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Source: Dawson also impressive in interview

The Dolphins are pleased with their general manager search so far because 1. They believe they are identifying quality candidates and 2. Several candidates have so far been very good to exceptional in their interviews, according to various sources.

Include Lake Dawson as one of those impressive interviews.

Like Ray Farmer, which sources said over the weekend was the most impressive interview so far after his meeting with the team Saturday, Dawson similarly left a great impression following his interview on Sunday, according to a source familiar with the process.

Dawson is the Tennessee Titans vice president of player personnel.

So for the time being, it seems Farmer and Dawson lead the pack of five candidates that have interviewed.

This is a constantly evolving dynamic. I am not saying either of these men will be the guy. I am saying both have put themselves in a good position compared to others who have already interviewed. I am giving you as close to a blow-by-blow account of what's happening as possible. This is not the final score, however.

(Reports that tried to piggyback off my Farmer report made a leap, wrongly suggesting I said the Dolphins had found their guy or the process was basically done. The process continues.)

Interestingly, this process puts to the test a habit of Dolphins owner Stephen Ross that I have heard from multiple people he simply cannot shake. Ross often seems to agree with, or fall in love with the latest person he speaks with.

"He'll talk to someone and think that person is great and five minutes later he'll talk to someone else and now that new person is great and he forgets the previous guy," one source said. "He does it all the time."

If that's the case, the candidates that have yet to interview might have unknowingly worked themselves into a great spot.

One of the interviews the Dolphins are trying to nail down, by the way, is for Atlanta director of player personnel Lionel Vital. I am told Vital comes with a strong recommendation that glows in neon: Bill Belichick.

Vital, it must be noted, is also being courted by Tampa Bay and is considered a very strong candidate.

To me, the Belichick recommendation is a two-edged sword. Yes, Belichick knows football and good football men. But it should not escape anyone that his interest is beating the Dolphins as he's done with regularity most of the past dozen or so years.

Also, Belichick can miss. I remind you of his recommendations of Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel for head coaching jobs. 

Finally, the Dolphins today are interviewing Green Bay's Ben McAdoo for the vacant offensive coordinator job. McAdoo, who worked for several years with head coach Joe Philbin in Green Bay, is considered the favorite to land this job.

McAdoo has been Green Bay's tight ends and, lately, the quarterback coach but has never called plays. McAdoo recently interviewed with the New York Giants for their open OC job.


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2 watt proving what a useless poster he is again. The Pats have been to 19 playoffs in their entire history. They have been to 7 championship games. They have won 3 times.

The Dolphins have been to the playoffs 22 times, and won the championship game 5 times.

The Pats have some catching up to do, but unfortunately Brady is essentially done. So back to the cellar for the Pats in a couple of years while the Dolphins start padding their stats and running away from the Pats,,,,,,,AGAIN.

Thanks for playing 2watt you dope.

11-5 with castle
but the homers stay clear of fax
they only deal in delusion

The fact that Xanders drafted Tebow disqualifies him in my eyes. Those are exactly the bone-headed draft picks we are trying to get away from!

hit a nerve there 78 huh

Ah, yes...Los Angeles, the Land of 1000 Lakes!

(yes, we KNOW the Minneapolis roots)

"Magic" and "Heat" are dopey names, too, even though I am a VERY proud Heat fan.

Team names should end in an "s" unless it's a one man operation.

ps...deity = clueless homer extrodinaire

Posted by: u tool | January 14, 2014 at 02:05 PM

I plead guilty to those charges. sorry I dont apply the "talk constant crap on your supposed team means youre a real fan" method. Now go ahead and tell me how much of an idiot I am. I got it once, you will make it twice, but I am really going for the hat trick!


Wow, it's a city wide thing I guess. Mark I know you are kidding, or I mean I hope you don't really believe Tavares will ever end up in Toronto. You would be like the rest of the dopes up there just fantasizing. Tavares contract comes up right when they move to Brooklyn. They need to put butts in the seats so if you think they aren't going to sign one of the top 3 scorers in the league to a ridiculous long term contract you had better invest in a lot of tissues!

Sparano as OC?

2 watt, put up the self portrait of your knob with the festering wounds and sores like you did yesterday again...

LMAO @ Killary Kankles : Yoo are right on the money & I'm one of the lazy idiots sitting on this stupid blog board not getting paid.

u'd like that huh mark

"Tampa Bay" is another stupid one. It's a freaking BODY OF WATER. Nothing lives in Tampa Bay except fish and discarded Clorox jugs.

It's been in use or so long that I've heard people say they are going to "Tampa Bay" for a visit. Really? To do what? Swim?

I can't really say who the best GM candidate will be.
Posted by: NeMo | January 14, 2014 at 02:05 PM
Oh my God, an HONEST poster here?!?

Posted by: Experts Only, Please! | January 14, 2014 at 02:08 PM

A football ignorant and honest poster, yes.

The "ignorant" ones are those claiming to actually know who the best candidates are.

Diety...didnt know Ross was channeling Johnny Carson. He had a sucessful 30 year run, so why not? Just kidding. Hopefully Peterson will advise Ross well and this round robin GM tournament will come to a succesfull end.

P78, I don't believe I will ever see the Leafs win a championship in my lifetime. You get used to certain things after 38 years.

I mean, the leafs have a golden opportunity coming up, within 5 years the NHL cap is going up to $90M. They will be one of about 8 teams able to spend up to this limit but they are busier than a seaman in a huerhouse spending these future cap dolalrs even before they come up on garbage like clarkson and phaneuf. Current gm is scared for his job. They should jsut sit back and pillage all these teams that can't afford to go over teh current cap of 60m and taking their picks, but they won't be able to....

Air Canada Centre is across the street. i fell like taking a 2 watt at the front door.


Posted by: Rick | January 14, 2014 at 01:59 PM

only Rick and 2 watts have any brains around here

They should put Raymond James stadium in the water then ... that would be awesome!

mark, what are the oddz that u'r gonna c a phinz championship?

Beli is the best coach ever and Brady is the best QB ever and the Pats are the best and longest dynasty ever.

Oklahoma city thunder is the worst name

thank u kkk

Ratio of Leafs to Dolphins chances, at least 100:1

I guess when you here so much you just start getting delusional, only powerful brains can elude the vortex of ineptitude

Jaimus Winston will be the dolphins #1 pick in 2015 it's a lock 3-13 in 2014 this team is the laughingstock of the league since 1985. This owner is so clueless that the capologist is in all reality calling the shots in this organization pathetically so sad how this franchise continues to do stupid dolphin things right Armando :) ?

2watt has been dipping into Daytonas stinky spot again? Did we not talk about that 2watt? After all the money we put down for your first treatments? I am greatly disapponted.

@ MassDolphan : The Tim Tebow pick wasn't a bad pick as a developmental 2nd round pick. When he came out of college he was one of the best college QB's in history & no one ever knows if a football player is going to develope in the pro's until they get the chance. That said, the majority of his draft picks were very good. You don't look at 1 developmental player & label the guy a bad eye for talent evaluation.

Also, the NFL should have made the Colts leave their name and logo for a possible future Baltimore franchise, as they did when the Browns left Cleveland.

Indianapolis Racers (to go with the Pacers) would have been a no-brainer and Baltimore could have gotten back their beloved name and logo.

You didn't hit a nerve, I just hate you and your posts.

I always make fun of your stupidity. The fact you don't know this proves how truly stupid you are.

You hit my nerve when you first started posting here. I can't stand you and what you bring to this blog which is utter useless nonsense and garbage all aimed at getting people to respond to you.

Call it fascination. I'm fascinated that you are so lonely and introverted that you actually get off riling people up in a football blog of a team you don't even follow. But make no mistake, I respect the dirt on my shoe more than I respect anything you represent in here. If I cared about your opinion I would be upset. But I've moved on to just knowing you are a complete leach. I enjoy proving you wrong whenever I see you in here regurgitating your special brand of moronic justice.

Why are you all bothering with the low wattage, just ignore the dim bulbs.

deity = obviously & its true from last blog which = troll

Phins and 2 watt, please get a room.

The Dolphins will interview Brian Xanders for their general manager vacancy.
Xanders was the Broncos GM from 2009-12, playing a major role in putting together one of the league's best rosters. In the 2010 and 2011 drafts, he landed the likes of Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker and Von Miller. Xanders parted ways with the Broncos after last season, signing on in Detroit as the senior personnel director and crushing another draft -- this time stealing guys like Larry Warford late and signing Joseph Fauria as a UDFA. Xanders would be a coup for the Fins as they replace Jeff Ireland.

Rick, the punk phins78 is going to call you names if he doesn't agree with you. He's a miserable fat punk

40 lines just 4 me.
hey 78
u r the moron

hit a nerve there 78 huh

Posted by: 2 watt

Let me translate in 2watt language.

Oh, I was wrong again was I there p78?

Tebow was an awful draft pick and if it wasn't for God becoming a football fan for one season, would not have done anything in his career...

I did love him playing punt coverages for the Jets though. Jimmy Wilson and Olivier Vernon lighting him up was awesome....

kkk? why I ought to .....

Tebow > Tannehill

Oklahoma city thunder is the worst name

Posted by: SeaFinFan | January 14, 2014 at 02:19 PM


Horrible, agreed, but at least they left "Sonics" behind for a future Seattle team to use again.

not sure what to make of all of this.....some folks here are pretty grouchy though




aaah 78.
the other rogues + I r right
that's what irks u and the other dumb homerz


Wallaces cap is bad this year but the next few years are ok. You have to take a hit in one of the years. We have plenty of money to resign our players and new draft picks. i don't think we are going to sign any high priced free agent this year.

hahahaha, da Truth

@ NFL Insider : Well you are close but not correct. Don Shula is the best QB ever, but Bill Belichick isn't far behind. Although when Tom Brady steps down I wouldn't doubt him becoming the best QB of all time. He isn't yet but I think he will be by the time he gets done playing.

Tebow > Tannehill
Posted by: Could Be | January 14, 2014 at 02:24 PM

Neither can pass with accuracy lol

Who gives a crap about phins78 ?

Sparano as OC?

Posted by: How bout It | January 14, 2014 at 02:12 PM

dying laughing!!!!!!!!!

his offesive goal will be the 35 yard line for a long feild goal attempt!!!!!!

Tebow. Never has so much been said about someone who accomplished so little. Can I get an AMEN?

Tebow < Cleo Lemon

Don Shula is the best QB ever????? was I wrong about you Rick, Phins78 is gonna punk out

Tebow < Sparkles the Chihuahua

Ross considers any applicant coming in with tight mini skirt and pom-poms in hand the next great impressive interview.

Armando's blog topic today offers invaluable insight as to why he hires guys like Philbin and guys like Ireland lasts so long. No matter how bad the student, bring the teacher and apple, and everything's ok.

Stephen Ross could very well go down as one of, if not singularly, the worst NFL owners in league history. If indeed this is the case, as long as Ross is still owner, the Miami Dolphins will always be a revolving door of NFL mediocrity no matter how many are hired and fired.

The "REAL ISSUE" is at the very top.

Tebow < Primordial Ooze

Haha, 2 watt has this imaginary battle going on in his basement where it's the homers v the rogues.

2 watt is this is the movie Warriors in your head, an online gang fight to show who's tougher? Is this the most fun you've had since Dungeons and Dragons and whatever nerd games you nerds tend to play?

Rogue Dolphins Fan, complete with leather jacket and slick backed hair and the switchblade comb....

When all is said & done Tom Brady & Bill Belichick will almost surely go down as the best head coach / Quaterback combo of ALL time, but they aren't quite their yet. Right now I still think that belongs to Bill Walsh & Tony Montana, but Brady & Belichick will be the best very soon if they can continue this dominance for another couple of years.

I'd rather have an owner that will say he knows nothing (Ross), than one who thinks he does but doesn't(JJones)

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