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The complex dynamic of Philbin firing assistants

Over the past two weeks it has become clear to Dolphins owner Stephen Ross his team must address issues on offense and that means at least one but probably several offensive coaches are in jeapardy of being dismissed. The only obstacle that may be currently protecting the assistants from such a fate is head coach Joe Philbin.

And that may place Philbin, whom Ross hasn't wanted to fire, in an uncertain situation.

The Dolphins owner has seen from the Miami offense what fans saw, particularly at the end of the season.

Everyone saw an offense incapable of helping the Dolphins' playoff push. Everyone saw an offense that scored once in 24 possessions over two games while being shut out at Buffalo and scoring only one touchdown against the New York Jets.

And those ugly season ending performances were merely brush strokes on a bigger picture of season-long unsatisfactory offense. Consider:

The Dolphins averaged only 19.8 points per game this year, which was No. 26 in the NFL and made the Dolphins one of only seven teams not averaging at least 20 points per game.

The Dolphins were 20th in the NFL in passing and 26th in rushing.

The offensive line yielded a franchise record and NFL worst 58 sacks.

The offseason's much heralded $100.5 million investment ($43.25 million in guaranteed money) in receivers Mike Wallace, Brian Hartline and Brandon Gibson -- players who have enjoyed past NFL success -- acounted for only 12 TDs.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill and Wallace never clicked as a battery and the second-year quarterback missed at least a dozen deep throws that should have been touchdowns to Wallace because the football was either overthrown or underthrown. Coaches were never able to resolve this issue and, in truth, Wallace was not always prominently featured in the game plan and was at times frustrated about that during the season.

Despite the infusion of talent and resources, the Dolphins offensive performance in 2013 wasn't significantly better than it was the previous season under the same coaching staff. Miami had averaged only 18 points per game in 2012.

And the production in both 2012 and 2013 was a step back from 2011 under a different coaching staff. Indeed, the Dolphins were 20th in the NFL averaging 20.6 points per game in 2011 and that was considered poor and helped lead to a change in coaches.

So basically, the new offensive staff the past two years has gotten less production than the previous offensive staff.

The lack of production for the Dolphins rests with players, of course, but also with offensive coordinator Mike Sherman, offensive line coach Jim Turner and others. That's the reason Ross is pushing for staff changes.

But Philbin can stand in the way of change because while Ross is the owner, Philbin's contract grants him the authority on hiring and firing assistants.

And on Monday during his season-ending press conference, Philbin defended his assistants, starting with Sherman, despite the obvious case against them.

“I have a lot of confidence in our staff, our offensive staff with Mike Sherman," the coach said. "He’s an excellent football coach, and that’s what I think."

And the offense?

“Well again, the game is not played on a stat sheet," he said. "My feeling is Week 17 we had a game had we won, which we didn’t win, we would have been in the playoffs. That’s where I’m getting the barometer that we are not that far away. We are close. I acknowledge the fact that on that paper there is a lot of room for improvement, a lot of room for improvement."

Philbin became very uncomfortable and even combative about the idea of possibly firing assistants beginning with Sherman. He was asked if he was capable of such of move if that was required of him ...

“I’m beginning the evaluation of the 2013 season, and we haven’t made any decisions on who’s coming back and who isn’t," Philbin said. "We’ll have all of those discussions at the appropriate time."

Obviously Philbin offered a response to some question but not the one he was asked. So he was asked a second time if he is capable of firing Sherman, who has been a mentor, friend and confidant during his career?

"That's my answer," Philbin said, again dodging the question.

All this suggests Phibin wants to attempt filling the "room for improvement" by improving players and their execution and not by changing assistants.

So we are at a crossroads.

When Ross asks Philbin to make changes to that offensive staff -- which will absolutely happen --  does the head coach resist to a point that he himself is in danger of being fired? Or does Philbin cave and let the owner have his way?

Or does the owner, who likes Philbin and doesn't want to fire him, cave?

Moreover, in suggesting that the issue is with players and not necessarily coaches, would Philbin be effectively telling Ross that general manager Jeff Ireland did not give him enough talent on offense, thereby hurting Ireland's already tenuous job status?

The dynamic is complex. Answers are expected by Friday and possibly before.


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Sherman should have been fired mid-season. Philbin's friendship with him definitely influenced the decision to not fire Sherman sooner. Ross' relationship with Carl Peterson (see Armando's last column) also scares me. You shouldn't be hiring all your good friends in the NFL. It's not a social club.

If Philbin wants to keep Sherman, then doesn't that say it all ?

Philbin cares more about his loyalty to Sherman than he ever will the success or failure of the Miami Dolphins. It's almost laughable that Ross doesn't just get rid of Philbin anyway, we have regressed in all area's over the last two seasons, what stopping Ross ? Why he likes Philbin is a complete mystery to me, is it because Philbin is such a great leader and passionate about the team... yes that must be it.

does not matter

until the dolphins are in the AFC south where they belong, late season collapses will be the norm. Only the dallas cowboys have to travel as far as miami for divisional games, oh and they fall apart too. Until there is geographical parity there will be no success.


It's clear that the offense is simplistic and the defensive coordinators are game planning against what the Dolphins are doing. Philbin should know why the Dolphins can not score or produce points when it counts. One is his OC Mike Sherman. Two it's Defensive Coordinators who are game planning to make QB T-hill pass deeper which he is not able to do accurately. Three personnel evaluations on the OL were incorrect and that's all on Ireland. The OL needed upgrading from the draft and free agency which Ireland ignored. Sherman and Ireland should be held accountable.

Ross is over-thinking this situation. If Ross is thinking of retaining any of the present coaching staff, then Tannehill has to go! He is the restraint on our offense. When Matt Moore came came into the Buffalo game, everything fell into play immediately. The offensive line held and the team moved the ball like a normal offense; immediately! It does not matter what Ross does; if he allows Tannehill to come back and start at QB; Our future will continue to be up & down unpredictable GARBAGE!

Sure, Shermans play calling and Tannehill cadence seemed to be an issue and people would like to see a more fired up HC than Philbin..... But it,s simple...... Miami lacks talent on the offensive side of the ball..... What did we add from 2012? Wallace?. But we lost Bush and more importantly Jake Long..... Sure Keller and Gibson got hurt, but that,s not big time talent.... I felt we went into the 2013 season with less.... Our young QB was at the risk of becoming the next David Carr who got hammered in Houston and basically wrecked early on in his career... We're lucky Tannehill survived this season and hope the kid doesn't get happy feet after taking all those hits...... Losing Long and thinking Martin could be our LT with no real RT in place was major neglect on Ireland part..... 6 years is enough, he needs to go.....

I am not sure either way whether keeping Philbin is a wise choice or not. Here is what I do think. If I were king for a day or a reporter who has the opportunity to ask questions of the head coach the following, "Coach, if you have the authority to hire and fire assistant coaches, why did you hire a QB coach that has no experience at any level knowing your QB is a second year player? What went into the thinking behind that decision?" Those questions I believe if answered would privide an insight into who is actually running the team. My spidy sense tells me it was Sherman who made the recommendation by way of telling Philbin he would be the one coaching up the QB as he had done at TX A&M. If this is the case then it would serve as enough umph for me to dismiss both Sherman and Taylor, and reevaluate all the hires made on the offensive side of the ball. With regards to the defense, Philbin with Coyle have to decide what type of defense they want to run. A 3/4, a 4/3, press coverage, soft coverage, zone, etc. While Wheeler's issues were predomitly one of missed tackles, a bigger concern is not fully understanding where he is supposed to be in most defensive calls. Perhaps its learning a new system, but at a minimum when the opportunity to make a tackle is missed, no system can correct that. That said, I remain more concerned with the lack of diversity on the offensive side of the ball. How many times did Sherman create mis matches using Wallace from the slot, or putting him in motion, or running crossing patterns giving the QB and Wallace the opportunity for a catch and run in space? The same for the othe WRs. It appeared to me, and I may be wrong, that on those rare occasions when these types of ays were run and a wide out dropped a pass or it was poorly thrown it was elimated from the playbook for the rest of the game. Bad playing calling was problematic throughout the season with no intent to change it up. That is why Philbin should look at making changes. If he stands firm, then the owner needs to find this out quickly and relieve Philbin as well and it must be done quickly. If not, I am afraid we'll be stuck and remain in dissary for a couple more years.

Well I much as I hate to admit it, you guys are right.... Sherman failed to make calls that played to THill strength. Coyle is an excellent D back coach, but failed to stop the run or make game time adjustments of any kind? Philbin watched and did nothing. Damn, clean house! Its just that simple....

"until the dolphins are in the AFC south where they belong, late season collapses will be the norm. Only the dallas cowboys have to travel as far as miami for divisional games, oh and they fall apart too. Until there is geographical parity there will be no success."

What dose geographic location have to do with winning? First of all how many cities are further east than Miami? (Miami longitude is 80, NYC is 79 so very few). Secondly the Cowboys are in the NFC and your talking about the AFC. You have no clue why the divisions are the way they are cause your obviously too young and weren't around when the south divisions were added.

@David bond you gots to go you stupid idiot. Yea nice comment about how everything fell into play with matt more. He three one lucky completion to hartline then followed it up with the most ugly interception I ever seen in my life. Tannehill is the best quaternacl we had since Marino despite having the crappiest O line. And he will continue to improve. Matt Moore? You make me puke.

Philbin belongs in a different era. Perhaps the 70s. He's george Allen light. More of a consultant than a head coach and much to distant from his players; whom simply do not respond to coaches and go on field doing their own thing. This was evidenced by last 2 games. If philbin had great assistants then his style could work. But he does not and thus seems incapable of controlling the team, coachs and players. Todd Bowles still around?

Can't wait to see how This team breaks our hearts next year!

I'll say it for the 1000 time, as long as the ROSS/IRELAND tandem is running the DOLPHINS we shall never rise above being mediocre.

Whatever Ross decides (and I hope at least the GM and OC are replaced) he needs to do it quick or the Phins are going to be picking through the discount bin looking for replacements.

Well, I guess we could say if you live by the sword you die by the sword.
Did Sherman go to the coach and say, Dude, I need a big back and a left tackle because this is gonna cost me under my plan? I also need you to do something with Cogs and threaten him because he is kinda out there with some of his remarks?
We don't know if he did either. But it doesn't matter if he did or didn't because not finding solutions to the oline by game 4... left that team out do dry.

The defense. I don't know how good or bad Coyles game plan was. For sure a slightly above average d is going to get shredded sooner or later if they are on the field most of the game. Still Coyle has to go if Philbin has to go.

As for the GM. Did he wait to be asked for new players or should he have been more proactive in meetings? Once again either answer is wrong when there are obvious holes that weren't filled. Most importantly Ireland seen that Tanne was getting killed. What did he do? He waited until there was not oline before trading for McKinney.

The whole scene smells of incompetence. And you don't hire a rookie to be your qb coach when the qb coach had never played an NFL game in any position or coached a NfL game in any position. I wouldn't hire the guy as water boy.

So fire the whole bunch and start over. Since the O was basic anyone coming in has the building blocks. The defense can be saved.
When you spill a bucket of crap all over the floor, you clean it up.

What a mess.

They all should go, fire them all blow this sorry a** mediocre team up !! This franchise is the biggest funning sitcom since 1973. The last time this pathetic franchise won it all. The coaching staff and front office are comical at best, the fan base are fools for Always buying the hype of this sorry a** franchise. The media gets you people's hopes up only to be heartbroken every year remember 40 years since supet bowl 8 you can't make this stuff up !! The coach is such a puppet he has to read cue cards letting a damn woman lead him by the hand pathetic such an a** clown !!

Oh and one more thing, how much money does one playoff game make me? If I am Ross and that is how I measure success then they are fired.

If attendance has been dropping by 2 or 3 thousand fans a year, does this team have it to start filling up the seats? Another question Ross has to ask.

Salary cap means nothing if there are no butts in the seats. You can spend 40 mil a year on the team and if you only have 2 thousand fans in the seats, you still lose money.

Not to beat this to death, but nice guys finish last, and Philbin is too nice a guy to do the dirty work that needs to be done, like fire a friend, for the betterment of the team. Ross seems to have the same issue? Why the loyalty to someone that has not benefited you financially or with titles? There are warning signs all over that Philbin isn't head coach material, using cue cards to read off of to players? so he can remember thoughts or player's names? not showing emotion during games, looking lost during games, not making proper adjustments during games, being stubborn and staying with something that doesn't work. And the same for Ireland, anyone whose draft picks have played the least amount of snaps of any team in the league must be fired asap!!

I'd like to apologize to all the intelligent, thoughtful folks who post here, a few blogs ago I lowered myself to the level of a web-troll when responding to a personal attack. For that I apologize, I will never acknowledge any trolls from this point forward.

Now getting to Philbin, a captain of a ship is responsible for everything that happens on board, even if he is asleep in his cabin when the OOD (Officer of the Deck) runs it aground.

This ship The Miami Dolphins hit a reef in the last 2 weeks of the season, just like it did when we lost to a winless Tampa Bay team earlier in the season.

The failure to have the team properly prepared for the opponent, the failure to take corrective actions when faced with a potential loss due to poor game planning, and the failure to have the teams emotional level up to where it is required to be in order to play at this level, ALL falls on the head coach.

If the captain is on the bridge and he sees that the OOD is making the wrong decisions, HE TAKES COMMAND of the vessel and corrects its course. I never once in the past two years, saw Philbin take command of the team and make corrective actions in the middle of a game.

He relinquishes his authority on game day to his two coordinators and is a figure-head observer on the sidelines and barely anything more. Sure he decides when the throw the red flag, maybe, sometimes. But where he lacks from my perspective is in LEADERSHIP.

I guarantee you there is not one player on this team that would run through a brick wall for this man. For all his warts and short comings at least Sporano had about 45 guys on the team that would do that.

This is what happens when you hire a practice, QB, quality control specialist, as your head coach. Kind of like what happens to a country when they elect a community organizer with a complete lack of any administrative experience to preside over a nation.

Hennehill sucks. The best since Dan Marino. WRONG. Again stats don' t mean sh$t. Has he won a playoff game? Did he lead his team to the playoffs? Does he choke? Yes.

"until the dolphins are in the AFC south where they belong, late season collapses will be the norm. Only the dallas cowboys have to travel as far as miami for divisional games, oh and they fall apart too. Until there is geographical parity there will be no success."
What dose geographic location have to do with winning? First of all how many cities are further east than Miami? (Miami longitude is 80, NYC is 79 so very few). Secondly the Cowboys are in the NFC and your talking about the AFC. You have no clue why the divisions are the way they are cause your obviously too young and weren't around when the south divisions were added.
Posted by: Millions | January 02, 2014 at 06:19 AM


I like your point to a certain degree. It's something nobody ever talks about. I do think if your good enough you should be able to overcome it though. We certainly have in the past and the last game against the Jets was at home.

I think the reason we stayed in the east during the realignment was our choice wanting to keep our long standing rivalries. I say screw the rivalries, I've seen enough of the arrogant Pat's, Bills, and Jets, fans to last a lifetime.

Indy being in the AFC South doesn't make any since either but I thought we were given a choice at that time.

Of course of total realignment of the south would make more sense. A division paring Miami, Tampa, Jax, and Atlanta. But would that be AFC or NFC???

Ross should make uncomfortable for everyone.

Mike Sherman is brutal!! If Philbin can't see I then he should go too.

They need to make a decision soon before all these coaches to elsewhere.

Adding to the complexity of the situation is that some players HAVE improved with these assistants. Hartline, Clay and Thomas immediately come to mind to say nothing of Tannehill.

Offensively, the problem isn't one of coaching (teaching/grooming players) as much as strategy, tactics and an inability to adjust during games and even leading up to them.

The fans need to force Ross to sell the team. Ross is the root of the problem he does not have the guts to do what needs to be done. I predict very little change in the coaching staff and the Fins will be the same bad team next year...Ross has no "Football Smarts" at the very least he should fire Ireland hire a new GM and get out of the way and let the new GM clean house...

Dolfan Rick your missing 4 more teams. There are 2 South conferences.

Sherman started Tannehill and Red-Shirted Johnny Manziel when he was the Head Coach at Texas A&M. They are doing quite well without him. That tells me all I need to know.

“Well again, the game is not played on a stat sheet," he said. (he being Philbin)

Man I hope Mark in TORONTO reads this.....

I guess I can only HOPE......

Yes, the biggest problem with this year's team was offense. The biggest failure on offense was the OL. It could neither pass or run block effectively. Now, do we think that 2 ex-offensive line coaches, in Philbin and Sherman, could not help to fix the line? Or do we think the line had personnel problems? This is on J Ireland, who spent months screwing around and never did fix the problems every fan knew existed.

Mike Wallace- wrong guy for this offense. Coaches knew it. Coaches didn't use Wallace the way he was used in Pitt because they knew of Tannehill's accuracy issues (how many times did he miss Hartline deep the previous year?). Also remember, coaches were trying to develop a short passing game. As we saw this year, Wallace is mostly ineffective in a short passing game. This is on Ireland.

The running backs- obviously suffered because of the poor quality of the OL. Most believe R Bush could have done a better job but thanks to Ireland, Bush ended up in Detroit having a great season. Was this all Ireland's decision? Well, I remember Philbin before preseason saying that he wished that they had gotten a better look at L Miller the previous year. Not a statement I would expect to be coming from a guy that had let Bush go and now had to rely on Miller.

It's not that the coaching was stellar but, like Tannehill, they were far from being major problems. There is enough to fix without having to replace parts that are not broken.

I can hardly wait to get the news from Ross. It is like waiting on your Christmas present as a kid.
If he cleans house, it's like a new bike. If he just gets rid of a coordinator or two, its k=like maybe a football or baseball glove. If we remain at status quo, then Santa couldn't get down the chimney.

As far as Philbin, it has seemed to me like that the pairing of Philbin and Ireland wasn't good to start with if you can judge Philbin by just what you read in the papers.

We need a coach with the dynamic and power to overide Ireland if that isn't happening already.

The whole cloak of secrecy thing thats been going on since Parcells is ridiculus too. Maybe some of this stuff would be easier to take if we were truly aware of what they are trying to accomplish and where the problems lie.

For example with Tannehill, If they were to say he's got a ways to go on reading the defense or pocket awareness instead of he's prgressing well yada yada yada. Or we made a mistake with Martin at LT , he's just not quick enough to handle the outside rusher blah blah blah. Instead it always nothing to see here everythings fine, business as ususl.

Hopefully we can get a 3rd round pick for Martin.

Come on, time is ticking away, whats the hold up ?

Ross like the guy at the stop sign that never notices the lights have changed.

Is this the Fail forward Fast plan taking shape ? Bring back Cam Cameron and Ted Ginn Jr.

Speaking of Manziel, I highly recommend watching the Chic-Filet Bowl if you have not seen it. That was one of the most entertaining games I've seen in years.

Dolfan Rick your missing 4 more teams. There are 2 South conferences.
Posted by: Millions | January 02, 2014 at 07:40 AM
I know. I paired the 4 that were the farthest south. Atlanta and New Orleans would be close and Carolina is not much further away either.

The simplest thing to do would be to swap us with Indy but like I said, I believe we sort of made an agreement to let Indy move out because we wanted to keep our rivalries.

Ireland can only spot talent if he gets lucky. Last year the Fins spent two draft picks to get the third pick who made one meaningful play at most this season. He has to go along with all the coaching staff.

“Well again, the game is not played on a stat sheet," he said. (he being Philbin)

That has GOT to be the equivalent of Belicheats "stats are for loser's" quote....

Not calling you a loser Mark....you are a respected blogger imo....BUT....I hope the two HEAD FOOTBALL COACHES can bring some perspective to meaningless finds....

I agree with most . We need to get rid of all of the coaches , including the GM Ireland . Spend money on a new OL , and start using some of the good talent we have on the team . When you trade up to bring a person in ,early in the first round he should be out on the field playing . When your losing and come out from halftime and do the same thing without adjustments , that all falls on the coaches from the HC on down . I love the Phins , and will always stick with them thru ups and downs , but I would love to see some ups , and with less downs .

You can all say what u want in regards to philbin and his staff but the real problem is the quarterback i saw on many occasions this past season of absolutely terrible quarterback play. No check offs , horrendous passing (overthrown passes underthrown passes all to wide open receivers by the way). Now before all of you get your panties in a bunch and start blaming the offensive line, which was deplorable, all the great ones find a way to get it done. I see a mediocre quarterback at best ,he will have some ok games but most will be disastrous. Face it people he doesnt have it as a good one. Hopefully this team can return to greatness, in the meanwhile i will always be a miami fan for life.

The Dolphins have a non-football owner, the Dolphins have a HC who isn't experienced at being a HC. Remember that incident with Chad Johnson when it took Philbin several runs around the block to release Johnson? Hem and Haw is all Philbin could do, he lacks the mentality to fire anyone much less his buddy Sherman and thats Ok,,,,Ross fire both of 'em. But no, Ross has to run several blocks to even think about it, mean while its the status quo in Davie which means status quo with next season which will be a carbon copy of this yr. Ross won't need money to re-build Sun-Life, there won't be any fans in the seats.

i say give it 1 more year then clean house. Its silly to clean house twice in just 5 years. Nobody would ever accomplish anything if teams tossed out their staff every 2 years.Not sure why people think changing the staff brings the postive change fans want. We all want instantgratification. "

I want it when i want it and i want it now"

Personally i think letting reggie bush walk for the medias hometown hb in lamar miller is what sunk this team. No running game.

If Sherman respected and loved Philbin....He would cut a deal with Ross...and resign....

"The media gets you people's hopes up only to be heartbroken


Clearly you dont read much of mandos or any other local phin reporter because most are always very negative and call for folks to be fired every year,

We are not worried about offensive roster talent. I think most DolFANS realize that we have the right weapons, but we still lack a perceptive OC willing to adapt his play book at a moment's notice and take advantage from the tide of events happening in a match. And Dustin Keller should be further improvement in the offensive talent department this year...

Even Ross should agree on this one. Meanwhile the entire OL is a mess and I don't know if 2014 will be long enough to seriously improve it.

zieg hiel kris

"Philbin belongs in a different era. Perhaps the 70s. He's george Allen light."

I hear your anti Philbin sentiments... but you lose me with this analogy.

Philbin is anything but a 70s style coach. Football then was more physical, three yards and a cloud of dust. This Dolphin team is many things... but not a throwback to then.

As for George Allen... he was very emotional coach who worked his players into a frenzy.

I wish Philbin had Allen's passion...


very impressive in his bowl game....forget his play....i'm talking passion....very Brady and Manning like....not only inspiring the offense...but willing the historically bad defense (this season) to turnovers.....

I haven't seen that kind of passion in a while....

Johnny Football....STOCK-UP.....

Really.... 2watt???

"Hopefully we can get a 3rd round pick for Martin."

What did you match all year?A 2nd round pik that quit and gave up is not worth a 3rd. Hes not even worth a 5th.

so I have taken this season with a grain of Salt - and so should other fans... because - none of us know what has been said behind those closed doors.... and all of these guys are professionals.

A. Ireland, Ross, and Philbin all went into this season knowing they had a terrible offensive line... and holes at running back... and corner.

Result - Sacks, poor running lanes, lots of 3 and outs, and issues with big plays on defense putting the offense in bad situtions.

B. Most pundits put this team at 8 and 8 / 9 and 6 at begining of year... It's a young team - with big gaps and unanswerd questions at important positions

Result - 8 and 8.... Hmm.. I wonder why...

C. Young coaching staff, young team, key injuries, missing pieces - but they have a plan...

Result - hits and misses... Clay and Tannihill are great stories, as is the growth of last years rookies on defense.

Summary - I have to think this year was a scratch year from the get go... Ireland, Ross, and Philbin knew this... The position of being in the playoff hunt at week 14 - and the fan reaction because they missed them... well that has created an artificial dynamic they now have to respond too....

Beyond this - I do believe Ross has an issue to deal with on the coaching side... for two reasons... one - the Fan outrage for missing a playoff run that they wern't supposed to be in... and two the whole bully gate thing has to be responded too - even if it turns out that the staff did nothing wrong... a head will have to roll. The timing on these has to wait for the bullygate report - because they have to react to that one specifically.... lest they get lambasted in the press... (thus the wait).

I agree the playcalling was vanilla... they have been evaluating tallent all year... Could they have run more screen plays, Traps, and outside running plays? I am unsure.. There may be a need to change some coaches, I am not in that room listening and talking about these issues... neither is anyone else here... give these guys a break. Think about the 49ers - how long were they bad - before they got right? what did they finally do? keep their coaches and staff and suffer through the bad years... you can't blow things up every other year and expect success...

Get all these clowns out of here!!! Hurry up ross

"zieg hiel kris"

Great.So you remembered where hitler was from.

Kind of like giving the unibomber or timm mcvey props if you see someone from america posted?

It's bad karma to wish someone loses their job... but it would be good for the franchise to see a new OC... and OL coach.

Given the bond between Philbin and Sherman... I sense the buffoon OL coach will be the fall guy.

"I can hardly wait to get the news from Ross. It is like waiting on your Christmas present as a kid.
If he cleans house, it's like a new bike. If he just gets rid of a coordinator or two, its k=like maybe a football or baseball glove. If we remain at status quo, then Santa couldn't get down the chimney.


Do people magically think we will be better in 2014 if we fire the staff? Thats ridiculous.When you rearrange everything 9/10 times the following season will be horrible till they get on the right page

if this team wasnt expected to make the playoffs during week 1 why are people acting like we were the texans or falcons that was supposed to be contenders? We were one game away from getting creamed in the playoffs but it was progress.

Give it 1 more year

Joe Philbin (aka,Mr.Magoo)said that Sherman is an excellent coach. And he made that statement with a straigt face,of course it's the ony expression he has. I may be a minority,but given the choice between Ireland or Philbin,I say Philbin goes and take his staff of incompident coach's with him.

I concede that this year's draft produced no starters, despite the Dolphins trading up to the third spot in the first round, and giving up a second round pick to do so. Wouldn't it be prudent to wait at least three years to see if any of the draft picks pan out, and leave Jeff Ireland in his job while awaiting a true evaluation of this year's draft?


let me attempt to answer your question again...hope this one post....

You asked what QB I would have drafted instead of Tanne.....

My answer was...."I wouldn't"....I would have drafted a QB in that draft....I would have drafted one the draft prior....

our GM did it Bass Ackwards is you ask me.....

You draft a QB in the first RD that has 1st RD talent....but for whatever reason...has slipped into the late 1st rd...or even 2nd or 3rd rd....that is the guy you take a chance on....a guy who if you miss....it doesn't cost you a lot....

our GM drafted a guy projected to go in the 2nd or 3rd rd....and used a top 10 pick on him.....again....Bass Ackwards.....

a guy that fit that description (that I speak of) is Ryan Mallet....he was a projected 1st RDer in terms of ARM TALENT....but slipped due to being an immature 22 year old.....thats an oxymoron if I ever heard one....

So Belicheat see how dumb the AFC East coaches are...and he takes the best QB in the draft in the 3rd RD.....and stashes him for the length of his contract.....pure genius......Belicheat has/had the #1 and #2 QB in the AFC East on his team....

but that is how you do it...you grab the consensus talent that slipped( Rodgers...Brees...Farve)......and not reach against the grain for the WR who can throw a Double option screen pass.....

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