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Source: Dawson also impressive in interview

The Dolphins are pleased with their general manager search so far because 1. They believe they are identifying quality candidates and 2. Several candidates have so far been very good to exceptional in their interviews, according to various sources.

Include Lake Dawson as one of those impressive interviews.

Like Ray Farmer, which sources said over the weekend was the most impressive interview so far after his meeting with the team Saturday, Dawson similarly left a great impression following his interview on Sunday, according to a source familiar with the process.

Dawson is the Tennessee Titans vice president of player personnel.

So for the time being, it seems Farmer and Dawson lead the pack of five candidates that have interviewed.

This is a constantly evolving dynamic. I am not saying either of these men will be the guy. I am saying both have put themselves in a good position compared to others who have already interviewed. I am giving you as close to a blow-by-blow account of what's happening as possible. This is not the final score, however.

(Reports that tried to piggyback off my Farmer report made a leap, wrongly suggesting I said the Dolphins had found their guy or the process was basically done. The process continues.)

Interestingly, this process puts to the test a habit of Dolphins owner Stephen Ross that I have heard from multiple people he simply cannot shake. Ross often seems to agree with, or fall in love with the latest person he speaks with.

"He'll talk to someone and think that person is great and five minutes later he'll talk to someone else and now that new person is great and he forgets the previous guy," one source said. "He does it all the time."

If that's the case, the candidates that have yet to interview might have unknowingly worked themselves into a great spot.

One of the interviews the Dolphins are trying to nail down, by the way, is for Atlanta director of player personnel Lionel Vital. I am told Vital comes with a strong recommendation that glows in neon: Bill Belichick.

Vital, it must be noted, is also being courted by Tampa Bay and is considered a very strong candidate.

To me, the Belichick recommendation is a two-edged sword. Yes, Belichick knows football and good football men. But it should not escape anyone that his interest is beating the Dolphins as he's done with regularity most of the past dozen or so years.

Also, Belichick can miss. I remind you of his recommendations of Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel for head coaching jobs. 

Finally, the Dolphins today are interviewing Green Bay's Ben McAdoo for the vacant offensive coordinator job. McAdoo, who worked for several years with head coach Joe Philbin in Green Bay, is considered the favorite to land this job.

McAdoo has been Green Bay's tight ends and, lately, the quarterback coach but has never called plays. McAdoo recently interviewed with the New York Giants for their open OC job.


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Tannehill is screwed. How will it help him to have someone with no experience at the position when they just dumped someone with tons of experience? Is this a joke? And then Philbin will lose his job, McAdoo will be gone, and Tannehill will have to learn another new offense?! So 3 offenses in 4 years?!!!!

Tell me this is a bad dream and someone in the Dolphins organization see's that they are killing their chances of getting something out of their #8 pick!

The mod dislikes facts about Timmy tebow? Llozizoxoxozz

What happened to Gamble?

How long before you inevitably become a crooked Televangelist, Tim?

People are bored with you already as a commentator and the whole football thing is obviously over (unless you want to try Arena ball or maybe Canada).

Time to start getting some air time on those Christian networks and work your way up to genuine Snake Oil Salesman status. LOTS of money to be made, dude.

We will have to trust that Ben mcadoo is a good player caller. He did get a few other Interviews for other jobs so it's not like the dolphins are his only option.

Albert Breer ‏@AlbertBreer 3m

My sense is that Eagles VP Tom Gamble fully plans to stay in Philly. He believes in Chip Kelly's program, not ready to bolt after 1 year.

"Two-Edged Sword" what a retardo phrase to use. And Capt Tardo uses it all the time, like it's a phrase people actually use. I am pretty sure the phrase goes double edged sword you nitwit!

What about Gamble or the Seattle GM (who also helped build the 49ers)?

Mr. Ross, your team JUST made this same exact mistake with Sparano, Henne, Henning, and Daboll. DID YOU FORGET THIS ALREADY?

Time to rewrite Philbins contract or fire him. This is beyond ridiculous. He's in chaRGE OF BRINGING IN HIS ASSISTANTS SO YOU'RE JUST GOING TO SIT BACK AND LET HIM BRING IN A LONG SHOT?

So basically, Mr. Ross what this shows us is that you don't give a crap about your young QB, the one person who could survive a overhaul to the staff next season if handled properly. You are already handcuffing the kid on the HOPE Philbin's pick will be the right pick and not a mistake. I'm sorry, that would be ANOTHER huge mistake on your part.

Thanks Rdubs

What happened to Gamble?

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | January 14, 2014 at 12:55 PM


Nothing. They still plan on interviewing him.

Why does everyone act as if they need to have a GM in place this second? A thorough search and getting as much information as possible is the correct way to do things.

Gamble is a GM, McAdoo is being interviewed to be the OC.


So I guess the door is open. Texas Dolphin check out Xanders wikipedia page for info

You guys will be critical of whoever they hire as GM and Offensive Coordinator so why bother "ranking" any of them?

The reality, of course, is that none of you has even the SLIGHTEST knowledge about any of these candidates nor a clue how they will perform but I understand it's embarrassing to actually admit the truth.

As someone who interviewed prospective employees, I would urge caution with people who interview well. It's easy to fall for one who has the 'right things' to say. I wonder why Ross doesn't have one of his HR guys sit in.

"Two-Edged Sword" what a retardo phrase to use. And Capt Tardo uses it all the time,

Posted by: deity | January 14, 2014 at 12:58 PM

Are you talking about Armando Salguero? Because he wrote "two edged sword" in his story? So is it Armando Salguero that you're calling a RETARD?

I wonder if Armando's family is aware of his apparent mental condition? Hmmmmmm

Who cares anymore. If you're new to the Dolphins, maybe you. But if you've been around awhile...

The Dolphins have been irrelevant for 14 years. Some of us have been waiting, watching, and believing that whole time.

But are we getting "close"? No. Every new season and every new Ross blunder make us more of a joke than the year before. It's embarrassing. And it's embarrassing continuing to support this team.

Every year, life-long Dolphins fans are checking out. We're tired of it. And we're tired of feeling duped by the empty promises this franchise continues to try and sell us.

Maybe the team returns to relevancy one day. So what? It will be decades too late.

All I see is a continued commitment to mediocrity dysfunction. I see business as usual- dysfunction. I see more empty seats, loss of revenue, no local stadium support. Soon it will be financially impractical to continue to operate the team. We could see the franchise sold and moved before they ever return to relevancy.

The Dolphins as we knew them don't exist anymore.

It will be easy to dismiss these comments with an intelligent retort of, "Don't let the door hit you on the way out!" Probably the new "homers" will do just that.

But what you can't dismiss is the realty that this team has made a habit of getting it wrong- time and time again- for 14 years, and nothing about this latest chapter instills a felling of confidence moving forward.

We're getting sold damaged goods, and if you're buying this product, than I suggest the Dolphins have made a fool out of you.

Carry on, I have a problem only because Ross had stated he didn't want any ties to Philbin in this search for the new guys. And now they are interviewing someone directly connected with Philbin who also happens to have NO experience calling plays.

And what makes that worse? The fact that Philbin who was supposedly offensive coordinator for green bay ALSO, hyas no experience calling plays.

And now these two and all of their inexperience are going to be molding our young qb? Wonderful.

With the state of this dolphin circus at the moment, Honey Boo Boo would be impressive.
Love when she eats her sketti and butter!


I agree with you about Mcadoo.Just out of curiosity, what does the 78 stand for. That was the year I was born

who cares I respect your opinion but your post is misplaced. If you didn't care you wouldn't be in here and you wouldn't have written such a lengthy posts. People who don't care don't go out of their way to let everyone know they don't care. That's a sign of a person who is just protecting their heart from further hurt. You're a fan and as soon as the team turns it around you will be rooting, you will be rooting either way.

14 years????

That's what has you at your wits end?

Try being a Leaf fan, 1967 buddy.....

I'm feeling pretty sociable today so it's possible I may allow one of you to touch me--BRIEFLY--later this afternoon.

I'll pick one of you randomly so no need to pester me with pleas or expressions of your devotion to me.

I was first but the mods deleted my comment. What I said was:

316 yards. Broncos win. Steelers lose. Playoffs.

Bwaahahahaha, hahahaha omg that was so funny, mamma june hahahahaha. Shut up nit wit, go down to the comedy club and get booed by live people for a change.

I would image most if not all of these candidates that are interviewing for the GM position are pretty solid or they would not be considered in the first place. However, I believe you have to look at someone's track record, if they have one, and from my understanding one or two have never really scouted talent. Xanders has a solid track record of finding talent through the draft, which is what I thought Philbin seemed to be very good at in Green Bay is developing young talent. That's what I remember being a focus when he was hired was building through the draft. I am not knocking Philbin because quite frankly, Ireland did not provide him with good talent through the draft. If Xanders really located all the people they say he is responsible for in Denver then hire this guy, let him pick the talent and hold Philbin's feet to the fire to coach it up. Let's get this train moving in the right direction, please!!

Gimme McAdoo and Vital

RdUBS That was the year I became a Dolphins fan because of my cousin who was a die hard fan but passed away last year. (He was buried in a Dolphins casket, I'm telling ya, the guy was loyal a s#@t!)

Phins 78, n reply to your 1st post...the worst part is if Mcadoo is the new OC, he will have a 1st run OC & he is already working with a 1st run QB coach who had ZERO experience to begin with.

THis kind of coaching dysfunction will nserve Tannehill well at all.


Who do you want as OC and GM...I want Xander and Kubiak

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 14, 2014 at 01:13 PM


Come on Mark they're turning it around. Even after my Isles took it to em last week :p

haha, p78, you're on fire today...

Happy 41st Super Bowl 7 Anniversary everyone.

Posted by: Phins78 | January 14, 2014 at 01:05 PM

Everyone is aware. If you aren't try to keep up, I know you don't really make appearances around here anymore and when you do, you end up arguing with someone. The only bigger fraud around here other than Armando is Oscar(Fraud)

I am in no rush I was just curious as he was the first name thrown around when Ireland left.

Rdubs, thanks, I read your post about Xander.

I am just excited that Ireland will not be doing the drafting.

We might have a shot of getting a first round WR or a good one in the 2nd round round. I realize OT and OL in general is the biggest need but the best OT's may be gone before we pick and a WR, ILB or name your player here.

Post at 1:02 nailed it.

I want experience and I want someone with a track record of some success. I obviously like Gamble for this reason and Kubiak would be a huge get for OC. Those would be my choices. Wouldn't mind Farmer

Where is Norv Turner? He is not a great HC but a great OC. Turner was thr OC for the Dallas Cowboys under Jimmy and did a great job with Aikman.

As for GM, who knows. None of these guys have ever been GMs. They all may be talking a good game but none have never really been the man. I would say go to an organization that has been successful and that is structured well to get your GM.

My biggest concern is still Philbin. Armando reported that a source told him that the real HC the last two years was Mike Sherman. So, is Philbin ready to run this team without Sherman?

It's weird an oddly entertaining to see the fan mentality in action here.

If someone only read this blog they would come to the conclusion that the Miami Dolphins are the worst team in football...perhaps one of the worst tams in ALL sports. A team that no doubt only won 2 or 3 games last year and has no hope of EVER improving.

Reality, of course, is that the Dolphins were the very definition of an average team last season. Winning just as many games as they lost. They coulda/shoulda won a couple more just as they easily could have lost a couple more. They are no better or worse than about a dozen other teams who had similarly mediocre years.

But reality is not what we do here on 'Dolphin in Depth' so I will state with absolute certainty that the Miami Dolphins are the worst team in the history of professional sports and will never again make the playoffs. They should probably just disband the franchise and have a dispersal draft for the players.

Belichek is riding Brady's coat tails. The guy did nothing prior to having one of the greatest QB's of all time fall in his lap. Just look at his track record before Brady. Just sayin!

"Interestingly, this process puts to the test a habit of Dolphins owner Stephen Ross that I have heard from multiple people he simply cannot shake. Ross often seems to agree with, or fall in love with the latest person he speaks with."

How did Ross get that rich?? Seriously somebody has to explain it to me. Must have inherited most of it.

I just really hope they don't hire this guy from Green Bay so knowing my luck that's the exact person who will be hired. I just don't see this ending well for Tannehill in that case. He's not an elite qb, he needs smart people around him to take him to a top 10 qb which is all we need if we put together a running game and a better d. Tannehill doesn't have to be top 5 for the Dolphins to win a Super Bowl. But he does need experience and intelligence around him. How is he going to be able to dissect defenses and call his own plays at the line if the two people in charge of coaching him up have never called plays themselves?

I'd be very careful with McAdoo. Who wouldn't look like a genius coach of an offense that Aaron Rodgers is the leader of? I get that he's a coveted coach, so obviously he comes with a good resume, but he wasn't really able to do much with those other QBs (when Rodgers was hurt). They had to go back to Flynn, who's ok in Green Bay, but how much of that is the system because everywhere else he's been he's been worse than awful?

I don't know the guy, and can't assess his playcalling (since he's never called plays) but me myself, if I'm the HC or the Owner, I'd be much more comfortable with a guy like Kubiak who has a long history of success in the NFL at OC.

Turning it around? man, if these rubes understood bad management like it was to sign Dion Phaneuf to a 7 year 49M contract or David Clarskon to a 7 year $35M contract, they would beg for Ireland back. The leafs are going nowhere. My only hope is if they crap out completely and clean house of coach, Gm, and maybe the board would get a dam clue and hire someone who knows what a good player looks like. Too bad too because Burke had them on the right track. Added players like kessel, Lupul, Gardiner, Van Riemsdyk, kadri, drafted Reilly, Franson, created cap room. But in one year Nonis pizzzed it all away....

The team in Toronto that has any shot are the Raptors. And half of the reson is because of teh ridiculous hip hop culture that sport runs in and they hired Drake to recruit players.

Anyway, I apologize for taking up space talking about the loser leafs... 50 years of futility grinds on me.

Ross better nit make these mistakes. I can't believe there isn't someone else in charge of football matters. Why does he not see he doesn't know his a@! from his elbow when it comes to the sport? WHY BE INVOLVED AT ALL?!!!

Hire a czar who knows the freakin sport! Let him oversee interviewing and all of it. Why is Ross involved when he NEVER COACHED, NEVER PLAYED, NEVER WAS AN ASSISTANT, NEVER WAS A TOWEL BOY, never did a thing football related. How is it possible that everyone tells us he just wants to win when it's obvious he doesn't see it is he himself who is half of the problem?

I want experience and I want someone with a track record of some success. I obviously like Gamble for this reason and Kubiak would be a huge get for OC. Those would be my choices. Wouldn't mind Farmer

Posted by: Phins78 | January 14, 2014 at 01:20 PM


Gamble has no more (or less) experience than the other candidates.

I'm not saying he wouldn't be a good choice but the "experience" part is no different with him.

Hey, in truth none of us actually know who the right guy is. Let's be honest here---most of these names were/are complete mysteries to us, aren't they?

I can admit it. The rest of you should, too.

I also agree with Mark that Philbin's new to the HC game, his DC is new to the DC game, getting ANOTHER rookie at his coaching position on a team filled with rookie coaches really isn't a recipe for experienced management. Sounds more like the cadets taking over the Academy. And we all saw Taps, they all died in the end (except Sean Penn).

I agree that the top OTs may be gone before the fins pick. That is a position that is in high demand every year and teams pick OTs early. I would take the OT in the second round and have him compete with Clabo at RT (The kid Hurst fits Philbin's scheme and will probably be there). LT would be filled by Brandon Albert who Philbin loves.

My first pick would be TE Eric Ebron. This guy is a big time play maker and seen as perhaps the next Rob Gronkowski. That would be a nice weapon and redzone target to give to TH.

"50 years of futility grinds on me"

That's what she said?

I agree with dolfnman, Belichek is a fraud, riding brady's coattails completely. Defensive genius? Defense ranked 26th in the NFL with a run defense worse than ours and he picked all the players on that side of the ball and his own DC.

Everyone answers to Ross? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

He doesn't know football, what are they answering?!!!

It's like when your mechanic starts giving you details about what he is doing to your engine. You just stand and nod like a dope because you have no clue what he's talking about. Then you say something like, "sounds good" and you walk away hoping he's doing the right thing.

That is Ross! "Sounds good".

I agree DC. McCadoo scares me for OC. The Packers are a mediocre team without Rodgers. The guy has never called plays and it is probably pretty easy to be Aaron Rodgers' QB coach.

I agree about having a seasoned OC to work with Tannehill. A few that come to mind are Gary Kubiak, Norv Turner and espicially Cam Cameron. He accomplished great things with Flacco in Baltimore. I know they ran him out before the playoffs last year and Flacco caught fire with Caldwell but look at this season and what Flacco did without him. Crap!

Yeah, I'd feel a lot better about our offense with a Kubiak or Shanahan around. I know this offense will have to pick up the majority of the slack because our defense is run by a moron. Could be that McAdoo is the next Bruce Arians, I don't know, but I'm going to be a lot more nervous waiting to find out....

If any of you know what a power-soak is, reading this blog makes me feel as if a power-soak has been attached between my brain and my IQ.

Of course the power-soak here is the constant stream of childish trolls that infest this blog like cockroaches in a crack house.

Why can't people just discuss the Dolphins here and leave their schoolyard taunts on the damned playground?

Great post Phins78. The fins need to have a football man in charge of making football decisions. The mechanic analogy is spot on. I good BS artist can probably convince Ross that we are on the way up and that we are close. At the end of the meeting, he is probably saying OK 1 more year.

paul get off your high horse and join the rest of the world. We are trying to distract ourselves just like you. Of course we don't know as much as the football people don't be ridiculous and assume anyone thinks they do. He has a different set of experiences that I found intriguing over the other candidates. I did my research and valued him the most because of what he can bring to the organization. I also like the fact that he worked with Andy Reid who I respect highly.

I have my reasons and there are far more than what I posted. I did research, I made a choice in my head. I didn't as you suggest just wing it. Maybe the reason you think everyone does that is because that's what you do and you finally realized it was fruitless? We're not all the same , some of us do use our brains before giving our opinions.

Phins, you are obviously a passionate fan and entitled to your opinions but I would caution against taking it too far and starting to think you actually "know" things about these candidates or how the interview process is going.

You don't. None of us do. That's just the reality of it.

You and I will never be part of the process, nor will we ever be privy to the kind of inside info that the people actually involved in it are. We will never be anything more than total bystanders.

Absolutely, it's fine to have an opinion about these people but don't lose perspective. Nobody here (and that includes you and me) really has the slightest idea or qualifications to rank any of these people or assess how they'll actually perform.

I'm sure you know that if you're honest about it.

There more I read Armando Salguero's articles the more I feel he's looking for Miami to fail in finding a good GM. The best GM candidates in order are Brian Xanders, Tom Gamble, Jason Licht, Ray Farmer & Armando Salguero is reporting that Ray Farmer & Lake Dawson had the most impressive interviews. WELL WHO CARES ? We only want a GM with the best talent of bringing Pro Bowl players in here, NOT the intellectual smooth talker.

You should know general information about the internal combustion engine. It's been around for well over 100+ years and has generally operated in the same fashion the entire time. Educate yourself.

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