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Report: Dolphins hire Mark Duffner as LB coach

The Dolphins are off to a fast start at the Senior Bowl this week, filling their lone open coaching position by hiring Mark Duffner as the new linebacker coach, according to a report by the Florida Times-Union.

Duffner, 60, has been the Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker coach under three different head coaches -- Jack Del Rio, Mike Mularkey and Gus Bradley. He's been with the Jaguars since 2006.

He worked for the Packers in the mid 2000s when Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin was on that same staff thus the familiarity.

Duffner has 17 seasons of NFL experience thus making him the Dolphins coach with the most NFL experience.

 Duffner is formerly the head coach at the University of Maryland. He coached the Terps from 1992-96. Prior to that he was the head coach at Holy Cross.

As Duffner was also the linebacker coach for the Jaguars, this suggests he was either out of contract or the Dolphins will make him an assistant head coach as well.


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McMahon and Dilfer were both Top 6 picks.

Dashi, You are right about Florio and the garbarge he gets from Mando and Kelly. I am also dismayed by all the negative garbarge they continually pump out to the national media.

I hear that 27 candidates turned them down for an interview for the LB job.

Garbage organization.

While other teams are playing for a chance to win the Super Bowl...the lame Phins are struggling to fill coaching and front office spots.

Posted by: Ray McDonald | January 20, 2014 at 10:46 AM


One difference with Tannehill is Sherman had him on a very short leash when it came to running with the football.

His time in the pocket learning his reads will pay off though.

Can't understand anyone that doesn't see the brilliance that is Richard Sherman. He's the best there is at his position (yeah, Revis fell off this year).


My wife said he was rude to the reporter. That's all that matters.lol

Sorry my post read like crap..

Difference is Kap and Wilson are much better than Tannehill at making something out of nothing...

ETF, Jordan did a nice job spying on Cam Newton this year - more reason to get him snaps at OLb, you know...

Go to NFL.com and view Kaep's post game press conference...then tell me if you want him as your QB? This guy can run and he can create plays but in the end he has limitations and the biggest one he has is immaturity. Go watch a THILL press conference...he is mature beyond his years, he is intelligent. I think he will conitnue to learn, grow and develop. IQ and the ability to be the 'face of your franchise' are critical components to being a successful NFL QB. They are often overlooked but shouldn't be.


None of the guys that I listed were ever more than average QB's. Hostetler was a backup and took over after Simms led the team to a 10-0 start before suffering injury.

My point is that an average QB can win the SB if he has a top 3 defense. A top 3 QB cannot win the SB without a top-10 defense.

Please guys, just stop with the QB comparisons. You'll bring up all the stats and that crap, but the truth remains, in his 1st 2 years, Tannehill hasn't carried the team in enough games to even get to the Playoffs, let alone go further. Yes, the defenses on those teams bail out the QB more, yes, the talent on those teams is greater, yes, their OL's are far superior, but the facts remain,7-9, 8-8. We're not in their league. And until he does lead the team to that rarefied air, then he and the rest of the team will remain beneath Kaepernick, Wilson, Luck, and any other QB who gets their team to the Playoffs year in and year out. This is a team game, but an individual can prove their mettle by playing their best when it counts most. And the last we saw of Tannehill, he didn't.

rdubs, maybe you are because I see it the same. The main reason I don't crap on Sherman as much as I do on Coyle is because of the work done with teh qb. You can see the development. I know a lot of people here are dumping on the qb because he isn't Peyton Manning after year two - really how likely is that. But do you see either Wilson or kapernick being able to consistently carry an offense - even to the degree Tannehill did this year? I don't.


He needs a real good defense. Fix the secondary and the OL will magically be better.

empty out the nfl's garbage at
camp davie as usual

Dashi, for sure on the need for a big/wr/te. I still have no idea how he threw for 24 tds and accounted for 25 overall with no o line or running game and smallish wrs/te.

I take a lot of flac for citing those stats but it was a bright spot on the year for sure.

yeah, Rick I deffinitely put him behind Albert and Tate and a Beadles/mack type signing as far as urgency. We have the cap space but not sure he's the priority either. maybe if he hangs around the market for a while we may have a chance...

Ray, hartline's career took off when Tannehill got here. Gibson was on apce for a career year. I speculate Keller would've caaught about 80 passes in this offense. The only guy that was off was Wallace and that needs to be fixed - the lack of chemistry there really hindered the offense - burned a lot of pass plays.

Yeah Tannehill looks like he's a lot closer to being an NFL quarterback than Kaep and Wilson. One is currently playing for a Super Bowl title and the other has played in two NFC Championship games and a Super Bowl.

Tannehill is inaccurate and was dreadful in the Dolphins two most important games of the season. Tannehill also failed to produce a touchdown in the fourth quarter of nine games in 2013.

Football must be like crack to some of you idiots.

Because some of the nonsense that you believe is simply off the wall bizarre. You're like women who are desperate for love. Marrying guys in prison...

Mark In Toronto The Dolphins will be looking to replace Tannehill a year from now. You're going to have to find some other reason to be delusional.


ETF, don't know if the defense has to be top ten to win but you can't be 20 somehting in more than one important category like we were this year and expect to be taken seriosuly. There are several ways to build a team. You cand be 20 something in about one category - but most have to be average at least and you need to be special in one or two categories.

The jig is up, 2 watt.Everyone knows you and Ape Tamer are one and the same. Now go ahead and create 2 or 3 more screen names and retire watt/tamer, eh?


Also on free agency, I've been somewhat defending Philbin on here or at least trying to think positive.

However, If Philbin is going to have a big say in this new structure I don't see us making a big splash in free agency.

If that's the case it may be a long year and he may well be a goner like some have suggested.

It will be a tall order to fix all our holes through the draft alone.

Fire Ross/Daytona, etc, etc.

No point even referring to anything I post because anything you type to me looks just like the log I flushed down the commode 10 minutes ago.

Denver must be at least 6 points the favorite for the SB.

A lot of the misfiring between Tannehill and Wallace can be attributed to the play design by Sherman.

I don't care who we hired as LB coach, it's just a position coach afterall.
I am still basking in the glory of watching the Patriots fail yesterday.
Since SpyGate, they've turned into what the Phins were under Shula during his last decade - playoff caliber team that can't win the big one.
Manning was so much better than Brady yesterday it was incredible.


215 yards, 2 fumbles, one td (at home)
283 yards, 2 ints, 2 fumbles, one td

Does this look like competent qb play to you?

What would you think the score would be in any Dolphins game with this kind of contribution from the qb - actually we know because we saw it in the last two weeks. Fact is all the young qbs thise year went down in flames at the end - all of them. Including the one in the super bowl....

Rick, Erin Andrews shouldn't be a sports reporter. I saw her at a NASCAR race, and 50 Cent was there, she interviewed him for a second, and he was hitting on her. He actually followed her around a little, but she didn't know how to handle the situation. Problem is, she doesn't know how to handle black men hopped up on testosterone. I don't see that from any other female reporter (just Andrews). So they need to find another gig for her, in the studio, away from any live contact. She doesn't have what it takes.

FireRoss/Daytona has been a lifelong Seattle Seahawks fan for the last 3 month.

All, lets not really go there and start comparing Kaep, Wilson, with Tannehill. And furthermore, I hereby decree that Zac Taylor and the word "coach" cannot be used in the same sentence. Taylor is someone on the payroll who hangs out in Davie and pretends to understand the QB position, 3-5-7 step drops, zone reads, while a coach is someone who does understand footwork, pocket presence, and how to read progressions.

Now back to the top. Kaep, Wilson, Luck at this point in time are ahead in the QB development curve. Do they have limits...yes, at this time. They are representative of new offensive philosophies where as the QB can and does do more than just sit in the pocket. What they have learned is to use their skills sets to the upmost of their abilities. This is partly do to coaching and coaches who say this will get us more wins. With the Fins and the arguement that the coaches are holding Tannehill back to better learn the pocket is ridiculous. To not call a QB sneak on fourth and a foot is helping Tannehill how? By telling him not to tuck the ball and turn up field is producing what? I may be wrong but the idea of playing and using your players strengths to win games should be paramount. If you want to develop specific skill set, you do that during ETAs, camp, preseason and incorporate them during the season. You dont handcuff strengths, you develop it and fine tune it.

Rick, don't know if you can fix everythign but they can fix the o line - Chicago laid down the blueprint last year. Spend like mad on a capable LT, draft a good one, and you are off. you don't need five stars on the line but if you have three very good linemen you should be good...

How is the Dez Bryant thing racial again?

Mark, you're right, Tannehill COULD be an effective QB, he has all the potential. But, he needs to actually DO IT. He'll have other chances, but he had the perfect stage a few weeks ago. 1 win, 2 games to do it. All he needed to do was play his best ball in 1 of those games. If he did that, I guarantee he would have carried the team on his back. That's all I want to see. It happened, earlier in the year, more than once. But it didn't happen when it NEEDED to happen. And that's what I want Tannehill to live up to. I could care less if he's comparable to those other guys. I want him to be what the Miami Dolphins need him to be. And then he'll be successful beyond belief (in my eyes).

DC, I do agree with everything you said @ 11:25.

But it is also part of the growing pains of a young qb to not be successful consistently and it is often heartbreaking when it isn't.

If it was that easy to develop within two years -a lot more guys would've done it. That's why that talent is the moste elusive of all talents and why QB are often overdrafted and some teams mortgage the next half generation in order to get one who has a good chance.

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DC I might of missed it but what did Erin Andrews do to make you post she has a problem with blk athletes?

Mark thos stats are all good and well but what about the god awful 4th Quarters Tannehill put together? Hes still a young guy so i cant bash him that much. I just feel like I rarely see him make something out of nothing where as guys like Wilson, Kap, Luck are always doing it.

let's put a rest to the so called Dez Bryant incident...
during the interview Deztold ireland that his dad was a pimp. not a i get lots of ladies pimp, an i run postitutes pimp. he then added that his mom worked for his dad. ireland asked then was her mom a prostitute at some point when you were growing up? seems like a fairly legit question to follow up with, when trying to assess a players character and upbringing. but what makes this even more of a nonissue was that bryant did not mention this interview again until after the team he thought would draft him, the dolphins, passed!!! more sour grapes than something he really cared about.

as far as QB goes i would take tannehill with a better OC who actually uses everything he has to offer than kaepernick.the only passer stat that kap had that was better was nit's. tannehill had more yards, more TDs, higher completion %age. meanwhile Kap had the 3rd ranked rushing offense to our 23rd and the 5th ranked defense compared to our 21st ranked defense. i'm REALLY hoping lazor takes the training wheels off and turns him loose. have him run way more. roll him out, run the option, and for pity sake give us the uptempo offense we've been promised for 2 years now!!! mike wallace should be in motion or shifted nearly every play. how about some more passes to RBs!!!! we had a vanilla offense for the last two season, i'm really hoping lazor changes that!!! i can handle an 8-8 season if it looked like we did everything possible to win every game. but this season?? that was a very shameful 8-8!!!


What's the body count for Aaron Hernandez up to?

He's charged with 2 more bodies.


Dashi please tell us how the Heat are under acheiving? Its an asinine statement.

Ray, Tannehill's 4th qs may be a little overdone in terms of cricisms. He had as many 4th qtr tds as Nick Foles and Andrew Luck last year..

Lol Mark, IDK if you keep all of Tanne stats in your head or do a quick research to get them but either way you sure can defend Tanne with the best of them!

ray mcdonald, luck is always bringing his team back last minute. wilson and kap are playing with a lead in nearly every win. i doubt they have 6 last minute comebacks between then is their combined 5 seasons in the NFL. luck is in double digits. i think tannehill has 4 in his 2 seasons. but look at the run gems and defenses both those guys have. top 10 in both, we are in the 20's.

Interesting Belicheck is crying about the pick Welker used on Talib yesterday. Hmm, wonder where he learned that play? The entire patriot offense has been built on the pick for years. Sucks, doesn't it Bill. That's what you get for lack of loyalty to a guy who caught over 400 passes in 4 years ...

2 watt=Ape Tamer. We all know

HAHA. MarK sure does love him some Tannehill. Everything that RT doesn't do well is overrated, or simply not his fault! HAHAHA

Jaison, yea thats why I really cant bash THill that much but when will he deserves crticsim? If we have a top 15 rushing attack and cut his sack numbers in half next year but we still have a 8 and 8 record. Id say were not looking too good.

Ray, the 4th quarter stats were somethign I reasearched long ago. He's not prolific in the 4th but he does have some good company where he stands. Not like he's lagging the league by a great deal.

It's actually quite interesting that when you read most of Tannehill's stats, one guy that rests beside him or very near him most times is indeed Andrew Luck.

Did I say it wasn't his fault Marc, once? I never use that excuse. If truth be known, almost every qb can make an excuse to why he didn't have the eyar he wanted. No team is perfect. i don't believe in excuses. I just state facts.

lol @ Mando and twitter..

"someone explain good sportsmanship to Sherman".. Too funny.. I think someone should explain "good journalism to Mando".. I'd take bad sport Sherman over bad writer Mando any day.. lol

Just so you guys know, Sherman shouted "LOB" Leigon of Boom.....MOB, god you guys are idiots.

If I recall the Pats had JUST pulled a pick of their own the prior drive. I'm sure it was simply payback by Welker

J T Sander,
Sorry, but you're wrong. Kaep & Wilson are further behind in their development vs Tannehill. Yes they are exciting to watch but neither are carrying their teams. Just as the Redskins sacrificed their quarterback for the chance at 1 post season appearance, the Seahawks and Forty-niners are kind of doing the same thing. I predict that one or the other of these 2 qb's will end up with a broken leg, dislocated shoulder or torn ACL in the near future. Both teams have depth at every position and physical, mauling defenses, the Seahawks however are up against the cap next year. Let's see how good these qb's look in a couple of years when their teams start losing superstars and they're expected to actually play their positions from the pocket .

Ray, if you looked at her face during the post-game interview, she was very uncomfortable. I thought it was funny, and understood that it was an already braggadocios-sort of fella, who JUST made the play that sealed the game, to get his team to the SUPER BOWL, still on that emotional high, still hopped up with testosterone, any intelligent person should've expected him to be full of passion.

But reports were that Andrews thought he was going off on her, when anyone could tell his "anger" or more so "dissing" was all directed towards Crabtree (who he obviously has a personal issue with).

And then I remembered the 50 Cent interview and it paints that sort of picture. Not that she's racist or anything like that, but she doesn't know how to handle out-of-the-ordinary behavior by black males. Like I said, I've seen other female reporters in similar situations and they are much better at handling it (maybe it's just an ability to improvise live on TV when something erratic happens). I personally don't find Andrews a particularly good on-field reporter.

Marc, they pull off pick son all their plays. They have always been (except for a couple of years with Moss) absolutely talentless at WR and scheme their way open. In all your years of watching football, have you ever seen a team be able to pull off so many passes within ten yards of the LOS without a decent deep threat???

We used to try this offense under Fiedler and got smoked always against good competition.

And maybe it doesn't have anything particularly to do with black males, maybe it's just those situations happened to be with black males. Either way, she can't roll with the punches, which is something you need to do if you're going to be reporting at live sporting events. It's up to the reporter to take the awkwardness out of the situation.

Erin Andrews grows her bush. That was caught on camera by that perv (thanks for the good work perv) and if you were one of the quick ones like I was to catch it before all sites took it down fast - you would see what I saw.

Now all the Dolphins need is for coaches Turner and Taylor to get "promoted" to another team.
Addition by subtraction.

DC, maybe they need to sit her down with the Suzi Kolber/Joe namath classic interview.

Kolber was awesome

"I wanna kiss you..."

"That's nice Joe ..."

Yeah, I just loved it when Welker put Talib out for the game. It was a great block after the catch, don't think it was a pick. Even though Welker did not have a good game stats wise, that one play may have been the biggest one of the game. Loved it!
When the cheating stops, so do the Patriots.

Is the line out on the Superbowl yet?

Saw a PK last night, rage. Most fast from a Sea -2 initial

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