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Report: Dolphins hire Mark Duffner as LB coach

The Dolphins are off to a fast start at the Senior Bowl this week, filling their lone open coaching position by hiring Mark Duffner as the new linebacker coach, according to a report by the Florida Times-Union.

Duffner, 60, has been the Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker coach under three different head coaches -- Jack Del Rio, Mike Mularkey and Gus Bradley. He's been with the Jaguars since 2006.

He worked for the Packers in the mid 2000s when Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin was on that same staff thus the familiarity.

Duffner has 17 seasons of NFL experience thus making him the Dolphins coach with the most NFL experience.

 Duffner is formerly the head coach at the University of Maryland. He coached the Terps from 1992-96. Prior to that he was the head coach at Holy Cross.

As Duffner was also the linebacker coach for the Jaguars, this suggests he was either out of contract or the Dolphins will make him an assistant head coach as well.


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jet puke
what happened 2 u'r moronic posts?
allright Armando
ban the puxxy dope

Yes, I know MarK the Pats, and specifically Welker have been doing it forever (the picks). That's what made it so ironic. Couple with the fact Couch B called him out and was crying about it

Another flunkie coach coming to the right place.

Could Tannehill can make the throw that Wilson made to Baldwin to get the Hawks the FG before the 1/2? Or the TD throw to Kearse that made it 20-17? Tannehill more developed than RW at QB- what are you guys watching. PS Hawks will roll Denver in the SB..

Thanks, MIT. I don't think I'm going to touch this game. Maybe do the O/U depending on the # and the weather forecast.

this is the worst
pats team in over a decade
and they r still
better than the phinz.


Notice how Colon Kaperpick became Ryan TurnoverHill in the 4th quarter, very freaky! Fumble, int int....

Posted by: 2 watt | January 20, 2014 at 12:28 PM

While that is true, you would have to say that about the rest of the AFC also, don't cha think?


yes he can..Pass to Gibson for 40+ yards on 4th down against the Ravens

the bills r gonna be tough
can the phinz match them?
and look 4 belly to get wr's and te's
don't 4get the guys on that d will back
in 2014 too

Get back up into that tree!, god-amit.

The deep throws down the middle are a lot easier to complete and Tannehill did have a few of those this year 0 but how many do you remember in total. Most were deep and to the sideline and how many do you ahve to run to know that your qb/wr combination is not clicking on those?

So Erin Andrews has a bush wow! Id think she have at least have a braziilian but a bush is shocking. DC I do remember she had a face like she was disgusted or dont come near me face. Lol

Mark, exactly. Suzy Kolber is an AMAZING reporter. She's great, seems perfectly comfortable in all situations. I think she's one of the best.

how many 2-4 division teams

My God some of you are dense.

Hiring an assistant from a bad team doesn't mean THEY are bad. Do you dimwits think assistant coaches draft the players, too? The can only work with what they are given. As such, you may very well see some of the BEST actual coaching being done by an assistant who has less to work with than one who has great talent at his disposal and merely has to turn them loose on Sundays.

But of course this never occurs to some of you because you are genuinely stupid people who cannot grasp anything but the most basic concepts.

When r we gonna hire a GM? Isn't it very important to do it this week?

Yup. They have Denver by 10.

2 watt,
There is no ? in my mind that Buffalo is going to be a better team next year.As is the Jet's and the Patsies.I don't buy the whole "soon as Brady is done, the Pat's will be cellar dweller's". They may come back to Earth,but none of that AFCE basement BS.
What I'm saying is, the Patriots may have been the weakest they have been in a decade but only the Bronc's were better then them, after the day.

Face the sad facts, fanboyz:
FAILBIN is the de facto GM:hiring and NOT firing asst. coaches (e.g. Turdner), running the scouting operation at the Senior Bowl, etc. Meanwhile, Ross has fled the country.Joke Franchise.

that 0-8 coach was part of the team
that beat the phinz so he's got 2 b decent
he got that chix chat 2 play like chix salad
that nite

Yeah, I guess Philbin is picking his Players from there now. We'll see.

This post is form 7 minutes ago. Denver -2.

Oscar, ur bookie is ripping u off if you watn Denver..


oops, fogot the link

Funny quote by somebody yesterday, "Jerry Jones is comfortable with being mediocre".

2 watt,
I do believe that Buffalo will be a better team next year. As well as the Jet's and the Pat's. But for this year, even though the Patriot's were the weakest they have been in a decade......There was only 1 team better then them in the AFC.

I wouldn't say there was only one team in the AFC better than the Pats. They are a VERY, VERY, VERY well coached team! They overcame in spite of the lack of talent. They shouldn't have even played that game last night.

JPAO--- for sure T-hill still has upside. Let’s see what Lazor can do with him plus O-line upgrade. He has had more flashes than Henne has ever had so there is still a chance he takes that 3 rd year leap brees had.

Deep ball, pocket awareness and to even pre-snap reads are obvious weaknesses.

at least GO and GO GO are gone....

Ray, maybe she was just being lazy but considering how fair haired she is, that pinta was growing in for a while...

Nahh, I play exclusively at The Palace, it is DEN -10.

I thought Cincy was better than the Pats - but the Bengals had the penchant for self-destruction.

Marc and MIT,
I think Cinci was the closest to the Pats, not better though.


With the Super Bowl around the corner lets look at the tally of the previous 47 winners between the AFC/NFC.
The NFC holds a 25-22 lead. However 10 of the AFC victories have been by teams that were originally NFL (NFC) and transferred over to the AFC. Pittsburgh 6, Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts 2, and Baltimore Ravens/Cleveland Browns 2.
I guess George Halas and Vince Lombardi are smiling up in Heaven.
Of note the participants in this years Super Bowl are both originally AFC/AFL as Seattle when they started play were in the AFC West.

did I see/read somewhere that Farmer and Xanders were the 2 GM finalists?

Dolphins should have kept Ireland looking at these other candidates..hehehe
Heck, make Oscar C the GM at this point.

Why doesn't the Herald allow us to comment on each other's posts, instead of one big thread of posts? Check out http://www.DolphinsTruth.com for a much better debate!

Me? I'm a Doctor.

The LB coach could be a shaved monkey and it wouldnt matter since Miami currently has the worst LB corps in the league and Ellerbe and Wheeler might be the worst LB duo in franchise history. The worst part is that we have to replace the entire defense with the exception of Grimes and Peterson.

Right on THED, these 2 linebackers make Jay Brophy and Jackie Shipp look like ring of honor candidates!

Ok, as being neither white nor black,

Why is Russel Wilson considered the 5th black qb to start in the Super Bowl?

Or kaepernick the 4th?

Both are 50% - not that it matters but why aren't they considered white just as easily as they are considered black?

Mark in Toronto,

Good question. I guess same as a few celebrities like Hally Berry considered black when they have more cream in the cup than coffee.

Mark when you have a darker skin complexion and your not of latino, indian decent then your blk its been like that forerver.

That is considered to be Mulato in Cuba, Mark, where very few Black People stil remain. The Women from them are knockouts, especially if they have some Chinese blood in them, as you must know, MarkC, the Men among them, hmm..., not so much.

They checked the "Black" box at the rookie symposium.

Black+Chinese = silky pus-y.

"Very few" black people remain in Cuba?? That has to be among the most ridiculous thing I've ever read here.

I've been to Cuba on five occasions (the 'travel ban' is easily circumvented) and the island is full of Afro-Cubans...especially Eastern Cuba and Santiago.

Your optic is not refined as of yet, man.

that 0-8 coach was part of the team
that beat the phinz so he's got 2 b decent
he got that chix chat 2 play like chix salad
that nite

Posted by: 2 watt | January 20, 2014 at 12:44 PM


Dear Einstein:

The 0-8 team you refer to would be the BUCCANEERS.

The coach the Dolphins hired worked for the JAGUARS.

I see you are really up to speed.

Mark In Toronto,

By the way Colin Kapernik looks more Arabic than black.

Actually, VERY FEW in this Continent are all "White" or all "Black", there are mixtures, you know.

The only thing Kaperpick looked like was TurnoverHill in that 4th quarter.


At least 2 watt/Ape Tamer got the state that the team played in right. That's got to count for something, eh?


Wheeeler had 2 game clinching plays this year once in Tampa and the other in Buffalo.Ooohhhh you meant game clinching plays FOR us...oh nevermind LMAO

Posted by: Rdubs | January 20, 2014 at 10:01 AM

------'Dubs man, you beat me to that one!
Also liked your comment regarding Duffner surviving 3 coaching regimes intact.


Matty-Ice Ryan
Phillip Rivers
Jay Cutler
Tony Romo
Matt Stafford
Andrew Luck

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | January 20, 2014 at 10:17 AM
Luck would replacing Tom Brady, which he will in 2 years.

"Wheeeler fell off" another imposter playing linebacker.

Failbin is the Future. The Future is dark and full of Terrors.

Actually, VERY FEW in this Continent are all "White" or all "Black", there are mixtures, you know.

Posted by: oscar canosa | January 20, 2014 at 01:26 PM


Undoubtedly true. And Cuba's population certainly reflects that more than most...with those of mixed race ancestry probably being the majority of the population.

That said, there is a VERY large "black" population in Cuba as well. Both in terms of how people describe themselves and just having a pair of eyes and confirming it yourself regardless of whatever 'official' demographic numbers say. In Santiago, I would describe at least half the population as "black" and probably another third as mixed race...with only a relative few being truly "white."

Not that any of this matters a bit to me. I love the country and have always been made to feel welcome by ALL manner of Cubans---who generally seem to care much less about race than we do in this country.

Actually, the real racistas that during those huge immigration waves came into Cuba were the Chinese Men. They didn't have Chinese Women in Cuba and most White women there didn't want them, so they united with Blacks And Mulattoes.

Yeah Oscar, there are a tonne of black people in Cuba.

Raymond the doorman at my hotel in Cuba for instance. he was awesome - helped me circumvent the no locals allowed in the hotel room rule many times...

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