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Reports: Caserio offered Dolphins GM job (Staying in NE)

The Dolphins have offered their general manager job to Nick Caserio, according to a report by Washington, D.C. News4 anchor Dianna Marie Russini.

Yes, I know, the report is believable but its geography is a surprise. News4 covers neither the Dolphins, nor the Patriots and is not a national NFL media source.

If true, the Dolphins are making a push to strengthen themselves and at the same time weakening AFC East division rival New England.

If true, the point I've been making to you about Dolphins owner Stephen Ross falling in love with the last person he meets has a new illustration.

Russini is also reporting that Caserio has not accepted the offer and is mulling it over.

Update: Tom Curran of CSN New England is reporting that regardless of offer or not, "indications are Caserio is staying with the Patriots.

So, is it possible Caserio was made and offer and it wasn't good enough for whatever reasons. Or he wasn't offered the job, in which case he's staying with the Patriots.

Update 2: Ian Rappaport of the NFL Network is reporting that Caserio was indeed offered the job and has decided to stay with the New England Patriots.

Update 3: I have confirmed the reports are true. The Dolphins are not getting Caserio. The team is moving on.


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Marco what a waste of space u are yeah u got contacts u idiot quit wasting space on the blog if u don't have any thing that resembles intelligence.

Yeah me too Rick, i was extremely corny but people loved me.

It's official, Armando has the absolute WORST Sports Blog in the history of Mankind!

It's kind of like Armando is the owner(Ross)and his Monkey Boy Troll/Daytona/ALoco/YG.....etc, etc.....is the GM(Ireland).

Together they have completely ruined the joint.

Facts are facts.......

Me too Denny however no one liked me and i mean no one!
I could find players or what?

And talk about pain, Jet, NE were the Patsies forever until Kraft bought the team. MF!!

And no i do not want criminal and crybaby back on the o-line either but i'll probably get fired any minute so what's the difference?

Question of the Day.

Did Armando need a wet wipe when he heard Caserio declined.......?

The dolphins will soon get their own reality TV drama on A&E
"As The Fin Fails"

Daytona, it looks like Jim Turner could use a nice "Hummer" to cheer him up.

(Make sure he pays you up front, word is, he could be "Let Go" at any moment)

Now GET BUSY Boy!!!!

It's official, Armando has the absolute WORST Sports Blog in the history of Mankind!

Posted by: odinseye | January 26, 2014 at 01:02 AM

I would feel like a complete idiot if I was posting on a blog to say that it was the worst blog in history. What would that say about me? Nest'ce pas?

It's official, Armando has the absolute WORST Sports Blog in the history of Mankind!

Posted by: odinseye | January 26, 2014 at 01:02 AM

On the other hand, this may not really be odin.

Hey BRICKHOUSE the way team has gotten embarrassed is by themselves how do u blame Armando when Ross clearly problem the guy cannot figure it out anybody says he's cheap no that's not it again problem is he don't get what it takes so get out of town Ross and take Aponte with ya

Beautiful, just beautiful !

I was set to come here and post "Have the lowly Phins been embarrassed by another candidate yet ?"

Before I could get to my post, IT HAPPENED !!!

I posted weeks ago that this is the lowest point in franchise history.

Is there any doubt about that now.

The Dolphins have one of, if not, the worst owner in sports.

...and people are avoiding this p i s s poor organization because they know it's a career killer.

Also consider, if Tannebust were really the great franchise quarterback of the future, surely one of the b-list scrubs would jump at the chance to get on board with this future dynasty.

This guy has seen Tannereach up close in four games.

Clearly he's not sold, neither was Farmer, nor Licht, nor anyone else they've attempted to interest.

I hear The Dolphins will be offering the job to Cam Cameron next.

Except he's not interested either.

Fail forward fast.

Even that was better than this period.

When does water polo start ?

Where is everybody getting Ross is cheap? Obviously u don't for some reason get that's not problem the issue is he hasn't learned from past mistakes and GMs don't want to get into crap structure with aponte causing problems I can't stand her and Ross want them gone

just woke up! sob can't believe that belichick dangled nick to the dolphins just to humiliate the organization yet again.. he is good. nick c. never was going to sign. he was just a pond in belicks game

Bill Belicheat: Caserio, you are my trusted associate. The Phins are as low as they have ever been but there is always the chance this right-place-right-time clueless billionaire may get it right again. You know what to do.

Days later, Ross: Well, Ray, thanks for coming to see us!

Dawn whipering in one of Ross' Dumbo ears: Nick -- Ray was last week.

Ross: So, Rick, as I was saying, you have excellent credentials as an offensive coordinator. Welcome aboard!

Dawn whipering with an obvious red face: Nick. NICK!. And he is interviewing for the GM job!

Ross: Well anyway, Ray, General Motors is a great company and I'm sure you will enjoy working for them.

Philbin: I'm not sure I would be comfortable working with Nick.

Ross: Why is that, John?

Dawn on cue card: JOE!

Ross: Joe

Philbin: I don't have an answer for that.

Caserio: Well, I think Bill and I got what we needed to hear. Thanks for everything and just let me say your organization is exactly what we had hoped for.

McCloughan, DeCosta, Gamble, and Patton all refuse opportunity to even apply for job when invited. There were probably a couple of others as well (personnel executives from NYG and Atlanta Falcons).

Licht refuses second interview to accept job with Tampa Bay.

Farmer refuses second interview to keep his job with Cleveland.

Caserio refuses outright job offer.

Now, the job is going to be offered to Lawson (whose reputation around the league is lukewarm at best according to Barry Jackson's sources), Gaines (Ireland assistant) or Hickey (worker drone for Tampa Bay for many years).

In other words, the new GM is probably going to be a Mueller or Spielman type personnel person who will continue the tradition of horrid drafting. Which means the Dolphins are going to be bad on the field for years to come.

According to Sports Buzz, it was never made clear if the GM would report to Ross or Aponte or if Aponte would report to the GM. Ross offered Ireland a chance to stay if he would report to Aponte; Ireland wisely refused.

The Dolphins are stuck with a very, very subpar coaching staff. In its own way, it is probably as bad or worse than Sparano and Company. They have one of the two worst deep ball passers in the league. They have a capologist (with assists from Ross and Philbin) who is causing elite talent to avoid a 'toxic job' as one candidate put it.

The team has gaps all over the roster. The new GM will come from a few candidates who are lightly regarded, from losing teams or from a system that has been proven to fail repeatedly.

A GM job of an NFL team should be a premium job in sports. The fact that ALL of the elite candidates have refused to seriously consider or accept the position shows that the problem is the Miami Dolphins.

It's not the media. It's not the fans. It's Ross, Aponte and Philbin.

This team was a disaster in 2013 and was very lucky to be 8-8. That's probably not going to improve anytime in the next several seasons.

This team was a disaster in 2013 and was very lucky to be 8-8. That's probably not going to improve anytime in the next several seasons.

Posted by: Sigh | January 26, 2014 at 02:26 AM

6-10 and Tannehill will end up on the scrap heap because of it.

Sigh indeed.

The three remaining candidates all coming from teams that have been losing for many years.

We're Close,

You are probably right.

All I can do is 'sigh' when I look at how this great franchise has fallen. With a league set up for teams to rebuilt quickly, the Dolphins have never done that properly. Saban had a chance but selected Ronnie Brown instead of Aaron Rogers. Saban selected Culpepper over Brees. Parcells selected Long instead of Ryan. Ireland selected Pouncey instead of Kaepernick. Ireland selected Tannehill instead of Wilson or Foles.

Even attempts at building the rest of the team resulted only in a good punter and good DL. That's really about it.

It did not have to be this way. And the lack of a talented GM means it will not change.

All I can do is 'sigh' when I look at how this great franchise has fallen. With a league set up for teams to rebuilt quickly, the Dolphins have never done that properly. Saban had a chance but selected Ronnie Brown instead of Aaron Rogers. Saban selected Culpepper over Brees. Parcells selected Long instead of Ryan. Ireland selected Pouncey instead of Kaepernick. Ireland selected Tannehill instead of Wilson or Foles.


Lots of blame to go around in this org and it's not all on Ireland. Personally , I am fine with Tannehill. Kap and Wilson are on very good teams with great coaches and FO. Foles had a very good QB coach whereas Tannehill had Sherman's son-in-law??? Seriously???

We're Close,

Yeah, lots of blame to go around.

I agree that Tannehill could yet be an excellent QB. The deep ball accuracy is a concern from all I've read. You are right that he's not had the best of coaching. I also think the team failed to give him WR and TE talent his first year and then failed to give him OL and RB talent his second year. I wish the team had focused more on WR and TE talent in the draft so they could grow with Tannehill.

It didn't have to be this way but it was because Ross is an idiot who didn't clean house after The Dolphins lost three home games in a row in 2010 to The Bills, The Lions and The Browns. The Parcells cancer should have been treated right there, instead it has spread throughout the organization.

In addition, the team was playing good football at the end of 2011, giving a Super Bowl Patriots team all they could handle up in N.E.. Closing the season 6-3 and blowing quite a few teams out.

Ross and Ireland blew up that team to sell you Tannehope.

They should have come back for one more year with Bowles, Daboll, Moore, Marshall and Bush. It was clearly working over the last half of 2011. They blew it up for a fantasy, to sell the fans a fantasy...Tannereach.

Moore just wasn't a name to sell season tickets.

If the Bowles/Moore did poorly in 2012, Ross could have fired everyone after 2012 and hired Andy Reid and brought in Alex Smith.

In addition, if the team had been built right after 2007. The Dolphins could have made a serious run at Peyton Manning. He went to The Broncos because they had offensive talent. Of course Lil Jeffy believed in focusing on defense, ignoring skill position players, and seeing Hartline as a #2 WR in 2011, a #1 WR in 2012 and then again as a #2 WR in 2013.

Ross is a douche for keeping an ignoramus like Ireland around for as long as he did.

Buying inside linebackers in free agency as a blue print.

Doubling down on CB's in the draft.

Cheap right tackle Columbo.

Cheap right tackle Clabo.

The same mistakes twice.

Ross deserves this public humiliation.

Reward incompetence and this is what you get, an organization that no one sensible wants to be a part of...


The sad thing is I think that Ireland was good, not great. Found some great acorns in the the late rounds and with UFA. He has a place in the NFL as a talent scout. Maybe one of the best.

But the coaches have been ABYSMAL for years. Just looking at Philbin, lets playmakers go because they are too outspoken (kidding me? they are much needed team leaders), gameplans but cannot adjust in-game, has no idea how to or willingness to adjust schemes to the players. Shameful.

Tell me prospective GMs don't see this.

Ross deserves this public humiliation.


Fire Ross,

I only agree with half of what you post but the fire Ross part resonates very well with me. This time next year fans will be storming his mansion.

I think everyone is beginning to see that Ross is the major problem. It's difficult to believe that many on this blog can understand things better than a very successful businessman but there you go.


Always enjoy reading your posts. Lights out for me!

I think these potential GM's are interviewed and allowed to ask questions after the interview
the power sharing is obviously a big problem with many of them
Some have found out before the interview and refused to be considered under that scenario

Like has been said all elite personnel people want to be real GM's not glorified scouts - Money is not the objective. The good ones know that eventually they will be GM's.

They don't want to come here because of the structure not because they are playing us to get a raise with their present teams

It is the way they want to set this up which is totally unorthodox
no other team in the NFL is ran the way that Ross wants to run this team.
Power sharing will not work, especially reporting to an owner who is not football savvy.
Finger pointing will be the norm after they start to loose games and realize that we took a step backwards.

It is a brutal schedule we are facing and 2014 will not be an easy season for us
I hope eventually we end up in firing Philbin and changing Aponte to report directly to the GM
That is the way it should be. Coach and accountant report to the GM.

Philbin has poor football skills and cannot see glaring elementary errors such as go; or go-go
Thus in my opinion he is not fit to be an NFL coach.

So many Gm candidates and they either run for the hills or politely decline. This just shows how much this teams front office is a complete disaster. Ross sorry but you do not know how to run a team even if you are worth billions of dollars. If the front office is this much of a mess I'm going to be a very old man if not dead and buried before this team ever wins another Super Bowl.

All I'm saying, if so may potential GM candidates refuse this job for more money and more power, just shows how much of a disaster the front office is. If I had billions of dollars and the know how I would fire everyone top to bottom and start over with young hungry eager to win personnel. Sadly, I do not have billions of dollars and the know how.This sport is a business, who cares how much you care about a fellow worker if its not working fix it. So that said our new GM who likes the bigger pay check, will be our next puppet Gm, not much different than Ireland, so don't expect much to change.

I believe Mario was a better Qb than Tom Brady and Shula was a better coach then belichick yet the patriots have won more Super Bowls and Tom Brady has been in more AFC championship games than the dolphins have been in since they were founded in 1966. Joe Robbie was a great owner we did not win the Super Bowl every year but we were contenders just about every year. Its not just the team but the front office and this front office is a mess and there ideas and beliefs are wrong. Sadly if thing do not change we will be the laughing stock of the nfl for years to come.

I m not having all this 'selected player x over player y' and that's why we re crap. These players (Brees, Kap etc) would never have been the same players here, and it d be others we d be wishing we d selected.

This franchise is ruined. Ross is a dumbass. He knows nothing about football. How you don't fire a HC who's shown he's not a motivator (cue cards?), or strong enough to fire Sherman is beyond me. This is not Philbins fault. He's bad. He probably knows he's bad. He s probably aware that GMs won't come here because of the whole dawnjoe thing, but what do you expect him to do, fall on his sword?

No, this is on Ross, and until he goes, nothing will improve. A fresh start means the incompetent owner i m afraid. DO ONE ROSS....please fella

The hits keep on coming.Why would a guy from a winning organization want to deal with this mess?Dolphins are an embarassment,Ross is a moron billionaire.

There is no guarantee with any of the GMs. But anyone who would play one team against another simply to get a raise like Caserio probably was not worth hiring in the first place. Good luck to him in NE living in the shadows while counting his money. As for the Dolphins, they need to put an end to this and concentrate on those who actually want the job.

Serves you right Mr. Ross...you should have never fired Ireland to start with. No doubt he made his fair share of mistakes and some things he did were dumb but we have the benefit of hindsight. Not to mention the expectations of the GM were unfair and unrealistic. And sure firing Ireland may have made a few fans happy but they were not as big a crowd as they'd like us to believe.

Last year's debacle was ALL on the coaches. Should have fired DC Coyle and OL Turner as well. You don't beat all those playoff teams by luck but instead with talent. It is a fact there is talent on this team but it was simply not coached well enough to be consistent.

My Dolphin colored glasses getting very blurred. It's impossible to stay behind this team.

Why do you give your cap specialist as much power as the GM??

I can get the coach or at least some coaches but not the cap person.

Ross and this group just can't get out of the way of themselves. They should have made a decision on one of the 3 after Farmer bailed but they just had to take another opportunity to get egg on their faces.

I think you just have to blow it all up now. Clean house and start from scratch. Evidently should have done it from the start,

There is something very very wrong with this team if guys are turning down a bigger paycheck, career advancement, and sunny Florida compared to frozen wastelands like Cleveland.

Ross shouldn't hire anyone right now, he needs to reassess this power structure and let a new GM fire Philbin if they wish.

What does this say to the remaining candidates who may receive an offer?

You weren't our first choice but how would you like to be our new GM that we're admittedly settling for. We don't have much confidence in your abilities, but you're the only guy we could find dumb enough to accept the position, so it's yours. Enjoy being a GM with limited power. Oh, and if the team has a losing record next year you're most likely fired, and your career will be tarnished to the point you probably won't ever find work as a GM again.

Big surprise that N Caserio turned down the Dolphins, right? Well... no... there were many sportswriters earlier YESTERDAY predicting that he would NOT take the job. He's a young guy, needing exposure, experience, contacts, money, etc. Not his time, place or opportunity. Nonetheless, it will be considered another black eye for Steve Ross.

Hopefully there's a GM selection today. Of course few will like the choice, lamenting the bigger fishes that got away. The new GM will have to ride the crest of media induced shock waves until we get a sense of what he is all about. Pressers where Ross, Philbin and the new GM talk about how they are all excited and will work together to bring greater glory to the Dolphins won't cut it this year.

So... as fans we'll wait and study comments from the combine but FA will give us a better feel for what 2014's team will look like. If they continue to allow better players to walk in hopes that existing roster talent develops, we know we're in trouble. If they elect to sign broken-down and injured cast-offs, we'll be screaming.

We've been through this too many times. J Ireland didn't do a bad job overall with player acquisitions- just good enough to hit mediocre. It wasn't the mind-numbing stuff of some Dolphins past GMs but well short of the mark. Let's hope the new guy has better aim.

The problem is the Dolphin organization is so well respected, they are not doing the interviewing they are being interviewed. The culture won't change so the team will remain average at best.

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