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Dolphins finally contact Eagles about Tom Gamble

The first name to come out as a Dolphins target was Tom Gamble. Understandable. He's got a great resume. But his name had faded a bit in recent days as the Dolphins asked for and received permission to interview other candidates.

Until now ...

The Dolphins have asked permission to interview the Eagles vice president of player personnel, according to multiple sources. The Eagles have confirmed is and are granting permission.

And I'm told Gamble would very much like the opportunity to interview.

None of this changes the fact Ray Farmer continues to be the leading candidate for the job. But as I told you previously the leading candidate does not always land the job because interviews can change the dynamics of everything.

I also reported previously Arizona's Jason Licht is interviewing today.

Here's some interesting background on Gamble: His pedigree under Bill Polian and in San Francisco is impressive. The reason he left the 49ers and returned to his hometown of Philadelphia is because he wanted to be closer to his father Harry Gamble, who happens to be the former president of the Eagles.

The elder Gamble is sick now but that is not expected to tie his son to Philly over the longterm.

The man Harry Gamble worked for in the Eagles organization?Club owner Norman Braman.

Braman, a South Florida car sales magnate, loves the Gamble family. He knows Tom Gamble very well.

Why is that a thing? Well, Braman also happens to be the chief opposition to Stephen Ross as the Dolphins owner has been seeking public funds to upgrade Sun Life Stadium. Braman has defeated Ross at practically every turn on this matter.

Although I doubt Ross has thought about this, I know that Gamble working for the Dolphins would force Braman to think long and hard about continuing to oppose a measure if it even indirectly hurts Tom Gamble.

Obviously, this is not a reason to hire a GM. That person should be hired on merits of finding talent first and foremost. But does this help Gamble? It could.


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Ok so you guys are saying that the players had nothing to do with loosing those last 2 games ? Look coaches just teach & it's up to the players to execute the plays. Against Buffalo we just plain got our butts whipped & I expected that it was going to happen in that game. The Jets game is the only game ALL YEAR that the team just chocked. It's that simple !

disagree rick this team has plenty of talent. his no fire boring self on sidelines kills this team. get rid of the guy

no thanks on jimmy johnson, game has moved on. gamble is the guy

@ Orlando Dolphan : Jason Licht learned his scouting under Jimmy Johnson, so what are you talking about ? As I said Bill Polian & Jimmy Johnson are both regarded as the best talent evaluaters of all time & both Tom Gamble & Jason Licht both learned their scouting techniques under those guys.


Gamble over Jimmy Johnson, lol.

dusty you name me 1 single super star on this team

yes gamble easily over goofy rather be on a boat johnson

Cameron Wake is the very best player we have & even he isn't a super star that's a perennial all star.

super star?? lol never said that. we have plenty of solid players/ no excuse why this team didnt make playoffs last year philbin cant motivate anyone, cant adjust. looks clueless on sidelines

The dolphins had enough talent to be 4-1 against playoff teams. They were right there at 8-6 and blew it. That is all on the coaching staff. Horrible game plan against the Bills in that weather.

The Jets game was embarrassing. The Jets are horrible, and had statistically the worst QB in the NFL and they come into Miami and blew out the Dolphins in a game that meant so much, that is unacceptable. The Dolphins were not prepared and lacked motivation. That is all on the coaching staff. They lost all of their on the field leaders too (Long, Bush, Dansby, and Burnett) and that is all Philbin too (he did not want outspoken players in the locker room). Sorry the buck stops with Philbin when it comes to losing those two games. No excuses!

Just because the guy looks like howdy doody dosent make him a bad coach.

no but his coaching does

Earlier someone was mentioning Patterson as regards to him being on the roster for next year. In June he'll be 31. His cap hit is 5.4 mil. If he's cut there is no dead money.

In the two years with the Dolphins he's seen the field in 8 games. In his nine years in the league he's been hurt roughly 65% of the time. Since 2005 he's only had one 16 game season and 3 others in double figures (14,13 and 11). In the other five years including the last two with the 'Phins he's been available for only single digit games (2012-2 and 2013 -6). He's had 9 interceptions in his career, 1 in 2005, 4 w/Philly in 2010 and 4 this year. He can go years without on int!

I suspect that he's a goner!

miami was actually 4-3 vs playoff teams

patterson is a joke, course hes cut

Orlando Dolphan : That is only your opinion & as far as i'm concerned it isn't a fact. I have been following the NFL for over 40 years & I know the difference between a good head coach & a bad one. But yes Mike Sherman's play calling was the biggest issue this team had this year. Thank God he's gone !

super star?? lol never said that. we have plenty of solid players/ no excuse why this team didnt make playoffs last year philbin cant motivate anyone, cant adjust. looks clueless on sidelines

Posted by: dusty bottoms | January 10, 2014 at 06:56 PM

Totally agree with you there. Wake and Grimes are superstars. Vernon, Soliai, Starks, Hartline, Gibson, Pouncey, Odrick, Clemmons, Clay and Misi are all very good or solid players.

Many players have also regressed under Philbin. Reshad Jones was considered a young up and coming safety but now sucks. Ellerbe was thought to be the replacement for Ray Lewis in Baltimore and had a great season last year, and now sucks. Wheeler had a very good season with the Raiders and now sucks.

Dansby leaves Philbin and now is considered a front runner for defensive player of the year. Burnnet was average with the fins and had a great season this year. Players have regressed under Philbin. And I agree dusty he has poor communication skills and cannot make adjustments. The team had the talent to be in the playoffs this year.

That is why they should have cleaned house. Philbin does not have what it takes to be a HC in the NFL.


I meant 4-1 against AFC playoff teams.

Certainly Sherman deserved to be dumped but a GM that allowed any HC to go into Sunday's with that OL and the RBs had to go. Granted, he went. Now the teams' needs must be addressed (same thing we say every year) with someone, if we're lucky that can get this team through a draft without the organization looking foolish. Gamble can't take all the credit for it but Philly's 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 6th rounders, as rookies, all played a significant part in getting them to the playoffs. You know all about the Dolphin's draft. We could of made it despite the draft!

It would be very hard to see from our cheap seats but the possibility of Philbin still being sent over the hill is real. Not likely but possible!

Bring in Kubiak, Wade and Shanahan!! Won't happen but it certainly would make the off season and exhibition season interesting! And be a great build up to the season! Talk about heading in the right direction.....!

I will say on the surface and specifically after the last two games of the season, there was no glaring reason to keep Philbin or Coyle either for that matter.

Maybe the fact that he held the team together through bullygate and at least he knows where we are personnel wise versus someone new starting over.

No way to know for sure why Ross chose to keep him but I hope it had more to do with recommendations from his advisors than just because he thinks he's a good guy.

I just want the best talent evaluator for the team. That's the bottom-line whatever's best for the team.

getting gamble could land us harbaugh as well

Mando, this is what I really like about you, you can find a story anywhere,,,,

Hire Bill Polian. He's the best candidate.

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