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Reports: Caserio offered Dolphins GM job (Staying in NE)

The Dolphins have offered their general manager job to Nick Caserio, according to a report by Washington, D.C. News4 anchor Dianna Marie Russini.

Yes, I know, the report is believable but its geography is a surprise. News4 covers neither the Dolphins, nor the Patriots and is not a national NFL media source.

If true, the Dolphins are making a push to strengthen themselves and at the same time weakening AFC East division rival New England.

If true, the point I've been making to you about Dolphins owner Stephen Ross falling in love with the last person he meets has a new illustration.

Russini is also reporting that Caserio has not accepted the offer and is mulling it over.

Update: Tom Curran of CSN New England is reporting that regardless of offer or not, "indications are Caserio is staying with the Patriots.

So, is it possible Caserio was made and offer and it wasn't good enough for whatever reasons. Or he wasn't offered the job, in which case he's staying with the Patriots.

Update 2: Ian Rappaport of the NFL Network is reporting that Caserio was indeed offered the job and has decided to stay with the New England Patriots.

Update 3: I have confirmed the reports are true. The Dolphins are not getting Caserio. The team is moving on.


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Miss me yet?
-Jeff Ireland

Left at the later again as usual. Can we just fire Ross? This organization is totally dysfunctional. I am happy I am a JETS fan!!

Can't make this shirt up!!! LMAO. So it has to be Gaine now. No one else will accept to be sloppy seconds.

Gaine will gladly take the experience to build his resume and he could rest assured he will not be to blame for the mess of a season this team will suffer in 2014.

Ladies and gents here are your LA Dolphins! #fukuross

Let me repeat my prediction: Brian Gaine.

Same old Dolphins.

Stephen Ross should open up the bank to get the right talent evaluator which has been an issue with the Dolphins for many years now.

Just go with gaine now and 2014 is bad Ross got clean house and start over in 2015.

Left at the ALTER again. Total DYSFUNCTION. Time to BOYCOTT team until Ross is forced to sell. Other owners hate him, no good coaches or GM's want to work for him. This is not the Perfect Season (fake) Dolphins of the 1970's (loooong time agoooo)!




When the guy says ALTER, that's Daytona's writing.

This is getting ridiculous that now 2 candidates have turned down the job. Joe Robbie is rolling in his grave. On the other hand, I did send my resume to Mr Ross for the job, eventually I'll get a call back at this rate.

I thought that this search was getting embarrassing and now it's gone beyond embarrassing. I don't think that I have anything else to add. When I wake up I'm going to be pleased that I'm not a member of this organization. Now that's something to look forward to.

If true that Caserio was, indeed, offered the job and turned it down, I bet that Kraft and Belichick won't stop laughing for days!

Hahaha. Denied. Again!

Says a lot about how influential Carl Peterson is.

C'mon, Daytona, use the online Dictionary. These spell checkers always let you down.

Beyond embarrassing is right, signal.
Blog troll is busy tonight, sources lol.

Hahaha. Denied. Again!

Posted by: Marc | January 25, 2014 at 10:52 PM

and youre a Dolphin fan? Jerk off!!

The worst curse that can befall a mentally sane Person is laziness.

Beyond embarrassing is right, signal.
Blog troll is busy tonight, sources lol.

Posted by: seriously | January 25, 2014 at 10:54 PM

I broke the story so my sources were correct. He was offered the job.

What was the point on taking the second interview.....

That stuff about me being a jets fan is a troll that is not me. The boycott stuff is not me either. I am a Dolphin fan through and through.

Eso no se cura.

What was the point on taking the second interview.....

Posted by: Quanhova42 | January 25, 2014 at 10:56 PM

2nd interview is where the power structure was explained in detail and Caserio still said he was going to get back to them in regards to contract. Then he declined....probably after speaking with BB.

Good riddance to the Pats bug-eyed bastard for using the Phins to extort more money out of them.

Hire the brother!

If he's not the first black GM, he's probably one of few.

Wtf just hapoen. Chewed, screwed and tattooed in 30 mins. We will alwsys be second to new england. Why am I a fan? When I root for this team that cant get it together.

Well as it is 4am here in London I must get some rest. Big day tomorrow with Royalty.

Enough is enough, Mr Ross has made this once proud and well respected franchise a national laughing stock, he needs to sell or stay the hell out of it and hire someone who knows how to run a franchise, I've had it with this constant embarrassment of being a Dolphins fan!

Great blog.

Can we please some how get a new owner now Ross has got be the worst owner in nfl now and propley worst owner in sports now.

I've never been prone to write "fire Ross" or the such but we are truly fuked as fans while he remains the owner.

Nothing will stop Ross from listening to a dinosaur like Peterson, this franchise is at free fall right now. The ONLY hope for this beleaguered organization is to pray the Wells report is so condemning that Ross will have no choice but to fired everybody. Even then Ross will have a horrible time bringing anyone here.

Mr. Goodell needs to have a talk with Ross and advice him well. This brand is in ruins.

That stuff about me being a jets fan is a troll that is not me. The boycott stuff is not me either. I am a Dolphin fan through and through.

Posted by: Marco | January 25, 2014 at 10:57 PM

Marco is a douche, but I agree that was not Marco posting. Didn't sound anything like him.

Steve Ross is consulting with Carl Peterson about offering the GM job to J Lo.

Let just hope to god Ross sell the team after this season. I won't a owner that cares about everything about the dolphins not like Ross or Wayne. Let him be like joe Robbie.

Just reported caserio used the fins to get a pay raise out of the cheap pats. How typical !

I've never been prone to write "fire Ross" or the such but we are truly fuked as fans while he remains the owner.

Posted by: Ectoplasm | January 25, 2014 at 11:06 PM

Prepare yourself for three more embarassing years. Next year is 6-10 and Ross will hang on to Philbin & Gaines for another year for the sake of "stability". Next comes 5-11 and Ross catapults Peterson for another loser advisor who helps him clean house. The year after is 3-13 and the fans lynch Ross in broad daylight to the cheers of every NFL fan not associated with the AFC east.

As a phin you can only laugh at this crap. But we should be used to this crap remeber the coaching search that landed us Zombie Joe. Miami is a destination city without a low class ownership group...

It's to the point where I'm not even upset when stuff like this happens. My first reaction is to laugh under my breath and shake my head.

The question now is, why is it ever going to get better under Stephen Ross? He's been the owner now for 5 years and has yet to learn from his prior mistakes. Obviously, this is nothing but a hobby to him and he is hell bent on doing it 'his way' even though he is used, mocked, laughed at, and made to look like a fool basically every 2 years.

Instead of a great hire, all this organization is getting is a 2 dollar gold fish from the Fair. We all know it'll need to be flushed down the drain relatively soon.

At 72, hopefully Ross is getting too old for this type of embarrassment and simply sells the team or hands complete authority to a football guy and stay out of the way. Or, simply sell the team.

But dark days lie ahead. Only a biased homer would think otherwise

He used us to get a raise. It's as simple as that. Stephen Ross is considered a "Mark" in this league, and he continues to be embarrassed at every turn. Is he learning anything from these beatings? Are there any of you out there that still don't think this is humiliating? Personnel men that interview for GM jobs don't usually turn them down or decline first and second interviews. To be honest he wasn't the best choice anyway, as Belicheat runs every facet of that team. We would have ended up with another Patriot Mirage (Pioli, Weis, Crennel, etc.). Hire Lake Dawson or Hickey. These guys have a background in college scouting, unlike bug eyes from NE. Hire one of them and retain Gaine.

Armando, Has done more to hurt the fins then Ireland ever did. He and his minnions can paint it any wey they want. I heard him on NFL radio ripping the Dolphins apart. Saying it doesn't matter who they get for a GM.... That it will be a failure. His interveiw on there was splashed all over the national media. He has a vendetta against the dolphins and has done everything in his power since the Martin scandle to discredit, Humiliate and embbarass the Dolphins. Nevermind the character assassination he has performed on Ross, Aponte and Philbin. UNBELIEVABLE !!!! THANKS

At least Ross should lower ticket prices and stop ripping off the Dolphin fans.

Carl Peterson is Ross's friend huh?? with friends like Carl, Ross might as well asked Bill Bellichick to help out, I don't think Bellichick could of thought up a way to embarrass us this much


What we want is a great talent evaluator, team player, and someone who is dedicated to the Miami Dolphins. The individuals that accepted other jobs or declined offers, did the franchise a favor. I've been a fan of this team since Danny Thomas was part owner and win or lose they'll always be my team.

What was the point on taking the second interview.....

Posted by: Quanhova42 | January 25, 2014 at 10:56 PM

This was a set up by Bellecheat....has to be, why go through 2 interviews..

Goodell has to look into this and punish the Pats...

Posted by: BRICKHOUSE | January 25, 2014 at 11:19 PM

Armando is the best Dolphin writer on the planet. Keen insight and timely articles. Thats why everyone is here.

For every dolphins fan in miami I lived 45 mins south of philly don't SHOW UP for the games this year let stadium be empty all home games this year and Ross realize how he such a stupid ass and he sell the team after this season we get great news he sells the team.

None of these guys they have interveiwed have any experiance as a GM. Why is everyone flipping out about these guys. We will never know how any of these guys will fair as a GM. Im sure Mando will do his best to discredit and criticize whomever it will be anyways.

Seriously Mando: How does Ross not see what everyone else knew: Caserio was playing us to get a raise. He has no clue how the NFL works and continually embarrasses the team.

Posted by: BRICKHOUSE | January 25, 2014 at 11:19 PM

You are right all the way...

Everyone should boycott the Herald until this dick head is fired!!!!!!!!!!!

I would say the Dolphins have done a pretty good job of embarrassing themselves. They don't need anyone's help.

Ross is a clueless Di@k with Big Ears!

Armando, Has done more to hurt the fins...

Posted by: BRICKHOUSE | January 25, 2014 at 11:19 PM


Really? Really!?! A two-bit reporter from a local newspaper can destroy an NFL franchise? WTF?

Wow no one wants this stinking job with this bunch of losers.

deity is a funny basta*d when he want's to be.

Smut sells and NFL network, ESPN and NFL radio can't get enough of it.

Mando is the smut pusher....

I agree with what someone said earlier, Ross has two huge vag pubes dangling on the sides of his head, I think he calls them ears

No Ross isn't cheap idiots u don't get it he does not want to work in pathetic organizational setup Ross has created with stupid aponte which oh by the way was involved in similar gm scandal in Cleveland this lady is toxic and Ross breathing in all the fumes organization not going anywhere until Ross sells the team

Really? Really!?! A two-bit reporter from a local newspaper can destroy an NFL franchise? WTF?

Posted by: We're Close | January 25, 2014 at 11:27 PM

yes smut sells

Armando rocks, He covers them. They hate him. Not good for Mando. Best way to save your job. Get a new management team in place. Kiss ass and get back in their good graces. That's how you use your power of the pen. .... or i should say blog and national media connections !

Hey Armando this is the real Bryan in Ohio please email me now and say it ain't so he turned us down? Why am I not surprised if it's Brian gain he and Regis must go deep into the playoffs or its time to flush everyone even Ross chunky cowher dungy come on down why not interview Bill polian? You dopes I sick of being a dolphins fan Marino Sheila are long gone this team is as well

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