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Source: Dawson also impressive in interview

The Dolphins are pleased with their general manager search so far because 1. They believe they are identifying quality candidates and 2. Several candidates have so far been very good to exceptional in their interviews, according to various sources.

Include Lake Dawson as one of those impressive interviews.

Like Ray Farmer, which sources said over the weekend was the most impressive interview so far after his meeting with the team Saturday, Dawson similarly left a great impression following his interview on Sunday, according to a source familiar with the process.

Dawson is the Tennessee Titans vice president of player personnel.

So for the time being, it seems Farmer and Dawson lead the pack of five candidates that have interviewed.

This is a constantly evolving dynamic. I am not saying either of these men will be the guy. I am saying both have put themselves in a good position compared to others who have already interviewed. I am giving you as close to a blow-by-blow account of what's happening as possible. This is not the final score, however.

(Reports that tried to piggyback off my Farmer report made a leap, wrongly suggesting I said the Dolphins had found their guy or the process was basically done. The process continues.)

Interestingly, this process puts to the test a habit of Dolphins owner Stephen Ross that I have heard from multiple people he simply cannot shake. Ross often seems to agree with, or fall in love with the latest person he speaks with.

"He'll talk to someone and think that person is great and five minutes later he'll talk to someone else and now that new person is great and he forgets the previous guy," one source said. "He does it all the time."

If that's the case, the candidates that have yet to interview might have unknowingly worked themselves into a great spot.

One of the interviews the Dolphins are trying to nail down, by the way, is for Atlanta director of player personnel Lionel Vital. I am told Vital comes with a strong recommendation that glows in neon: Bill Belichick.

Vital, it must be noted, is also being courted by Tampa Bay and is considered a very strong candidate.

To me, the Belichick recommendation is a two-edged sword. Yes, Belichick knows football and good football men. But it should not escape anyone that his interest is beating the Dolphins as he's done with regularity most of the past dozen or so years.

Also, Belichick can miss. I remind you of his recommendations of Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel for head coaching jobs. 

Finally, the Dolphins today are interviewing Green Bay's Ben McAdoo for the vacant offensive coordinator job. McAdoo, who worked for several years with head coach Joe Philbin in Green Bay, is considered the favorite to land this job.

McAdoo has been Green Bay's tight ends and, lately, the quarterback coach but has never called plays. McAdoo recently interviewed with the New York Giants for their open OC job.


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Dusty is always right. He nailed the Chargers upset of the Broncos the other day, didn't he?

Thanks @ 3:44, we already knew. Some of us did get beyond the 2nd grade.

Besides Green Bay would hire Joe Philbin back Immediately if Miami fired him.

Sources say the Dolphins are bringing Fred Sanford and George Jefferson in for interviews for the GM job. Maude is being considered for the capologist job. Fred's son, Lamont is being interviewed for the OC position since Bob McAddo has decided to remain coaching in the NBA.

Don't care for that handle either... i'm no h0m0....

looks like we had one posting above tho...

@ J T SANDER : Boy aren't you the intelligent one !

Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game that is both highly entertaining and addictive.

Seminoles and Miccosoukees are not terribly attractive. I much prefer Norther Plains Indians such as the Sioux and Choctaws. Their men just have amazing bodies---so lean and naturally muscular. God, I just dream about one riding towards me atop his steed and scooping me up in those taut, muscled arms. I get dizzy just thinking about it.

yes rick like our other past head aoches, back into the general pop never come close to head coach again

apparently mark's organ in Tonto didn't pass the 2nd grade... big shocker?

Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game that is both highly entertaining and addictive.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 14, 2014 at 04:05 PM

If you are a loser & have no social life.

Come on Rick. Can't be serious all the time. None of has a clue as to what is transpiring over in Davie. We speculate, voice our opinions, beat up on Mando, and simply want the Fins to do better. Sit back, crack open a cold one, and smile.

JT Sander, how old are you??? Man, 70s references??? Was Greg brady unavailable???

Hey man, don't judge me! it passes time when I'm riding the subway or taking a dump or the wife wants to have a talk...

that's the problem with games. Addiction

lol mark

Those Seminole dudes all seem to have the same kind of weird pot belly and not much muscle tone. A bunch of them also have crossed eyes for some weird reason. Met some nice ones, for sure, but I'm not taking one to bed.

Those Sioux and Choctaws, though. OH. MY. GOD. They just look like Michelangelo himself carved them all out of marble. Broad chests, muscled abs and thighs, and butts so firm you could bounce a penny off them!

I'd erect a teepee for one of them ANY day!!

Jessie Addler leaving the Dolphins? I thought he was pretty good.... good luck to him.

Why did Shawn Michaels go cross eyed near the end of his wrestling career?


Never heard of him. Was he a Seminole?

Is he related to Stephen Addler of Guns n Roses?


Remember after Cowher, Gruden, Harbaugh & Fisher all told the Phins to go phuc themselves then Philbin showed up with a great package, according to Mando, and started putting it in everybodies' face.

No, he was from Texas

Yeah, he was a good spin doctor...Weird

Oh. Some of those Southwestern Indians are ok. Hopi men are rumored to be very well-endowed and tigers in bed...but they have nothing on those Sioux and Choctaw honeys.

Michael @ 4:07

Will you be as enthusiastic after several Sioux have held you by the ears?

Is that part of foreplay with them? I guess I'd put up with it. How was it for you?

(I'm jealous!!)

Michael @ 4:14

It soulds like you want that booty to get taken by some Plains Indians. Simply go out to Dakotas/Wyoming/montana and get yourself thrown in the drunk tank, the Cheyanne/Lakota/Sioux will take it from there.

IF Xanders comes i hope he can get Knoshawn Moreno here.

Oooh, the LAKOTAS. I forgot all about them!! Those guy are just hunkarrific.

I can see that you have the same excellent taste in Indian men, lol!

I'm happy to get drunk with them. Maybe a nice Pinot Noir before our 'Western Adventure' begins!!

haha, held by the ears??

Michael @ 4:22

I am an ear holder, I have no experience having my ears held.

Last winter a bunch of guys in this blog were trying to organize a session of 'hottub periscopes' among the bloggers, maybe you can hook up with some of them.

Jonathan come out and play or else!

White Boys step to the front BOSS ROSS(HOG)only hires people that turn red when they are out in the Miami sun too long.That helps Aponte shuffle the required papers for that PUNK A.S Godell of the rich a.s NFL.
She can also manipulate white boys a lot easier and crush their marbles with less force.

Eww. I think I'll pass on that. I just picture most of the guys here being really flabby and pasty and probably needing to gobble a dozen viagras just to get even a feeble facsimile of the 'real thing' going.


No offense, but I'm a really fit and adventurous guy so I think I'll head out West instead and wait for chiseled Sioux warrior to appear on the horizon and then scoop me up onto his Apaloosa as we ride off through a canyon with my arms wrapped tightly around his heaving and muscled torso.

I'm getting faint.

ah, i get it now re: the ears...

Shawn Michaels wore the azzless chaps... that may be appropriate for the western adventure...

Jessie Addler leaving the Dolphins? I thought he was pretty good.... good luck to him.
Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 14, 2014 at 04:14 PM

You thought Henne and Tannehill were good also lol


Being a Leaf's fan is still better then being a Cub's fan! And now that you've fallen for the 'Phins you are one up on the rest of us. And will be for the next 20 or so years. When it passes from Ross' hands we still are in it. Look how many owner's the Cubs have had. Some cities just can't get out from under themselves!

Mark, are there natives in Quebec or other parts of Canada who speak French?

That would be a TRES HOT combination!!!

Michael @ 4:35

The gentleman you are seeking were busted for riding under the influence.
The appaloosa's were confiscated and the braves were thrown in the drunk tank.
Just get yourself thrown in the tank with them and everything else will take care of itself.

NO, if you want to talk Henne, speak to ETF.

I do beleive in Tannehill and his 72,000 yards apssing and 430 tds tho. Who doesn;t love thsoe kind of #s?

The happiest day of the year in south florida is when most french canadians start returning home, hopefully they have a couple of new yorkers with them.

Oh my God, if I met a French speaking native man I'd let him blab away about snow or whale blubber or whatever else they talk about because ALL of it would sound so SEXY!!

You sword swallowers take it easy.

Michael, you make be looking for the Algonquins


"Michael" might be the funniest damn poster I've ever seen here.

Yep! Nothing happening today. Be easy on yourselves!

Sherman was fired because Tannehill stinks.

u touch urself at nite!

Oh my God, Mark--THANK YOU!!

Even the name "Algonquin" sounds so manly.

If one of their braves came up to me and said "HOW" I think I'd tell him "any way you want to, stud muffin!"

Are the Algonquin's the ones that beat those little harp seals to a bloody pulp on the ice?

I mean, I GUESS I'd put up with it if the guy was hot enough but still...

Eh, no matter. A few words in French from one of those Algonquin studs and I'd get hot enough to melt the ice anyway!

Mark...I've been around the block a few times. Was sitting in the OB as a kid at the start of the 1969 season. High school grad in 75. Went Navy, got my commision a few years after that and 26 years later retired. Now I am blogging with you fine folks about my favorite team. And, no Greg Brady wasnt allowed to interview. Fins go after Bobby.

I wonder if i'll star or co-star in "Grumpy Old Men, Part 3?"

How come no one on the Dolphins noticed Tannehill's lack of accuracy BEFORE the draft?

When Texas A&M improved dramatically AFTER TANNEHILL LEFT we knew there was a problem!

How did Ross get to be a billionaire if he is such a dolt in deciding who to hire. Surely he faces similar situations in his real estate business.

Johnny Football would have Johnny failure under Sherman.

Bottom line guys is we have a HC who is clueless in providing motivation and has never called his own plays. We may hire another guy who has never called his own plays.

This offense will be quite something next year. I just wonder if Dawn Aponte can call plays because far be it that we would expect our HC or OC to have called them prior to now.

What a joke this once proud franchise has become under an owner who has no clue to find the right men to run his little toy.

predicting 6-10 next year and more like 4-12. We all know it starts in the front office and coaching staff and this team comes up far short when those two factors are involved

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