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Report: Dolphins hire Mark Duffner as LB coach

The Dolphins are off to a fast start at the Senior Bowl this week, filling their lone open coaching position by hiring Mark Duffner as the new linebacker coach, according to a report by the Florida Times-Union.

Duffner, 60, has been the Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker coach under three different head coaches -- Jack Del Rio, Mike Mularkey and Gus Bradley. He's been with the Jaguars since 2006.

He worked for the Packers in the mid 2000s when Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin was on that same staff thus the familiarity.

Duffner has 17 seasons of NFL experience thus making him the Dolphins coach with the most NFL experience.

 Duffner is formerly the head coach at the University of Maryland. He coached the Terps from 1992-96. Prior to that he was the head coach at Holy Cross.

As Duffner was also the linebacker coach for the Jaguars, this suggests he was either out of contract or the Dolphins will make him an assistant head coach as well.


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Mr. Ross where was your integrity when you refused to fire Jeff Ireland after racial insults to Dez Bryant?

From the Jaquars?? YIKES! How low can we go?


Fins are garbage,

Any changes imo is an upgrade at this point

I realize that we hear Jags and we want to puke. But for a coach to survive 3 coaching regimes, I believe shows he is pretty good,right?

Mando, I would be careful going at Richard Sherman like you are doing on Twitter. The last guy in the media who did sure was sorry he did.

"I'm better at life than you are."

Hard to come back from that one, Mando.

As far as the LB coach...

Can he bring Paul Poszlusny with him?

Good resume. Toss out the Jags. Ex-College HC at two stops. DC in Cincy. LB Coach in GB when Philbin was there. Might be a good hire.


Did you have to look up M.O.B after Shermans comments, Like I did?

Each day for the next two weeks we’ll review how each position group performed in 2013, and take an early look at 2014. Today we’ll examine the linebackers. We did defensive ends on Monday and defensive tackles on Tuesday.


Breakdown of starts: Paul Posluszny (15), Russell Allen (14), Geno Hayes (14), John Lotulelei (1), J.T. Thomas (1).

Recap: There was no more consistent player on the roster than Posluszny, who led the Jaguars in tackles for the third consecutive season. His 161 tackles was second in the NFL and he also added three sacks, two interceptions, two forced fumbles, and a career-high 10 pass breakups.

He was the lone Jaguars player that deserved Pro Bowl consideration yet he said he felt he didn’t deserve to make the Pro Bowl because he didn’t make enough big plays. However, coach Gus Bradley said Posluszny was affecting about one in every 3.5 plays, which is a very good ratio for a linebacker.

The problem was that the Jaguars were terrible against the run, giving up 131.8 yards per game rushing (29th in the NFL).

Posluszny was on the right path when he said he didn’t make enough big plays. None of the linebackers did, though Posluszny was by far the most significant contributor there. Hayes had 78 tackles but just one sack, two interceptions, and three pass breakups, although he did play through a knee injury for nearly the entire season. Allen didn’t have an interception or a sack but did recover two fumbles.

Still, that’s not enough of an impact.

Looking ahead to 2014

Players under contract: Posluszny, Allen, Hayes, Lotulelei, Thomas, LaRoy Reynolds, Nate Stupar.

The skinny: Lotulelei, Thomas, Reynolds and Stupar were mainly special teams contributors and that’s likely to be their main role in 2014 as well, though Thomas flashed a bit at the end of the 2013 season. Posluszny will again anchor the middle of the defense and Hayes, who underwent knee surgery at the end of the season, likely will go into camp as the starter.

The unit does need an upgrade, however. Whether it’s in free agency or through the draft, the Jaguars need to find athletic outside linebackers who can rush the passer and at the very least hold their own in coverage. That makes Allen’s spot on the roster tenuous unless the Jaguars are willing to keep him as a special teams player.

Mark Duffner named LB coach. Just as I predicted in August!
You're Welcome.

Three things:

1. This seems like a good hire.

2. Dashi comparing the Dolphins to the Heat and suggesting reporters should treat them the same is like saying you should treat Kate Upton and Kirstie Alley the same.

3. I believe Mando can voice his opinion about that idiot Sherman all he wants ... That right is in the US Constitution.

I like the hire. Sounds like a guy that knows his stuff. And he has coached some good LBs.

Now, someone please explain why losing the old LB coach was such a big deal. Apparently we just hired a better one.

rdubs, haha, I didn't even bother, unlike Mando I realize Sherman is just on another level of banter and trash talking - he's a dangerous combo of smarts, athleticism, and cocky.

Although really though, kaepernick had to be a specila kind of stupid to throw into double coverage which included Sherman at that point.

From last blog--


The problem with PFT is that Salguero and Kelly are his only 2 Dolphins Sources. So you already know what type of info he gets. Plus, Florio has admitted he is a Patriot fan and doesn't hide his feelings about the dolphins.

I understand why Florio hates the Fins and gets to rag on them all he wants. It is his site.

What I don't get is why the local media always feels some type of way about the fins.

Look at the Heat reporters. They baby Spo and the Heat. The Heat are underachieving and they don't say anything negative. Spo has shown that he can't Motivate!! That the players motivate themselves!! Yet, the media is as quiet as a mouse. The Man has admitted that he doesn't call plays and that the players are the ones that run the huddle. And what does the media do? They applaud him.

Heck, even the guys that write for the Marlins have a more positive outlook on the their team from time to time. And if someone should be allowed to be consistently angry at ownership it should be Marlin Fans and reporters.

I take it back. It isn't SFLA sportswriters. Just the Twinks we have writing for the Dolphins.

Posted by: Dashi | January 20, 2014 at 09:17 AM



On my original post. My bad if the generalization I made sounded like it was directed towards you. It wasn't. It was referring to those who only know how to type FIRE ROSS, T-Hill SUCKS!! And all other ignorant stuff that gets posted on here without explanation.

I understand that having a GM in place is important. Even if it is just to show other teams and the public that you have structure in your front office. I just feel that they are making the senior bowl into a big event, when it really isn't that big of a deal.

The one thing you do get at the senior bowl. You get to see how D-2 and D-3 guys do going up against D-1 guys. The Acorn Bowl.

Posted by: Dashi | January 20, 2014 at 09:27 AM


I will be very curious to see how good Minnesota's defense will be this year. I feel our LB play has sucked for awhile now. I think it's more than a coincidence that our LB play has been subpar for the last few years. All our LB's numbers have dropped while playing in Miami. Even with good/great defensive lines.

For my white brethern

M.O.B = money over beetches

Its stupid

And oh, it's hir right - just like it is your right to chastise known felons. Just not very smart and in mando's case - nto a good career move if Sherman decides to take him in sights.


As long as that meat isnt between their legs. Lobstertube has fooled me before, damn those Brazilians!

One thing we learned this playoffs is none of the qbs three years in the league or less are anywhere near where they need to be to be considered among the best.

I hope now for real we can stop with this Rusell Wilson and kep and Newton elite talk...

oh Brazilians are tricky ... did it confuse your sexuality?


I plead the 5th

Hope he can light a fire under Hellerbee and Wheeless.

Me, Personally, I like R.Sherman. When you are Head and Shoulders better than the competition you let them know. Specially if they were running their mouth before the game.

Nothing wrong with being confident in your ability.

If I was Richard I would tell the media to refer to me as Dick. Cause that is all the WRs are getting on the football field.

Mark in Toronto :
Maybe we can get Posluszny for Wheeler and Ellerbe! Throw in Martin too.

JUlio, if the jags are that stupid - go for it. Heck I would trade those three for nothing - just to get rid of their contracts.

I'd be a lot more confident if our LB corps going into next year was Misi, Posluszny, Jordan, and jenkins

Dashi, I would like it on Miami too - re: Sherman's attitude. On the other side you have a qb who loves to showboat and kiss his biceps and draw pretty little pictures on himself. Well Sherman is right in his bloody head. He can't get out fo his own way against the Seahawks and Sherman is a big reason why. His antics probably wouldn't work against Drew Brees and Sherman is smart enough not to pull off those antics against Drew because he knows he's wasting his time - but against a douche like Kaep - easy pickins...

Jacksonville is one of the worst teams in the NFL. Let's hire all their coaches.

Wish Richard Sherman was a Dolphin.

Agree Mark. Wonder if they're that dumb. We got into some cap trouble with those 2 guys, especially Wheeler. I don't think he made a play that counted since theColts game which I think was week 2.
We need guys who can make plays close to the line of scrimmage, not 7 yards beyond it like these 2 guys.
Misi I'm not all that sold on. Still scratching my head over the contract extension. Makes very few plays. We'll see.

Best candidate available??? doubtful.
Philbin is a train wreck and the new GM must have full authority to fire this flat affect Coach.
Philbin couldn't motivate a girls' Soccer team.

Looks like a good hire for a position coach although I would have preferred someone younger who can relate to todays players. The guy has a lot of experience though.

How about an experienced o-line coach now???


Wheeeler had 2 game clinching plays this year once in Tampa and the other in Buffalo.Ooohhhh you meant game clinching plays FOR us...oh nevermind LMAO

How about the O-line everything


other than Poslusny


Did you read the article I posted. Sounds like it had more to do with the players than the coaches

Noble King @ 9:57

If Sherman were a Phin then PI would have been called on that last throw.

Julio, good thing we had cap space to burn on those guys - not the end of the world. They have one year to save themselves. I expect Ellerbe to come to the team next year with his hair on fire - play the ebst year of his career. Why? because in 2015 , his scheduled salary is to be $11M - none of it guaranteed. So if he has a poor year - he won't see any of it and won't sign anywhere for anything close.

Wheeler? Dawn and Jeff missed the boat on this signing and this contract. Guaranteed right up until 2016. So he will be on the team the next two years - but I don't think he should eb playing significant snaps unless he improves dramatically.


Sad, but so true.


Exactly why we need to draft some LB's. Our hands are tied and thats the only way we can improve the LB corp, due to salary reasons. We need some instinctive LB's.

Rdubs @ 10:04

To say it was the players on the Jags is putting it mildly.
When Caldwell and Bradley came in the first thing they did was release two-thirds of the roster. They signed no FA. Every draft pick was a starter and they made 256 roster moves signing/releasing/signing acorns many of them off of the street and then put those same acorns into the starting lineup that week on offense and defense.

Yes Mark. Agree with you that I'd like to see Jordan get more playing time , particularly as an off the end pass rushing OLB.
Ellerbe hopefully can turn it around, Wheeler, don't know but suspect he is the journeyman he always was prior to our talent evaluators and capologists signing him to the nonsensical contract he got.
Not too crazy about our safeties either. Jones is ok but slipped from his play of 2012. Clemons I'd let walk. He and Nolan Carroll are still trying to find the roadmap to playing DB in the NFL.


Jim McMahon
Mark Rypien
Jeff Hostetler
Trent (The Dildo) Dilfer
Brad Johnson



Matty-Ice Ryan
Phillip Rivers
Jay Cutler
Tony Romo
Matt Stafford
Andrew Luck


I actually like Kaep. To me he is a better QB than R.Wilson.

The only problem with Kaep is that he has Henne Arm. His arm only has one speed. 95MPH. Kaep isn't Accurate. He just throws it hard enough that Defenses can't usually catch it.

Why didn't Sherman Catch the ball? Because he is a CB not a WR.

Ryan Tannehill is Accurate, He actually places the ball in tight windows. And has way more pocket awareness than those 2. Tannehill is asked to go thru 3-4 Progressions a play. With almost Zero time to throw. Kaep reads 1 maybe 2 progressions and he tucks it and runs. Wilson has all Day to read 2 progressions. Sometimes 3 if they let the TE or Lynch go out on a Route instead of staying back in Max Protect.


According to Mando Ireland wanted to draft him (go back through archives prior to that draft and look it up).
Pretty scary huh?

Julio, how big of an offseason priority would you make Jarius Byrd?

I'd let Carroll walk too. Rather have patterson for three games a year than give comparable money to Carroll - he looks friggin clumsy out there.

How about the O-line everything

Posted by: Julio | January 20, 2014 at 10:02 AM


Even better!

Dashi, both Kaep and Wilson play sandlot football - they run around like maniacs at times with their backs to the play and just heave it down the field. Sometimes the wr catches it, most times they don't and most times they don't throw the ball period. Wilson used to look more like a real qb, I don't knwo what's going on there.

Like him or hate him but our qb looks a lot closer to figuring out NFL defenses and shouldering a team in the passing game than either of those two...

Agree with your comment ExposingTheFraud. But the one thing they all had in common was an excellent head coach which we do not have. If Philly was the HC during their SB run, they would not have even made the playoffs.

That Guy,

I didn't know Dawn went by Tani Jo in the 80's.


Dion Jordan (pretty scary huh)


To expound upon your point. I do believe that Philbin/Sherman maybe even Zach Taylor should be given credit in that regard. We all know how they didnt want him running, so he could develop a pocket presence and be able to make throws from the pocket. They should have let him run more, but perhaps with our new OC, we will have a wide open offense that maybe will allow him to run more, but able to stay in the pocket as well,hence becoming a complete QB.

Maybe I am just being a little too optimistic

Don't get distracted...it's a LB coach...that's all. The focus should be on selecting a GM before Senior Bowl. That is our only priority at this point as far as I'm concerned.


Jim Mcmahan
Mark Rypien
Jeff Hostetler
Trent (The Dildo) dilfer
Brad Johnson

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 20, 2014 at 10:22 AM

I completely agree with Mark. I watched that game very closely yesterday. Both QB's made some nice plays but they also really looked bad on multiple plays. Wilson fumbled the ball. He looked panicked often. Kaep threw a really bad INT on an our route and just looked sloppy several times.

They both sramble well and are elusive when pressure is mounting. That 'pocket presence' is something I'd like to see from THILL next year. But overal when you compare him to these two QB's I like what I see from THILL for sure.

Like him or hate him but our qb looks a lot closer to figuring out NFL defenses and shouldering a team in the passing game than either of those two...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 20, 2014 at 10:22 AM

I hope your right, I really do!!! eh?



Ireland didn't draft Kaep because he knew that would mean keeping Spo for another year.

And as a QB, I am with MIT on this one. T-Hill looks more like a NFL QB than either of those 2. I would say only A.Luck is further along. And Luck has been training to be an NFL QB since he was 3. Luck was calling audibles by 5.

N.Foles is good. But that system makes him look great. Hopefully, Lazor implements some of those concepts into our system. In 2012, I actually wanted the Fins to Draft L.Kuechly in the first, L.Miller in the second, N.Foles in third and O.Vernon in the 4th. At least Ireland hit on 2 of the 4. And once Sherman was in the fold everyone knew Tannehill was the pick. Don't get me wrong. I am actually happy we got Tannehill over Kuechly and N.Foles. Tannehill has the potential to be special.

Draft K.Benjamin in the First and I will bet Tannehill will have over 5,000yds and 35+TDs for the next 3-4 years. Even without an O-line. Heck, I will even take M.Evans from A&M.


I think your dreaming on Byrd. It's a good dream though. Add Brandon Albert, Ben Tate, and a top flight guard in free agency and it becomes a fantasy.

I hope this is a good hire for the Phins god knows the LB play was horrible last year.

Well i was off on my SB predictions. I said Pats vs 49ers shoulf of just stuck with what Vegas said theyre usually right.

Someone mention Tannehill may be further along than Wilson and Kap throwing from the pockets but hes aloooooonnng way from being the playmaker they are.

Dudfernce is Wilson amd Kap makes somthing out of nothing when the pocket breaks down while our boy stands there like a deer in headllights, use your feet its ok!

Good QB normally makes the player around him better, Tannehill disnt make anyone around him better well maybe Clay

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