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Dolphins finally contact Eagles about Tom Gamble

The first name to come out as a Dolphins target was Tom Gamble. Understandable. He's got a great resume. But his name had faded a bit in recent days as the Dolphins asked for and received permission to interview other candidates.

Until now ...

The Dolphins have asked permission to interview the Eagles vice president of player personnel, according to multiple sources. The Eagles have confirmed is and are granting permission.

And I'm told Gamble would very much like the opportunity to interview.

None of this changes the fact Ray Farmer continues to be the leading candidate for the job. But as I told you previously the leading candidate does not always land the job because interviews can change the dynamics of everything.

I also reported previously Arizona's Jason Licht is interviewing today.

Here's some interesting background on Gamble: His pedigree under Bill Polian and in San Francisco is impressive. The reason he left the 49ers and returned to his hometown of Philadelphia is because he wanted to be closer to his father Harry Gamble, who happens to be the former president of the Eagles.

The elder Gamble is sick now but that is not expected to tie his son to Philly over the longterm.

The man Harry Gamble worked for in the Eagles organization?Club owner Norman Braman.

Braman, a South Florida car sales magnate, loves the Gamble family. He knows Tom Gamble very well.

Why is that a thing? Well, Braman also happens to be the chief opposition to Stephen Ross as the Dolphins owner has been seeking public funds to upgrade Sun Life Stadium. Braman has defeated Ross at practically every turn on this matter.

Although I doubt Ross has thought about this, I know that Gamble working for the Dolphins would force Braman to think long and hard about continuing to oppose a measure if it even indirectly hurts Tom Gamble.

Obviously, this is not a reason to hire a GM. That person should be hired on merits of finding talent first and foremost. But does this help Gamble? It could.


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Thanks FF71,

Reason I had that as a question mark.

But that is what gets me about these fans. Marino quit as Senior VP. Yet, they still want him to run the team.

They would actually prefer guys with zero personnel experience just because they are former dolphins.

Not just Marino. Griese, Nat Moore. None of those guys are qualified to make personnel decision.

Lets take a Gamble

I hear Willie Nelson and Garth Brooks are doing a concert in favor of Farmer.

So most here wanted to get rid of Jeff Ireland, huh.

Let's see we got rid of Jeff Ireland and the leading candidate for GM is Ray Farmer. He has helped build the loser Cleveland Browns who have less talent than the Dolphins. Why would we want anyone that is responsible for the Cleveland Browns roster. hmmm!

I cannot believe that there are bloggers excited about Farmer becoming the GM.

None of those guys are qualified to make personnel decision.

Posted by: Dashi | January 10, 2014 at 04:49 PM

Nor are you qualified to even opine on who is qualified to make personnel decisions.

benz @ 4:39, they've gone off scurrying, only to come back under different names and witha different thing to complain about.

The real fans among us saw how fat of a peach thsi opportunity is. Say what you will about Ireland - he couldn't finish the job but there are a lot of pieces here. More than all the other job openings - with the most autonomy - with the most cap space - with the owner most willing to spend.

We got em all coming in. The only one is my favourite DeCosta and perhaps if we did this a couple of year back instead of keepingIreland we could've got him. Now Ozzie is older, succession planning is in writing. Too late for that train.

Oh well, a lot of good guys out there and they want to come.

As long as it isn't Omar Kahn ...

Omar Khan? Any relation to Ghangis?

I do give Anderson bonus points because his first name is Dick... I think anyone walking around with the name Dick is either super tough or a guy that's funny as heck. Either way, fine by me.

Favourite golfer ... Dick Pride

Favourite coach ... Jimmy Johnson


Most that bring up a name like Marino just don't know any other names to suggest. They just recognize Marino's name and think that he is qualified to make personnel decisions.

Marino is one of my favorite NFL players ever but he is not very bright. Does anyone recall that Marino scored a 15 on the Wonderlic during the nfl combine? One of the worst scores ever for a QB.

Bill Polian>Tom Gamble Jimmy Jonson>Jason Licht .Polian & Johnson the greatest college & pro talent evaluater's of all time.

The team was sold after 11-5.
Ross said he overpaid Huizenga.

Might be related to Uranus

Mark In Toronto,

Favorite Movie character... Pussy Galore

BillPolians age>Tom Gamble+Jason Licht's age


Educate yourself brother. You found this blog so I'm assuming you can do a search of Wikipedia. Plus, you've been at this the whole day. What is your point?

Kyle Shanahan for OC. Wow, If that does not energize the fan base. Geez, what a joke!.

I cannot believe that there are bloggers excited about Farmer becoming the GM.
Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | January 10, 2014 at 04:53 PM

ANYONE is better than Ireland, you troll!

Great reporting, Armando.

Heck, after 6 years of Irescum I'd be excited about Mickey Mouse takin over at GM!!

Its been reported that the dolphins have interviewed both shanahan and lazor already!!!!
This is great news!!
Both are definite uprgrades over sherman
And having gamble(imo best choice dont get me wrong farmer seems
Like a good choice after such postive reviews)gamble will be interviewed and we could be on our way!

I think that this should bring some serious optimism to the blog!!!
Soon the next 2 steps for the 2014 stud offense will be complete!!

Not just Marino. Griese, Nat Moore. None of those guys are qualified to make personnel decision.

Posted by: Dashi | January 10, 2014 at 04:49 PM

Your not qualified to say that each of those guys are not qualified to make personnel decisions or evaluate talent.
Playing the sport, being close to it, broadcasting etc or coaching a sport can allow one the knowledge to know what physical skills are needed. I identify and recommend talent in another sport. You guys on this site just shoot from the hip and think you know.

Ross, Huizenga complete Fins sale

January 21, 2009, 12:40 PM ET

MIAMI -- New Miami Dolphins majority owner Stephen Ross won't mess with success: He says Bill Parcells will remain in charge of the football operation.

Ross, a New York real estate billionaire, completed his purchase of 95 percent of the franchise for $1 billion Tuesday, with Wayne Huizenga retaining a 5 percent interest.

Ross then addressed the subject of Parcells' status. The sale triggered a clause in Parcells' contract allowing him to leave and still receive the $9-12 million remaining on the four-year contract he signed a year ago.

"Parcells is in charge," Ross said in a conference call. "He's staying, and I think we're very fortunate to have someone like Bill Parcells, who I think people have come to recognize as probably the best football mind in America."

Thanks to Parcells, Ross takes over with the franchise's fortunes on the upswing

Yes. Ross kept Parcells. What's the upshot?

Huizenga hired Parcells in December 2007

Mike Shula, next Fins Head Coach !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys on this site just shoot from the hip and think you know.

Posted by: promichael | January 10, 2014 at 05:24 PM

Yes. Huizenga hired Parcells in Dec/2007. What's the upshot?

You guys on this site just shoot from the hip and think you know.

Posted by: promichael | January 10, 2014 at 05:24 PM

And what do you do?

Orlando even though you have a tendency to go a little overboard with your defense of Ireland you are generally a well informed blogger.

Farmer was only in Cleveland a year and was only an asst there. Lombardi made the calls.

Ireland is gone and the Dolphins appear to be scouring the league for the best potential replacements.

There are only a few former GM candidates and they're either using a walker or have some warts.

To mark in Toronto at 4.55pm.
Exactly a point that i made yesterday. Say what you want about Ireland the guy gave us some very nice pieces for the GM to work with
Grimes thill clay hartline gibson Wallace(when thill learns deep ball) Keller(hopefully) pouncey vernon wake Jordan(he will prove us wrong). These will be some nice pieces going into 2014!!!!!

Cmon orlando don't be so down.
Our OC will be twice the OC Sherman ever
Cmon lazor or shanahan!!!

While he is still available.

Remember earlier this season dashe was telling us how much he liked Ireland even though it was unpopular?

yeah, Dashi liked Ireland, Henne, and Pat White LOL

Same thing,

That's not important! The point is Griese may or may not have experience in his professional life. Moreover the same thing with Nat Moore. Unless you know a professional athlete you can not know weather he or she would be able to identify the physical skills from exposure or not.

IT'S THE QB STUPID Eh,AS the Facts .I master of the apes posted on Thursday,IF TCHOKE Would do his JOB nobody gets CANNED Eh?

Dashi's recemt predictions:

Ireland is great.

Elleweewee and Weeleerwee were better than Dansbomber and BurnItUp.

Miller would be great. Wake me when Miller learns how to break a one arm tackle.

12 - 4
then 10-6

0 watt.dashi, i think is a Phins fan,maybe,but he MUST Take off his ROSE COLOERED CONTACTS Eh?

Dashi said Dansby stunk?? WTF was he watching?

It's so entertaining watching you talk to yourself. Get the lube and tissues out, big night of scented candles and self love for you I'm sure.

Dashi said Lamar Miller was better than Barry Sanders ROTFLMFAO!!

new day brings good news. go get gamble and shanahan

In order these are our best GM candidates :

1. Tom Gamble (He built the 49ers & learned under Polian)
2. Jason Licht ( learned scouting from Belichick & J.J.)
3. Ray Farmer (comes very recommended as a pro scout)

We should do fine with any of these 3, but the order I listed them under dictates their scouting expertise.

This guy has a good track record as Director of Player Personnel in SF. However, he will be expensive in the sense of he might be bringing in demands not exclusively about $, but like having his own HC, his People here. Can he work smoothly with Philbin? If so, he is worth a shot.

No GM should be forced to keep Philbin.

Yeah, who the heck is Philbin? Sparano had a better start.

Ross wants to keep Philbin. Any questions?

agree monte

Ross wants to keep Philbin. Any questions?
Posted by: oscar canosa | January 10, 2014 at 06:12 PM


He uses cue cards in bed too.

The ONLY 2 GM's worth getting rid of Philbin are Tom Gamble OR Jason Licht. I wouldn't remove Joe Philbin for anyone else. With that said I'm hoping Gamble or Licht will be willing to work with Philbin. This Miami Dolphins team has already totally bought in to believing in Joe Philbin, so that's already half the battle. Now we just need to hire the right GM that makes the right roster moves to make us a serious contender again.

how have they bought into philbin, they layed 2 eggs to end season

Andrew Luck has done WAY MORE than Peyton Manning in his first 2 seasons.


Thanks Dolfan Rick!

I enjoy reading your posts also. I am over the Ireland firing now. I just never thought that he did as bad a job as everyone was saying. I thought that the dolphins have been hampered by bad coaching for a long time.

I am just not very confident in Carl Peterson and Ross that they are going to get this right. My main argument was that if they were going to fire Ireland, then go ahead and clean house. I really thought that the coaching staff did a bad job last year and is the main reason the dolphins did not make the playoffs. They were right there last year at 8-6 needing to get 1 win against two bad teams and a good coach would have got them over the hump.

dusty @ 6:31

They also got shut out last week of 2012 season; neither the players nor the coaches are finishing well.

At some point the NFL has to step in and say, sorry Miami, no more team.

Irescum coudnt provide any talent.

@ Monte & dusty bottoms : Granted Joe Philbin hasn't taken us to the playoffs yet, but he has gotten this team to play better than any team since the 80's with inferior talent on the team. Besides that if you listen to the comments of the players & watched how much they fought for him this year, you would understand that this team has totally bought into Philbin as a successful head coach. Not all teams can get that out of their players & it isn't easy to come by & that's why Stephen Ross is so intent on keeeping Joe Philbin.

For the record, I do like Tom Gamble and his resume. I am not crazy about Farmer. And let's face it we really don't know much about any of these guys.

I would love to see Jimmy Johnson become the GM or hired as a Czar. He lives in S. Florida and is the best player personnel I have seen in the NFL. He did an amazing job in Dallas. In Miami he brought star players like Surtan, Madison, Zach, Taylor. None of those guys were even 1st rounders. Now that man could draft. If he would have stuck around the fins would have won a superbowl. I wonder what it would take to bring Jimmy back?

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