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Source: Dawson also impressive in interview

The Dolphins are pleased with their general manager search so far because 1. They believe they are identifying quality candidates and 2. Several candidates have so far been very good to exceptional in their interviews, according to various sources.

Include Lake Dawson as one of those impressive interviews.

Like Ray Farmer, which sources said over the weekend was the most impressive interview so far after his meeting with the team Saturday, Dawson similarly left a great impression following his interview on Sunday, according to a source familiar with the process.

Dawson is the Tennessee Titans vice president of player personnel.

So for the time being, it seems Farmer and Dawson lead the pack of five candidates that have interviewed.

This is a constantly evolving dynamic. I am not saying either of these men will be the guy. I am saying both have put themselves in a good position compared to others who have already interviewed. I am giving you as close to a blow-by-blow account of what's happening as possible. This is not the final score, however.

(Reports that tried to piggyback off my Farmer report made a leap, wrongly suggesting I said the Dolphins had found their guy or the process was basically done. The process continues.)

Interestingly, this process puts to the test a habit of Dolphins owner Stephen Ross that I have heard from multiple people he simply cannot shake. Ross often seems to agree with, or fall in love with the latest person he speaks with.

"He'll talk to someone and think that person is great and five minutes later he'll talk to someone else and now that new person is great and he forgets the previous guy," one source said. "He does it all the time."

If that's the case, the candidates that have yet to interview might have unknowingly worked themselves into a great spot.

One of the interviews the Dolphins are trying to nail down, by the way, is for Atlanta director of player personnel Lionel Vital. I am told Vital comes with a strong recommendation that glows in neon: Bill Belichick.

Vital, it must be noted, is also being courted by Tampa Bay and is considered a very strong candidate.

To me, the Belichick recommendation is a two-edged sword. Yes, Belichick knows football and good football men. But it should not escape anyone that his interest is beating the Dolphins as he's done with regularity most of the past dozen or so years.

Also, Belichick can miss. I remind you of his recommendations of Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel for head coaching jobs. 

Finally, the Dolphins today are interviewing Green Bay's Ben McAdoo for the vacant offensive coordinator job. McAdoo, who worked for several years with head coach Joe Philbin in Green Bay, is considered the favorite to land this job.

McAdoo has been Green Bay's tight ends and, lately, the quarterback coach but has never called plays. McAdoo recently interviewed with the New York Giants for their open OC job.


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What is "bunny ears" about the REAL ISSUE, I dont get it.

The secret ingredient is BOOT!

Jerry Jones was just a tad smarter than Ireland because we ended up with all Dallas rejects

Is this the most fun you've had since Dungeons and Dragons and whatever nerd games you nerds tend to play?
Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 14, 2014 at 02:32 PM

Mark, the nerds now play Settlers of Catan (see Andrew Luck).

Lions hired Jim Caldwell as coach. people complain about Philbin being placid in the sideline. When Caldwell was coach of the Colts, I questioned whether he was alive or a cyborg....

are any of you guys gonna vote for me in the 2016 presidential election?? I've got free tickets

Dont forget the 20 sided dice @ 0232! Its not a true nerd alert until they start tossing that chyt around.

Had Ross fired Ireland 2yrs ago as EVERYONE recommended he do, it's very possible we could have been one of the playoff teams this year. Had that changed been made then, we probably do not come into 2013 with such severe oline issues, and the stable of rb's probably look much different.

Now, Ross resides over his gm interviews like a giddy giddy blonde searching for the largest snake in a worm hole.

DC, never heard of it.

2 watt, is this more fun than Settlers of Catan???

Sure that isn't Catalonia? WTF is CATAN?!?!?!

Yeah Jerry Jones is a idiot. He Should have stayed off of Jimmy Johnson's toe's & they may have come away with another 2 or 3 Super Bowls & would have probably gone down as the best decade team ever assembled.


Better to be placid than flaccid! know what Im sayin!

Note to Philbin: see Blount tearing left and right? Supposedly a character problem guy inside the locker, right? NO, sir. Bill Belichick has brought these type of guys countless times and gets the most of them while still imparting discipline, see how he handle repeat offender Spikes.

That is how you handle your personnel. Please do not rid the team off talent like you did with Marshall, and give the 2013 rooks a chance or dispose them.

yeah rdubs, flaccid is no good.... eat the fish!!!

You guys really need to be day trading the stock market instead of acting like a bunch of 6th graders fighting over those team sucks. Be productive for once in your lives.

thanks for clarifying that Rick, only haters think Brady and Belichick suck, that only shows ignorance. Who is Tony??

Exactly Ectplasm, so what if once in a while someone gets shot in the woods?

bernie, I do, average 45% a year on my portfolio over the last three years. need some tips? Could've kept you out of jail, man.

I agree with Phins78, I cant believe Ross will allow Philbin to hire a OC who has never been an OC before!! Want to know why our team finished 8 and 8..

Jim Turner 1st time OL coach: 58 sacks why isnt he fired yet??
Kevin Coyle: 1st Defensive Coordinator: Sefense regressed why is he here still?

The QB coach first time QB coach never played QB at any level! How can he develop THill with no experience playing the posisition??

Now on too Mcadoo?? Are you serious bring in an experience guy not another 1st time coordinator. Please not Mcadoo!!

@ Ectoplasm : Those are very valid points !

Everyone does realize Ross did not fire Ireland right? Ross offered Ireland a different and lesser role and Irleand told Ross to go EF himself. Then they "mutually agreed" to part ways. Notice my proper use of the "bunny ears". Ireland gets mad propos in my book. He told a fan to Fk off then told the owner to FK off. Thats some good chyt right there.

Mark, it's basically a game that makes D&D players look like the high school cool crowd. Google it, then laugh!

DC, I'd rather not. i fear for our future enough as it is...


Anyone see that report that Philbin wanted to quit before firing Sherman but Sherman swayed him to stay because the whole staff would get fired if Philbin quit????

Are you serious? Ross should of fired Philbin rigjt then and there! He cant even reconize Sherman did a horrible job last year. Philbin is a stubborn a hole who will always be a mediiocre coach. I wanted him gone!

welcome Bernie, I'll take 2,000 shares. I don't even care how much it costs, cause I trust you.

Blount will be available, he's a FA after the season. The problem is the Bermuda Triangle that is the Miami Dolphins. Players tend to come here, lose any skill they possessed, then it re-emerges once they leave. We're like kryptonite to NFL supermen.

Tony Montana & Bill Walsh. Right now that have slightly put up better history than Belichick & Brady, but Belichick / Brady will pass them with another championship OR another trip to a conference championship after this year.

Ray, I tend to give Philbin the benefit of the doubt for one more year but after last year, I believe in him a lot less. And every day that passes, I believe in him even less. I wanted the whole band to stay together one more year but it looks like now everyone should been shot between the eyes.

Anyone see that report that Philbin wanted to quit before firing Sherman but Sherman swayed him to stay because the whole staff would get fired if Philbin quit????

Posted by: Ray McDonald | January 14, 2014 at 02:45 PM


Did not see that. Link, please.

Yeah because media reports are SO accurate. Just ask Richie Incognito, right Armando?

Ill try to find the link...

Mark so is it playoffs or fired for Philbin?

Anyone see that report that Philbin wanted to quit before firing Sherman but Sherman swayed him to stay because the whole staff would get fired if Philbin quit????

Posted by: Ray McDonald | January 14, 2014 at 02:45 PM

Yeah, Tannebust got Sherman and Ireland fired.

Yes. The Gynophobia is clear in all these articles and commentaries regarding Dawn Aponte.

isn't it Joe Montana??

Here a link..not sure how much you guys can get for it but I really wish we fired Philbim. I just think he was responsible for the collapse the last 2 game. Games werent even competitive..



Ray, yes. Knowing our luck, the team will suffer many injuries next year that will cloud the issue. But if our Qb stays upright and the team misses the playoffs, clean sweep of all coaches...

I had gynophobia for dinner last night, ummm, that's rigiht. I've been known to munch rugs


Is Catan that nerdy? I haven played the board game version, but I have played the Xbox 360? Its just a board game where you set down tiles. Its alright, never got hooked on it.

Now if you want to talk about some nerdy crap, you should check out some LARPG(Live action role playing game) You basically go out to the woods and stage battles in costumes you make yourself. I saw a documentary where they elected a high court and created a their own currency and you must always stay in character when talking

Loopk who surfaced here, our old friend petrograd. It's always moist in there.

Cant believe Sherman talked Philbin out of quitting guess that was his last big F U to the Miami Dolphins and their fans..

Mr Ross, i want my ears back.

top 10 2014 cap hits via james walker espn
Player '14 Cap Charge
1. WR Mike Wallace $17.25M
2. LB Dannell Ellerbe $7.425M
3. De Cameron Wake $7.285M
4. LB Philip Wheeler $6.4M
5. WR Brian Hartline $6.21M
6. QB Matt Moore $5.5M
7. CB Dimitri Patterson $5.4M
8. DE Dion Jordan $4.676M
9. WR Brandon Gibson $3.735M
10. S Reshad Jones $3.61M
Source: Roster Management System
Who is gone next year based on their salary hit?
Phillip Wheeler
Matt Moore
Brandon Gibson


This is the funniest nerd bashing of all times..


Which button do you press to have your mother pick you up?

@ Ray McDonald : I don't feel it was stubbornness that kept Mike Sherman in Philbin's plans, it was loyalty. furthermore I disagree with you that Philbin is a bad head coach. He Managed to overcome many injuries, a scandal, a decimated OL & a bad offensive system to still get a chance at a playoff birth. If Miami gets a good GM better at picking game changing talented players, they add a OC that provides Ryan Tannehill with more options & they let Tannehill audible to his own plays when he needs to, I think they can get a lot better real quick. I also think Miami will make changes with their defensive philosophy too. Don't be surprised to see Miami start playing some 3 - 4 defense this year allowing Dion Jordan, Olivier Vernon & Cameron Wake to play at the same time.

THill had 72,000 yards passing and 430 TD's last year. He improved over last year. I don't that he disappears in the 4th quarter. (zero points in 8 straight games without 4th quarter TD). He is a blessing to this organization. He got Sheman and Ireland fired didn't he. Nuff said

LMAO oh yeah Joe Montana, I don't know what made me say Tony. I guess I watched too much Scarface LOL

u have to admit 72,000 yards and 430 tds is quite the season....

Just cause a QB never scores in the 4th quarter doesn't mean he's a choker. He even said that he thinks the game should only be 3 quarters. That makes sense to me

hey.... Tonto is not the horse, Silver is. Tonot is the native American.

and no lubeless sodomy to the natives, they've been through enough.

Rick, the Fins layed an egg the last 2 games of the season all we had to do was win 1 out of 2 games against inferior opponents and not only did we lose we got smoked by though 2 teams.

Also when its 4th ans 1 instead of running a QB sneak to fall forward Philbin allows Sherman to run a FB five to Charles Clay?? If Philbin is ao prepared doesnt he realize we suck on 4th down and short do somethig different switch it up??

He loyal to his friend great but his job is to win ball games and the fins flat out choked away a playoff shot because of the lack of passion/effort against inferior opponets. Thats COACHING!

Actually, the one that saved the Miami Dolphins was Jonathan Martin. Ross can survive with Losses but not with Scandals.

Sorry for mispelled words its difficult to type all this on a phone..

HAHA...Marks Organ

Hey Tony, badda bing badda boom, eh? I thought I my memory was shot

Pulled this from the Phinsider

The Miami Dolphins are expected to interview former Broncos General Manager Brian Xanders for the South Florida franchise's vacant GM position. To get a better look at Xanders, I turned to Kyle Montgomery from Mile High Report.
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The Miami Dolphins are considering former Denver Broncos General Manager and current Detroit Lions Senior Personnel Executive Brian Xanders for their General Manager position, which was vacated by Jeff Ireland last week. Xanders spent the 2009-2012 seasons with the Broncos, including the first year of the John Elway regime in the Mile High City.

Xanders is not a name that had been known to be on the Miami radar prior to today, meaning not a lot of us know very much about the newest GM candaidate for the Dolphins. In order to fix that, I turned to Kyle Mongomery of SB Nation's Mile High Report for a look at Xanders and his tenure with the Broncos:
More from our team sites
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos blog Mile High Report

Brian Xanders was General Manager for the Broncos - but that was in title only. Looking back, the power to make final personnel decisions was never truly his. In his first two seasons, Josh McDaniels held that power; Xanders said as much when McDaniels was out, and his job security was uncertain. Then, when the Broncos hired John Elway as Executive Vice President of Football Operations, it became clear Xanders still wouldn't have the final say. It only took Elway one season to get up to speed, and Xanders was out just a few weeks after the 2012 NFL Draft.

That being said, Xanders had a lot of sway in Denver across two regimes - sway that influenced personnel decisions from which the Broncos are still benefiting today. With Xanders near the top, the Broncos used high draft picks on Knowshon Moreno, Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, Von Miller, and Orlando Franklin, then used later round picks (or no draft pick at all) to find impact players like Julius Thomas and Chris Harris. Of course, most famously, the Broncos also brought in Tim Tebow with Xanders near the top.

It's unclear how much influence he had on these picks, but one has to assume it was significant. I think he's a shrewd GM candidate for a team looking to rebuild, like the Broncos were when they brought him in.

However close to the plyoffs you think the Dolphins may be, bringing in a GM who could "rebuild" the team, especially the offensive line and the running game, could be exactly what the Dolphins need. Even if it's not a full rebuild, there is enough work to consider someone with that ability as an asset to the team. Xanders could fill that role perfectly.

A huge thank you to Montgomery for taking the time to respond to my last minute requerst for information. Make sure you check out Mile High Report to keep up with all things Broncos, especially as they get ready to host the AFC Championship Game this weekend.

So, you'd rather do the horse than the natives MarK?

I kinda like doing natives in the butt...As long as they are girls...Of course, it's usually native Central or South Americans because I've never seen an Indian girl...Strange

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 14, 2014 at 03:06 PM

I stand erected, that kinda makes it even funnier

I was wrong about you Mark, you do have a sense a humor

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