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Source: Hickey 'hit one out of the park'

When one NFL source floated Dennis Hickey's name to me as a Dolphins general manager candidate Thursday, I dismissed it.

Hickey doesn't seem like a hot commodity. He's something of a career Tampa Bay Buccaneers worker drone. And, after all, his own organization that is conducting a general manager search as are the Dolphins have not interviewed their own guy.

Then on Friday Hickey's name came up again and it turns out not only is he a candidate but a very, very serious candidate, another source familiar with the process said Friday.

I'm told the Hickey interview was among the longest the Dolphins have conducted during the search that has already included interviews for seven candidates. Brian Xanders had a two-day, 11-hour interview earlier this week and Hickey was not far behind him. And I'm told Hickey "hit one out of the park," with Dolphins owner Stephen Ross.

I'm told by league sources that even if Hickey isn't hired in Miami, he is actually so well regarded by the Bucs that he may be asked to remain under the new general manager once that candidate is chosen.

As you know, I've previously reported that Ray Farmer, Lake Dawson and Xanders opened eyes for the Dolphins owner. I would now add Hickey among that company of top tier candidates.

The Dolphins have yet to interview Marc Ross of the Giants or Lionel Vital of the Falcons. But there is now some sentiment among those conducting the Dolphins search that the strength of candidates is already beyond initial expectations. So this search is nearing its end.

The Dolphins will soon whittle the field to perhaps two candidates and then pick their man.

So, yes, the Dolphins are so far very pleased with their search. Yes, they believe they have identified nearly a handful of potential hires.

And, yes, Dennis Hickey is improbably among the top of the group.


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Dolphins should revoke NFL membership and join CFL, then a possible championship

Posted by: Roger Goodell | January 18, 2014 at 11:29 AM

This team is at least 3YRS AWAY from winning a CFL Grey Cup.

If Ross doesn't get this hire right, we're at least 5yrs away to our next one and done NFL wildcard playoff appearance.

Posted by: Frank from PA | January 18, 2014 at 11:18 AM

Aponte's intentions and history are well publicized. You need to read the papers more. Armando Salguero wrote a great article describing Aponte and her relationship with Philbin, Ireland, and Ross. Aponte has been kissing Ross butt to continue to climb in the organization. She formed an alliance with Philbin against Ireland for her benefit. If you don't believe me google the link below to read Armando's awesome article about this (best piece I have seen from him):

More history, fallout from Ireland vs. DawnJoe

BTW- Stop being such wuss. I hate the politically correct BS that is happening in this country right now. I call it like it is. People like you try to use race and gender as a way to shut others up. Well I call it like it is I don't care if it is a man or woman. If you paid attention you would see that I have been very critical of Philbin and last I checked he is a man. At my job I see butt kissers all the time (men or women). Cover your eyes and ears Frank, Aponte is a leaching, career climbing, back stabbing b____.

If I was Ross my pick would be either Xanders or Farmer. Hickey doesn't convince me.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | January 18, 2014 at 11:33 AM

AMEN, the politically correct (PC) crowd are/is killing this once great country. Men are becoming women in every

JawnDoe. Sounds better.

Come on guys. If we are going to make fun of someone's name it should have a good ring to it. Not just put them together to put them together.

It is early. So please no senseless fodder. Dashi making fun of peoples name is immature. You guys do it all the time. Don't get mad because I do it better. Just practice. And here is a hint. Don't just repeat the same thing. Actually think of different things to say.

Orlando, this comment isn't directed at you. You know Dashi has to explain everything he says because some people take everything I say literal. You know take every comment to be directed towards them. When it is not.

Here's one Dashi,

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | January 18, 2014 at 11:33 AM

Really! She corrects a problem cap situation and protects herself from being fired by a moron like GM Ireland and now she's a Bi*ch. Wow your not sexist, your just telling it like it is right? Orlando Dolphan, it's not politically correct to understand that Ireland was the power hungry jerk who was not doing a very good job so he had his decision making status taken away.

Orlando Dolphan,

What would you do if someone attempted to fire you without cause? Aponte was responsible for correcting the cap issue.

Dashi out after this comment. Will be back later.

But I just have to push the big red button.


Correct. America is going soft.

The truth is the Wussification of America coincides with the rise in popularity in Soccer. Now we are becoming girly men like the rest of the world. Parents are raising their boys to be like girls and their girls to be like lesbians.

I would understand if this country was producing intellectuals. But all this country is producing is a bunch of Dumb nerds. Psychopathic Dumb Nerds. With the help of brainwashing video games which are violent. Notice every time a kid goes on a rampage the first thing he says is that he thought he was playing a video game.

Thank you Promichael.

And Orlando dolphin- do you actually believe everything mando writes! Lol. You think Mando has the pulse of this team? LOL.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. You and mando included. But my friend, like it or not, we live in a pc society. That's why you have organizations like fritz pollard looking out for minorities. The NFL is all about PC these days man. They want African Americans , Hispanics, and women following their sport as they grow it. Dude- you're living in the past man....

I would get offended. But a 5 year old can insult Dashi with more creativity than you.

You were the guy who never got to participate in making fun of other people as a kid. Cause you were the one getting picked on. I can tell cause the lack of material you have and the need/urge to always want to start a rank session.

I understand you are a social midget. But you have to learn to give it a break. Even God rested on the Sabbath.

I'm not saying what's right or wrong about America: Orlando dolphin and dashi. I'm only pointing out the way society is that we live in today.

Now as far as aponte goes: she is a capologist who happens to be female. She has never made a personnel decision nor had been involved in any personnel decisions not related to the salary cap- and every source, not just mando, confirms she has not and will not make any personnel decisions. Where are you getting your info from?

I have read quite a few of the comments on here about the GM search. It seems 95% of the comments are based on the world as Armando sees it. While he has written a few good pieces on the goings on in Davie, I don't necessarily always share his opinion. The Dolphins are going to pick who they want to be the next GM, regardless of the rantings and ravings of any of us on this blog. Come late April, we will all have an opinion on how good the new GM is. I'm more concerned with if Kevin Coyle is going to make a dramatic improvement in his coaching and/or schemes. Will Dion Jordan hit the field? Will we find some linebackers? Will Coyle consider mixing in some 3/4? Will Philbin improve this year is another question? The only thing I am truly optimistic about is the Lazor hiring. He was an important part of an innovative offense that was top 5 this year in most categories, # 1 in some.

This so-called process is all bass-acwards.
Failbin is indeed the fly in the ointment.
Once again, a clean and total break was needed. Once again, Ross takes half-measures, this time cuz Failbin has conned him big-time.
Does he run his RE BIZ this way!? Hard to believe.

I'm really sure whoever the Dolphins hire is going to be just fantastic!

Of this we can be certain, based on the mind-numbing, endless nightmare that has been Stephen Ross' ownership reign: If old man Ross likes this person……….he sucks.

Hey Orlando dolphan- lets go back to slavery according to you right? Lets not pay women equally or give women jobs with authority bc women are the lesser sex right? Lol

Your argument might work in circa 1950's Alabama but its not going to fly in today's society man. All due respect Alabamans

Dushei thought I would spend more that 5 seconds coming up with a retort for his bombastic ingorance. haha

Actually- Orlando dolphin, yor argument might fly in Mississippi today! Lol

Sorry I couldn't resist...

What was wrong with the GM we had?

Just kidding, we've been stuck forever...

Amen bruh, I'm glad he's gone...

I think the higher tiered people interviewed for the GM job either wasted what seems endless hours with Ross, Philbin, maybe Aponte, and possibly Peterson to some extent. Previously fired, or released GMs like Xander were let go for a reason. These reasons will never be fully known, but was is known is they are longer with their teams. So, where does that leave Miami? Well going through every potential candidate thet is willing to spend a day or two in South Florida on someone else's dime.

We can somewhat assume Ross will remain true to his word which would mean Aponte will only oversee contracts and the cap. That leaves Philbin to coach. The GM has final say on player evaluation and scouting. So then what happens when the GM wants to make a trade, sign, or release a player and Philbin says no? And then what happens if the GM does it anyway because he says an upside a year into the future? Does Philbin then go to Aponte and they both rat out the GM...again? This is what the potential GM needs to be wondering and asking Ross during interviews.

It can then go either way depending on the answer. If Ross tells the GM both coach (whose responsibilty is the current year outcome) and the GM (whose responsibilty is current year plus one or two year outcome) have to reach consensus then there will be problems when they dont. This is what may be scaring off some candidates even if they did interview.

Imagine if they'd kept him another year...

Some guys are just terrified of women who are better educated, more powerful, and wealthier than they will ever be. It brings out every insecurity that harbor inside themselves and react with anger to it.

Says far more about them than the women they are attacking, though.

We need a GM that can motivate...

1st choice : Ray Farmer

2nd choice : Dennis Hickey

Please dont employ Xanders. Doesn't impress me one bit.

Come on Armando you give us a little more than that? What has the Guy done and what did he do to hit one out of the park, Sometime I think Ross is like a teenage girl or something he gets enamored with everyone till the next guy comes along. it would be nice if they got somebody with a track record, but then that person would not want to work with Dawn/Joe perhaps.

Sounds like he gets excited about everybody, hopefully this time he will find the right guy without a huge EGO like Ireland never could understand how he had that EGO you might think he built a championship team before or something, I predict he never gets a GM job again nd he should always be thankful to Parcells for getting him the job and also made him a multi millionaire, the old saying it is not what you know it is who you know and Parcells really stuck it to us even after he was long gone with his guaranteed money.

Gotta love you guys "ranking" these candidates and talking about how one or the other "doesn't impress you" as if you have even the SLIGHTEST clue about any of them.

You have never met any of them. You never will. You have no insider information about them. You never will.

You are complete outsiders to the process whose only "connection" to the NFL is via planting your fat butts on a couch and watching it on TV. Nobody who actually matters will ever be asking for your opinion or "grades."

I know that's difficult for some of you to accept.

On the flip side, I suspect a lot of potential GM canidates are salivating over the job. All the have to do to endear themselves is be better than Ireland.

Monkey Boy could take a dart board and accomplish more than Ireland.

How can anyone say we've got no clue about any of the potential candidates for GM? We all get told certain information from Mando etc.

Dont need to meet them to understand who we want/dont want.

Boy and i thought i was King loser with no life then i came to this blog and found now i'm nowhere close to King looking at you guys.

I wonder what will happen....?!

Regardless, we all gather info from Mando etc and decide what we want to believe whether it's true or not,otherwise what's the point in reading info on the matter itself

My "sources" have told me that when Ross himself asked Hickey about The Dolphins humiliating and embarrassing loss to Hickey's 0-8 Buccaneers in front of a national television audience on MNF only a short time ago, Hickey responded by saying, "Oh it was great to see The Dolphins walk off of the field as losers, especially the looks on the faces of the people in the visiting team's owner's box." "Mr. Ross sir you looked constipated."

Ross praised him for his honesty.

Hey HollywoodRick with 53 year's experience- If you know so much about predicitions and the outcomes of games I assume you are a self made millionare in the world of sports betting.

So start by putting your money where your mouth is. What's your predicitions for this weekends games, including the point spreads and over/unders.

There are people's paychecks depending on your valuable information. LOL

We will be waiting with bated breath Hollywood.

Where do we find these guys anyway? funny stuff

Inspireland, Hireland, Direland, Singing to the Choireland.

I really hope that is Ireland's Republican Arm. I really miss that guy! Report in and let us know

Come On Chelsea!

FIRE ROSS,that is some real funny stuff! lol

So...we are interviewing Tampa Bay rejects. How low has this franchise sunk? LOL

It remains to be seen if Mr. Ross and his advisors can figure this thing out.

At least they are looking in the for candidates who have a good reputation for talent evaluation though.

Ireland's penchant for looking for a diamond that no one else could see has crippled this team for the past six years.

Clyde Gates was going to blow the top off of denfenses(sound familiar?), Vontae Davis and Sean Smith were going to be big physical corners.

Patrick Turner a big physical WR. Jared Odrick a "hybrid" DE who is now a back-up DT.

I will give him Charles Clay who is a unique talent but I think we are still in the market for a solid seam threat TE.

His better picks are Pouncey, Miller, Vernon, and Sturgis who were selected imo to quiet the fans and media who said the Dolphins were missing out on talent from state schools.

Hartline and Clemmons are the only two left from the entire 2008 and 2009 drafts.

I haven't even mentioned Dion Jordan and Daniel Thomas who he gave up a 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 7th rd picks for not including the 1st and 2nd rd picks that were used to select them.

Hopefully Jordan who supposedly has freakish talent will end up paying off. I think we know what we have in Thomas who started and ended the season behind Miller on the depth chart.

All the man had to do is choose players that most of world knew were talented, more picks like Pouncey but he had to reach for his prototypical what ifs.

Notice every time a kid goes on a rampage the first thing he says is that he thought he was playing a video game.

Posted by: Dashi | January 18, 2014 at 11:55 AM

I can't admit to agreeing much with Dashi on football but he is pretty spot on with the kids these days. I often have this conversation with my son and warn him not to fall into the trap of the anti-social, dumbing down ways of our society these days. Sure, there are kids that are geniuses and play video games while thriving on social media. But, at the same time, there are 5 more that demonstrate their anti-social behavior, and have no desire to leave the comfy confines of the 4 walls that make them feel secure.

And there are the opposites driven by controlling parents that think they should be involved in every known sport or social organization in their hometown so they thrive in local fame and self-importance, while developing skills in sportsmanship and the importance of not being an over-competitive jerk like their parents.

The minority of folks seem to have a good mixture of both, while teaching their kids how to care about and help their fellow human beings.

It's really sad to see where childhood starts and ends these days

Good thing Mr.Ross is going to have a Second round of Interviews.

Ross is doing the smart thing listening to all the candidates. If Ross didn't know the problems with the Dolphins. And/or how other teams work. He definitely has it now. The real power couple in the Dolphins Organization, Ross-Peterson, have a pretty good understanding how a majority of NFL people feel what the problems are with the fins and how to fix them. Plus, they already know what Ireland was going to do this off season.

I would like the Fins to pick Farmer. Even though a guy like Xanders might pick players more to my liking. He did go to FSU.

On the Draft

1- K.Benjamin WR or the best lineman Available.
2- C.Jones MLB
3- S.Henderson OT
4- B. Linder OG
5- A.Williams RB or Wilder Jr. RB
6- L. Thomas QB
7- C. Santos K

Now I also expect the Dolphins to resign Grimes and to get at least 2 high quality starters on the O-line in Free Agency.

Posted by: Dashi

If Irescum lasted 6 years with Ross ANYONE else will last at least 10 years.

Thanks for asking, but no...

so they thrive in local fame and self-importance, while failing to develop skills in sportsmanship and the importance of not being an over-competitive jerk like their parents.

"While FAILING to develop" typo really changed the meaning of what I was trying to say. Sorry

Dashi out after this comment. Will be back later.
Posted by: Dashi | January 18, 2014 at 11:55 AM

Dashi says goodbye but never leaves. Can U say insecure?

I do, however, believe they should extend the GM search to the now defunct NFL Europe

Ireland cant even get a job at McDonalds!


Jeff Ireland

Dolfan Rick- Probably one the best summaries I have seen of Ireland's tenure here in awhile.

I remember arguing a few weeks ago with people that claimed I was way off on my analysis, especially when I used the Bills as an example of having a better draft last year. Not surprising that those same people had to point to what a lousy organization the Bills were, and listing one of their worst drafts from a couple of years ago.

I refrained from listing Ireland's last four drafts but I would be happy to do so, or have someone else do it for me so it is coming from someone else other than me. Bottom line- I have seen them, re-read them and have come to a D or C- grade (C at absolute best).

If everyone did their homework instead of pointing to a few diamonds in the rough, it is painfully obvious how bad he has failed. If there is one thing Ross did right, it was to release Jeffy of his duites. Now we just have to trust him enough not to hire another bufoon. Not sure he is capable.

Ireland cant even get a job at McDonalds!

Posted by: Dashi | January 18, 2014 at 02:06 PM

Out of character for you Dashi. I need to remind you that you were one of his biggest supporters. Kinda two faced



Xanders is not known for talent evaluation and does not have much experience in actually picking players. He does have good people skills (meaning he can get along with Philbin and Aponte). One wonders, given Ross own comments, if this is the primary consideration.

Hickey works for the Bucs - a team that has is among the worst in the NFL and lacks talent throughout the roster. One wonders if Hickey's people skills are what is setting him apart.

While getting along well with others is important, the primary reason the Dolphins have been failures on the field for so long is a lack of talent; dreadful drafting and personnel management is the reason the Dolphins are, to be blunt, losers.

They have had some bad coaching (Cameron, Sparano and Philbin) to be sure, but the lack of talent has to be addressed for there to be a change on the field.

Currently, the Dolphins have significant needs throughout the roster (OL, WR, RB, DT, LB, CB). Even the QB is suspect at this point.

The three individuals who refused to even interview with the Dolphins (which probably proves how smart they really are) in terms of successfully building a winning team(s) were Gamble, DeCosta and McCloughan.

Xanders and Hickey do not appear to have built powerhouse teams or conducted brilliant drafts or scouting records.

Of course, such modest abilities may be a perfect match for Philbin's modest coaching skills and Tannehills limited ability.

Admitted homer Jimmy Cefalo said we need a new QB, 2 new Rb's, and 4 new OL. He said none of the RB's can either run or block. Thanx Irescum.

"And I'm told Hickey "hit one out of the park," with Dolphins owner Stephen Ross."

This one sentence scares the crap out of me.

After 6 years of Irescum we're stuck with arguably the worst offense in the NFL.

I don't care about how much Ross likes him... What kind of track record does Hickey have with evaluating talent?

Granted, I do hate the guy. I've never seen such an incompetent GM lol

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