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Ross has idea of NFL scandal report contents

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross today confirmed the NFL report on the Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin workplace harrasment scandal will come out after the Super Bowl and he believes he knows some of the contents of the report.

"The report will be released after the Super Bowl," Ross said. "I have an idea what will be in it. I've been in communication with the NFL. I've spoken with [NFL investigator} Ted Wells who is handling the investigation.

"I haven't seen the report. I don't know exactly it's conclusions. I believe based on my conversations that ... well, let's put it this way, I don' want to really speculate. When it comes out, we'll do what has to be done but we've already ... in my mind I know what direction we're going. Stay tuned."

The Dolphins seem aware of what direction they will have to go to answer the report and that raises the following possibilities:

Incognito will not return to the team. He is a free agent and will not be re-signed by the Dolphins. It's also unlikely Martin will return to the Dolphins.

"I don't believe so," Ross said about the return of the players. Then he changed course.

"Well, I can't say that. I retract that statement so therefore I can't say that. I never said that," he said.

Too late, he soon learned.

"It's been tweeted?" he asked. "One is a free agent by the way and the other is on our roster, we claim right to him."

The reason Ross doesn't want to say publicly Martin won't return to the Dolphins is because the Dolphins will try to trade him. If the Dolphins say he's not coming back, Martin's value will be lessened. Of course, the entire NFL knows Martin isn't going to return to a locker room full of players who didn't show any fondness for him for leaving them during the season.

It is possible Dolphins offensive line coach Jim Turner could be implicated in the report. Turner obviously had direct interaction with Martin and Incognito on a daily basis. And the Dolphins seem to be guarding against a Turner suspension or loss of some kind by the recent hiring of former Houston Texans OL coach John Benton.

As you may recall, Ross said he would visit Martin during his press conference first addressing the scandal. That visit has not happened.

Ross also named a hurrily assembled committee to make recommendations on setting up guidelines on the locker room and workplace culture for the Dolphins. That committee has not met nor scheduled a meeting.

Interestingly, Martin has done a sitdown interview with Tony Dungy on the matter and it will air tonight. The timing is not what the NFL wants. And Dungy is part of the Dolphins committee.



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Admitted homer Jimmy Cefalo said we needed a new QB, 2 new RB's, and 4 new OL. YIKES! How many years will that take?

All Western religions are a death cult for the feeble minded. They have zero relationship with reason, rationality, or sanity.

What does Cefalo want to return to the great Dolphins Teams of the past? That just does not exist anymore. Which Team has repeated consecutively as SB Champion in the last 10 years?

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probably what Stephen ross had for dinner last night.
Lets hope he doesn't have to eat crow at the conclusion of next season.

I knew Daytona would jump up at the mention of Religion.

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Man, I know nothing bout thermoregulation in others. I know when the head of my di-k starts getting big, it gets hot also.

I'd take Martin back.

Posted by: Phinmanski | January 28, 2014 at 09:39 PM

Back where........?

Mommy's basement for "drinks"........?

Are you fvcking kidding me? Martin is the biggest cream puff. He just said how trapped he felt and how foul the language was in the locker room.


Bhwaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

He NEVER should have sucked Richies Digit if he didn't want to be his Be-Atch!

You go ahead, you can take Martin all the way back to Mommy's basement. Don't nobody else want the little be-Atch anyways-LMAO ;)

Martin has stated thru Zach Ertz, he would not want to play for Miami again. Perhaps for Jim H.

Oops.....almost forgot.

Martin Sucks........just ask Richie Incognito or Ted Wells!

Instead of just breaking up with Incognito, The FeeAggTard decided it would be best to just let his entire team down.

Can't wait for Well's report to detail the "Affair"!

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Who knows how Armando adapts thru all his BS he has to wade into.

Saw part of Litch's Presser in Tampa; glad he passed on Miami. He's mechanical, and looks at his notes frequently...scripted guy. More like a business exec. Hickey looks and talks like a football guy. Maybe there is hope..Just my two cents.

NFL players shouldn't date..........Each Other.

Martin is the perfect example of why.

Same goes for Omar Kelly. And perhaps also to the successor of Volin.

Ross said “compatibility” with the coach was the “most important” element he was seeking in his GM search.

This statement shows the problem facing the Dolphins. Ross valued Harmony over Excellence.

Philbin is NOT an excellent coach by almost any measure. And Hickey was probably the 8th choice to be GM. But they will work well and fail happily together.

Ross has been incompetent in hiring both the Head Coach and General Manager. He is stuck with substandard hires in both positions. This formula is not likely to lead to success.

The 2013 season failures were due to:

- Lack of talent at OL, RB, LB, WR, TE and CB.
- Too much emphasis on DE position
- Failure to get team ready to play for many games
- Subpar game plans on offense and defense
- Subpar play-calling on offense and defense
- Inability to make in-game adjustments
- Refusal to play backups or rookies when starters struggled in games.
- Coaches failed to teach and develop players

In short, the team lacked talent, which was Ireland's responsibility. The teamed also suffered from subpar coaching, which was on Philbin. The players suffered as a result of their lack of talent, development and not being put in position to succeed.

Ireland and Philbin could have hated each other, but if Ireland drafted and sign excellent talent and Philbin coached the team with high expertise, then the arrangement would have been fine since both would have been putting the team first.

Hiring a GM who gets along with Philbin is very different from having a GM who knows how to build a team and draft talent. And if the coach is not very good at his job (and Philbin had multiple failures in both 2012 and 2013), then having a lot of talent but a friendly GM is not going to work either.

Considering the Dolphins' primary problem has been horrid drafting over the past decade, the emphasis of harmony over excellence is a mistake.

Odds are that 2014 is not going to be a successful season. The Dolphins are closer to 4-12 than they are to 12-4.

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Ross also said that, "People believe we have a lot of talent on the team."

If Ross believes that is true, then does it not lead to the conclusion that perhaps coaching played a role in the 2013 Dolphin collapse?

I believe Ireland's drafts, trades and free agent signings were subpar. But I also believe that Philbin mis-coached the team on many levels too.

The Dolphins did not fail because Philbin was upset that his performance was being mocked by Ireland.

Ross failed when he tried to replace Sporano with Harbaugh; it was a very embarrassing episode.

Ross insisted on keeping Ireland and was only able to hire a second or third tier head coach in Philbin.

Ross insisted on keeping Philbin and finally hired the 8th best GM candidate.

This is not the best way to do things if one wants to win.

Winning and Stephen Ross should not be in the same sentence. He will never ever win.

You don't have excellence where there is acrimony. That is not an either or situation. Clearly the coach and Ireland did not see eye to eye on the draft and free agency. You MUST solve that problem going forward. You don't want your GM telling or hinting to players that the coach does not know what he is doing and planting discord. Ross knew that the problem was not all poor coaching (which there is). That said,Philbin's recent hires look solid so far.

No Puzzled. This team was not up emotionally for many games especially the Bills and Jets games. I don't know why you would keep the Offensive line coach, defensive coordinator or the head coach .Phibin is not a motivator. Maybe he will change. I sure hope so.

I agree excellence and acrimony do not go well together. I've been a major Ireland critic for years due to personnel choices. My view is that Ross seeking Harmony as his first and most important goal is not going to result either an excellent GM or in winning. I felt he should have cleaned house when Sporano was fired or when Ireland was 'fired.' The process kept the best talent away in my view.

Of course, there are no sure things. I felt that when Ireland was gone, things would get better. It sure did not look that way to me over the past two weeks. And Hickey might be easy to get along with, but my preference was for someone who had been in a winning organization.

All this secrecy about this report. It just shows how much they really care about Ross in Goodell's offices. Ideally -for the Phins- they could have presented the report prior to the SB, especially prior to the FO and coaching shake up.

Now no matter what Philbin is safe. Can you imagine if the report is very harsh on Philbin? Ross will have no choice to once again stand by not only an inept -by stats- coach but also a bigot.

Is it really rocket science to figure out what happened?
1. Philbin and Sherman want an OL in the draft, correctly so.
2. Ireland refuses and picks a luxury DL (here Ross' decision to stick with inept Ireland ruins the season before it even began.
3. Philbin and co decide to act like children and do not play the rook, hurting the team.
4. Philbin and co order code red on Martin. Again showing no traits of leadership and affecting the team negatively (how can Ross not fire him!!).
5. Yes Martin is a big guy but an educated one, who in fact has been inside locker rooms all of his life. I still think he was not an NFL LT but he had to be harrassed beyond the norm AND had no one to go to. That is squarely on Philbin.
6. Ross AGAIN did not learn from his mistakes and did not clean house and you must know how this season will play out.

Same goes for Omar Kelly. And perhaps also to the successor of Volin.
Posted by: oscar canosa | January 28, 2014 at 11:18 PM

Huh? Who are these people?

LOL, check out the comments on http://dolphinstruth.com/judas-martin/

Will Mr. Ireland be blamed for 9/11 as well?

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I like what Ross has done I think hickey will hire his buddy Dominick to be his right hand man and we will begin to build the team we all incision have faith dudes it will happen

Go phins

Oh and by the way Ireland was fired ok

Ectoplasm @11:46PM EST,
Fine posting, though #5 has me perplexed. Why is it that a Committed christian such as Tim Tebow, and and earlier guys like Reggie White and MANY others were able to handle the horseplay, the LANGUAGE of an NFL locker room? White did it for 17 years. So have dozens of others. So WHY is it that this 315# big guy, SENSITIVE as he is can't muster the stones to hang in there, EARN the respect of those who gave him some grief?
Because the other players had ZERO respect for his lack of toughness. The fact he was hoping to get his QB killed, and not willing or able to get BETTER. When demoted to RT, he quit., just like the baby he is. I'm tired of all the so-called bigot talk. No matter his sexual persuasion (not saying he's gay) BE A MAN, Football is a man's game, a brutal, hard on body and mind battle. It's clear he lacked the toughness needed to compete.

Now he whines like a child to Tony Dungy. I find it odd that Dungy, who lost a son due to a disconnect, is acting as "council" to Martin. Let a professional deal with Martin. Joe Philbin suffered the same fate as Dungy, and Andy Reid. All disconnects. IMO, this is Philbin's major weakness as a leader of men.

Despite all the above, I wish Martin a happy life. I doubt it will involve professional football.

This guy hickey is a super scout he's very good at what he does

Sorry, "hoping" was meant to be "helping."

My sources are never wrong. They are within the Dolphins organization. The deal is done. Caserio is spending the evening in Miami to work out details of the contract. I am told Shula was contacted as a John Carroll alum.
Posted by: Marco | January 25, 2014 at 10:23 PM

My sources are never wrong. I stand by my statement. Caserio accepted the position and is awaiting contract details. If he declines then my sources were correct.
Posted by: Marco | January 25, 2014 at 10:28 PM

I am not a child. I am a grown European educated successful entrepreneur that has direct contacts in the Dolphins organization. Why do you think the Dolphins are playing in London next season?
Posted by: Marco | January 25, 2014 at 10:34 PM

Mr Caserio is still in Miami to work out contract details. Call the Hilton and ask for Mr Caserio.
Posted by: Marco | January 25, 2014 at 10:30 PM

Ok, ok I just called my people and they assured me that Caserio is in fact not the next GM. The job will ultimately be offered to Mr. Gaine. It satisfies the Rooney rule and keeps the team mgmt. status quo as Aponte and Philbin will share in the power. Seems like candidates do not like the power structure at present.
Posted by: Marco | January 25, 2014 at 10:37 PM


I agree about #5 too. In fact I had my hesitations when typing it. The truth is we really do not know what transpired there. ESPN the magazine had a very well written article about the Martin situation though I sense you may not agree with some of the points there. But that just shows that there may not be a right or wrong side here and that the mattter on hand is more complex. There were many variables that we may never learn of.

HOWEVER; what is indisputable is how poorly this was handled by Philbin and his staff and I fully concur that is Philbin's inability to lead men that is at the very core of this mess. You could erase Bullygate completely and I think the results would have still been the same.

The one time when these players played with passion was after the Tampa game when there was so much media coverage about the very same future of the players going forward. That passion spike only lasted a couple of weeks and once it fizzled the team came back to planet Philbin and played emotionless. Players are smart enough to know he is a poor coach. Poor planning and scheming, little by little they are leaking that to the media.

Have you seen the group photo earlier of Ross, Hickey, Philbin, Aponte and Garfinkel? I literally puked. Was there ever a more showing picture of dysfunction in this team's history? (though I guess we need to give Hickey a chance, the draft -supposedly his forte- will be very telling). Probably not. Be ready for 2014, it is going to be a looooong season. I predict we finish dead last in the East. Only thing can prevent that from happening is a miracle job by Lazor.

I was pleasantly surprised they hired him. I really want to see how he works with Philbin. Not his typical hire I'd say. I remember when Philbin unveiled his staff and I went who the H are these dudes?! Again going back to the whole leadership skillset. Good leaders actually surround themselves with the best. Hope it is a good trend.

Wow! I do NOT believe Morco could be more wrong!

I'm kidding, every time the guy tries to use that empty space in his head, He's WRONG-LOL!

He'll keep right on posting dumb shyt, completely oblivious to how ignorant all of it is.

But hey, that's our Dayton......Oops(wink, wink).......I mean, that's our Morco!

(Schizoid Tweak-LOL...)

Hickey was with the Bucs for 18 years, well liked and they honestly didn't see him as GM material so naturally he gets hired here.
This is as funny as making Tony Sparano or Joe Philbin an NFL head coach, Jeff Ireland a GM or Steven Ross an owner.
You cannot fit square pieces into round rolls, it does not work!
Enjoy your continued decade of doom dolphins fans!


With all due respect, come the fv ck on man. You going to lay this twerp, quitter, punk, Be-atches actions on ANYBODY in the organization?

ROTFLMFAO at how soft some of you people are getting!

I could just see Bart Starr going up to Lombardi and crying about the language guys are using. Picture that mother f vckers-LMFAO!

Martin is a fv ck ing twinkie that needs his a ss whooped BIG TIME. He's lucky he got out without that happening.

The only thing Philbin did wrong, was not beating the snot out of the punk before he left the city!

I could just see Butkis crying to Papa Bear Halas: Yeah Coach, all the guys are bullying me. And their language, it's soooooooo offensive.

Give me a fvck ing break on this puke faced cup cake already, Puh-Fvcking-LEASE!

ROTFLMFAO in an uncontrollable fit!

Posted by: odinseye | January 29, 2014 at 01:27 AM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2014/01/ross-has-idea-of-nfl-scandal-report-contents/comments/page/4/#comments#storylink=cpy

Jonathan Martin Is 3rd string in San Fran.

WR's at the combine benched more than him and Ireland still drafted him.

Ireland thinks backwards. If you can't bench then you can't push.
Just like him drafting Gates who can't run routes or beat the jam just because he's

Then the Seattle GM makes him look real stupid when they drafted their stud secondary in the 5th round other than Earl Thomas.


I told you all Philbin and RO $$ looks related, lol

Looking at the pic... I'm wondering who on this blog would do Dawn Aponte?
And will she bring her cue cards? Lol

U kno what's even funnier? All of u acting so "tough" behind your typing. U do kno Martin got into a fight with Dion Jordan on practice #1 last year, right. I'm pretty sure u would do the same. LMAO.

Not condoning Martin because he could have done things differently but he derserves the benefit lof the doubt.

just over 3 months til the draft, now you guys can obsess over which draft pick should be where and who will draft who where, and then when your all done these dip sh!its in Miami will disappoint us with their picks. I hope beyond hope that I'm wrong. But givin Miami's track record they don't leave much room for hope.

P.S- your wasting your time obsessing about the draft. If Hickey doesn't disappoint then Odin says he'll blo everybody twice. He said he'll give everybody a hummer regardless of outcome


No team wants Martin, no one wants to be walking on eggshells, or looking over their shoulder. No coach wants to worry that something could happen with this guy again. But he may end up with a team because no one wants to be accused of shunning him. Sooo many angles. Not to mention he can very well sue a team for not signing him. Lawyers are licking their chops.

Fovo good points, while I am not a fan of Tannehill, I am willing to give him time to develop and hopefully prove me wrong.

My personal opinion Jordan will be good. There are some players that come in with high expectations and only show a few flashes. Jordon I believe did more than that. He showed me he can cover tightends, he was always near the QB as a rusher, this guys has got some serious athleticism. I can only hope Coyle barely used him because of his injuries. I would hate to think Coyle couldn't see how good he is. Wake went through the same nonsense.

It's Hickey's fault.

Does Rosso the puckered anus face clown ever do anything right? We all know that the only reason he succeeded in real estate is because he is part of the tribe.

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