to this conclusion?

I am clean and you are dirty.

which one?

Pollard...very true. Diety...for the record, I am not a Fisher fan by any stretch of the imagination. It isnt I dislike Philbin, and believe I was ok at the time of the hire. That said, I think his pettiness and stuborness is shining through. Hopefully the stories, rumors, what nots regarding Philbin not playing Irelands picks does not bode well. I truely hope that is BS. Still at the end of the day, like Pollard alludes to, Philbin threw his players under the bus when opting to keep his buddy Sherman until he was forced to can him. Wouldnt surprise me if it was Dawn wearing her PR hat who told him, "Joe, this Sherman thing is not looking good for you. Time for a change. The boss is on board. I think you should do, but if you dont I will Sherman and Ireland know they will need to clean out their offices by COB today.

deity, your right, Ross was wrong dealing with Failbin/Sherman. Ross should of cleaned house starting with Ireland right on down.

I totally agree with you

Wanny was the last good coach we had. Its just gotten worse since him. He had us winning every season but one. Saban, Cameron, Sparano, and Philbin all bad.

how did Philbin throw his players under the bus?

how did Philbin throw his players under the bus?
Posted by: deity | January 25, 2014 at 12:43 PM

Well, he said he didnt have near the talent he had in GB.

Throwing them under the bus is probably a strong way of putting it. I am just drawing the conclusion from the fact that every single player on last years leadership council could be considered a strong personality. Dansby, Burnett, Bush,Long and McDaniel who was not on the leadership council, were all strong alpha personalities. Philbin got rid of all of them. Ireland brought in these players. Players like this would be a challenge to someone like Philbin. He is inexperienced, stubborn and almost arrogant. He wants robots that don't have an opinion. He can run his ship how he pleases, but look at what he got left with. Look how the season played out. A team takes on the personality of the coach. Do I need to say more?

Well, he said he didnt have near the talent he had in GB.
Posted by: Steve69 | January 25, 2014 at 12:45 PM

I seriously doubt he said that. If he did, I obviously missed it.

No Fight, No Emotion, No Attitude, No answers. Is this not Philbin? Ever seen one of his press conferences. Did this team without real alpha personalities not get pushed around in critical moments? 49ers, Seahawks, Pats, etc… do they resemble their head coaches on the field.

Of most importance is implementation of PERSONAL STRATEGIC GOALS in all endeavors. Miami Dolphins shall know success when this plan is incorporated and will create inner fusion of will, as in the Korean business model (HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL AND PROVEN!)

Well one I think Dansby needed to go anyway. Burnett was a surprise to me but I think they thought they needed a younger more athletic LB in his spot. Wheeler just played like a Crowder clone. Long was a prick in my opinion and could have easily stayed but chose not to because Philbin didnt give him free reign like Sporano did. Nothing wrong with not giving a player free reign IMO. Bush. Now I really like Bush for his leadership and hard work. I think that was just a matter of his age versus his contract wants. Of course a HC wants to and HAS to make his OWN impression on his team. Every one does it. I thought it was very commendable he didn't do it the first year he walked in. Like how Parcells came in and just axed 3/4ths of the roster to make his own and brought in the Cowboys cast offs. At least Philbin allowed most all of the guys he never brought in to play out a year to see what he had. I personally think you people have Philbin pegged all wrong.

Funny how everyone thinks Kraft is the greatest. He has the greatest QB! You all forget when he bought the team he was as clueless as Ross and struggled the same way, but he figured it out. Ross has a tremendous passion for this team, he will figure it out. He will see that great owners have great QB's.

Oh, stop pretending as if there some magical kind of coaching temperament.

For every fiery guy that wins like Harbaugh there's another like Dungy who is the polar opposite but also had great success.

Shula had fire. Landry stood there like a rock. Carroll is animated as hell. Belichick never changes expression.

EVERY type of personality has won and lost in the NFL. If you think "one type" has done better than another you are ignorant of reality.

No Fight, No Emotion, No Attitude, No answers. Is this not Philbin? Ever seen one of his press conferences. Did this team without real alpha personalities not get pushed around in critical moments? 49ers, Seahawks, Pats, etc… do they resemble their head coaches on the field.
Posted by: LPollardJr | January 25, 2014 at 12:51 PM

I saw plenty of passioin from Philbin over the course of the year. Did you see the games man? Was he screaming like an idiot like Harbaugh does? well, no. And how does Bellicheat come across as some super emotional guy on the sidelines or in pressers? I think there are situations that prove and disprove this at every turn. Some coaches get results being a screaming chest pumping idiot and some coaches get results being calm and collected. I guess Tony Dungy is a terrible coach too?

I understand all the negativity about the owner. But I would rather he takes his time to make the right decision. The combination of a good GM (and I like Cusario), the new promising offensive coordinator, and an improved offensive line could meek this team at least two wins better next year. Add a better run defense and keep all else the same, and we could be looking at a pretty good team for years to come.

They could have kept Bush if they wanted him, they are still way under the cap. Dansby is troubling, because he is in running for defensive player of the year and he symbolizes a trend in miami that continues with Wheeler and Ellerbe. ON FILM, free agents look one way, come to miami and become hesitant on reads and average, leave and go right back to performing and instinctive. What are the Odds every single free agent we let go had brilliant seasons in the same year, and were brilliant before they got here? Dansby DPOTY candidate, PFF has Burnett in the top 15, McDaniel is starting the Superbowl for the Seahawks and was very good this year. Bush, nothing to say. The common denominator is coaching. On film Wheeler and Ellerbe do not look the same. A guard pulls, obvious run, and they do not react. last season. Not the case. Common Denominator is coaching.

I gotta go right now guys, I love talking to actual football junkies who don't just follow the media story, but draw their own conclusions. If you guys are interested in continued intelligent conversation you can reach me at Pollardjr.Lester@yahoo.com or @LPollardJr on twitter. If not, I am sure we will meet again on Armando's Drama Page.

I thought Wheeler was mediocre before he came here. Mediocre in Indy and had one good season in Oakland. I think a lot of the D's woes were on Coyle. He didn't do very well IMO. And a lot of the instincts and reactions on the field are difficult to obtain if you are thinking and not reacting. And thinking stems from not having a good grasp on the defensive playbook and schemes. That is on Coyle and the fact the played in it for on season, being less familiar.

Good posts man! Carpe Diem!

One season in oakland bro! I read a report that said these coaches coach to scheme responsibility instead of tailoring to talent. That would explain why they look hesitant on film. If that same guard pulls, but the coach who wants robots says stay to your zone responsibility, then ????

Posted by: Steve69 | January 25, 2014 at 12:41 PM

After destroying the Chicago Bears He completely destroyed the Dolphins in 3 years what JJ built. He was fired his 3rd year after a l-8 start, Wan stache picked jamal fletcher instead of Drew Brees in the 2001 draft,
he gave away our #1 pick in 2002 for a 2001 #2 pick,
Yeah, Wan stache was so awesome he's never had a HC gig after, and for good reason

Steve69 is clueless, a total buffoon that just runs his ignorant mouth(keyboard) to see his buffoonery in type

Tony Dungy?

Philbin I refuse to put in the same sentence. LOL!

Catch up with you guys later

Clearly, improving the OL is the primary focus of the offseason but linebacker is an issue as well.


Wannstedt has never been unemployed in football. Not for a single season.

You will never be ale to say the same.

Throw a bunch of money at Caserio before he gets away!!!


If you read about the GM search in other media like Bleacher Report etc all of the other writers are quoting Mando as the source of the conflict between Ireland-Aponte-Philbin.

We fired the wrong guy. Should have kept Ireland and fired the whole useless coaching staff that not even the players respect.

Coyle did a nice job. Probably the best coach we have.

I think it has to be give and take as far as your point at 01:10 goes. Of course you want players to do things that highlight their best talents and abilities and they must also be able to adjust and make their own reads in the course of a play but also if a play calls for a certain gap assignment or read they must be able to perform that also. So when that guard pulls from the gap that is your assignment then the next player down the line has to fulfill their assignment. A good back can see that cut back hole and hit it for big yards. I understand this is just one small example you are providing and I agree with your point to an extent but also think its more grey than that. But, I tihnk the biggest problem with the D this year was no leader on the field. The MLB is usually this guy. Shouting out assignments, making adjustments and being the QB of the D. Never saw that from Ellerbe and I like Ellerbe. Im just not sure who that falls on. Him or Coyle. I'd say a bit of both. One thing for sure I am tired of seeing is this... cant Miami get some DAMM coordinators that are able to COORDINATE from the SIDELINES. I am tired of seeing these guys sit in comfy boxes 75 feet above the field. Get YOUR ARSE DOWN THERE!!!

Funny how I remember a lot of homers here saying how the Patriots are not what they once were and that their recent drafts have been nothing special. But now this Caserio guy is GOD becase he comes from the Pats so let's get him.

If the GM is brought on to truly by a personnel evaluatuor, what makes everyone think Caserio is somtething special? Just sayin'

Hollywood (P)rick is a very lonely man.

Him, Dashi and Odin could all get together for a circle jerk.

As they're the only remaining homers.

Sad that he believes that The Dolphins have a solid core of talent.

I guess when person is mentally ill he'll condition himself to believe anything.

"The Dolphins will win at least six games next season" he boasts with with great confidence.


Poor guy will likely be in tears by week four.

Phins need four offensive lineman, three linebackers, two safeties, three cornerbacks and two running backs. Not to mention their receivers were mediocre last year, before Hartline's career threatening injury.

(P)rick is yet another of the NFL's many wishful thinking types. Hoping and praying for better Sundays ahead.

Too blind to face reality.

Btw, The Dolphins will need four new defensive backs if Grimes leaves (and he probably will)

5-11 next year, Philbin can't coach, the team is soft and Tannehill could easily become a turnover machine.

One more bad draft and The Phins could easily find themselves at 2-14 in 2015.

Phins would have been 4-12 last year without their only two players. Grimes and Wake.

The Dolphins are pathetic at this point.

Wanny is a great defensive coordinator. As a HC he wasnt very good and as a persinnel guy...forget it. Among the worst ever. And dont forget, it took him only four years to drive Pitt into the groune after doing the same to the Bears and Fins.

Wan stache has a good defensive mind, but when you let him buy the groceries and GM chores he will destroy your organization just like he did in Chicago and Miami. How come he hasn't been offered another HC gig in the NFL??

Tell me why he was hated then and why he got fired?

Wan stache is now the special teams coach for Tampa Bay, how come they didn't offer him the HC/GM gig??


17 int + 7 lost fumbles = 1st round bust

I have been trying to distance myself further and furhter from this debacle. I thought this kind of thing happened with other NFL teams until I realized that it is actaully news with ESPN that the Dolphins can't hire a GM because of their uncertain organizational structure. I would personally like to thank ROss for being a complete bonehead and an embarrasement to this once proud logo.

If you read about the GM search in other media like Bleacher Report etc all of the other writers are quoting Mando as the source of the conflict between Ireland-Aponte-Philbin.
Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | January 25, 2014 at 01:23 PM

Armando has been trashing this team for a long time. And he has lost integrity in his reporting. Armando is looking for some spotlight and there are 2 things that bring spotlight. Winning and Chaos. So Armando threw away any integrity he may have had left in his body and has been very loosely reporting very inaccurate stories or embelishing them. Armando is the source of most of the BS stories that come out of Miami. He has been made at the team and Philbin ever since they told him to go F himself. He is jaded and he has an agenda. And it isn't reporting anything positive about this football team.

Only an ignoramus that didn't have to live thru the Wan stache years in Miami would say he was a good HC. Only a complete clueless loud mouth

Ladies and gents after Tannehope I now give you Caseriohope.

"Dear loving omnipotent man in the clouds, all I really want for 2014 is a Dolphins team that isn't a humiliation."

God's not these taking calls.

He doesn't work on Sundays.

Phins continue to blow.

Diety...we agree kn one thing. Get some DAMM coordinators who dont sit up in the booth!

Seriously deity? Whether Mando has a personal agenda and is a thorn in their side has ZERO to do with a dysfunctional organzation that can't even make and present clear direction to potential GM candidates.

Sure, blame the media. It's an easy out. Get a life

Posted by: J T SANDER | January 25, 2014 at 01:27 PM

ahh, someone who had to live thru the Dolphin/ Wan stache debacle nightmare

As the team's focus has shifted more towards offense than defense. Ireland's defense has gotten worse under Philbin. The Dolphins have undergone a radical change in philosophy. Part of the reason for the offensive line struggles is the fact that The Dolphins o-lineman are more suited towards Ireland's physical style than Philbin's finesse style. Next year the defense could be as bad as the offensive line was in 2013. If Tannehill is behind two scores at the half of most games this team could easily be 4-12. Throw in some injuries and you have another 1-15 squad.

Tannehill made Tom Brady cuss and storm off the podium like a little baby. He should be signed long term for that alone. Just like how Tedd Ginn single handedly beat the Jets. That should have earned him a long-term ride too. But Bill Parcells was an idiot.

FIRE ROSS loves us. He'd be picking wings off flies if we weren't here for him to blow on.

Seriously deity? Whether Mando has a personal agenda and is a thorn in their side has ZERO to do with a dysfunctional organzation that can't even make and present clear direction to potential GM candidates.
Sure, blame the media. It's an easy out. Get a life
Posted by: tvegas | January 25, 2014 at 01:37 PM

LOL. I dont need or want a life. I gave it away. Thanks for the suggestion though. That thing that went flying directly over your head though....that was my point. You missed it. So bah bah little sheepo until Armando Fraud writes another hater story. Tampa Bay just hired their new GM, do you know whom he is under in their structure. Get a clue bro.

Fire Ross do me now, do me!!!!

The draft is an educated crap shoot. We always throw craps. Crap seems to be what we draft. And the further on down the draft you select the greater the risk of craps.

Whomever they choose should be educated in winning football. And NE has been that since Caserlo got there.

We can't get rid of Ross. He decides if he wants a winner. I think he does. Ross seems to find a way to put his foot in his mouth.

A Pchincter says what?

But alas, everyone has an agenda. Mine currently is to Expose Armando as a Fraud. (Since others with like handles fail to live up to their billing.) Thats all for now. Have nice day.

Armando is mad because there are a half dozen other recent reporters to come out of Miami and go on to national success while he sits with his pants around his ankles for the last dozen years at his wal-mart build your own college desk writing doo-doo baby.

i am beginning to think it wont matter if they hire a giant douchbag or a turd sandwich for gm. this franchise seems doomed.

Why is everyone so scared of a chick with a dcik?

I'm not scared at all Dawn, in fact i've never been more comfortable!
Feels so good!

Speaking of chicks, where is my biotch Jonathan?

James Walker ESPN: ..."the Dolphins are offering the general manager no power outside the 53-man roster, and there isn’t a lot of stability because the head coach could be out after one year. That leaves a lot of questions.

"Let’s say the Dolphins implode and go 5-11 next year. It won’t be the GM’s call to make a coaching change, because that won’t be in his contract under the current structure. But even if ownership decides to let go of coach Joe Philbin, who would pick a next coach? Owner Stephen Ross? The GM won’t have that ability in his contract, either.

"There are places where the head coach is the boss. Lovie Smith recently got the final say in Tampa Bay. But in Miami, neither the coach nor the GM has final say. So who does? That could lead to confusion and infighting as people fight for power.

"Miami recently interviewed Nick Caserio and I wonder if the team is willing to provide him with more power to take the job."

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