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Ross has idea of NFL scandal report contents

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross today confirmed the NFL report on the Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin workplace harrasment scandal will come out after the Super Bowl and he believes he knows some of the contents of the report.

"The report will be released after the Super Bowl," Ross said. "I have an idea what will be in it. I've been in communication with the NFL. I've spoken with [NFL investigator} Ted Wells who is handling the investigation.

"I haven't seen the report. I don't know exactly it's conclusions. I believe based on my conversations that ... well, let's put it this way, I don' want to really speculate. When it comes out, we'll do what has to be done but we've already ... in my mind I know what direction we're going. Stay tuned."

The Dolphins seem aware of what direction they will have to go to answer the report and that raises the following possibilities:

Incognito will not return to the team. He is a free agent and will not be re-signed by the Dolphins. It's also unlikely Martin will return to the Dolphins.

"I don't believe so," Ross said about the return of the players. Then he changed course.

"Well, I can't say that. I retract that statement so therefore I can't say that. I never said that," he said.

Too late, he soon learned.

"It's been tweeted?" he asked. "One is a free agent by the way and the other is on our roster, we claim right to him."

The reason Ross doesn't want to say publicly Martin won't return to the Dolphins is because the Dolphins will try to trade him. If the Dolphins say he's not coming back, Martin's value will be lessened. Of course, the entire NFL knows Martin isn't going to return to a locker room full of players who didn't show any fondness for him for leaving them during the season.

It is possible Dolphins offensive line coach Jim Turner could be implicated in the report. Turner obviously had direct interaction with Martin and Incognito on a daily basis. And the Dolphins seem to be guarding against a Turner suspension or loss of some kind by the recent hiring of former Houston Texans OL coach John Benton.

As you may recall, Ross said he would visit Martin during his press conference first addressing the scandal. That visit has not happened.

Ross also named a hurrily assembled committee to make recommendations on setting up guidelines on the locker room and workplace culture for the Dolphins. That committee has not met nor scheduled a meeting.

Interestingly, Martin has done a sitdown interview with Tony Dungy on the matter and it will air tonight. The timing is not what the NFL wants. And Dungy is part of the Dolphins committee.



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Peanut Gallery:

Still waiting for Armando to answer questions in "LIVE BLOG"

Armando promised. :)

Oh, another nugget. Ross said Peterson is not the only one, Football advisor to him he said(we inferred that one).


Things are not going well for the Herald Boys lately.

Super Bowl XXX should have been played nude.

Ideally, both need vs BPA should be used. But those are very tough calls. For instance, when drafting Tannehill, Kuechly was available. A potentially very good QB vs a sure fire yearly All-Pro. But we needed a QB desperately at that time. I went with the Tannehill pick. We'll see.

Marco, the GM has final say on UFA.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | January 28, 2014 at 05:29 PM

Great so we sign Albert from the Chiefs and maybe Brian Orakpo. Even Aqib Talib as he has Bucs ties and would give us a nice CB duo for the next 2-3 years.

Posted by: Marco | January 28, 2014 at 05:37 PM

Wow.Another load of BS.

Lets hope Failbin gets fired for lack of supervision.

Armando, knowing they like Pat Devlin's potential do you think they would entertain trading Moore for either picks or players?

Backup is hugely important BUT if they feel Devlin is ready perhaps more to be gained or the overall team by trading Moore? Or Devlin for that matter?

Ross is a jackass of an owner. Pray for new ownership.

I wouldnt mind Martin coming back at RT.

The report say what we already know -Martin is a pu##y with a capital P.

Aemando, how big will the fine be? Do we lose draft choices?

Did the racism leave the Dolphins with Ireland and Incognitabrain?

You know, things starting to get clearer, at least to me. Ireland says no to a trade for Brandon Albert. There's Ross friend Peterson, who wanted McCoy. So NO WAY was Ireland going to go for Albert. Now Albert had his best season, is an All pro again, and his price will have doubled.
One wonders why Ross didn't pull a jerry Jones and DEMAND Ireland make the deal four a 2nd. This would have probably saved 10 sacks against Tannehill, and maybe assured at least the first Bills game going to the Dolphins.
For THAT alone, ireland needed to go.
I believe THIS jus why Ross wants his coach and GM on the same page. Next season, Philbin needs tho decide if Dion Jordan is the real deal. For the Fins sake, I hope so.

Apologies for the typos and "four' for for", etc.
Mando, Do you think the Dolphins will lose a draft choice when the wells report goes public/
I've been posting for days that it had leaked to "certain" partiers, and that's why the GM candidates removed themselves from consideration. I fear it's the loss of a first rounder.
Robert Kraft smoking a cigar with Goodell.

The GM candidates removed themselves from consideration because they wanted Philbin fired for a better HC.

That may have been true, Jay, but we'll know more when the report hits the streets.

IMAWriter, a couple candidates already said they wanted the power to pick a better HC. That has nothing to do with the scandal results.

Maybe Philbin isn't fired yet because he will be suspended, then fired because of Bullygate. Who knows?

Loss of a first rounder? Crazy. This is a total non-story. How does a 300+ lb guy get bullied? If anything comes down it will be something mild, insignificant.

The media really gets the best of some of you. Remember, the organization got out in front and sought help immediately, no hiding anything, so they did everything right.

Gee, if they were going to suspend Philbin no way Ross would have demanded a new GM keep him.

I can't believe some of these brain dead comments.

IMAwriter, Thanks for clearing up the confusion. I smoked a joint earlier and couldn't remember if i posted thet or not:)

Ireland may have been implicated in the report and Ross knew it

Failbin doesn't like to play young rookie players?? He had no problem throwing THill to the wolves. The most important position on the team.

Something don't smell right. Failbin is a liar

Fovo you don't know that keeping Philbin was a demand. None of us do. And try disagreeing without being a jerk about it.

The Ross ownership is just one disaster after another.

They're not going to lose a first round pick - the Fagiots lost a first rd pick for outright cheating and the Saints lost two 2nds for trying to hurt other players which is taboo in the NFL right now. The report will say one t bing - Martin flaked on the team, period.

I thought this was a drug free blog, no??

Darkoh, yes we do know that keeping Philbin was a demand. It's only been reported 10 times in the last week.

Try paying attention.

Incognito should never have been on an NFL team. Thanks again Irescum.

Posted by: BRICKHOUSE | January 28, 2014 at 06:19 PM
You betcha, Brick.
Fovo, I know losing a 1st rounder due to Bully gate sounds obscenely farfetched, but I see conspiracies more than I perhaps should. I also think this story is BIGGER than we have been led to believe, that it involves multiple players, and gender issues. Right now, if you watched the grammy's) you KNOW the LGBT lobby has full recognition by the PC police. At this point, ANYTHING is possible. if it can happen to this franchise, it usually does.

Failbin, your an untrustworthy Liar


If there's any doubt about Jordan this organization has to trade him NOW! Probably could get a #1. Next year everyone will know just what he is. If he can't get onto the field again his trade value plummets.

The new Trident flavor "Mint Bliss" is heavenly.

I so hope that you will all go to your grocers or other retailer and purchase this wonderfully tasty chewing gum for you and your entire family.

Truly, God and His Son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth hath blessed our nation and anointed it in the Blood of the Lamb by providing us with such marvelous chewing gum options such as Trident Mint Bliss!

Fovo all you know is what has been reported, you weren't in the room for the interviews and neither were the reporters. Reports have been wrong before, and recently. Also the way Ross knee jerk reacts to things it isn't out of the realm of possibility. He fired Ireland after saying he was safe AND giving him a contract extension.

Trade Jordan? Top rated defensive player of the 2013 draft by EVERY pundit? Crazy.

You know, players need time to develop? I guess you don't know. Try reviewing the top ten picks of the last ten drafts. Oh no, homework? Ok. Forget that. Be ignorant.

Ross needs to lower ticket prices and stop ripping off the Dolphin fans.

we can't say ghey, we can't say que*r, how can we describe someone skipping down the street with their wrists bent palms down with arms flailing like "Weeping With Joy"

No one is givng a 1st rd pk for Jordan anymore.


I was all right with the draft choice. But if, for any reason, Philbin decides not to allow him onto the field? Your conclusion is.......?

Darkoh, Ireland wasn't fired. You obviously don't pay attention or read much. Several sources reported Ireland was offered a diminished role and he opted out. Several inside sources confirmed Phiblin is Ross's guy and not going anywhere this season. The league is hushing the report until after the SB for obvious reasons. You can bet Ross does know everything in it. He would not demand hanging on to Philbin if he was going to be suspended.

You must be part of the X or Y (low attention span) generation. Pity.

Get Sense



Ireland was fired. Get a clue, bro.


The Eagles were going to select Jordan with the very next pick in the draft had not Miami taken him.

This has already been documented by the Philly press repeatedly. Even Chip Kelly is on record saying how much thy loved the kid and wanted him on their roster.

Let's not try to reinvent history to suit our own agendas, folks.

You must be part of the X or Y (low attention span) generation. Pity.
Posted by: Fovo | January 28, 2014 at 06:36 PM

And you Daytona are a baby boomer so most likely suffering dementia. Sad.

My conclusion is Ross should have cleaned house two years ago. Then he should have cleaned house a week after the last loss. That is my conclusion. I refuse to believe the coach is not going to play a player that can help him win. Remember Jordan missed all of training camp recovering from shoulder surgery and reagravated it during the season. Instead of over playing him like Shanny did with RG3, he eased him into the season. Fans would be the first to complain if they over played him and didn't let him fully heal.

Fovo, great DEFENSIVE players need less time, as they play bvy raw instincts. want names?
JT Watt, Smith with the 49'ers...both Smiths actually, once great coaching was there, I could go on. Don't force me to go to last 10 drafts and find at least 1 starter on EVERY team that made more impact than Jordan.
However, I don't believe the Fins would get a 1st rounder for Jordan. Why? Jordan has only proved (so far) that he's fragile, and weak against the run. Better to showcase him, and hope Ireland was correct.

Ireland wasn't fired, he was demoted, he turned in his resignation

No one is givng a 1st rd pk for Jordan anymore.
Posted by: Get Sense | January 28, 2014 at 06:35 PM

Agree. The best Jordan would fetch would be a 3rd rder. He isnt even an every down player....on a bad team.

Writer, what about Mario Williams? He needed 3 years to hit his stride. We can both make lists.

None of you can show me a link that says Ireland was fired. It was a mutual agreement to part ways.

And as I've posted several times (without any one listening) is that Philly at #22 is the target. But if he's what he was expected to be and not played due to either ignorance on Philbins part or an inability of Colye's to find a roll then he's a keeper!

Philbin doesn't like to play young uns... Mando.

Really ? I thought we were meant to put the best players on the field right. So he takes a bloody-minded approach regardless of talent.

That explains so much. So even if our new rookie OT is great we play Clabo or McKinnie ? Even if we draft a RB stud like Carlos Hyde, we play Daniel Thomas ? Why is Philbin still here, its a joke.

Now we are left with the 2013 draft class and hardly any idea if they will be good players ? This mindset to bring them along slowly is BS. Players need to get worked into the game and gain valuable experience.

So the 2014 draft folks with all be sleepers. Under Philbin don't hold your breath expecting to see what they can do, Philbin will keep them in the stables for a year or two, while Wheeler whiffs tackle after tackle and Thomas gets stuffed on a sweep during 3rd and 1. Truly Pathetic coach and organisation we have in this town.

Anyone naive enough to think Ireland wasnt fired I have some ice in Alaska to sell ya LOL!

2013 Miami Dolphins Draft:

Jordan = Luxury

Oline = Need

Ireland is a 3rd rate hack scout

The Marino;s and Ray Lewis's are the rare exceptions Most HOF players took time to hit there stride,

Most of you juvenile delinquents aren't old enough to know that the great Bill Walsh needed time to figure out who to start, Montana or Deberg. So not even Montana started out like Marino.

Cris Carter - HOF receiver took 4 years to look good. The Giants dumped Wake (how about that Writer?). The Falcons dumped Farve.

Many of you just aren't paying attention.

Don't believe anything Chip Kelly says. he is a liar and a cheat. He ran a dirty program at Oregon, with a hired agent funneling him players for cash.
The NCAA is taking their sweet time on that one, though they've pretty much just thrown it under the rug.
If the eagles wanted Jordan that bad, they would have worked a deal with Ireland, Brandon Albert for a 2nd...The 2nd Ireland traded away for Jordan. If jordan isn't a 10 sack guy next year, and better than Wheeler at covering a back out of the backfield, I'd tell all who defend Ireland to jump in a lake.

as long as you believe Ireland was fired that's all that matters

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