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Philbin (safe according to source) fires Mike Sherman

The Dolphins have announced offensive coordinator Mike Sherman has been fired. I am also reporting that coach Joe Philbin is "definitely safe," according to a club source and will return for his third season with the Dolphins.

 “I would like to thank Mike for his contributions to the Miami Dolphins,” Philbin said in a statement released by the club. “Mike has been a mentor to me throughout my coaching career, dating back to 1979. He is a man of great integrity, dedicated to his family, his team, his players and his profession. On behalf of the entire Miami Dolphins organization I want to wish Mike and his family the very best in the future.”

Interesingly, Philbin did not wish to fire his "mentor." The coach had previously defended Sherman as an "excellent" football coach. But owner Stephen Ross wanted Sherman out after the Dolphins scored only one touchdown in the season's final two games when the playoffs were on the line.

Ross, however, could not actually fire Sherman as he had signed over hiring and firing power to Philbin in his contract. But obviously, rather than defy his boss, Philbin did as the owner wished.

In fulfilling his owner's desire to "relieve Sherman" of his duties, Philbin accomplished something very important: He solidified his own job status.

Ross had no desire to get rid of Philbin but might have been forced to do just that if the coach had refused to comply with his wishes. In complying, however, Philbin remains safe.

It is unclear if this is the one and only change to the Dolphins this offseason. There is still a chance the team may add a football czar. General Manager Jeff Ireland's status also has yet to be cemented by the team.

I reported in early December that Ross had assured Ireland of returning next season. Obviously, the collapse at the end of the season with the playoffs beckoning made that very less certain.



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Step in the right direction but I can't understand why Ireland has not be canned!

Sherman - I feared he would be kept around because of him and Philbin's obvious deep roots. I can't blame Philbin or look down on him this was the right move to make. Sherman's lack of creativity, inability to adjust and help Olinemen cost us at least 2 wins. No sense on hammering him while he's down he's mercifully gone.

Ireland - He's been terrible in his tenure. I don't understand how he's been allowed to keep this organization down this long by Ross. The swap out of LBs, failure to recongnize his Oline was terrible, failure to realize he didn't have a starting caliber RB are just this years issues. His draft history alone is worthy of being fired. Miami still has average talent in so many areas and no game changers. When is he going to get walking papers?

Posted by: promichael | January 07, 2014 at 07:14 AM


I hope they do go with the czar plan. I have no confidence in Ireland to fix the o-line at this point. Or the other deficientcies,like RB, RCB, big WR, and linebacker.

Can anyone make any sense out of why Ireland should stay?


The only thing I can think of is Stephen Ross principles as a business man and assuring Ireland he'd be around another year is all I can assume. Ross may still be trying to shake the stench of that Harbaugh chase while Sparano was still coach thing. He assured Ireland another year and maybe this time he doesn't want to go back on his word.

But that still doesn't make sense. Ross is a billionaire business man and I don't mean this in a bad but most billionaire business men have had to make much larger double crosses and back doored decisions to get to their positions. Why Ireland is allowed to stick around and continue to sink the ship is beyond all of us.

I think it's because it doesn't make sense to blow up everything a year before you might blow up everything. Either do it all this year, or if you want to get rid of Ireland, elevate Gaine for continuity, but what would that really do since Gaine's been involved with all these evaluations too.

I'm just wondering if this Green Bay guy they're talking about for OC will be an upgrade. He comes from a good system, but what makes Mike McCarthy's system so good is Mike McCarthy's play-calling. He's been doing it for years successfully. This guy's never called a play in the NFL I don't think. Tough task to ask him to start his first OC gig and be on the clock, one and done, fail and you're out. I personally (if I'm the HC) would prefer someone who's called plays before, has some experience at it.

The only reason I can think of for Ireland staying is Ross wants him to surpass Matt Millen as worst GM ever...

When you cook everything down Ross is the problem and even if he fires lets say everybody. As long as Ross is the owner no one of any value is going to be willing to come to Miami. Example Harbaugh, Dungy, Cower, Gruden, etc.

Sounds like Ross was instrumental in making Philbin fire Sherman. So he can't be all that bad.

Well at any rate here we are again. Going into second week of playoffs and we're talking about next year.

And that doesn't even look too promising.

Long Time Fan,

I disagree. Ross has made some waves particularly with the chase of Harbaugh which ended up blowing up in his face. But all in all he stays out of the way, opens his bank account and wants to win.

Harbaugh was never leaving the West Coast to come here he lived like 10 miles from San Fran. Dungy doesn't want to come back to coaching. He's said numerous times he's done for good. Same goes for Gruden he remarks constantly he doesn't understand how the NFL has all these new rules and he wouldn't know how to coach a player in that situation. Seems like the game has passed him as a coach. And Cowher wants the perfect situation which would probably mean a ready made team just needing motivation.

Payton Manning wouldn't even give Ross and Ireland an interview. They had to run him down and with hat in hand go knocking on Mannings door.


This afternoon i expect the doctor to release me from workers comp.

Dolfan Rick,

That's been the story on Miami forever now. Teams are game planning for the playoffs and fans are complaining about tough schedules, what could of been and which guy we should take in the draft.

I am still astonished that Ireland is still employed by the Dolphins and I don't trust him to fix anything because whenever he patches up one hole he seems to ignore another leak. So I don't blame your pessimism.

Ross has had one winning season as the owner and that was in the wake of Bill Parcells. As long as Ross is owner we will be an 8 & 8 or worse team. It seems for some fans thats good enough....NOT ME.

Will you all stop with the Steve Ross bashing?!! Money talks and BS walks. Why would Jon gruden or cowher leave their cushy jobs? C'mon guys. They got it made. Cowher, who is from Carolina, could have had the panthers job before Ron Rivera, with full control and he turned it down. Jon gruden turns down everything bc let me tell you a dirty little secret- Jon gruden won a Super Bowl with tony dungys players and then proceeded to run TB into the ground. Let him stay at MNF bc we don't need him. Ross bungled the harbaugh negotiation I guess but he tried to lure him here. He tried to lure Peyton. He let the team spend $100 mill on contracts. He put up a lot of his own money toward stadium repair.

Enough with Steve Ross already. He's trying. He takes his time evaluating things (so what). He does meddle like jerry jones (thank Christ). Maybe his biggest fault is his loyalty to his employees. Who would want to work for an owner like that.

I just get sick of people bashing Steve Ross. He's the owner, he's not going anywhere. He's trying.


Why is Ireland staying?
Simple: Tannehill. Ross feels the team is closer to winning than it would be if it were blown up and started over. It is not clear cut either way.
Tanne made a lot of plays this season. He also left a lot of plays on the field.
If Tanne cannot run ALL of the plays in the new OC's offense then it will be blown up after next season.

Long @ 8:36

Wayne H owned the team in 2008 the last winning season. Ross has no winning seasons.

Doesn't and wouldn't in my last post

"...if you want to get rid of Ireland, elevate Gaine for continuity, but what would that really do since Gaine's been involved with all these evaluations too."
---Posted by: DC Dolfan | January 07, 2014 at 08:16 AM

B Gaine has interviewed for at least a few GM positions (St. Louis, NY). I read that the Dolphins promoted him to try to keep him here. He is a former player, has a blue collar background and worked his way up- quite a bit different from Jeff. While he has had tutelage under Parcells, I think that's a good thing at this point.

I think he's the guy to preserve continuity in the organization and defer/cooperate better with the coaches. Ireland has had final say on personnel and we all know his ego. I think it would be hard to blame Gaine for any of this.

Frank, I'm sure your right. Ross is not going anywhere. You may enjoy being a fan of a mediocre team, I'm sick of it and I guess "bashing Ross" is my therapy.

I don't have an issue keeping Philbin for one more year. But, c'mon, Ireland has to go. And replacing your GM does not 'blow up' anything or mean the team is 'starting over'. It's an effort to get a GM in place who can evaluate talent properly and sign FA's and draft effectively. This team really needs a GM who does not constantly set this team back with bad drafts and stupid FA signings. I am so sick and tired of seeing other team's rookie classes have a positive impact while the Phin's rookie class does almost nothing. Eddie Lacey and Cordaral Patterson make All Pro while our 3rd pick of the draft has 26 tackles all year. Keenen Allen is a started for San Diego and our 2nd and 3rd rounders play very little or not at all. The list goes on and on.

Wasn't Ross a part owner in 2008? 50% i'm thinking...

Got a feeling that when the bully report is released that Sherman will be the one that ordered the "code red" on Martin.

He seems like the kind of guy that would make a suggestion like that.

Manning knew Ireland would only surround him with below average "ACORNS". Manning knew Ireland was a terrible talent evaluator. He just used two clowns Ross and Ireland to get a better deal else where.

So, the big change for a team with five straight losing seasons is a change in OC and possibly a few position coaches. A prediction: this timid approach will not improve the Dolphins.

Philbin and his staff have shown nothing in two years except an inability to develop talent and near complete incompetence in making in-game adjustments. They also seem not to understand their own locker room. This coaching staff is probably one of the worst in the league.

Ireland has a record of very subpar drafting for six years, especially in the first three rounds. With over 25 picks (counting trades) invested in the first three rounds in six seasons, the only proven talent still on the team are Pouncey, Ordick and Vernon. Jordon is a complete unknown. Tannehill is a question mark. That is simply horrid drafting.

Even worse, the current team has no OL, no RB, no elite WR, two horrid LBs that cannot be cut without destroying cap space, and three important player about to enter free agency.

In short, it seem Ireland's two rebuilds in six years are failures.

The front office, coaches and on field talent are lacking. The team has been mis-built for years.

Adding a few OL and DT is not going to fix things.

Ireland will be desperate this season and his incompetence will be magnified as a result.

Tannehill, much like Dalton and even Henne, has significant limitations as a QB. Currently, he is the fifth best QB in the 2012 class. He's tenth best of the young QBs. Not very good at this point.

Finally, the owner is unwilling to view the whole picture. He gives out extensions and assurances for losing.

This team is not close to being good; it's a lot closer to a collapse.

Dolphins still have the fungus (Philbin) that hired Sherman and Philbin said Sherman is Awesome and did a great job. Do

Once again Miami ended up being the laughing stock.

Sherman should of ordered a code red on Thill. Maybe that would of helped

I will continue to say this...ROSS DOES NOT DESERVE TO OWN A TEAM.....mystery how he ever BECAME a BILLIONAIRE

philbin is an OFFENSIVE FRAUD and a pity hire (son's death). Unfortunately he is out of his league as a HC. it is obvious by his game decisions/management.

IRELAND still around FOR WHAT ?!!

Bill Cowher just quit CBS Noone knows why yet

yes, a laughing stock. It's proven every time "EAR Force One" dumbo drops down at Dolphin HQ's and Ireland's still in the building at the end of the day


I believe the Dolphins can be this bad without Ireland. At least with someone new there is a little bit of hope. With this fraud twerking his nuggets it is at hopeless as Irelands 6 year Oline

ETF @ 8:39, Ross was indeed AN owner in 2008.

So, espn is reporting the early candidates are McAdoo, Chud, Norv and Kubiak. Only McAdoo and Kubiak run WC offenses. Kubiak is the only name there I'd feel comfortable with. Can't trust such an important year to a 1st time OC.

The name NOT on that list is Kyle Shanahan. Hope they expand their scope, but maybe he doesn't have the ties to Philbin that seem to determine who gets hired.

QB Cam Newton = 2 Pro Bowls in 3 yrs and best rookie QB in NFL history

Playoffs @ home with an extra week off

Ryan Tannefail = Toilet Bowl again
last year worst 3rd down QB in the NFL
this year most inaccurate deep ball in the NFL

No question Cam Newton is an elite franchise NFL QB

Tannefail should have been traded to the Jags for a 4th or 5th rounder

The WR Tannefail experiment as an NFL QB should be over

Tannefail simply cannot throw an accurate deep ball

What a freakin embarrassment!

almost time for ireland to get out the dart board; draft is coming. looks like philbin will do anything owner tells him to.

Another year of Jeff Ireland's failed draft picks


Go Carolina Panthers!

Excellent drafts three years in a row!

I think this is one of the major mistakes made by Philbin/Sherman. The scouting report on Tannehill in college basically said he has all the physical tools but would need time to develope due to the small number of games he played at QB. He would have been much better served to sit his first year with Moore the starter. But no, this coaching staff starts him from day one and that was a huge mistake.

Ireland should be unemployed

Guess Ross could not attract any real talent at GM to this pathetic fish franchise

Coach Baldy should be manager at McDonalds in the ghetto, not a HC in the NFL

I ordered the code red on Martin... that useless POS!

Some here are being unfair to Jeff Ireland. This franchise needed stability after the horrendous '07 season, and that's what Ireland has brought. Think of it, 7-9, 6-10, 7-9, 7-9, 8-8. Name me one other team in the NFL that's that stable. We don't even need to play the games and we already know what our team will be. Who could ask for more?

Luke Kuechly is Awesome and was drafted by the Carolina Panthers directly after the laughing stock of the NFL,
the Dolphoons reached for the WR that always wanted to play QB - Ryan Timothy Tannefail


Kuechly - 12.4 million over 4 yrs

Ireland's underperforming LBs
Ellerbee & Wheeler - 61 million in contracts


The fish really stink bad


Mark, maybe we can trade Martin to the Raiders for a 2nd round pick (yes, the team that drafted JaMarcus Russell is that dumb).

I think Home got it right with the teams he follows over the last decade – the Patriots and the one he has watched being built with excellent consecutive 1st round draft picks since Cam Newton, Luke Kuechly and Star Lotulelei.
Both teams not only made the Play Offs, but also were rewarded with a week off and a home game.
These are real football teams that are worth following and bring much joy to the fans.
The Miami Dolphins, Jeff Ireland, Joe Philbin and Ryan Tannehill are insignificant in the NFL.
None of them are elite or exciting.
Just a bunch of boring unappreciative losers.
I’m joining the Home band wagon – following and cheering for the Carolina Panthers and the New England Patriots.
Great teams, one soon ending a dynasty and the other just beginning a dynasty.
Good times in the NFL again, as long as you don’t waste your time with the pathetic fish franchise.
Go Panthers!
Go Patriots!
- See more at: http://blogs.palmbeachpost.com/thedailydolphin/2014/01/06/dolphins-offensive-coordinator-mike-sherman-fired/#comment-659827

LOL the NFL about talent in coaching? Like in life today, in the coaching NFL success has more to do with WHO you know and LUCK than any especially innovative ideas or implementations of the playbook. THEY HIRE THEIR KIDS they HIRE THEIR SON-IN-LAWS, college dorm buddies, etc. YOU KNOW


Yes, Ireland has accomplished stability in the 6 - 8 win range. Lol.

DC, I'm with you - we need a guy comfortable in his own skin and has had success as an OC. We alreaady have one bumbling buffoon rookie co-ordinator who is keeping his job despite costing us the game against Carolina.

I'd be ecstatic with Kubiak - he would bring ben Tate in here - get some power running and properly install the zone blcoking scheme, something Turner still obviously does not understand or able to teach - Tannehill is greater than Schaub and he had Schaub at a pro bowl level before injuries took their toll. Let's get this done.

I see Home, the johnathan Martin of this blog is back under his original name- poor guy had to post for weeks under a different name there....

Cameron Newton is an American football quarterback for the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League

He played college football for the Auburn Tigers in Alabama and was drafted as the first overall pick by the Panthers in the 2011 NFL Draft. He is only the third player (and the first since 1950) to be awarded the Heisman Trophy, win a national championship, and become the first overall pick in the NFL draft all in the same one-year span, joining Leon Hart and Angelo Bertelli
In his rookie year, Newton broke numerous rookie and all-time NFL records for passing and running the ball. He became the first rookie quarterback to throw for 400 yards in his first game, shattering Peyton Manning's record by 120 yards. He also broke Otto Graham's 61-year-old record for passing yards by any quarterback in an NFL debut
Newton would go on to become the first rookie quarterback to throw for 4,000 yards in a season, as well as the first rookie QB to rush for 700 yards
He also ran for 14 touchdowns, more in a single season than any quarterback in NFL history, breaking Steve Grogan's 35-year-old record

The Dolphins have a college WR posing as a QB

DC, I would be happy to trade martin for a hit on Home's unemployed bald arse....

Oh Cam ...

Cam Newton - Rookie records
2nd most passing yards by a rookie in a game (432), September 18, 2011 vs. Green Bay Packers
2nd most passing yards by a rookie in a season (4,051), 2011
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First rookie quarterback in NFL history to throw for 4,000 yards in a season.
Most total touchdowns by a rookie NFL player: 35 (21 pass, 14 rush).
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Most total yards by a rookie quarterback: 4,784.

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Sixth quarterback to throw for 400+ yards in back to back games
First quarterback in NFL history to pass for more than 400 yards in first two career starts, September 11, 2011 vs. Arizona Cardinals and September 18, 2011 vs. Green Bay Packers[66]
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Not Tannefail ...

Yes, Cam Newton!

Carolina Panthers franchise records:
Rookie season quarterback records: completions (310), yards (4,051), passing touchdowns (21), completion percentage (60%), passer rating (84.5)
Highest average yards per carry in a season (5.83 in 2012)
Longest offensive scoring play (91-yard pass) to Brandon LaFell, December 24, 2011 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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First Panther to win AP Offensive Rookie of the Year
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Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 07, 2014 at 09:59 AM

I'll second that emotion.

Home while he blogs about his love for Cam Newton's schlong ...


Why can't the Dolphoons draft like the Carolina Panthers?

Ireland = worst talent evaluator in rounds 1-3 in NFL history with 6 or more years with same team.

Ranks 24 out of 32 in rounds 5-7. Even a broken clock is right more often. Irepuke has to go and take Phillis with you

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