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Ross has idea of NFL scandal report contents

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross today confirmed the NFL report on the Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin workplace harrasment scandal will come out after the Super Bowl and he believes he knows some of the contents of the report.

"The report will be released after the Super Bowl," Ross said. "I have an idea what will be in it. I've been in communication with the NFL. I've spoken with [NFL investigator} Ted Wells who is handling the investigation.

"I haven't seen the report. I don't know exactly it's conclusions. I believe based on my conversations that ... well, let's put it this way, I don' want to really speculate. When it comes out, we'll do what has to be done but we've already ... in my mind I know what direction we're going. Stay tuned."

The Dolphins seem aware of what direction they will have to go to answer the report and that raises the following possibilities:

Incognito will not return to the team. He is a free agent and will not be re-signed by the Dolphins. It's also unlikely Martin will return to the Dolphins.

"I don't believe so," Ross said about the return of the players. Then he changed course.

"Well, I can't say that. I retract that statement so therefore I can't say that. I never said that," he said.

Too late, he soon learned.

"It's been tweeted?" he asked. "One is a free agent by the way and the other is on our roster, we claim right to him."

The reason Ross doesn't want to say publicly Martin won't return to the Dolphins is because the Dolphins will try to trade him. If the Dolphins say he's not coming back, Martin's value will be lessened. Of course, the entire NFL knows Martin isn't going to return to a locker room full of players who didn't show any fondness for him for leaving them during the season.

It is possible Dolphins offensive line coach Jim Turner could be implicated in the report. Turner obviously had direct interaction with Martin and Incognito on a daily basis. And the Dolphins seem to be guarding against a Turner suspension or loss of some kind by the recent hiring of former Houston Texans OL coach John Benton.

As you may recall, Ross said he would visit Martin during his press conference first addressing the scandal. That visit has not happened.

Ross also named a hurrily assembled committee to make recommendations on setting up guidelines on the locker room and workplace culture for the Dolphins. That committee has not met nor scheduled a meeting.

Interestingly, Martin has done a sitdown interview with Tony Dungy on the matter and it will air tonight. The timing is not what the NFL wants. And Dungy is part of the Dolphins committee.



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Anyone seen Oscar's wife?

OK. Look at it from Ross's rear view mirror. He is totally CLUELESS On football matters and he KNOWS this HENCE The TRIO in Charge Eh?
WTF Eh? Yes. it could be worse but he is letting others who may have a hint at what makes a PlayOff Caliber machine Eh? or Nah? Eh?

What time and channel is the Martin interview?

Oscar is AfroCuban so yes she likes dark meat Eh?

Trust me, she LOVES the dark meat buddy!

L.O.B. !!!!!

Um Um .... I forgot what i was going to say.

perhaps, why not get Coyle a Kuechly-type on the squad, healthy CB's, a healthy Wake, a healthy Starks or Solai, and THEN judge Coyle.
I'm more concerned with Tannehill's ability to hit Wallace in stride then I am the defense.
When you get 2 TD's up, the defense can start taking chances, making plays, instead of playing not to lose. At least 2 more games could have been won had THE 60 million dollar connection been made.

Um Um .... I forgot what i was going to say.

Posted by: BRICKHOUSE | January 28, 2014 at 08:08 PM

You are looking for the car keys !!!

Dinner calls.
Been a pleasure, gents.
Maybe later.

Ape, lets not forget the Thill either my friend ?

Im out of here to much Ross talk making me need my pipe.

what's not to be positive about.
Posted by: wallyfin | January 28, 2014 at 07:51 PM

6 years without a winning season
15 years without a playoff win
42 years without a SB win
arguably the worst QB in the league
no OL
arguably the worst RB's in the league
a novice HC
a loser GM
a cheapskate clueless owner

And idiot posters like DUUUUUHHHH.

Marco, Thanks i knew i was forgeting something. Oh yeah there they are . Thanks . Im out gotta go ....... you guys are crazy stoners.

Don't forget a shemale steering the ship Eh?

Don't forget a shemale steering the ship Eh?

Posted by: Ape Tamer | January 28, 2014 at 08:17 PM


Sorry to break up the Stephen Ross hate fest, but I recently watched some old Marino/Dolphins highlights from the 80's, 90's and early 2000's.

1. Still gets me how badly the Dolphins were owned by Buffalo during that stretch from 87 to 95. Olivadotti's defenses actually had some talent during that period. But he could never solve the Thurman Thomas problem. I still don't think Jim Kelly could hold Marino's jockstrap, but Kelly was complimented by multiple Hall of Famers. Marino was Miami's only Hall of Famer.

2. The Jimmy Johnson years were just maddening. Talk about square pegs in round holes. He essentially neutered Marino strategy wise. Though to Johnson's
credit, he did try to help Marino by drafting Yatil Green, but his pass on Randy Moss was unforgiveable. And his stubborn insistence on throwing bad running backs against the wall to see if they would stick [Karim Abdul-Jabbar, J.J. Johnson, Autry Denson, Cecil Collins], combined with lame offensive line combinations of Jeff Buckey, Everett McIver, rotating Kevin Gogan/Kevin Donnelly in 1999, was infuriating. But good job finding some defensive talent that Wanny could inherit.

3. Sadly, two of the better Dolphins seasons of my adulthood were 2000 and 2001, led by none other than Dave Wannstedt. 2000 was refreshing after the apprehension over Marino and JJ's retirements, and for a while I thought maybe Jay Fiedler combined with a nice running game and strong defense was a better combo than leaning on an aging Dan Marino. But alas, Fiedler forever earned the noodle arm title in a 2001 double pick-6 performance against the Jets, Lamar Smith was eventually run into the ground, and Ricky Williams ushered in 2002, but was resigned to the same fate as Lamar Smith.

But even the worst memories of those years....29-10 loss to Buffalo in the 1992 AFC Championship game, 22-21 loss to the Chargers in 1994 Divisional Round, the embarrassing 37-22 loss to Buffalo in the 1995 Wildcard, the 17-3 loss to the Pats in the 1997 Wildcard where they were stealing Marino's signals, the 1999 62-7 Wildcard demolition that ushered a HOF coach and quarterback into retirement, and the predictable late season fizzles of the Wannstedt years....are still more acceptable than today's circus that calls itself the Miami Dolphins.

wallyfin = village idiot

found the interview..

More of the interview will be shown Wednesday morning on the Today show, and then the full interview will be shown on NBC Sports Channel on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.

What are they doing dude fire everyone hire spurier let him hire everyone else.Ross back in the toilet after releasing the big tuna it smells like rotten fish and with a name like dolphins big trouble dude.Godell will reinvestigate after getting rid of that nincompoop wells then the real drama begins Ross.I cant help you now you dug your own hole.Now it will be required you hire a back-ho and a lot of offensive lineman to smell good oxygen again,good luck youll need it more than me and Im gonna go to 7-11 to buy a lotto ticket.


Chris Carter was high on the dope his firsr four years. After he got clean is when he hit is stride. His first four years were tough.

looks like it is the moron hour.

..IMAWriter..Great Post about showing off the nice bottle of Red. I hear you on that one. I have 2 empties that sit above the fridge. The only reason is so strangers can admire them..Ohh, and ahh if hey have a clue. And for me to feel like a big shot,or an idiot( If you are of the school that expensive bottles of wine are an absolute unnecessary indulgence and the only people who buy them are obnoxious morons)..Anyhow they are empty show off pieces only. 1 I bought at an auction, was actually psyched because I have always wanted to drink one. A 1991 Chateau Petrus. The other a 1985 Laffite Rothschild. The 85 was not a vintage year. Nor was it worth the price of admission. The Petrus on the other hand....I don't know if it was worth it. Yes I do..It totally was.

We love the Dollfins on our boat we make alotta more dinero depues que vendemo los pescados.We bet against in La Vega dude those folks cool always pay bets back.

.....91 Petrus. My bad, I just went and looked at it.

..1990 Petrus..

Joe Philbin is unfairly persecuted. Dude made Aaron Rodgers what he is today.

Maybe, just maybe, the report will implicate both Turner and Taylor. Benton who was just hired as assistant oline coach should have been hired as the oline coach. Taylor, well as James Evans has written, we can just get an Italian like Marino to coach up Tannehill for a couple of monts. So everyone do their juju dance and bring good karma to the Wells Report. Page 1...Jim Turner and Zac Taylore were the one and only cause that allowed the bullying to begin and continue. Both should be fired immediately.

Jo Philbin cool coach man but he shame be bald ware cap.hey why ross hire hickey who he what happen to el gordo shermeen no coach dolphin mas

I wouldn't want Martin back under any circumstance.
There were other ways to handle whatever his ordeal was and none involve bailing on his team and creating the crapfest he did.
Dawn Aponte has bigger stones than him.


Marco got his ass handed to him on the wilson/Tannehill debate.

Anyone with a brain(this excludes Marco/Daytona)knows how complete the Hawks are and how good their defense is. That MORE than makes up for the slight statistical advantage Wilson has/had.

All poor Morco/Daytona could do is point to two games played by Tannehill. Heck, if you listen to this dumbshyt, you'd think the entire games are played/won/lost by the QB's ONLY!

This clutz is SO dumb ;)

Once again, Morco/Daytona has his ass handed to him.

Bhweaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

I knew we were in trouble when Ross proclaimed Chad Henne "the second coming of Dan Marino". YIKES!

I'd take Martin back. It was Incognito that was the cancer. He's been kicked off every team he's ever been on. Even Philbin wanted him off the team but Ireland refused to accomodate him.

Marco has an issue with all women more successful than him...so that means he has an issue with most women.

YG is alright, when he behaves and doesn't get angry which for some reason happens more often than not. Now that we three are here, odin, YG and I, who do you guys like, realistically, in the 1st Rd?

Hickey will make Jeff Ireland look like Bill Polian when all is said and done.
Mr. Ireland needed only 3 more years to get this team above 500, enjoy 2-14 next year suckers.

This new guy apparently goes for BPA. Hmm, another DE?

My conclusion is Ross should have cleaned house two years ago. Then he should have cleaned house a week after the last loss. That is my conclusion.

Posted by: Fovo | January 28, 2014 at 06:40 PM

There you have it Folks. Proof positive, right out of the Horse's Ass. Daytona admits that he would blow the team up every two years.

No wonder no one takes this idiot seriously.

Mando, ban this idiot for being just plain old DUMB!

Thanks in advance Mando! You the MAN!

Was Jeff Ireland responsible for the 2 game meltdown at the end of the season?
Did Jeff Ireland blow leads of 13 & 14 points to NE & Panthers?
Was Jeff also responsible for the Tampa Bay loss as well?
Of course not Jeff Ireland gave you a 13-3 team and Philbin turned it into 8-8.
Why is Philbin still employed here?

Someone is completely obsessed with Daytona, yes?

I think we have a realistic shot at Greg Robinson at # 19. You want to run the ball thru that L side, he is it to do it. Immensely strong, nobody is going to bull rush him, but he is still susceptible to the speed rushers. He has quick feet, maybe he can learn against that.

I mean, the guy used to block for Nick Marshall and Tre Mason.

We don't need an oline, we need RB's. We have none. Thomas has no more upside. Miller can't block and can't break a tackle. Gillislee couldn't even crack the lineup.


We do need a quality RB though. I still have to check on the RBs like Carlos Hyde, Tre Mason etc.

Trade Moore and Starks for Adrian Peterson.

Hey Mia73! Quit posting anything other than how bad Ross, Philbin, and Hickey sucks! No one cares about your reminiscing on this blog! Schmuck!

Moore WILL be traded. Now Philbin can play his favorite of the QBs we have, Pat Devlin.

Trade Moore and Starks for Adrian Peterson.
Posted by: Almir Sater | January 28, 2014 at 10:05 PM

Trade Tannehill and Pouncey for Big Ben.

heehee, I know how to get to you boys when they order you not to engage in a discussion with me here. Next. I'm going to tell you how this Black guy managed to marry a very refined Cuban girl I used to know. I saw their kids, they are all beautiful, except one.

I'm taking over this blog. No more Dashis, Canosas, Ape Tamers, Odins, or Mikes in Toronto! I own this mofo! All Dolphin commentary goes through me, knuckleheads!,

UDFA Devlin - weak arm, too weak. Can't throw the outs, can't throw the slants, good dink and dunker, that's about it.

Devlin has had 3 years to beat Moore for #2 and couldn't.


I would be happy with any of the top 5 rated Tackles in this draft. At 19, getting any one of them would be fine by me.

I would like a Gabe Jackson next. 6-5 335 OG Mississippi State. Jackson isn't a fat ass like Jerry. He's built more like a Tackle, but has excellent pass protection and powerful drive blocking! Great feet for a big guy.

I believe we need to get the top tackle and guard in free agency as well. We really need to put the emphasis on the O-Line. The top two free agent signings and our top two draft picks. After that let Hickey roll the dice. Just get this O-Line FIXED!

He was from the Ghetto, She from the High Society. But she was a hard worker and always left the Building(owned by her Father) late. As he was cleaning, he always saw her pass by. He was attracted by her looks and friendliness. As time went by, they started to talk more and more. Eventually, he fuc-ed her and subsequently married her. He is gone by this Time.

Gabe Jackson, uh? I have not reviewed the top Gs yet.

You liked my little story?

I'm a fine story teller.

has the draft started yet?

have we signed any FA yet?

trade j. martin for a 5th round pick and a cup of coffee.

Do you know that most of the Bible Thumpers suffer from Bipolar Disorder? The reason for it is obvious.

Jon Halapio, G, Florida
Height: 6-3. Weight: 321.

He had injuries most of the year. Should cause his stock to drop. If he's there in a late enough round, I would like to see Hickey take a flyer.

It's still early Oscar. A lot will change. I usually wait until after the combine anyways. But, with all the bullshyt going on in Dolphin Land, I couldn't help but mull over all the offensive Lineman a little early.

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