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Nick Caserio might get second interview Saturday

It's going to be a busy day of finalists interviews for the Dolphins. And Patriots vice president of player personnel Nick Caserio might be one of those, according to Tom Curran of CSN New England.

Curran was told by a source that Caserio stayed in South Florida overnight after his interview Friday and was "going back tomorrow." But the source apparently was not clear whether he meant Caserio was going back for a finalist interview with the Dolphins or going back to Boston.

So, basically, Caserio might be a finalist. Or he might be nothing more than a tourist in a South Florida airport Saturday morning.

(My guess is he's a finalist, but that is only a hunch based on years of knowing how the Dolphins do business).

[Update: Caserio remained in South Florida and continued interviewing Saturday. It is unclear if this means he is a finalist or his initial interview continues.]

Tennessee vice president of football operations Lake Dawson was also scheduled to interview on Saturday.

Dolphins assistant general manager Brian Gaine, definitely a finalists, had his interview Friday afternoon and evening.

Cleveland assistant GM Ray Farmer, who was to be a finalist, turned down an opportunity to be considered any further.

It is interesting if Caserio has made the final cut because he was the last of the GM candidates to have a first-round interview. The Dolphins targeted Caserio early in their search but were not sure they would be able to get an interview with him until after the Patriots were eliminated from the playoffs with a loss in the AFC Championship game.

Three things you must remember relative to the Caserio candidacy:

 1. Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and Patriots owner Robert Kraft are not close. Indeed, "not close" can be said another way ... they do not like one another. It probably would please Ross to take one of Kraft's men. It probably would please Kraft to keep Ross from getting his guy.

Either way, the sound of a cash register could be ringing in Caserio's head.

2. There is something to be said for Caserio bringing the Bill Belichick system of player evaluation to the Dolphins. But that system has been with the Dolphins before. That system has roots in the Bill Parcells approach, which is in part what Jeff Ireland was using after Parcells departed in October 2010. And the Dolphins had a derivative of that system when Nick Saban was running the Dolphins as well.

3. Remember what I've told you multiple times about Ross since this process began: He often falls in love with the latest person he engages with. Caserio was Miami's final candidate Ross and his team interviewed in the first round of this process.

Just saying.


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Who remembers the wonderful daily cartoon "Family Circus?"

Oh, that little imp Billy. What a scamp! And the dead Grandfather looking down upon them from the clouds was always so heartwarming.

FIRE ROSS loves us. He'd be picking wings off flies if we weren't here for him to blow on.

Posted by: Tandoori | January 25, 2014 at 01:39 PM

@ were close your close alright to being the biggest moron to ever post on this site everyone and their brother knows they were taping other teams practices, everyone on the team and the owner knew Hernandez was a thug, and opposing teams can t even look at Brady without getting a flag do us all a favor and go blow Robert Kraft if you love scum so much

FIRE ROSS loves us. He'd be picking wings off flies if we weren't here for him to blow on.

Posted by: Tandoori | January 25, 2014 at 01:39 PM

"Marmaduke" was far more intellectually challenging. The Sisyphean undercurrents and existentialist dilemmas of the daily strip were a marvel.

But they better get Caserio, he`s the only guy from a team with a winning record they`ve brought in, no asst of Ireland is going to help Ray Farmer did so good with the Browns, if not him then Lake Dawson , they already let the Browns take the best candidate the other day so their should only be two people to consider,Caserio first then Dawson period!!!!!!

They could of signed Wanstache who just signed on as Tampa Bay's special teams coach. We could of gave him complete control just like we did last time.

Simon is coming over today. I am making toast and placing three cups on the table for him to look at.

How bout Armando for GM? He knows football.

I hope Armando is "regular" this weekend and has productive bowel movements. Big week ahead and he will need to be on top of his game.

Armando, please update us on your bowel movements this evening and tomorrow. I believe three of them would be ideal but you certainly must have at least two before Monday morning.

Thank you and may our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ anoint you in His Healing Balms.

Deity, I could care less about Philbin's game time emotions, but you can not tell me this team didn't come out totally unprepared many times and played from behind a lot, that was all coaching.

Or how about Philbin's stubborness to stick to his mentor who would simply call awful games more times than not. Why refusing to run QB sneaks with inches to go instead of sweep. Or why never rolling out a very capable and athletic QB from a porous line. When he did Tannehill was for the most part successful.

Same goes for scheming the D, and not given the rookies any chance to shine. Philbin lacked the leadership skills to put aside his differences with Ireland when he could have been the bigger man.

Philbin chose to get rid of the leaders in the locker did nothing when he learned Cogs became it. Philbin surrounded himself with a lot of inexperienced coaches unlike BB who always has strong coaches that end up in othe teams. Leaders always surround themselves with the best not with your BFF's cousin and brother in law who had as much experience coaching in the NFL as you and I: NONE!!!

And do not even get me started with the cue cards and his soap opera drama.

Cleaning house was and will be the only way this team progresses.

FIRE ROSS, thank you for loving us, it makes me quiver,
and a quivering Sphincter pops and drops acorns and nuggets

Ross only cleans half the house. Big mistake.

The Herald has become the worst source for Dolphins news. If you only read this blog you'd think Caserio "might" be getting a second interview today even though everywhere else it's already known that he DID stay over last night and interview again today.

It's sad because the Herald was once a top-flight newspaper that aggressively reported the news and was never beaten on local stories. Today, it is a sad shell of that---with an ever-shrinking staff and budget.

I will still come for the commentary. The news itself will have to be found elsewhere.

Miss me yet haters?

Brian Gaine just turned down job leaving team NFL reporting.

Miss me yet haters?

Posted by: Jeff Ireland | January 25, 2014 at 03:10 PM

Never ever happen.

I am sick and tired of you putz's worrying about how big my ears are. the camera adds 5-10 pounds to your ears. we have alot bigger problems than worrying about my f'ing ears.

Posted by: Ross | January 25, 2014 at 08:54 AM

What the??... are you for real? Yo dude, your ears look like vag pubes ,Your face looks like a dried up raisin with two long vag pubes hanging on each side. are you kidding me?? WOW!!!

Nah, Armando is the best Dolphin reporter on the planet. He has shown tremendouus insight and very timely articles. Thats why he has the best blog and thats the reason we're all here.

FIRE ROSS, thank you for loving us, it makes me quiver,
and a quivering Sphincter pops and drops acorns and nuggets

Posted by: Sphincter (Dolphins Farm Team) | January 25, 2014 at 03:08 PM

I didn't know the Dolphins had a farm team, I played my spring training games down here. Never heard of a Dolphins farm team.

Ya know what they say
Big ears
Big d'k
Have you seen an elephants package?

Miss me yet haters?

Posted by: Jeff Ireland | January 25, 2014 at 03:10 PM

actually yes, you being unemployed and all I was wondering if I could have you look at my sprinkler system in my back yard??

Ya know what they say
Big ears
Big d'k
Have you seen an elephants package?

Posted by: Ross | January 25, 2014 at 03:18 PM

ummmm, I don't think that's exactly what they say, ahhh err....

If Irescum ever gets an interview anywhere they should ask him about his hooka mom lol

Dawn Aponte smells nice.

True story: I was told by a Herald reporter once that they were instructed to write at an "eighth-grade comprehension level" because of research that had shown their average reader to be unable to grasp anything more challenging than that.

The NFL coverage here reflects that mentality. It simply isn't very good and certainly not compelling intellectually.

If you want to see superior football reporting check out Judy Battista's work in the NY Times. This is the minor leagues.




Sign peanut Tillman!

The Senior Bowl is about to kickoff!!

I just can't take the excitement and anticipation of this Battle of Gladiators! SO nervous!!

This is some funny funny NFL video chit:



copy and paste the whole 3 lines into the address bar. This is halarious

What kind of trends should I look for in the SENIOR BOWL? Do you think the teams will be too nervous to perform well on this huge stage? Will crowd noise affect the gameplan? How long is the halftime extravaganza? Who is playing??

Oh, the drama!!!!

Bobby, I really liked your song about your kitty cat. PM me.

Looking forward to watching the Senior bowl. I'll say it again this year we need to build the Phins offense around T-hill. Tackles, Guards, RB's, TE's and WR's. PFF had him ranked as the #7 QB in the league last year. Further proof of how clueless some on here are that wan't to quit on the guy after 2 yrs. LOL

Cesario comes from the Belichik family of success, the Patriots. He has been there 10 or 12 years. Belichick has been the winningest coach the past decade. I'll take Cesario! New blood. New approach to personnel recruitment, the man is a Stallion, our own Italian Stallion! Ross hire this man!

So...what are we up to...14 interviews? YIKES!

Can Casario get us a QB?

Does anyone ever get the feeling that the Dolphins are cursed?

Don't hire another dumb Italian.

Sparano, Olivadotti, Aponte...enough of these oily nitwits.


Any songs about a little doggy?

Mando here...Joe Philbin agrees to share power with Wan stache. GM search is over.

Italians are only good for making meatballs and menial labor like sweeping or cleaning toilets. You give them any more power than that and they're just bumbling gorillas. They should just lure them all to New Jersey with a trail of garlic bread crumbs and then build a wall around it.

Reportedly, Ross called half the guys a different candidates name!

Sometimes I hear things about triangles and meat.

Mando here...Joe Philbin agrees to share power with Wan stache. GM search is over.

Posted by: Ala Mando | January 25, 2014 at 04:33 PM

No you mis-read that report. It was Joe Philbin agrees to shower with Wannstache. GM search still on, but Joe is happy.

Does not matter who the GM is this year or the next. With Mr. Potato head coaching we will never post a winner in Miami.

Great blog.

the voices in me head cannot agree

It's puts the lotion in the basket.

New GM Joestache trades pick number 19 for rights to A J Feely and Lamar Gordon and a conditional portable shower. NFL investigating tampering charges when it was discovered the shower was not eligible due to contract restrictions.

So any news on the second round of interviews? I heard Cesario was watchimg the Sr. Bowl with Ross, Philbin and going through potential future Fins. Anyone hear the same?

Just kidding of course. The reality of it was Ross was watching reruns of Hee Haw.

Now that we got the skinny on Aponte here is the simple truths.She ratted out Ireland when he complained to Philbin about oldster Shermans play calling.Philbin was the main rat as he reports to Ross and was later backed up by Aponte so they could oust Ireland.She has Philbin by the marbles and takes plane rides with oldster Ross to get in good with Rossy boy.
All of this infighting was already happening before the bullygate incident,or do you think it magically sprung up during the season.
So the Ross Remedy is to cut off Bellichecks right hand and place him inbetween.Whatever happens its still KA-CHING for Rossy boy at the register.

new blog up

Where is the blog Wallyfin

Don't hire another dumb Italian.

Sparano, Olivadotti, Aponte...enough of these oily nitwits.

Posted by: james evans | January 25, 2014 at 04:25 PM

oh ya but you forgot the biggest Italian : Marino , who was pretty damn good..and oh ya , Joe Montana has Italian roots as well..


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