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Philbin (safe according to source) fires Mike Sherman

The Dolphins have announced offensive coordinator Mike Sherman has been fired. I am also reporting that coach Joe Philbin is "definitely safe," according to a club source and will return for his third season with the Dolphins.

 “I would like to thank Mike for his contributions to the Miami Dolphins,” Philbin said in a statement released by the club. “Mike has been a mentor to me throughout my coaching career, dating back to 1979. He is a man of great integrity, dedicated to his family, his team, his players and his profession. On behalf of the entire Miami Dolphins organization I want to wish Mike and his family the very best in the future.”

Interesingly, Philbin did not wish to fire his "mentor." The coach had previously defended Sherman as an "excellent" football coach. But owner Stephen Ross wanted Sherman out after the Dolphins scored only one touchdown in the season's final two games when the playoffs were on the line.

Ross, however, could not actually fire Sherman as he had signed over hiring and firing power to Philbin in his contract. But obviously, rather than defy his boss, Philbin did as the owner wished.

In fulfilling his owner's desire to "relieve Sherman" of his duties, Philbin accomplished something very important: He solidified his own job status.

Ross had no desire to get rid of Philbin but might have been forced to do just that if the coach had refused to comply with his wishes. In complying, however, Philbin remains safe.

It is unclear if this is the one and only change to the Dolphins this offseason. There is still a chance the team may add a football czar. General Manager Jeff Ireland's status also has yet to be cemented by the team.

I reported in early December that Ross had assured Ireland of returning next season. Obviously, the collapse at the end of the season with the playoffs beckoning made that very less certain.



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8-8 is the new 12-4.

I want your love.

Call me Coco.


You bring up some amazing things are great teams surrounding great QBs. I disagree with the way it is guy bc I do think some coaches can more out of their players than others. This dolphin team is a 9 or 10 win team with better play calling.

While we are on the play calling subject- I'm also by a fan of kevin coyles coordinating either. The dolphins were run on way too easily in my opinion. And he did not did a way to get the number 3 pick in the draft on the field more. The defense regressed statistically.

I know coaches need the horses to win games, but I think certain coaches can get more out of less. Sherman and coyle didn't do that IMO

it will be hard to find another OC in their 70's!

Now all Ross has to do is get Ireland's money, Philbin is a hinge head one minute Sherman is a good coach and the next he fires him,and How do you call a guy that leads your offense to 27th overall an excellent coach not sure but maybe ross should have cleaned house

Ireland's army is under Nuclear attack.

Ireland's army is under Nuclear attack.

You can't fire a coach after 2 seasons he should get at least 3 to see if what he is doing is working ......in our case the jury is still out , but after another year we can clean house

How is Philbin back? He's completely incapble of getting a team ready to play in the NFL. We should have won as many as 12 games this year!!

Faibin should be gone anyway but he really should be gone for wanting to bring in Mr. Magoo. Another GB retired who has no prior coord. Exp. Rediculous.

Retired. Fuc%ing auto correct.

Craig Happy New Year to you as well. I took a much needed break from the Dolphins and the blog for a bit. But assistants being fired got my attention!


Glad to see him "go go"!!!

getting rid of ONLY Sherman is like throwing the fans a bone. a bone that is very small and chewed clean.

None of the exciting names you people bring up here for OC will ever come here. Phailbin will hire one of his Green Bay buddies who will probably have no OC experience.

dusty who told you color wanted to play with us?
He does not even rehab in Florida!

Anyway Sherman gone = good riddance, and don't let the door hit you in the butt.

Craig, Dusty, (as Kris pointed out) is confused. He spent weeks hoping for losses in order to secure a higher draft pick.

Then the team went on a winning streak. All of a sudden Dusty jumped on the bandwagon and was a huge fan. Talking about playoffs and all the players who were great all day long.

Then the team lost it's last two games and it seems he's back off the bandwagon. And he thinks the team will do worse next year but has no reasonable explanation as to why.

It's safe to say he has lost credibility and none of the posts he leaves here should be taken serious.

Coyle gets free pass with that run defense?

Ireland must be wearing a hurt locker bomb disposal suit as he keeps surviving 7-9, 8-8 football.

I'm pretty sure Philbin was tired of Sherman, also. Since the 1st Game of the Season when Sherman insisted on running the ball in the first half then Philbin told him that was enough proving it was not working and to go to the pass. And many other fuc-ups we saw from Sherman and I'm sure Philbin did too. Joe is just a respectful, and inscrutable guy.

Are Phins78 and Kris in love?

Greg, awesome post at 5:32

I second greg's post.

What would Philbin know about offense anyway? It's not like he coached two SB winning QB's right? Oh, wait..um never mind.

I was about to say the bloggers know better.

Now, as to the quality of the OLinemen given to the Coaches to work with, that's all on Ireland, and he has to answer for it.

Now, as to the quality of the OLinemen given to the Coaches to work with, that's all on Ireland, and he has to answer for it.

Posted by: oscar canosa | January 06, 2014 at 07:12 PM

Fans continue to confuse speculation with fact. We have no idea whether or not Philbin told Ireland Martin would be fine or the line in general was set. It is a team effort, blame them all or blame none.

You guys wanted a passing team because (as you said ad nauseum "it's a passing league") and guess what? That's exactly what Sherman gave you.

Miami passed the ball at the SECOND HIGHEST PERCENTAGE in the NFL.

Enough of your revisionism and convenient amnesia. You wanted a passing team--you got it--and it flopped.

Maybe now you numbskulls will realize the "scheme" has nothing to do with it.

Eh, no you won't.

Many expected, seeing Long gone, to go after the premier LTs in the last Draft, Fisher, Johnson, others I can't recall; me, I wanted JCooper, but every Fan realized we needed O line help. Then Ireland comes up with a big "surprise", a DE of which we had 2 or 3 good ones already and who, not to say, has played sparingly this Season. Ireland has to answer for that one also.

San Diego just won a playoff game on the road with 128 yards passing and 196 yards rushing.

Supposing it was so, White man, who was going to play RT when Martin went to LT, Clabo?

"he is my Personnel man", Ross said about Ireland after the 2012 Season. It's documented. Nobody is going to overrule Ireland when he wants to go after a Player.


We saw with our own eyes on HardKnocks how Philbin had a significant say in personnel. Ireland wanted to keep Clyde Gates, Philbin said he wasn't a football player. Gates was gone.

Who was going to play where is not the topic of debate. It's that they both told the public they work very close together and therefore they are both equally responsible for the talent on the team.

The Dolphins should contact Mike Shula about the offensive coordinator position after the Panthers are done with their season. This would be a good way for Mike to learn all the personal and will be able to step in when they finally decide to fire Philbin. Ireland you are next on the chopping block. Hello Pioli!

Of course, Americano, Ireland will try to defend his draft picks like JMartin, and the aforementioned Gates who suc-ks big dick.

My only 2 beefs with Ireland, besides the Dez incident, are his neglect of the OLine last Season and related, the drafting of DJ. That is enough for him to answer for.

IT'S THE QB YOU MORONS.IF THE PASTY FACED PUNK TCHOKE WITH THE POP GUN ARM HITS WALLACE 4 OUT OF THE 10-12 long MISSES THE OFFENCE STAYS THE SAME AND THE barbies are in the post season and M.Sherman still has a job YOU IDIOTS.It's the QB STUPID Eh?IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE QB STUPID Eh?THE WRONG GUY GOT THE AXE Eh?TCHOKE is next up at the guillotine eh?off with his pencil neck and head eH?

I don't care if Ireland or Philbin or both go, but if they stay there can be absolutely no more little rifts.

Oscar,and the Phans suffer for Ross's stupidity Eh?

We have Pat Devlin, Ape, don't get so excited.

Hold on oscar let me check his college numbers Eh?

Who cares about Ireland and Philbin rifts, they are simultaneously destroying this franchise.

Posted by: Ape Tamer | January 06, 2014 at 07:50 PM

Tannehill has a tan now.


We had the best QB in the league in Dan Marino. How did that work out, eh stupid?

0 SB wins.

thanks oscar and phins78. I'm glad someone is listening.

Monkey.you are a BLIND STUPID homer,you don't even have a TV to see that he is as white as vomit from a runway model just like his pasty faced wife Eh?

They are keeping the WCO , lead candidate is Packer QB coach MaCadoo who has been with GB a few years and is 36 yrs old. About the inability to stop the run the only difference in the front seven was Wheeler and Ellerbe. Philbin is the only HC of the last five to be a straight shooter with players and media and that includes JJ. The players know that they can talk to him at any time and get the truth. Statements from former players that JJ didn't exactly have an open door policy because he didn't really want to be there.

Oscar,Devlins numbers are off the charts compared to TCHOKES.Philbin stabbed his best friend in the back now Philbin can stab Ireland and Ross in the back by starting Devlin in the 2014 opener JaJa Eh?

guys enough about jake long. he finished the season on the IR, AGAIN! reggie bush finished season on the IR, AGAIN! karlos dansby never made a play when he was here, couldn't cover anybody to save his life. lets get over it guys, move on. my god, I'm so sick of people talking about people that don't play for us. enough.

Ape, How did Marino work out, eh stupid?

ape tamer,

go read a book dude

Ape, $120 Million Romo, 8-8 three years in a row. How did that work out eh stupid?

Ape, you still come here, what does that say about you? Eh, stupid?

Ape, pasty Flacco 120 million dollars to miss the playoffs. How did that work out, eh stupid?

Ape, everyone wanted Peyton 2 years ago. 120 million dollars and Zero playoff wins. How did that work out, eh stupid?

Ape Stupid, eh stupid?

Glad to see that Sherman is no longer the OC. Now we need to bring in Norv Turner. He is a great OC. If not I would like to see Brian Daboll.

I really think they should fire Coyle too. The defense went from being to 10 in the league with Mike Nolan to below average under Coyle. They were #3 against the run in 2011 and now they are # 26 to end this year. With all the changes that need to be made on the offense, how is Coyle's defense going to be any better with these players. Every year is a different problem. I guarantee the OL and running game will be good next year but the defense will be terrible. It is like a plugging holes in a sinking ship, every time you look another hole opens up.

You stupid homers Eh? a Flacco and Manning type QB's make the barbies an instant play off team.BUT YOU CLUELESS DELUSIONAL DISEASED IMBECILES ARE TO RETARDED TO COMPREHEND THIS Ja Ja Eh?Wow,just when you think the Stupid barbie homers can't get any Stupider and there you go,they do it anyways Eh?

Ape, you still come here, what does that say about you? We are your only friends. Eh, stupid?

EH, maaaaan wassappinnnn maaan EH!

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