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Reports: Caserio offered Dolphins GM job (Staying in NE)

The Dolphins have offered their general manager job to Nick Caserio, according to a report by Washington, D.C. News4 anchor Dianna Marie Russini.

Yes, I know, the report is believable but its geography is a surprise. News4 covers neither the Dolphins, nor the Patriots and is not a national NFL media source.

If true, the Dolphins are making a push to strengthen themselves and at the same time weakening AFC East division rival New England.

If true, the point I've been making to you about Dolphins owner Stephen Ross falling in love with the last person he meets has a new illustration.

Russini is also reporting that Caserio has not accepted the offer and is mulling it over.

Update: Tom Curran of CSN New England is reporting that regardless of offer or not, "indications are Caserio is staying with the Patriots.

So, is it possible Caserio was made and offer and it wasn't good enough for whatever reasons. Or he wasn't offered the job, in which case he's staying with the Patriots.

Update 2: Ian Rappaport of the NFL Network is reporting that Caserio was indeed offered the job and has decided to stay with the New England Patriots.

Update 3: I have confirmed the reports are true. The Dolphins are not getting Caserio. The team is moving on.


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I really hope this is true and I hope he accepts the job and does not bail.

good move Ross.

Lazor and Caserio would make it all right.

Way to go. Now the cheaters have their inside man right where they want him to be. He will insist on the starting players who give the Patriots the best chance to win! ALRIGHT.

He won't

He just wants a raise Ross is a sucker

right, some woman nobody has ever heard from before breaks the news, riiiiight.

I don't know this guy from Adam, but I know BB doesn't care either way if he loses him or keep him. BB is still able to run everything up there, Coach, GM, salary cap and reports straight to Kraft, up to know with great success.

My sources in the Dolphins organisation just called and said that the Caserio deal is done. He has accepted the position and they are working out the details of the contract. News Conference to be held Monday. Tuesday at latest.

Keeping our fingers crossed. Caserio is a huge catch for the Fins.....if they can get it done.

Done deal. Caserio is still in Miami to work out contract details and signing. Then presser and he moves out of cold lonely NE to sunny FLA. next week. I myself prefer London...the greatest city in the world.

We all know that somehow this is going to end soon, with hearts breaking & self-mutilation.

EMU the deal is done according to my sources in the Dolphins organization.

Well, maybe we have a scout even if its a bad one.

Carserio will report directly to Ross. Caserio and Philbin will make personnel moves and Aponte will manage the cap and help to work contracts.

Well there you go he staying with the patriots now.

3 blind mice running the circus LOL

Is your source better than Tom curran?

First bad sign.... The Washington babe is reporting Caserio asked for time to mull it over.
Anyone who wants to think about Ross is gonna flee.


Mr Caserio is well more than a scout. He has 3 rings and has been instrumental in coaching, personnel and management. Surely you have researched this gentleman before passing judgment on him?

That was one of the possibilities, that they were waiting for a Playoff Team to lose to grab their guy, and is apparently true. BB has final decision on all trades, drafts and Player signings, but if this guy sat with him during that process, he must have learned something.

Nick Caserio was our 8th choice.


Caserio is a scout. Thats it.


My sources are never wrong. They are within the Dolphins organization. The deal is done. Caserio is spending the evening in Miami to work out details of the contract. I am told Shula was contacted as a John Carroll alum.

What's to mull over???? Not convinced that Caserio is the man until he proves it and then I'll be the first onto the bang wagon if he can get the job done. But any Ross hire.....????

Armando just tweeted that it isn't a done deal. If offered and not taken the soap opera just gets better and better!!!!


Do not make me embarrass you with FACTS from past articles? Mr Caserio is an important cog in the Patriot hierarchy. You are wrong.

Apparently ur sources were wrong

Ross is being cheap again.

Glad he declined... Please hire Lake Dawson, he should have been the top choice anyway. Thanks.

Wait and see what happens if it not him go with gaine?

I don't know, it makes sense to me to hire somebody from a successful Organization on the basis of success breeds success.

Why the heck would you prefer someone from the lowly titans over someone from a perennial powerhouse like the Pats?!?!


You are wrong bro.

Marco lied

Apparently ur sources were wrong

Posted by: finfan | January 25, 2014 at 10:25 PM

My sources are never wrong. I stand by my statement. Caserio accepted the position and is awaiting contract details. If he declines then my sources were correct.

The hell is going on here!!!

If all else fails maybe Ross can fall back to Jeff Ireland with his tail between his legs.

Caserio cant be worse than Ireland ca he?

Mr Caserio is still in Miami to work out contract details. Call the Hilton and ask for Mr Caserio.

Why do these interviews if not staying..

and I hope they are wrong like Lazor to Detroit....

This is getting embarrassing! If, in truth, he has turned it down and Dawson and Hickey also turn it down do we go out and try to get Jerry Jones as the GM????

U can't say he accepted and then say that if he declines u are correct. If he accepted the position he wouldn't be returning to new england

Mando just tweeted its official Caserio has declined the offer.

Marco makes up stuff like a child.

If he was offered the job and turned it down as its being reported, we know for sure the problem is Mr. Ross because this kind of stuff continues to happen to him since he has been the owner of the Dolphins.

Was this a bill bellecheat practical joke? we the fukk


I feel like wallyfin might be right

Marco makes up stuff like a child.

Posted by: Fact | January 25, 2014 at 10:31 PM

I am not a child. I am a grown European educated successful entrepreneur that has direct contacts in the Dolphins organization. Why do you think the Dolphins are playing in London next season?

If I got on offer this evening but wasn't sure if I should jump, I'd sleep on it tonight and let them know tomorrow morning.

That's honestly ridiculous

Just go with gaine now.

Wonder what was said in that second interview! Ross is quite the salesman.

I agree. I honestly think that our scouting and free agent signing has been fine the past few years. I think that our position coaches and coordinators have held us back. Why else would all of our players play better elsewhere?

Brian Gaine. We need a Jeff Ireland product to insure continuity.

Ok, ok I just called my people and they assured me that Caserio is in fact not the next GM. The job will ultimately be offered to Mr. Gaine. It satisfies the Rooney rule and keeps the team mgmt. status quo as Aponte and Philbin will share in the power. Seems like candidates do not like the power structure at present.

Wow! And I thought I'd seen it all.

What an embarrassment. Why is this such a pathetic organization?

Sad thing. There will be no decision that needs to be made. Last man standing gets it.

Shut the heck up Marco!!! You said that he was!!! Take your lies and go somewhere else! We're all very pissed here, and you've made it worse by getting our hopes up by making stuff up!

What are We Fans, a Yo-Yo at the hands of the Media and the Owners? I tell you, take this Team out of Miami, we don't want it, we don't need it, as We need only Ourselves.

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