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Report: Dolphins hire Mark Duffner as LB coach

The Dolphins are off to a fast start at the Senior Bowl this week, filling their lone open coaching position by hiring Mark Duffner as the new linebacker coach, according to a report by the Florida Times-Union.

Duffner, 60, has been the Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker coach under three different head coaches -- Jack Del Rio, Mike Mularkey and Gus Bradley. He's been with the Jaguars since 2006.

He worked for the Packers in the mid 2000s when Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin was on that same staff thus the familiarity.

Duffner has 17 seasons of NFL experience thus making him the Dolphins coach with the most NFL experience.

 Duffner is formerly the head coach at the University of Maryland. He coached the Terps from 1992-96. Prior to that he was the head coach at Holy Cross.

As Duffner was also the linebacker coach for the Jaguars, this suggests he was either out of contract or the Dolphins will make him an assistant head coach as well.


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Albert I would agree with that. Kapernick doesn't look black at all. One of the few inter-racial babies with recessive black genes...

Let me guess,Prophet. Glass half full kinda guy,right?

Mark In Toronto,

By the way Colin Kapernik looks more Arabic than black.

Posted by: albert

I guess so, but not so sure you can judge a book by its cover.

Exhibit A? John Elway. He's of Syrian ancestry. Bet you didn't know that!

My favourite Cuban mixture would be the children of the Soviet residence during the cold war.. mixture of hispanic and eastern european traits is easy on the boner...

Mark in Toronto

Occasionally in Miami you would run into someone with a name like "Lenin Rodriguez" or "Stalin Echevarria."

Usually not a byproduct of a Soviet/Cuban marriage but rather parents who were VERY devoted Communists and stuck their kids with those unfortunate names.

Elway's current wife Paige Green is one smokin mama..

Actually, when We left Cuba in the 1960's the Census at that time had it that the Population of Cuba was 70% White. I don't doubt that the % has decreased but to, at most, 60%. You guys go only into the Big Cities there. Most of the Inland People in Cuba are White, and they have always preferred to remain so.(Had no need to mix)

The Dolphins two founders, Joe Robbie and Danny Thomas, were also both Arab-Americans whose last names were "Americanized" (like so many others) when their immigrant parents entered the country.

Robbie's real last name was 'Arabi' and both he and Thomas were Lebanese.

(so am I which is why I know this useless information, lol)

New blog up

For anybody that is interested, They have DNA analysis now that can pinpoint what % of any ethnic group you have in your blood. Now don't come crying, Mama. I'm 1/8 Jew and 1/8 N...a!

Cut it out Oscar, we all know you were born and raised in Hialeah muchacho, stop this "when we left Cuba" bit, its almost as funny as when some Mexicans claim to be from Spain.

This blog today has far less idiocracy than usual- excellent!

One thing about Jax is that they could play defense. Its really the only strength they had. Consider how many three and outs their offense had. Im sure the D was worn down by games end. If the Dolphins wont get rid of Coyle, which it appears they won't, hopefully Duffner can coach up the LB better bc the LB were the weakest link on the Dolphins D this year.

LAST SHOT PHILBIN, BETTER GO FOR IT ALL THIS YEAR!!! We are all tired of CHOKING in our own division better pull all the stops!!!

I am not sure if the linebacker coach can help the current set of linebackers since they aren't good at all, what were they dead last this season, we need new linebackers first.Ireland really screwed that up and that alone was enough to get him fired.

AS far as Richard Sherman goes, somebody is gonna knock one of these days, he is gonna jump in the wrong face and that will be it. Win with Class no need for all the yapping, if somehow Denver beats Seattle, which I don't think will happen but hoping so for Manning, how would Sherman react if someone jumped in his face at the end of the game.

All I can say is that I hope he works out. Dolphins are in a compromised position for attracting coaches, but hopefully they find the right guys so this team is finally good.

It's been a long hard road for the fans.

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