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Philbin (safe according to source) fires Mike Sherman

The Dolphins have announced offensive coordinator Mike Sherman has been fired. I am also reporting that coach Joe Philbin is "definitely safe," according to a club source and will return for his third season with the Dolphins.

 “I would like to thank Mike for his contributions to the Miami Dolphins,” Philbin said in a statement released by the club. “Mike has been a mentor to me throughout my coaching career, dating back to 1979. He is a man of great integrity, dedicated to his family, his team, his players and his profession. On behalf of the entire Miami Dolphins organization I want to wish Mike and his family the very best in the future.”

Interesingly, Philbin did not wish to fire his "mentor." The coach had previously defended Sherman as an "excellent" football coach. But owner Stephen Ross wanted Sherman out after the Dolphins scored only one touchdown in the season's final two games when the playoffs were on the line.

Ross, however, could not actually fire Sherman as he had signed over hiring and firing power to Philbin in his contract. But obviously, rather than defy his boss, Philbin did as the owner wished.

In fulfilling his owner's desire to "relieve Sherman" of his duties, Philbin accomplished something very important: He solidified his own job status.

Ross had no desire to get rid of Philbin but might have been forced to do just that if the coach had refused to comply with his wishes. In complying, however, Philbin remains safe.

It is unclear if this is the one and only change to the Dolphins this offseason. There is still a chance the team may add a football czar. General Manager Jeff Ireland's status also has yet to be cemented by the team.

I reported in early December that Ross had assured Ireland of returning next season. Obviously, the collapse at the end of the season with the playoffs beckoning made that very less certain.



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Posted by: Craig M | January 06, 2014 at 03:12 PM


You are absolutely right Craig and I believe Coyle had better personnel to work with. Not perfect but better.


Who is going to run the team now that Sherman is gone? It's been reported that Sherman was essentially the head coach.

Can we blame Sherman solely for the performance of the offense when he had to go with the players that Ireland gave him? The offensive line was pretty offensive for most of the season. It's hard to evaluate the offense when the line didn't provide protection for the quarterback and didn't open many holes for the running backs.

NeMo, thank you for updating me on Albert. With that in mind, yes he'd be a good signing. Then the Phins would just need a LG, RG, RT, power/pass protecting RB, FB, maybe even a big bodied possession receiver. On defense, LB, S, another corner.
But not a new punter - it's obvious he is who Ireland is building the team around seeing how he's the only Phin to make both pro bowl and all pro.

fin4life....don't disagree with you offend but must now.

We need 3-4 OL, a starting RB, DT and a future ILB. And we are going to pick up an iffy commodity like Manziel? Taking about not taking a step forward!

Nobody's asking but I saw we trade down to late first or even high second, picking up one or two additional picks and select Gabe Jackson, Mississippi State. And with another 2nd we get David Yankey, Stanford.

Can't help myself....just saying!

Posted by: signal | January 06, 2014 at 02:47 PM

Listen Buddy I don't think you understood what I posted and to be honest don't know what post your even referring to regarding us taking Manziel? I made an observation about liking the Staff assembled in quick fashion by Tampa and with Glennon not a legit answer Manziel being a likely fit. I also posted that it's risky for the Bucs because nobody really knows just how much of a student of the game he is.

I also have posted in multiple posts that Ireland will more than likely address the OL in FA and the draft as top priority. I LOVE Gabe Jackson but that behemoth is a probable top-15 pick at the worst. I think that Ireland's thinking here is (a Yr. later and for much more than would have costed last Yr.) signing himself a safe day-1 LT and Albert is the only logical player you would look to pay at this point unless you want a stop gap in Jordan Gross while your top pick grows into the Pos.

I like you want BA OL and maybe that could be UCLA Big nasty Samoan LG Xavier Ma'u-Filo or drafting Bama's Kaoundjio moving to RT with Albert inked to man LT, there are some decent Guard you can get time being in FA with K.C.'s John Asamoah as well as drafting BA in draft Rd-2 double dipping first 2 picks on OL which I feel a need given you can't drop another 150 Million on the group like Parcells did which put us in CAP hell!

I believe I would then trade up to bottom of Rd-2 if needed to secure a bruiser like Carlos Hyde as our 3rd pick in coming draft. You could get a talent to develope at MLB with UM's Denzel Perrymen were that Pos. isn't the pressing issue you believe it to be from my point of view. Outside Bama's S.Safety HA-HA Nix there isn't a very good group this Yr. and Clemmons, Jones will have to do another Yr. were they weren't great but also weren't the worst.

Finally, a move. Thank you. More to come for sure.

I've spent my fair share of time on here defending Ireland. He put that OL together. He drafted Martin, let Long walk, added Clabo and gave Cogs a pass a year ago when Philbin wanted Cogs gone. Sherman was fired today but really that line was a joke! Can't protect the QB and can't open the holes for the running back. Thats on Ireland.

If he escapes this he's a very lucky man!

People are saying Philbin threw his friend under the bus? I think Sherman shouodve fell on his sword and saved philbin the pain. But Sherman wanted to.collect the money owed.

Ok we all knew Sherman was a goner, but why would anyone trust Philbin to hire a quality Oc ? Now Philbin gets to place another old friend in job and help out his wallet. Ross has really pi $$ ed Philbin off and I bet relations with the two are pretty low.

Why Ross is so high on a losing coach who got blown away with a good team is beyond reasonable thought. Philbin still may go, he can do what he wants if a suitable guy comes on the market. Ross will be advised by his inner cir le who the new Oc should be and I bet they make him have complete say over the offense. Now go get Rob Ryan and make him assistant head coach and DC.

Philbin gone soon I say.

Not so sure, Oscar

In February, Ben McAdoo agreed to a two-year deal that is considered a promotion and will bump up his current salary. Earlier, Miami and Tampa Bay, put in requests to interview him for their offensive coordinator positions and were denied permission by the Packers.

Under NFL anti-tampering rules, teams can deny another team an interview with a coach under contract unless the position being sought is head coach.

So, McAdoo can only be interviewed for OC with permission slip because he signed 2 year contract. What an idiot?

Craig, Absolutely, 100% NO on Norv. Norv RUINED Rivers. His system is too confining, QBs aren't allowed to check out of plays. On top of that he's another of these washed up geezers. We need youth in here. Younger minds, fresher minds, more CREATIVE minds. Norv was great during his time, but that time has passed. Tannehill would regress under Norv's system, and no way Miller would satisfy his ground-n-pound style.

Wikipedia is reporting Ireland was fired today... Any confirmation on that?

If Philbin truly has the backing of Ross...then a quality OC can be lured here knowing its not a ONE and DONE deal.....

Ross is pretty smart to...he made Philbin "kiss the ring"...while @ the same time supporting him in his efforts....

In the Herald report It was said that they are looking @ a Green Bay coach for OC.....I don't know if that is a good idea....GB looked pretty pedestrian without Rodgers for 6 weeks.....

Maybe they should look for an OC that had a worse QB than Tanne....and made chicken salad out of chicken....

Getting an OC who is working with a top 5 QB and expecting the SAME result may not prove to be wise....

Young Shanny in DC is creative if nothing else....and 3 was terrible this year due to injury.....and even tho his offense looks complicated....it is said that RG3 is a one-read and go kinda QB.....plus....they had a top 2 Rushing back 2 years running....

After looking @ the list of QBs on ESPN...that all I got......hire Young Shanny.....

now bring in Pennigton as QB coach.

..DC..We said the same thing about Brian Daboll. I know very situation is different. What happened then has no bearing on what will happen now-in the future.

My only issue is that I think that Philbin is the issue. Sherman was brutal. The article I read on Phinsiders confirmed my suspicion that Philbin was indeed the trigger man in the insanity that was our offense last year.

So are we going to get a guy that is a bit more run oriented? I hope so. But the run is in Shermans blood. We had that guy. He was let go for what reason? Because of Philbins philosophy. And this will change why?

Finally. IMO Philbin, Ireland, Sherman are always going to be tied at the hip to Tannehill. The 3 of them should have lived or effectively died with his development. I think another system will just set us back. What will we gain as far as what we know of Ryan Tannehil if he struggles again? The excuse machines motor will no doubt be at full blast should this happen, in all likelihood it will. We would have been better off with 1 more year to let these guys prove themselves as the conglomerate.

Then..All 4 go, or they all succeed.

Now it is scrambled eggs.

I like that OC from the 49ers but I doubt he will want to come here on the same capacity.

So Bob Mcadoo has never been a OC at any level??? Why the F would we hire this guy?? Another inexperience guy man same old story with the Fins... Smh

I don't get it: why does Ross like Ireland and Philbin so much? More specifically, why should he place his personal likes and loyalty over winning? Both of those guys are as much to blame for this season as Sherman and Coyle are. He's willing be to be patient and loyal to them, but won't allow Philbin to do the same. With Ireland, he willfully ignores the records of the past 5 years which has been consistent. How much more samples and time does he need? Ross's logic makes no sense. His personal connections with them are clouding his judgement. If anything, he should be loyal to the team and the paying fans first and foremost.

We needed clean house and Ross will not understand EVER

Like most Dolphins fans, I just can't get enough of Jeff Ireland!

This is the coaching problem. Phins keeps hiring coaches for positions they've never had before. Philbin was never a HC before. Coyle was never a DC before. If McAdoo gets the OC job, that is another hiring of somemone who has not done that job before. When a coach has not had that position before, there is no body of work to look at to see how effective they are. Then you find out they suck at that job, and it's set the team back.
Hire an experienced OC, not some QB coach or quality control coach, or some other non qualified position.

Not enough, if this is it i'm done. At the age of 59 I have to watch my health and that includes stress. Its a damn shame when you have to give up your life long team cause you don't want to stroke out.....Thanks Ross...your a real football genius....Do us all a favor and sell the team, or maybe you enjoy being the laughing stock of the NFL.

Bob McAdoo will never leave the Heat. Big salary, free $3K suits for holding a clip board and a couple 'Let's Go's every game.

C'mon, get real!

Jimmy Graham
Jason Worilds
Legarette Blount

Draft Oline

Sign Mcinney insurance
Super Bowl.

It's a start. Now will decent a replacement want to come to Miami when then know everyone else is one losing season away from getting fired?

Posted by: Statler | January 06, 2014 at 03:03 PM

As true as anything posted here today!

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXYou are absolutely right Craig and I believe Coyle had better personnel to work with. Not perfect but better.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | January 06, 2014 at 03:22 PM

We beat that horse to death before the Season even started regarding the team and it's 3/4 personnel being put out of Position to succeed and his adjustments were as lousy as Sherm's lack of them! I have been dumb struck all week about his name and job security not even getting mention in the needed moves by the teams powers that be!

I hope this means the QB coach, and I use that term loosely, is gone too!

Maybe Pennington would be a good OC choice????

graham will be franchised if not resigned blount sucks sign ben tate

The tLk about Philbin bringing in the Gb qb coach as offensive coordinator is a joke. Number 1 why the hell would you keep to the same Bs system that made us 26th in the league ?

Number 2, why bring in a novice ? With Kubiak, Shanahan, Shula and Norv out tbere why go with another useless old pal. It's be ause Philbin Is weak and wants another muppet to play with. Disgusting !!!

Give up the dreams for Jimmy Graham. If NO does not sign him long term they will likely franchise him.

kyle shanahan would be a great choice

Of course, the new OC will decide whether to keep or not Jim Turner, Zack Taylor and others who were on Sherman's staff. But don't expect a quick move on that, maybe even till after the SB.

disagree oscar, no oc is gonna decide the other coaches fate, philbin will

Did Joe Philbin have the Dolphins motivated against Buffalo and the Jets? Don't support this New York organization.

I'd be happy with K. Shanahan as OC, but my gut tells me Philbin will be hiring a WCO guy. He's too unflexible not too.

philbin probaly worst coach in nfl. and ross cant see it. thats scary. this franchise is all but dead

Bull crap all these assistants will be gone none worth keeping new oc new coaches

In February, Ben McAdoo agreed to a two-year deal that is considered a promotion and will bump up his current salary. Earlier, Miami and Tampa Bay, put in requests to interview him for their offensive coordinator positions and were denied permission by the Packers.

Under NFL anti-tampering rules, teams can deny another team an interview with a coach under contract unless the position being sought is head coach.

So, McAdoo can only be interviewed for OC with permission slip because he signed 2 year contract. What an idiot?

Posted by: Zach Taylor | January 06, 2014 at 03:27 PM

Catch up man, 2yrs contract signed in 2012.

2yrs are up. He's the coaching equivalent of a fa.

Seems to me this another one of Philbin's weaknesses... if as it appears, he's got a very narrow network of coaches he can (or is confident enough to) draw from.

Then, dusty, it was found by that Committee that Jim Turner and Zach Taylor are good Coaches and that Sherman was the poor one.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | January 06, 2014 at 03:30 PM

Was going to comment the same thing his way almost verbatim! I agree with you 100% if the call were mine I'd force Philbin (IMO going into a lame duck Season unless team reaches Post-Season) to address the opening with his pick of the top-3 available in Chud, Shanahan because I feel they're Offensive philosophy fits our personnel or Kubiak who would in the very least be the QB Coach that Ryan Tannehill's NFL career requires if he's to advance and progress, IMO!

this will be the exact same thing we went through with sparano. ross cant even learn from his past mistakes

I have mentioned this guy before as someone whom the Fins might want to bring into the organization. Tom Clements of the Green Bay Packers. He was Farve's qb coach during his resurgence in Green Bay, and also worked with Aaron Rodgers to prepare him while understudying Farve.


If there is a guy that I believe could get the most out of Tannehill, or to at least finally have an answer wether we have found our qb, I think Clements is the guy.

Shanahan is a west coast guy idiot

Mike shanahan started with the 49ers

oscar its a disaster either way. sucks for us knowing 2014 is just a wasted year.

First off, little education less for some of you, you cannot take another team's OC (doesn't work that way). Most OC contracts forbid the coach to make a lateral move (while on the payroll). So basically they need to be fired before they can take another position (unless it's a step up). So 49'ers, as far as I've heard, aren't firing their OC, therefore we ain't getting him. Now a position coach from another team, that we can get (hence the QB Coach whispers from Green Bay).

Second, dd, Philbin may be the problem. We'll see. But do you really think he was telling his mentor (and sounds like boss running the show) what plays to call in-game? Maybe after the game he said, "let's ease off the run", but I'm sure it was said in passing and not in a threatening manner. And if Sherman said, "Joe, you're an idiot, let me run my offense," I doubt Philbin would have said anything. So I don't believe Philbin doesn't ever want to run.

As far as Tannehill's involved, that issue's been dealt with. Tannehill had it with Sherman, therefore he wasn't ever gonna allow himself to grow further under him. So this is the best possible move, give your QB what he wants, a fresh start. Nick Foles learned Chip Kelly's complex offense in 1 season and look what he did. And Tannehill seems MUCH SMARTER than Nick Foles. I think he's capable of learning a new offense.

And excuses, everyone knows there aren't anymore excuses to be made. It's one and done. Show and prove. Sh*t or get off the toilet. Ireland/Philbin/Tannehill have one year to make it happen or kick rocks. No, ifs, and or buts. No OL, sorry, bye. No run game, sorry, bye. Injury, sorry, BYE! 3 years. That's the shelf life. There will NOT be a 4th if the team doesn't have a winning season. Simple as that.

no way on mike. kyle would be the pick. but wont matter long as philbin is around, guy is awful

Philbin will be gone next year

Uhhhh, Philbin didn't fire anyone. Mr. Ross fired Sherman. He lets Philbin take the credit so that Joey P. can save face.

At least master chef Jeff can acquire all his spoiled groceries

as long Peter Ross owns the dolphins do not expect things to get any better.

Oh well

Only question I have about Kubiak is health concerns. Does he need a year away from the game to heal? And if we get the Green Bay guy, will Philbin be calling plays? We need someone with a proven SYSTEM IMO, and Green Bay's doesn't seem to work without Rodgers or Matt Flynn.

most frustrated ive ever been as a fin fan. lowest of the lows having a clueless owner wanting to keep his friends around now matter how bad they are at there jobs

Sherman brought in his assistant s so why wont the new oc ? Who the hell would be happy with turner and Taylor ? The control on this team is really all over the place, there eeds to be one guy to call the shots.

Philbin is an administrator, he has never called plays. SO WHY DID HE EVER GET THE JOB HERE ???

For those saying you need to see Sherman and Tannehill work through this system, you seem to forget the two have been in this system for several years now. It wasn't very successful in college and even less successful in the pro's. So how much longer do you need to see if they can make it work. Tannehill has never had very good years under this system. I don't care how many yards he passed for this year. The system doesn't hold up. So now its time to see how he handles a different system, maybe he will be better, maybe this is the best he will be. How do we find out the answer if the team is not willing to make a change.

Yes, Shanahan SR!


Made stars out of unknown backs like ALfred Morris the past 2 years.

Had the highest scoring offense with the old 49ers (only broken by 07 Pats and this years Broncos)

If Shanahan wanted to be OC and not a HC it's a no brainer!

amazing turner hasnt been fired yet

Guys, where is is written that this is a one and done season for Philbin? They said the same thing about Coughlin a few years ago with the Giants and Andy Reid with the Eagles. These guys went out and WON. Its a win NOW league. Figure it out Philbin and if you can't then go coach Little League, where its safer. This is the Big Leagues. Win or you're out...its that simple.

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