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Philbin (safe according to source) fires Mike Sherman

The Dolphins have announced offensive coordinator Mike Sherman has been fired. I am also reporting that coach Joe Philbin is "definitely safe," according to a club source and will return for his third season with the Dolphins.

 “I would like to thank Mike for his contributions to the Miami Dolphins,” Philbin said in a statement released by the club. “Mike has been a mentor to me throughout my coaching career, dating back to 1979. He is a man of great integrity, dedicated to his family, his team, his players and his profession. On behalf of the entire Miami Dolphins organization I want to wish Mike and his family the very best in the future.”

Interesingly, Philbin did not wish to fire his "mentor." The coach had previously defended Sherman as an "excellent" football coach. But owner Stephen Ross wanted Sherman out after the Dolphins scored only one touchdown in the season's final two games when the playoffs were on the line.

Ross, however, could not actually fire Sherman as he had signed over hiring and firing power to Philbin in his contract. But obviously, rather than defy his boss, Philbin did as the owner wished.

In fulfilling his owner's desire to "relieve Sherman" of his duties, Philbin accomplished something very important: He solidified his own job status.

Ross had no desire to get rid of Philbin but might have been forced to do just that if the coach had refused to comply with his wishes. In complying, however, Philbin remains safe.

It is unclear if this is the one and only change to the Dolphins this offseason. There is still a chance the team may add a football czar. General Manager Jeff Ireland's status also has yet to be cemented by the team.

I reported in early December that Ross had assured Ireland of returning next season. Obviously, the collapse at the end of the season with the playoffs beckoning made that very less certain.



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And the crowd goes wild!

Can we get a Coyle firing now?

No Evidence

Bring Chud in ASAP!!!!!!

The 'Club Source' is the custodian.

We can all agree that this was an ABSOLUTE necessity. Now- fire Kevin Coyle as well and bring in new coordinators to replace them. Please please please call rob chudzinski!!!

Sherman was an old man in this game.

No creativity, same 6-8 plays every week. Although personnel on the OL isn't his fault, he ultimately has to be responsible for it's ineptitude.

For Philbin not wanting to fire Sherman I would of fired both have no idea what Ross was thinking...

So are we still running a WCO???

So, Sherman is the fall guy. That means the rest of the sorry staff and QB will be around...AWesome

Maybe we can trade up to #3 and grab Bortles from UCF. A winner! and that's where he's projected to go to Jax

Chud made Newton dynamic, I'd like it.

Panthers were a better team this year, but the Qb wasn't.

Na-na, na-na-na-na, hey-hey-hey, gooodbyeeee!!

It's a straight shot to the SB in 2015 boys, HERE WE GO!

Well, that's one problem gone but what about the rest?

Wow Philbin is quite spineless to fire his BFF in order to keep his job. Munchak had character at least.

A great step in the right direction.
From you last post , this is what i wrote:

I have been a Dolphins fan all my life. Subscribe to Directv just to get my Dolphins every year. They have really tested me this year, to the point where i am not sure i want the package next year...they have worn me out. I am basing my decision on what is done during the off season. In particular, Mike Sherman.
I will not be wathing the Dolphins next year if Sherman is not fired. In two playoff critical games he could not come up with anything offensively to score more than 7 points against horrible teams. Our offense is not that bad. I used to believe that the players are the one responsible for all the horrors on the field, but recently changed my thinking some. With the help of Sherman and my Hockey favorite team i have seen that alot of how a team does is a reflection of the front office and coaches just as much as the players.
I happen to be a Colorado Avalanche fan in hockey. They have gone from last in the western conf. to one of the tops in the league with basically the same players. The movement last year for the Avs was mostly front office with Joe Sakic hired to VP of operations and Patrick Roy as head coach. They have turned this team around, with very little change to the roster.
I think the Dolphins need this...a whole sale change in the front offices and a coach that is able to get more out of whatever talent the team has. Yes, the Dolphins need to make roster changes, but i think they need more changes in the front office and in the coaching areas to bring out the talent more in the players.
If Sherman, at the least, is not fired i will miss the Dolphins for the first time in my adult life next season and I am 45 so that is a long time.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2014/01/the-football-czar-approach-might-be-ross-answer.html#storylink=cpy

It just had to happen. What about his relatives? Also coyle needs to go too!

I would think that a new oc will want his say in personnel but Philbin could give Ross the biggest FU by just promoting Zac Taylor or the o line coach ... I joke ... I joke... not going to happen ... I hope.

I'd imagine Sherman's Son-In-Law (The QB Coach) is also gone and someone who can actually help Tannehill refine his game is on the way in with the new OC. Can anybody tell me how Coyle escaped here without even a mention about his job security or was it just my lying eyes regarding the Defensive regression being the constant in his time so far as DC?

This means Ireland is still here and likely to be retained? Good luck to whoever the new OC will be as he'll need it with an OL that needs total revamping, no complete RBs on the roster, and a young inconsistent QB.

time to fire coyle

I really want to know if were still running the WCO?? Isnt this Philbin philophy? What if the OC runs something different? How does this work

MassD, ben Tate and Branden Albert in free agency is a nice way to alleviate the three concerns you posted above.

did the let him "go" or did they let him "go-go"?

Robo- Coyle needs to go too. Agreed! Defensive regression and not enough adjustments. This D should be near top 10, which it is not.

Please call Rob Chudzinski! Heck- even Kyle shanahan would be hungry as hell too.

Waiting on Ireland....

Jets went from Joke to second in the AFC East in 1 season with a new GM, new Coordinator. And they did it with GINO SMITH!!! Ireland has had enough time get him out!!!!!

This most likely will be the sole move Miami makes. Ireland appears safe.

One NFL owner is "Stunned" that Ireland still has a job and compared him to Matt Millen's reign in Detroit

Zack Taylor might as well start packing his shyte up in a cardboard box. I cannot imagine him being too far away from the chopping block.

nj, blame the qb not Sherman
Sherman calls the bombs to Wallace where tpuke mixed him 9 times

i don't think coyle should go. he at least was creative in coverages and blitzes. injuries hurt, poor personnel chooses hurt a lot more than his coaching. look at the secondary and LBs. bad move with LBs, injuries killed secondary. then the front 4 was continually gimpy.

Mando you made this happen, Ross reads your blog, now lets campaign for Chudzinski and Marino as football CZAR!
2014 playoffs or bust

Forget Chud, he's a former HC and too smart to come into a 1 yr gig. Say hello to your new OC, KYLE SHANAHAN!!! Biggest winners if that happens, the WR core. He'll turn Hartline into a 1,500 yd WR and Wallace into a 1,000 yd WR. If we get Tate he'll have no problem in his system because that's basically what Houston still runs (of sorts). Only downside to Kyle, he probably brings in Rex Grossman as QB Coach (that's his best friend in the entire world, takes him wherever he goes).

Stop dreaming people, Philbin's already called the TE Coach on the parochial school he coached at. Philbin only hires his friends.

truth,waiting on wells


Jim Turner and Zac Taylor to go next? Chud is the obvious name to replace him. I'm sure I can think of another few good names shortly.

Oh yeah, and Aponte definitely wrote that statement for Philbin.

Although I applaud the move to let Sherman go, this whole situation sounds eerily familiar to a few years ago when Sparano was forced to dump Henning and a tension between him and Ireland started. Why repeat that cycle? If the GM and HC can't get along, then someone needs to go - or better yet, both! Ross can't do this half-a$$.

Until Ireland's gone not much matters

dc at least rex is a qb wtf is Zach?

He hired Sherman he allowed Sherman to call the plays even though Sherman was stinking it up and he is safe thats crazy

My guess is the new OC will be required to run the WCO. Throwing an entirely new offensive system at a young QB may not be the best idea.
In regards to Brandon Albert - coming off an ACL tear any team that signs him must be ready for the fact he may not play until mid season. Being injured, I am sure he's in Ireland's sights. For chissakes he drafted almost an entire draft class worth of injured players.

What about Gary Kubiack? He almost had a heart attack on the field...

MassDolphan, Albert didn't tear his ACL it just looked like it. He actually had a hyper-extended knee. He played against the Colts and looked pretty good in my opinion.

You all waiting for additional firings will be sorely disappointed. It would be awkward to do it piece-meal rather than swiftly and decisively.

Mike Sherman should be escorted out the door with a written directive making sure he does not hit the door on the way out. He is that bad as an OC; mentor, play caller and architect of a current NFL offense.

As much as Sherman should have been fired how has he OL coach kept his job?? Who has he possibly developed? The TE's got beat up and Campbell kept them after practice regularly and you saw the development with that group. His group improved the most and he was arguably the best coach they have. Meanwhile why was the OL guys not out there for a lot of extra time given how bad they were? When you have a practice guy leap frog the roster guys then what the heck are you doing all year long? Nobody was ready to step up that was on he roster? Then why the heck are they on the roster?

2 watt @ 2:07
This man speaks the truth.

Hopefully we can get an OC under the age of 70 this time.

After Chud is called, get a hold of Wade Phillips ASAP. Ireland has as many lives as a cat, so looks likes it 3 more years at leasy

rage rex played in an sb at least

Although I applaud letting Sherman walk, this sounds eerily familiar to a few years back when Sparano was forced to dump Henning and tension between Sparano and Ireland started. It never works well when the GM and HC can't get along. Ross should've learned his lesson by now. He has to dump one - or better yet, both!

did the let him "go" or did they let him "go-go"?
Posted by: CT Fin Fan | January 06, 2014 at 01:59 PM


Now thats funny I don't care who ya are!

Sherman shouldn't be the only one canned.

Next move is to give Philbin an extension (wink, wink) so that he can find a qualified OC looking for more than a 1 year deal.

does go,go go go too?

Chud and Shanahan are good names but not sure Philbin has the stones and cred to get them here. I think he goes safe and gets someone he can control. Does he promote Darren Rizzi? Is there someone on Green Bay he tries to lure?

still need a qb
still ned rb's
still need a ol

I believe either Chudzinski or Kyle Shanahan are logical answers given the styles of Offense they like to run and the personnel in place. The way Chud uses the T.E.'s in his O might be interesting in the way he would scheme the use of Clay and Sims, heck he could even make use of Egnew who can catch and wouldn't be the only one dimensional T.E. in the NFL, if were being honest.

Shanahan is an interesting proposition because of all the multiple Pre-Snap shifts he uses in the read option and again our personnel fits his scheme. In watching K.C. on Saturday I loved the way they've implemented all the Pre-Snap movement and the way it gets the D moving and thinking at the snap. I thought a big reason for the loss was Reid getting to cvonservative in the 2nd half until Luck pulled within 7 adding to pressure that caved his team. The only other guy aside from Reid and Chip K I've seen with all that movement is the younger Shanahan.

What did Texas A&M know that took the Miami Dolphins 2 seasons to figure out about Mike Sherman. I wonder if Mike fell asleep in his upstairs booth while calling the plays.

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