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The complex dynamic of Philbin firing assistants

Over the past two weeks it has become clear to Dolphins owner Stephen Ross his team must address issues on offense and that means at least one but probably several offensive coaches are in jeapardy of being dismissed. The only obstacle that may be currently protecting the assistants from such a fate is head coach Joe Philbin.

And that may place Philbin, whom Ross hasn't wanted to fire, in an uncertain situation.

The Dolphins owner has seen from the Miami offense what fans saw, particularly at the end of the season.

Everyone saw an offense incapable of helping the Dolphins' playoff push. Everyone saw an offense that scored once in 24 possessions over two games while being shut out at Buffalo and scoring only one touchdown against the New York Jets.

And those ugly season ending performances were merely brush strokes on a bigger picture of season-long unsatisfactory offense. Consider:

The Dolphins averaged only 19.8 points per game this year, which was No. 26 in the NFL and made the Dolphins one of only seven teams not averaging at least 20 points per game.

The Dolphins were 20th in the NFL in passing and 26th in rushing.

The offensive line yielded a franchise record and NFL worst 58 sacks.

The offseason's much heralded $100.5 million investment ($43.25 million in guaranteed money) in receivers Mike Wallace, Brian Hartline and Brandon Gibson -- players who have enjoyed past NFL success -- acounted for only 12 TDs.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill and Wallace never clicked as a battery and the second-year quarterback missed at least a dozen deep throws that should have been touchdowns to Wallace because the football was either overthrown or underthrown. Coaches were never able to resolve this issue and, in truth, Wallace was not always prominently featured in the game plan and was at times frustrated about that during the season.

Despite the infusion of talent and resources, the Dolphins offensive performance in 2013 wasn't significantly better than it was the previous season under the same coaching staff. Miami had averaged only 18 points per game in 2012.

And the production in both 2012 and 2013 was a step back from 2011 under a different coaching staff. Indeed, the Dolphins were 20th in the NFL averaging 20.6 points per game in 2011 and that was considered poor and helped lead to a change in coaches.

So basically, the new offensive staff the past two years has gotten less production than the previous offensive staff.

The lack of production for the Dolphins rests with players, of course, but also with offensive coordinator Mike Sherman, offensive line coach Jim Turner and others. That's the reason Ross is pushing for staff changes.

But Philbin can stand in the way of change because while Ross is the owner, Philbin's contract grants him the authority on hiring and firing assistants.

And on Monday during his season-ending press conference, Philbin defended his assistants, starting with Sherman, despite the obvious case against them.

“I have a lot of confidence in our staff, our offensive staff with Mike Sherman," the coach said. "He’s an excellent football coach, and that’s what I think."

And the offense?

“Well again, the game is not played on a stat sheet," he said. "My feeling is Week 17 we had a game had we won, which we didn’t win, we would have been in the playoffs. That’s where I’m getting the barometer that we are not that far away. We are close. I acknowledge the fact that on that paper there is a lot of room for improvement, a lot of room for improvement."

Philbin became very uncomfortable and even combative about the idea of possibly firing assistants beginning with Sherman. He was asked if he was capable of such of move if that was required of him ...

“I’m beginning the evaluation of the 2013 season, and we haven’t made any decisions on who’s coming back and who isn’t," Philbin said. "We’ll have all of those discussions at the appropriate time."

Obviously Philbin offered a response to some question but not the one he was asked. So he was asked a second time if he is capable of firing Sherman, who has been a mentor, friend and confidant during his career?

"That's my answer," Philbin said, again dodging the question.

All this suggests Phibin wants to attempt filling the "room for improvement" by improving players and their execution and not by changing assistants.

So we are at a crossroads.

When Ross asks Philbin to make changes to that offensive staff -- which will absolutely happen --  does the head coach resist to a point that he himself is in danger of being fired? Or does Philbin cave and let the owner have his way?

Or does the owner, who likes Philbin and doesn't want to fire him, cave?

Moreover, in suggesting that the issue is with players and not necessarily coaches, would Philbin be effectively telling Ross that general manager Jeff Ireland did not give him enough talent on offense, thereby hurting Ireland's already tenuous job status?

The dynamic is complex. Answers are expected by Friday and possibly before.


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TannePuke stinks at crunch time (4th quarter)

Oline gave up a record 58 sacks. THill walked into 15 of thos whether you believe it or not even he admit he did.. The offense avg 19.8 ppg, isnt the QB suppose to lead the offense to some points??? Hes mediocre at best. 7 and 9, 8 and 8 type of guy


I will answer your post....but let me put this out there....

form 1980-1989...14 QBs threw for 4,000 or more yards...14....guess how many of those were named Marino.....

in 2012 and 2013....21 QBs threw for 4,00 yards or more.....

do you see what I am saying...

the 4,000 yard metric is as out dated as the 1,000 yard mark for a RB....you have to come to terms with that....

Posted by: Kris (in Germany) | January 01, 2014 at 05:45 PM

Henne > Tannehill

Ross will cave because he doesn't know football from jack and sucks as an owner.

Posted by: Julie | January 02, 2014 at 10:47 AM
Ireland is a master bull thrower
Completely agree. This is a controversial analogy but IMO this is what is happening.
You can fool an uninformed person or electorate with good bullsh__
Philbin is a good suave talker the kind that can sell you a refrigerator in the North Pole
But he is an inept head coach. No balls, No Heart, No emotions and worst of all no idea on how to build a succesful team . We have the same with our president he also fooled the uninformed and took over a job he is not qualified to have as have both Ireland and Philbin. If we keep them, next year we will all lament the decision.
Continuity is not a goal winning is the goal
But they both talk a good game and have all the right excuses.
Ireland must also be a hell of a briefer to have lasted this long with so many screw ups. fire him and get someone who is not a great speaker but who can draft more conventionally.
This is where I differ with many of you bloggers, I think Apponte would be a better GM than Ireland. She will work closer with the head coach whomever he is, than Ireland. She does not have a great ego to satisfy. At least she will go with the conventional picks and not look to make deals to try and just look good to the owner. Plus if Philbin stays she already has a good working relationship with him.

The lesson here is that so far it's better to be a fast talker than a doer with the dolphins under Ross.

The word is out that Ross does not want to fire Ireland because he told Ireland his job was safe after worthless wins over the Jets and Steelers.

Philbin is probably safe too.

So, perhaps the OC and OL coach are fired and fans will be assured that the Dolphins are 'close' and are on the road to the Superbowl.

What a complete joke this team is. They are worse on offense now than they were in Sparano's last season (in which the starting QB was hurt and there was a late season firing of the head coach).

Ireland has yet to have a good offseason. The 2013 offseason was the worst yet.


7 and 9? You are being way to kind and optimistic towards them Fins, my friend. With the schedule they have, if things remain the same, the Fins would be lucky to win 4 or 5 games.

Look, the Bills beat us twice and they will be better. The Jets beat us once, and they too will be better. The Pats, they were decimated this year and won the division and beat us once; doubt that will happen again. The only team that doesn't scare me is Jacksonville and can almost guarantee you that they too will be better, so anything can happen on that one. Oh, and the Ravens, you can be assured that they will not be as bad as they were this year. They too were in rebuild mode in 2013. It will be FUGLY!

Truth seen him play a tonne and he doesn't have good NFL arm strength. of course I saw him play, you think I would make that comment if I didn't?

And Kris, 3,000 yards back in the day was a good season so what's the point? 4,000 was earth shattering but 3,000 was still solid.

And only care about the last two games but none of the others which we needed to win just as much? Interesting theory.

Fact of the matter is when you take his entire performance this year into account and compare them to his peers - he is in a cluster of qbs that can succeed if they give him proper support. So even if he doesn't improve one iota, he is good enought to win with. heck, he was part fo a team that finished at 8-8 in his 2nd year and will probably get better - if he doesn't you got to address the position - but at this point you can't go on with a bottom third defense or the worst o line in NFl history unless your qb is Brady, Rodgers, Brees, Manning.

perspective people.

Anyway, I'm out for a bit. Didn't even really want to get into this debate but got sucked in anyway ... my bad.


Yes against the jets he put up 7 points. Not acceptable. However i wouoldnt pin it all on RT. I seem to remember our lousy line couldnt convert a 4th and a foot. My point is the QB isnt the only one out there making plays.

Will Manziel play the oline as well. If so then draft him up

How do you make any change in the Dolphin staff or front office without seeming the NFL report on "Martin & Company"?

Any decision could be a major embarrassment in a few weeks.
Of course Miami is not very good at thinking "out of the box"!

Are you people aware that Jimmy Johnson & Bill Belichick are best friends & they talk football with each other all the time ? As far as i'm concerned that has been the major reason that Belichick was able to keep New England on top of the division for the last 15 years. IMO if Jimmy Johnson had coached football for 20 to 30 years like some other head coaches, Jimmy would have gone down as the best head coach to ever live. He built a team in Dallas that could have easily won 7 Super Bowls instead of 3 had he stayed there.

i agree, tannehill will be a decent qb after 3 or 4 years it takes him to improve at all the areas of quarterbacking a pro team that he lacks. Then he will be a good backup to have ready. Dolphins should not settle for decent or average, as said in other post earlier, there are some good qb prospects that could change a teams future destiny, i hope we dont miss out. The coaching staff had plenty of chances, games and circumstances to prove they belong, and they constantly made very poor decisions and failing game plans, including giving an absolute victory away. Why waste yet another year on whats obvious,average at best.Still, GO MIAMI.


Ok so he beat them ? Or did the team beat them. He did have some good games, but he also was terrible against some of the weaker teams in the league, Bucs, Bills, Jets so where is the consistency ?

Being great one week, then terrible the next isn't good enough going forward. Thill had his chance to show how far he has come against the Jets, after a poor show against the Bills and he played even worse. they o-line didn't give up a sack and he couldn't do anything to help the team win, this isn't good, even you can see that.

Ironic how Kris comes back when Tanne suffers a couple of bad games. Actually, when you think about it, collectively, the entire team had 2 bad weeks.

And the D was much worse ALL YEAR than the O ever was.

But, when Tanne played well & put the team in position to win & in, he was silent?

Kris = Troll.

The 2013 rookie class played less than half the league average for rookie classes. The Dolphins had 5 picks in the first three rounds going into the draft. They could not convert one of them to a starter or even a player than played vey much.

It was, so far, an epic fail of a draft.

Tannehill was ranked tenth among all 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year QBs -- no exactly anything special.

I ask this to all the RT bashers.

How did you feel about his 3 td no int's performance against Tom brady and the pats. Or when he outplayed Andrew luck. How about outdueling Big ben.

Point is that RT had his ups and downs and i would say there were more ups than downs. Hes only just finished his second year playing in a league at its toughest position.

Judge a season as a whole. Just not one game. The bills game wasnt RT fault. 7 sacks falls on the oline. 12 rushes for 14 yards will get any QB an ass whoopin

Posted by: dolfan29 | January 02, 2014 at 10:45 AM

it has been a 2 year rebuild...

philbin is here 2 years, new players are needed for a new coach.

Posted by: Ralph Florida | January 02, 2014 at 11:33 AM

Great post. With no balls or brains we will stay average. Philbin had no excuses for the seasons collapse.

So therefore why should we trust he will have them next year ?

The team has zero talent on offense.

Posted by: scott lemire | January 02, 2014 at 11:32 AM

wrong in this case. I watch some of the college bowl games yesterday i saw what a difference a QB is when he is not running for his life everyplay, when he can stand there and wait for receivers to get open.

our OC and O-line are horrible. Dfenses tee of on T-hill because that palys suck, can't run and can't block.

Since Ireland has been debated constantly on this board, I think it is only fair to take what JPAO state on Ireland's positives and put them up to deabte.

Here's what he said:
Ireland positives - In 2012 everyone wanted a QB and he took THill which was really his only safe call. Luck and Rg3 were not in his reach. wilson could have been selected but every NFL team had Thill rated higher. I liked his aggressiveness in Free Agency. Most fans were calling for Wallace and he got him. Most wanted Grimes and he got him. Most liked the Keller and Gibson moves. Most wanted LB upgrades he got them (at least most believed he did when the moves were made. In the draft most wanted him to use his top selections for new DE, CB and OT. He jumped up and took what many believed was the top pass rusher. He picked two highly rated CB's. I was fine with the picks at the time because he had Martin, Clabo and Garner for OT competition.

Here are my comments:
THill- No brainer- Fins were desperate for a QB. While many viewed THill as a reach that high, his upside was high. Had to take him there.

Wallace: If Ireland paid him because the fans wanted him SHAME ON HIM. That's not what makes a great GM. If he paid him because the Fins were desperate for a deep threat (more likely), he should have evaluated the player better because he was worth nowhere near what he paid. Save it for the draft and take a shot on Paterson or one of the highly touted receivers in the draft. Btw, Paterson looks like a wise pick with huge potential with more upside than Wallace will ever have. Total choke move IMO

LB upgrades- Great idea, failed attempt. Enough said.

His CB's and 2013 draft? Incomplete but looking like a total failure at this point. When two highly draft CB's, first round pass rusher, and OG can't get on the field to contribute much of anything, that is a failure in my book. Not to mention a 5th rounder on a struggling kicker. BAD BAD BAD!

In fact, Grimes looked like the only steal of Ireland's entire offseason, but he should have signed him for more than one year. If he believed that his injury was behind him, a 2 or 3 year deal would have kept him off the market.

Ireland has failed on so many accounts, that I can't see how anyone can defend him at this point.
let the debate begin

our OC and O-line are horrible. Defenses tee of on T-hill because the plays calles suck, can't run and can't block

Posted by: dolfan29 | January 02, 2014 at 11:39 AM

Try not to think of us a Thill bashers, but Dolphins supporters. It will be much easier to see where we are coming from. I want players on this team that can help us win on a consistent basis.

From the QB position I expect them to do all they can to help this team win. If we lose and they have played their hearts out and performed well, I've no problem with them.

If Thill played his heart out in the last two games and gave it his best them, he should go.

If Thill didn't play to his best in the last two games and give the Dolphins everything he has, then he should go, or go-go. The QB is the leader of the team and gets the big money to put it all on the line. Thill either can't or won't do this.

tvegas, the 2013 draft was a complete disaster for Jeff Ireland, but I am sure the 2014 draft will be fantastic! Jeff Ireland strikes me as the type of GM who won't make the same mistakes twice.

Here is a what if question just for fun. What if, knowing what you know today and having seen what you have seen, Tannehill (assuming still in college), Manziel, Bridgewater, and let's say Bartles, are on the draft board and it's the first pick. Who would you select?

Posted by: wallyfin | January 02, 2014 at 11:39 AM

Correct !!!


The question with Philbin is his ability to motivate and get his players ready to perform on sundays.

The last two games show and to a greater degree the season as a whole shows Philbin just is void of any emotion.

More times than not he had a blank stare on his face and his players walk around on the sidelines with the same stare.

He along with Ireland got rid of all the leaders on this team and left us with a bunch of zombies walking through the graveyard. What do you see in Philbin that shows he shouldnt be gone

Posted by: tvegas | January 02, 2014 at 11:43 AM

Yes mate. Trust me some bloggers will defend anyone they have bought the jersey of.

Did bond,david bond watch the same Buffalo game we did? Moore came into the game and threw 2 interceptions... immediately????

There is no leadership qualities in hennehill. The guy is always on the sideline by himself with arms folded. Never getting in anyone's face never trying to fire anyone up. Not a qb I would want leading my team.

Scott lemonhead at no time did Ben get sacked nearly 60 times in a season. You moronic clown.

tvegas | January 02, 2014 at 11:43 AM
Right on the money with your analysis and conclusion.

As much a I would like to see Sherman go, there is a higher overridding issue that will impact qny potential OC or any other assistant coach. Think of in these terms, if the GM and HC remain, which rising OC would want to come here knowing it maybe a one year gig given the potential firings if 2014 ends in another 8-8 or worse situation. This reason and knly this reason is why we as fans may have to endure one more season with the staff thas on board now sans a QB coach.


Iam moving off the Thill debate. Philbin is far more a problem than him. Thill will be here next year, I can live with that. If he wins the QB battle, then so be it, we shall see, but Philbin has no excuses.

At least UCF won the Fiesta Bowl vs Baylor!

Storm Johnson anyone?


You are right in that RT has had ups and downs. Where I disagree is that he has had more ups than down. If that were the case, the Fins would be, at the very least, in a wild card game. That is one huge problem with RT, he is very inconsistent, amongst other things.

In order of firing priorities:

1A Ireland
1B Coyle
2A Sherman
2B Turner

The Bleacher Report has Tannehill rated as the 30th QB in the league. Not even Henne was ever that low.

Posted by: Just Saying | January 02, 2014 at 10:59 AM

Thill is ranked 15th on the bleacher report. Are you just making up numbers and citing random sources now?

Posted by: dolfan29 | January 02, 2014 at 11:50 AM

I am not sure next year will be any better, but I hope so. I have seen Philbin fired up severavl times. A coach does need to stay composed though.

I am questioning you calling this a 6 year rebuild. The first 4 were under Bill Parcells and his type of players. A new style of offense and defense was brought in 2 years ago.

The reason why Philbin was hired was they wanted to bring in a coach that did not question Jeff Ireland. Ireland wanted someone that would fall in place under him. Jeff Fisher did not accept the job because Ireland was here. Look at the other coaching candidates, Mike Mularkey, Dave Taub, etc.., that they interviewed at that time. Philbin was the best choice of a sea of mediocre candidates that were available at the time. Until Ireland is removed we will never get a top tier coach to come here. Bottomline is that Ross needs to clean house. There is talent on this roster to build from. I am not for labeling Tannehill a bust or our best quarterback since Dan Marino. I do think that Tannehill has shown that he has a skill set that can make him an above average starter in this league. However, our offensive coordinator I believe stunted his growth. I want to see what Tannehill can do under a different coaching staff. Then I think we will see what we actually have in Tannehill. Please fire Ireland, Philbin and the rest of the coaching staff. I do think that this would be a place that good coaching candidates would want to come if Ireland is gone. We have some talent and a quarterback that people seem to think highly of so this might be our best time to look for a new staff.

There is a difference between franchise QB & Hall of Fame QB. Ryan Tannehill IS a franchise QB, but not a Hall of Fame caliber QB. Ryan Tannehill is a good but NOT great that will most likely have a long career & win a Super Bowl or 2 IF we get the right GM & coaching staff in place for him here. I AM NOT SAYING HE'S AS GOOD AS MARINO, BRADY, MANNING, ROTHLISBURGER because those guys are 1st ballot Hall of Famers, but he will have as good or possibly a better career than AARON RODGERS, ELI MANNING, DREW BREESE when all is said & done. OF course he can also be the same as JAY CUTLER, but guess what if you are a career starter then you are considered a franchise QB like Cutler is. With that said Tannehill's career will land somewhere between Cutler & Rodgers, which is ok, but nothing special.


You are right in that RT has had ups and downs. Where I disagree is that he has had more ups than down. If that were the case, the Fins would be, at the very least, in a wild card game. That is one huge problem with RT, he is very inconsistent, amongst other things.

Posted by: URFIRED | January 02, 2014 at 11:56 AM

Face reality! This team would be in the playoffs if the Defense was even HALF as good as it should have been.

Everyone continues to blame Tanne for not being in the playoffs.

Yea, the horrible run D isn't a bigger reason.

Yea, the worst pass protecting OL in the NFL isn't a bigger reason

Yea, an OC who refused to run, even if they couldn't but, to just burn clock, to close out games isn't a bigger reason

Yea, an OL who couldn't run block every other week to save their lies isn't a bigger reason

Yea, a D who lives to fail in more than half of late game do or die situations isn't a bigger reason.

Good lord people.


Football is more than one guy out there competing. I dont question RT desire or toughness. The man stood behind the worse oline in franchise history and still put up a season better than most in this league.

Yes i understand the QB is your leader, but a leader is only as good as the soldiers he has with him on the battlefield and his soldiers were less than stellar

New Blog up gentlemen. Care to join us ?

Given our draft position this year (our same annual conversation by the way). I really see building the O-line through free-agency. Unless something crazy happens, I don't see a lineman that will be an upgrade enough at that draft position who can step in and start immediately even given this good group of O-lineman coming out. I would love to see Eric Ebron (TE)North Carolina drafted as I think it is a real possibility he will be avialable at #19. If we want a game changer, there it is. A complete mismatch every week. Extremely similar to vernon Davis. After that, I would look running back as they are not typically #1 draft picks these days and should be plenty avaialable with #2 pick. Then, look for a great special team returner. We don't have a game changer on special teams. Thigpen really dropped off this year. Defense has to be a second thought since we supposedly have young talent that we drafted with Jordan and 2 young corners from Boise State and Utah State that we drafted last year who were highly thought of. They'll need to produce.

i put the offensive failings on coaching and the bad line. i think in day one of philbin's hiring we were promised an uptempo offense. they teased us in the first camp running back to back plays. it's two years later and we only saw it in the last two minutes of each half. funny thing is tannehill and the offense were right up near the top is last two minute offense. so why weren't we running throughout the game? we have one of the top 5 or 6 most mobile QB's in the league. did we ever use hat ability? i'd say rarely at best. how about we get a coach who looks at the talents of the players and adapts to get the most out of each of them???

on defense key injuries hurt quite a bit. patterson was lights out at corner, maybe even better than grimes, but only was healthy enough to play 5 games. wake missed time and barely got back to 100%, missi missed tons of time, carroll was in and out, solai was gimpy all season. loran had surgery then missed all the offseason work due to oregon's schedule and missed cmp because of surgery. both rookie CB's got hurt early and never made an impact. i do think all three will be players next season. but in year one this draft class was really bad. sturgis was a preseason stud, regular season flub. the rest? i ca't even name them.

ireland must go. i defended him in the past but it's time. i think the new GM should have a say in coaching decisions. if philbin holds the cards and won't budge then he goes now too. i think i'd prefer he goes. mainly because no matter who the coordinator is we will still have a hang in there coaching philosophy. i want a see blood in the water, attack it coach. philbin was OC in green bay but he basically ran the prep and practice. McCarthy called the games. hire an offensive minded coach. no love smith or eric mangini!!! guy who would have looked at the current roster and said... the line isn't giving us time. we can't just do 3, 5, & 7 step drops and hope the pocket holds. we need to keep the defense guessing. lots of formations, shifts, motions. move the QB, read option. actual option. RB screens. roll him out to wallace' side at least 4 time a game in basically a one WR play. give hin time to be so open you can't miss. if not run!!!! if we catch them with base personel and 8 in the box snitch to no huddle so they can't sub. throw throw throw!! is they are in the dime run it down their throat. i'm not even a pee wee league coach and i know you bend to the talent. this is a jam the square peg in the round whole coaching staff!!! you can see how inflexible philbin is. same with sherm. i think coyleat least tried to get the most out of what he had. but if philbin goes all will go.


I have to argue your comment that if Tannehill had been better they would be in the playoffs.

So its RT fault that the oline was horrid all year. Its RT fault of the lack of a running game?. How about the run defense. Thats on RT as well?.

Our record was 8-8. I like to think without RT, our record may have been 4-12

I seriously doubt that the Phins have the ammo to make a pitch for Manziel, he will be long gone before we are on the clock. But I wonder if Blake Bortle's will still be available? He looked mighty impressive in winning his bowl game this week.

sorry, Bortles no apostrophe, can't type today.

Miami will either draft Mich. OT - Taylor Lewan OR Tenn. OT - Antonio Richardson with our 1st round pick. Miami has no choice, they have to go left tackle with the 1st round pick, unless they decide to sign FA OT Brandon Albert.

Here's a little message for all you Ryan Tannehill bashers. Pro Football Focus rated Tannehill as the 7th best QB of all NFL QB's this year. He was also rated 1 spot ahead of Tom Brady. So if you are calling him a bust, you are a complete moron that I refuse to waste my time talking to !

grabbing a 1st round QB would be dumb. idiotic.

whomever we grab would be behind the same crap line. we need to fix that.

but we need a new coach even more. i'd take a chip kelly type, even with all the bad that went with the good. at least he goes for it. he'll get better. get more player that fit, adjust what he does some.

philbin will do what he does. try to keep games close. be vanilla and hope we can win with a minute left. paint drying offense.

I would love if we could somehow draft Johhny Football. That boy can play, has got the passion, can throw any pass you want him to...runs like a deer and overall just electrifies the crowd. People would come and watch Johhny football because you never know what your'e going to see...I'm sure some good..some bad but always entertaining. threw that last touchdown in Chick-filet-bowl from hia own 45 yard line running to his left with players in his face and threw a dime to about the 8 yard line where his receiver came under it and ran into the endzone. I can just picture him throwing to Wallace. not saying this is NFL but his defense sucked worse than T-hill's...he needed to put up over 40 points a game just to have a chance to win.
The kid can play football!

Hi Rick I am not bashing RT17, I actually believe in him but if we could draft a QB to give him a push it would be a good thing. Matt Moore is not pushing RT17 to become a better QB, it's amazing how well some people handle having to look over their shoulder when it comes to developing the skills necessary to keep their job.

One thing I would do with RT this offseason is send him to a throwing camp where he can learn how to throw the long ball and also strengthen his throwing arm as well. I would also let him know that this is not voluntary.

Then a full month before OTA's I would once again get him to do another round of work, only this time with Wallace so that the 2 can get on the same page together. They have to do this if they plan to make any improvement whatsoever this coming year.

My thinking on Bortles is that here is a kid that could put a severe challenge up to RT, then we can see what he truly is made of.

If Tannehill could connect deep Mike Wallace would have over 20 TD's.

WHen it comes to drafting OL, if you aren't picking in the first 5-9 slots in the draft, there is very little OL quality late in the first round. I think we're picking 19th if I'm correct? I seriously doubt there is going to be 1st round talent at the OLine at the 19th spot in the draft.

The 1st round OLmen are all going to go in the first 7 picks, anything left after that is 2nd round material at best.

That being said I doubt Bortles lasts to the 19th position in round one.

Marco @ 11:53, I will agree there. Philbin et al is a much bigger problem than the Qb. The supporting cast from top to bottom was abysmal this year. Not going to put that all on the head coach either but if he can't see how his d co-ordinator wastes talent then he de facto does become a problem.

The problem is not Tannehill. The problem are the coaches. Whoever is the coach next year will have to play Tannehill as the QB. We know that Tannehill will be our QB because we cannot afford to give up picks to trade up to go draft Bortles or Johny football until we fix our major problems and they are 2 : the offensive line and RB
The rest could work out but the first 3 or 4 picks must address the OL and RB plus somewhere in the 4th or 5th rounds we must get a good blocking fullback.
I would feel much better if we brought in a new GM and A new group of coaches.
Yes I was supportive of Ireland right after the draft but after seeing this monumental failure at picking players I have come to realize he is a bigger anchor to this team than anything else
If he stays watch us screw up this draft and get non impact players again
I also question the decision not to hire the fullback from the ravens - it was at a bargain price - best blocking fullback in free agency and pretty cheap and we passed without even having a backup after that fullback said he wanted to come to Miami
Why - with such a bad offensive line would you pass on that and then keep some of the players we kept on the roster that only played 10 plays or less all season because they were not good enough - Why ?? We want a more transparent GM - one that is not so self- conceited that he feels hey can keep the fans uninformed
Let's get a new GM now not after super bowl
Let the chips fall where they may in the Results of the incognito- Martin fiasco lets not delay the decision until then

My main reflection on the NFL today vs. days past: every team has weaknesses given the salary cap, and therefore the teams that win are the ones with great coaches; the Patriots win despite injury and no-name players because they are well coached and have a good quarterback.

Dolphins example? We should have gone deep into the playoffs/Superbowl with our Jason Taylor/Zack Thomas teams, but we had poor/predictable coaching and therefore game plans that other teams understood (see Brady comments that he had utmost respect for the Taylor/Thomas defense because they knew what was coming, and at times still couldn't stop them). That time was as frustrating as now, as we had the talent, but not the coaching needed to excel.

We will not become elite again until we have innovative and inspired coaching (and of course at least a utilitarian O line).

You have to Fire Philbin and Sherman, the offense sucks!!! and that is supposed to be the strenght of their experience.... Im sure any other coach with a stronger attitude and character can put this team to play at 110%

Philbin has no character.... There is no way he can handle a team like Rex Ryan....

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