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Dolphins finally contact Eagles about Tom Gamble

The first name to come out as a Dolphins target was Tom Gamble. Understandable. He's got a great resume. But his name had faded a bit in recent days as the Dolphins asked for and received permission to interview other candidates.

Until now ...

The Dolphins have asked permission to interview the Eagles vice president of player personnel, according to multiple sources. The Eagles have confirmed is and are granting permission.

And I'm told Gamble would very much like the opportunity to interview.

None of this changes the fact Ray Farmer continues to be the leading candidate for the job. But as I told you previously the leading candidate does not always land the job because interviews can change the dynamics of everything.

I also reported previously Arizona's Jason Licht is interviewing today.

Here's some interesting background on Gamble: His pedigree under Bill Polian and in San Francisco is impressive. The reason he left the 49ers and returned to his hometown of Philadelphia is because he wanted to be closer to his father Harry Gamble, who happens to be the former president of the Eagles.

The elder Gamble is sick now but that is not expected to tie his son to Philly over the longterm.

The man Harry Gamble worked for in the Eagles organization?Club owner Norman Braman.

Braman, a South Florida car sales magnate, loves the Gamble family. He knows Tom Gamble very well.

Why is that a thing? Well, Braman also happens to be the chief opposition to Stephen Ross as the Dolphins owner has been seeking public funds to upgrade Sun Life Stadium. Braman has defeated Ross at practically every turn on this matter.

Although I doubt Ross has thought about this, I know that Gamble working for the Dolphins would force Braman to think long and hard about continuing to oppose a measure if it even indirectly hurts Tom Gamble.

Obviously, this is not a reason to hire a GM. That person should be hired on merits of finding talent first and foremost. But does this help Gamble? It could.


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And there it is!

I can just read the headlines. "Dolphins Gamble over Farmer for GM Post".

If Gamble is the best man for the job then him having a connection to Braman is just a bonus for us.


I know people don't like to hear this but Carroll has been the Fins #2 CB the last 2 years.

To each his own. I would prefer we keep Carroll than keeping Patterson. Patterson is good don't get me wrong. But the guy can't even play 8 games in a season.

That in itself is a Groin injury to the defense.

Posted by: Dashi | January 10, 2014 at 03:22 PM

Diaz? Really?

C'mon son!!

Goldie Hawn in her younger days was fine, not now.

Give me Aponte. For some weird feeling I feel she has a Retro Bush. Circa 1970.

As my boy soiled would say, Ms.Aponte is a Cougar. A Young Cougar.

Diaz is more like a Cheetah. Like the Cheetos Cheetah with that big head of hers. Plus, I've heard Diaz isn't big on Showering.

Posted by: Dashi | January 10, 2014 at 03:28 PM


Louis Oliver was my boy growing up. Agreed. He was a nice safety. Not only could he cover he could tackle. Plus we have other things in common(and not just my B-day is one day after his). You know how someone likes a player even though he wasn't a superstar. That is how I felt about him. He was my 2nd favorite dolphin next to Dan growing up.

Posted by: Dashi | January 10, 2014 at 03:35 PM

Nice. Good insight.

I like Gamble more than the other guy. But I prefer the lead candidate Farmer.


How funny would that be, hire Gamble so Ross can get his renovations

At this point I dont care who we pick. I will jump up and down and say I am excited, just cause I dont know any better!!!

Dolphins, The year round obsession

I'd keep Carroll unless he wants a big payday. He has improved, but he isn't a true starter. He is great to have around for depth. Patterson would be awesome if he could stay healthy. Still have the kids from last year as well.

They better re-sign Grimes.

#2 in a shite lot is still shite, Dashi.

Plus, I felt more confident when Jimmy Wilson was covering. I know he did exclusive slot duty, btu to me, Wilson was our #2 corner. If Taylor was healthy all year or Patterson, Carrol would've been planted to the bench like he was against the first NE game only to come on and look like a complete knob on that Dobson TD.

And I know this is controversial but I think when Patterson was healthy, he was our best corner, period.

What does Dan Marino think, and what happened to this committee that Ross was supposed to be forming to advise him on improving the Dolphins moving forward?

I think I am leaning towards Farmer now. I am easily swayed and very impressionable

At this point I dont care who we pick. I will jump up and down and say I am excited, just cause I dont know any better!!!
Dolphins, The year round obsession
Posted by: Rdubs | January 10, 2014 at 03:46 PM


I resemble that remark.

And I know this is controversial but I think when Patterson was healthy, he was our best corner, period.

^^^Grimes played great, but yeah you could make a case for that. Patterson was leading the league for awhile in INTs and missed half the games. If both were 100% things would be looking real good. Need a backup plan though.

Dubs at least this is more entertaining than talking about the draft.

I thought the Senior Bowl was after the Superbowl. That would auck for the team in the Superbowl.

It seems the GM hiring process might not be as huge of a disaster as everyone thought. I AM SO SHOCKED!!


No one can argue. Dolphin fans have the most exciting off seasons. yes we suck, but we have more to talk about through out the year than the Pats or Steelers LMAO

Aint no shame in my loser mentality!


We need Gamble's last 10 draft classes in alphabetic and chronologic order.

Haha. Yeah if you got all your news from the post in this blog you would think the Dolphins haven't won a game since 1985 and that it was an NFL sanction and punishment to be employed by the Dolphins.

We should also be talking to Alonzo Highsmith...

Hope he blows them away in the interview. Seem like landing someone this respected accross the league is what this ship needs....or another logo change.

Are the haters feeling any better about the candidates yet? Not that I will get an honest answer

I would Gamble on Patterson one more year. That groin must heal over 4 months and was a stud when he played.

Posted by: finfan71 | January 10, 2014 at 03:53 PM




Tell me how you really feel about N.Carroll.

I like Patterson but hasn't the book on him been the injuries?

Who ever gets the job at least he's starting with a clean slate & maybe fans can just focus on football for a change, instead of spending their miserable lives criticizing the Dolphins.

haha, Dashi, I really don't like him. Although i would admit that he was better this year. Still not the starter i want.

clee was that Gamble drop a pun? If so, bravo ... would be borderline genius if Gamble actually had some hand in bringing Patterson into the league but he was with SF not the Eagles at the time...


Clean slate? A clean slate would be to blow everyone out. I think Philbin understands all too clearly that anything less than a playoff earns him a pink slip.

The Dolphins are interviewing all the best GM candidates that there are. That's a very good sign for a change !

I would feel pretty good about Gamble or Farmer. Not so sure about the rest although I have read some good things about Marc Ross as well.

Decosta would have been good but apparently the Dolphins aren't the team that can root him away form Baltimore.

I would say it's his loss but obviously that remains to be seen....and remains....and remains lol.

Why are you guys pretending you have the slightest clue who would do the best job?

Seriously, do you think anyone with an I.Q. above "cactus" would believe you have any insight into this at all??

I have no idea who these guys are. WTF are they bringing with them? Hopefully, more the Philbin and Ireland. Philbin has not shown me anything and Ireland was supposed to feed this guy players. I don't know who was responsible for the failures of this team. I cheered for both to do great. After the lunchbag letdown on the last 2 games, I think, I don't trust Ross and co to pick the next GM. Sooooo dumb they way they are going about this.

Rick I would be only mildly surprised if the new GM canned Philbin. Of course I understand a new GM wants his own guy but Ross has made it clear he wants him to play nice with the coach.

Joe Philbin has earned all the players trust & they play very hard for him. Where we come up short is STAR STUDDED TALENT. The right GM can change all Miami's miss fortunes real quick & by that I mean a year or two.

Posted by: Spare Me | January 10, 2014 at 04:08 PM


Well at least their not interviewing Mark Dominik.

This is a win-win situation. Don't blow this Ross, pull the trigger.

Yeah, Ross is a smart guy. He figures the best, most appropriate time to reach out to Dan Marino is when someone is getting bullied in the locker room.

Ross missed a golden opportunity not to reach out to Marino early and get him involved somehow with the franchise. Just as a PR figurehead, just to try and embrace some of the history and long-time fans of this organization.

Instead, I knew we were in trouble right away, and the writing was on the wall, when he came in here with "orange carpets", celebrity owners and a failed attempt to scrap the fight song for a plastic Jimmy Buffett pile of cheese.

Now five years into it and what do we have? An embarrassment of an organization with a crappy logo.

This once proud franchise continues to be the laughing stock of the NFL- even exceeding the Jets if that's possible! Thanks, Steve!

@ DolfanRick : They are all good candidates, but if I were rating them I would rank them like this.

1. Tom Gamble
2. Jason Licht
3. Ray Farmer
4. Marc Ross
5. Alonzo Highsmith

Not surprised about DeCosta. He would be a very good pick as a GM. At least, the Dolphins tried to contact him.

The draft should be more interesting this year with a new GM picking the players. While I know the team needs OL, and perhaps DT and CB, I hope that a fast and big WR and TE are drafted as well. A RB in the low rounds would also be a plus. Although I'm not sold on Tannehill, he does need better options in terms of big, strong, and fast WRs and TE.

Marino is a quitter, choker, and a cheater. No to Marino on the Dolphins.

They can interview all the best but will Joedawn approve? They could screw whole thing up !

@ Still Waiting : All you fools keep bringing up Marino, but don't you people have the brains to figure out that these guys aren't interested in devoting their lives to football anymore ? Bill Cowher, John Gruden, Dan Marino or any other TV celebrity is going to leave a cushy job make them tons of money back to 60 hour work weeks.

Maybe we can be the off-season champions again.

Sigh I would say are receiver staff is the tops in the AFC. The offensive line and Quarterback are a different story. Also DolfanRick not one of the guys you listed has any experience as GM. I don't like that.

Besides would you want to be tied to the deer in the head light que card reader


Here is my alphabetical oder for YOU.


@ ManFin : Philbin & Aponte will have no part of the GM interviewing process. Just like they will have no part in the roster decision making.

Err, that's not alphabetic. Calm down dude it was playful banter. Don't take this too seriously.

I would have preferred Ross to swing for Marino rather than than J.Lo.

Anyways, my point had more to do with Steven Ross than it did Dan Marino.

hope ur right bro ! Man it's time to get back to winning football in Miami we've suffered enough!

sorry.....long week.....my bad

Nice memories Dashi,

Louis Oliver and Jarvis Williams patrolling the secondary for our beloved Dolphins.

The 2 guys that will be the best at drafting great players are Tom Gamble & Jason Licht, because they got their drafting expertise from Jimmy Johnson & Bill Polian (2 of the best alent evaluators of all time ).t

@ Brain Defense : They weren't bad, but they had nothing on Dick Anderson & Jake Scott.

Didn't Ross hire Marino and Marino quit less than 10 days on the job?

Yes, none of us have an opinion on who hires the GM. But at least the person who does has over 30 years of experience and his GM tree is pretty Solid.

Also, the team was sold after 1-15. It was handed over to Ross after 11-5. If the team would've been sold after 11-5, W.Hi-singa could've got more from Ross.

But don't let these facts affect your opinion.

SO.....what happened to all that talk about "the best/most talented candidates wont be interested"....."will be scared off by the Fins dysfunction"...."wont want to interview with such a dysfunctional organization"..."Fins reputation around the league isnt good"....etc....etc--gimme a break, please--GM positions are coveted and the opportunity/position comes along once or twice in most of these guys' careers--the Dolphin GM position is no different....plenty of talented candidates want it.

Huizenga hired Marino and the rest is true.

So Sam YG was Wrong. Plenty of qualified candidates are eager to interview here.

I believe some of you like the guy just cause his name is Dick.

Did I say the Defense was great? Or did I say and explain that Dashi likes Louis Oliver because of other sentimental reasons.

To use a line from a person who only uses 1 name. You have Zero reading comprehension.

Dashi even said Louis Oliver wasn't a Superstar.

I just found the questionnaire that Ross has for the GM Applicants. It goes like this.

What is your favorite Ice Cream Flavor?
Who is your favorite Big Bang Theory character?
Do you like the New Logo or the old logo?
Do you believe in Big Foot?
Do You think Aliens brought football from another planet?
Do you think Hilary is a Lesbian?
And Finally, Do you Drink Land Shark Beer?

The candidate who answers these important questions closer to Ross's believe gets the job.

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