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Source: Hickey 'hit one out of the park'

When one NFL source floated Dennis Hickey's name to me as a Dolphins general manager candidate Thursday, I dismissed it.

Hickey doesn't seem like a hot commodity. He's something of a career Tampa Bay Buccaneers worker drone. And, after all, his own organization that is conducting a general manager search as are the Dolphins have not interviewed their own guy.

Then on Friday Hickey's name came up again and it turns out not only is he a candidate but a very, very serious candidate, another source familiar with the process said Friday.

I'm told the Hickey interview was among the longest the Dolphins have conducted during the search that has already included interviews for seven candidates. Brian Xanders had a two-day, 11-hour interview earlier this week and Hickey was not far behind him. And I'm told Hickey "hit one out of the park," with Dolphins owner Stephen Ross.

I'm told by league sources that even if Hickey isn't hired in Miami, he is actually so well regarded by the Bucs that he may be asked to remain under the new general manager once that candidate is chosen.

As you know, I've previously reported that Ray Farmer, Lake Dawson and Xanders opened eyes for the Dolphins owner. I would now add Hickey among that company of top tier candidates.

The Dolphins have yet to interview Marc Ross of the Giants or Lionel Vital of the Falcons. But there is now some sentiment among those conducting the Dolphins search that the strength of candidates is already beyond initial expectations. So this search is nearing its end.

The Dolphins will soon whittle the field to perhaps two candidates and then pick their man.

So, yes, the Dolphins are so far very pleased with their search. Yes, they believe they have identified nearly a handful of potential hires.

And, yes, Dennis Hickey is improbably among the top of the group.


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It will take 3-4 years to clean up Irelands mess. There is very little talent on the team. I'd love to see the Jests hire him so he can ruin them too.

The thing with Ireland (and also Parcells) is that it was clear early on that the talent was not being drafted and free agent signings were not working out.

Even worse, the team was being mis-built; meaning, among other things, that the QB position was neglected by both Parcells and Ireland as were offensive skill players at other points in the past six years.

The defense was the focus, even in 2013, and the defense is one of the worst in football against the run and overall. The offense is one of the two worst in football over the past two years.

Ross destroyed this team by not firing Ireland and Sparano at the same time. This brought Philbin to Miami and he's one of the worst coaches in football.

Now, the elite GM talent will not even interview with Miami and the Dolphins are left looking like the number one option is to work well with DawnJoe.

At this point, 2014 is looking like an epic fail of a season.

Ireland will probably work for the Patriots and stumble onto the next Brady in round six. Lol.

All the Finfans hated Ireland. Remember the FIRE IRELAND plane signs?

One suspects that there are a few Dolphin employees or relatives on this blog that 'push back' against those that are critical of a team that is so incompetent that it has made a single playoff appearance in 14 years. :)

Surely any real Dolphin fan would have such aqua colored glasses as to see this team as 'close.' :)

While the fans do not have Jeff Ireland to kick around anymore, one suspect that Ross will give the fans a new GM and DawnJoe to kick around for quite a while. Lol.

Of course, it's always possible that Ross hires the right person. One hopes so.

@ 2:52,

Only the Dolphins are miserable. I'm not. :)

One suspects that there are a few Dolphin employees or relatives on this blog that 'push back' against those that are critical of a team that is so incompetent that it has made a single playoff appearance in 14 years. :)
Surely any real Dolphin fan would have such aqua colored glasses as to see this team as 'close.' :)
Posted by: Sigh | January 18, 2014 at 02:50 PM

Yeah, who else would defend Ireland, TannePuke, or Failbin?

I will admit I live close to Tampa and have never heard of Dickey. Apparently he and Dominik were disciples of Rich Mckay.

Dominik's drafts over the past 5 years were a mixed bag.

Gerald Mckoy, Mike Williams, Lavonte David, Mason Foster, Mark Barron, and Doug Marin all nice choices.

Josh Freeman, Arrelious Benn, and Brian Price not so much.

The jury is still out on Da'Quan Bowers, Akeem Spence, Jonathan Banks and Adrian Clayborn.

Oddly enough only one o-lineman selected in 5 seasons.

Of course who knows how much impact Dickey had on those selections.


I'm miserable I admit it. Its no fun being a Dolfan anymore. All we do is lose.

I've come to one or two,inescaple conclusions. One, all of these candidates look so good because they are being compared to Ireland, who set the bar very low. Or two, that Rossie falls for every candidate interviewed. It makes me wonder if he married the first girl that would go on a date with him.


parcells was no stooge he had us in playoffs in year 1

Really surprising how many folks on here are still crying about Jeff Ireland.

Hey, Parcells won with Irescum and Sparano.....quite an accomplishment!!


You do realize that the three GMs who turned down the offer to interview withthe Dolphins are all content where they are at. Correct? Please get your facts straight. PeterKing reported that Decosta is the heir apparent in Balt and not leaving. Gamble wants complete organizational control- that not the way things are set up in miami - nor in 6 time super bowl winning pittsburgh either. And who the hell does tom gamble think he is expecting complete control when- wait a minute- he has NEVER been a GM! I dont want a guy like that running the personnel dpartment of the dolphins. Finally Mcgloughan- all reports indicate that wanted to stay in Sea. He was a long shot anyway.

Sigh, its fine to be pessimistic when the team has played so poorly over the years. I get it. But all I ask anyone on these blogs to do is get their facts straight. What you said above was strictly conjecture.

I agree MCC.

The east west shrine game is today and more all star bowl games to come. I imagine all of our canidates will be watching these games reguardless but isn't it about time to hire somebody and get on with the offseason? I find this long drawn out process aggravating as Steve and his group of advisors ponder which inexperienced candidate to hire. I understand whats taking so long but its really irritating let make a decision already.

2 watt,

Bill parcells is a HOF coach. What he wasn't, as proven here in miami, is a personnel man. Hate to break it to you- Bill Parcells failed miserably when he ran this team. Im going to give you two words to sum up bill parcells tenure as Miami dolphins czar- pat white. that about sums that up.....

Frank from PA, than you for injecting some sense and perspective here.

It won't resonate with some of the clueless nitwits on this blog who quite literally have convinced themselves they are "experts" and whose opinions of people THEY HAVE NEVER HEARD OF BEFORE should be taken seriously (what a hoot that is) but thanks for at least trying!

Frank @ 3:20

"...look at Pat White move the ball against Buffalo, they must really have a lousy defense..." -Mando tweeting during Was-Buf game preseason #4.


-Tony Soprano
-Jeff ireland
-Ernest Wilford ($6mil)
-NoodleArm Pennington ($10mil)

Wilford questioned penne's arm and so he was permanently deactivated. Realising that they were stuck with NoodleArm Soprano invented the BACKDOOR wildcat.

Exposing the fraud-

I know you are not a tannehill fan based on some of your posts. Heres where you and I will agree to disagree and I hope, no offense, that you are wrong. lol

Ma'ane ven ta Miami Dolphins aplonea xiomadeae bas clefte?? Vis a nexus Ryan Tannehill e Mie Wallace a clentomides? BOSRA MENH TA GRAGAR TYEV?? Tesran holip Ta'anve "KAS DOLPHINS!"

"But there is now some sentiment among those conducting the Dolphins search that the strength of candidates is already beyond initial expectations."

Every candidate probably sounds like a genius when your frame of reference for what a Gm is, does and thinks, is Jeff Ireland.

Not sure why so folks many get riled up about other people's post about GM contenders, how they are ranked, experience, etc. Who cares. It really is about having some fun and talking Fins with other fans. Like I have wrote several times, no one knows what is really going on in Davie. We read articles, blogs, Mando, and then form a semi intelligent thought as to what we think is going on. No harm, No foul. So it that vein, here are my GMs in prority:

Deputy Dog
Fred Flintstone
Wily Coyote
Jerry Orbach's ghost
Green Lantern

Totally agree, Frank from PA.

When you constantly miss in the draft your forced into moves like paying Mike Wallace 12m a year. You're forced to pay very good players like Elite players when they go to the open market. Meanwhile, your example, the Steelers let him walk, and it's next man up.

It also illustrates a point I was trying to make the other night, when I was advocating prioritizing talent over any potential "need". I believe the Steelers have done a great job at that, which again allows them to rotate and reload. Another example is the Packers offense. They could hjave said WR wasn't a priority when they had Jennings and Driver, but they continued to draft them and draft them high. That netted Cobb and Nelson, allowing them to survive Driver's retirement and allowing them to overpay for the declining talent of Jennings.

While there may be some gaping holes, this team does have a solid base, a much stronger base than when Ireland came in. Hopefully the new GM will be able to be an actual talent evaluator and bring in the players to turn that base from mediocre to contender.

Ross is easily dazled & conned.
2014 is a debacle in the making.

Ross is easily dazled & conned.
2014 is a debacle in the making.

Posted by: Emo | January 18, 2014 at 03:48 PM

And you know this, how?

I disagree. Philbin did not prepare the team to recognize Buffalo's defensive tendencies. 8 sacks the first game they played them then, 7 more the 2nd game? A good gameday coach develops good blocking scheams and offensive plays to nullify aggresive defenses.He Inserts either Egnew or Sims as blocking backs. or, even a back up guard to protect his QB. Players who know how to block. How can a coach watch Thomas & Miller get bowled over and see his franchise QB get flattened 15 times in 2 games by a inferior team like the Bills? Unless someone can convince Philbin that he needs to become a better game day coach & show's him how to do it, this team will continue to be 8 & 8 and loose to inferior teams again next year. There must be a better strategy then "WE DO WHAT WE DO AND DON'T WORRY ABOUT QB CADENCE OR SNAP COUNT'S OR OPPONENTS TENDENCIES". Then when they loose all he has to say is "the players have to do better" Put them in position to do so. That's what great coaches do.

I didn't want my last post to become a novel, so I'm adding this separately....

While I do place the mediocrity of the current roster on the talent evaluation, or lack there-of, there is a need for a more concise and coherent philosophy going forward.

If you asked me this past season what this team's Offensive/Defensive strengths and philosophies were I would have no idea how to answer you.
When you are drafting, especially in the mid-to-late rounds, finding talent is often actually finding players that fit your scheme.
The first couple rounds you draft talent, but as you go deeper the negatives match the positives, so it's about finding players who's positives match what you are trying to accomplish and negatives that may be less important or masked in your scheme.

What's this team been? A gimmick offense, to a power run team, to off-season promises of a downfield attacking offense that never materialized, to a west coast offense. The defense is a 3-4, then it's a 4-3, but it may really be a hybrid....And all of that is the past 5 years.

When that happens you wind up in situations like employing a zone-blocking scheme with a mauler at one Guard spot, and a 340lb. guy at the other (or whatever Jerry wound up weighing).

It will make the next GM's job easier if there is not that disconnect moving forward.

AsJoeRobbieRaisesHisEyebrow- like everything else this hack writers do not know what they are writing about, they write for effect, they write for no other reason than to get a reaction, notice how they all have their sources? name them, name just one of them translated that means they have no clue they made it up because it sounds good so they go with it because they never seem to have to back it up anyway and when it invaritibly doesn't pan it, it's just oh well, they screwed me!it's them not me!!!

Hickey thought he hit one outta the park but it was snared on the warning track and brought back into the field of play.I keep telling ya we are SANDBAGGIN as soon as we interview my second cousins cousin Ross,if he wants the job it his to take.I wanna keep as much money in the family as possible plus these dimwits dont know that Ross is related so can you say INTERNAL SPY.Aponte and Philbin will be closely watched as I have more family members to employ in the future.

Ross is easily dazled & conned.
2014 is a debacle in the making.

Posted by: Emo | January 18, 2014 at 03:48 PM
Winston in 2015 Eh?

It does not matter who the Fins hire because Ross is not going to give them complete control so the dysfunction of a once proud football franchise will continue

Didn't Jeff Ireland hit "home runs" so to speak, over many years, as far as Ross was concerned? and where did that get us? 6 long losing years with one of the worst gms in the NFL.
this is really scary.

Armando,Hick does card tricks,that's why Ross luv's him Eh?

Source: Hickey 'hit one out of the park'

IN 18 YEARS???

Parcells engineered the biggest turnaround in NFL history in Miami. 1-15 to 11-5 AND PLAYOFFS IN ONE YEAR! There's a reason he's in the HOF. And its been straight downhill ever since he left the Fins. Wish we could get him back in any capacity.

If that cheapskate Ross SOB stays 30 million under the cap it doesnt matter who he hires. He could hire Jesus Christ and he'll still lose.

Didn't Jeff Ireland hit "home runs" so to speak, over many years, as far as Ross was concerned? and where did that get us? 6 long losing years with one of the worst gms in the NFL.
this is really scary.

Posted by: C'mon Phins! | January 18, 2014 at 04:52 PM

Ireland never ever hit a home run in the draft. Tons of strikeouts though.

Is Dickey taking credit for Dominik's accomplishments?

JJ, I understand, I am being sarcastic,the homes runs were not in my mind, not in the fans mind, but in Ross' mind only.

it took Ross 6 years to figure out that Ireland was actually hitting foul balls

and striking out


Agreed. Ross needs to offer Parcells 10 mill/yr to fix this mess.

If everyone did their homework instead of pointing to a few diamonds in the rough, it is painfully obvious how bad he has failed. If there is one thing Ross did right, it was to release Jeffy of his duites. Now we just have to trust him enough not to hire another bufoon. Not sure he is capable.

Posted by: tvegas | January 18, 2014 at 02:12 PM

I remember your argument the other day and found it difficult to disagree with! The others I believe just took acception to your Bills comparison but the fact is you can hang your comparison between resent drafts by simply analyzing how they were able to identify Tackle Cordy Glenn in Rd-2 of the 2012 draft were we took Jonathan Martin! The truth is neither team has identified or drafted any realo breakout starts lately but they have hit a bit more than we have.

On Ross hiring himself another "BUFFOON" well this interview doesn't speak very highly of were his search for his new Chief of Ops. is going! They can spin this Hickey thing to DEATH! But the fact is that Lovie Smith and the Bucs Brain-Trust don't seem to think a great deal of the man, period! He doesn't even get a curtosy interview yet we go and wine-n-dine the man for a little over 2 days reading about how he "Hit one out of the Park with Ross" REALLY!! The more I follow the more I become convinced that Ross can only hire a "BUFFOON" because in NFL circles he is one himself!!

The only ray of sunshine this teams had in the last 15 years is from Bill Parcells.

The only ray of sunshine this teams had in the last 15 years is from Bill Parcells.

Posted by: AtlFin | January 18, 2014 at 06:01 PM

JJ 96 To 97 before the fallout between him and Marino were he wanted out. The truth is he wanted to tradeDan by then and Huzienga (including the fan-base) had a hissy fit! If JJ is allowed to execute that trade to eiher Pitt. or Minesota it might have wrote a better ending for all involved. That drama aside what Parcells did was ive you a Season full of smoke-n-mirrors were we get to were we get off that gimmick O and weakness of schedule. JJ built us a POWERHOUSE D which was really saying something in those days coming off the Shula ERA were we were always among the League worst for a little over a decade runnng.

No GM yet... They better at least consider one by wednesday!
Hopefully we get Farmer im not high on sanders or hickey.

Well i will stop blogging until the new GM is hired!! Then we can talk draft FA and senior bowl
See you guys in a couple of days!!!!

2014 don't let go of the rope!

Xanders, sorry typo!

go gogo

Slowly, I have come to consider the possibility that, ever since Joe Robbie's family sold the Team, there has been a fix by the League's Owners to prevent the Miami Dolphins to win in a consistent fashion again. Why would they want to do that? Like everything else around here , $$. Consider 2008, we'll examine 2012 later. Win the Division over NE with 11 wins. The Wild cat, Pennington, great duo of TEs attack, solid OLine. 2009, Pennington gets "hurt", Smiley and Donald Thomas(a godsend, he was called by Parcells) also and eventually let go, David Martin gotten rid of, no refinements or transformations of the Wildcat into another effective weapon. Result=Regression. (I know this conspiracy theory is full of holes but I'm following a thread here)(remember the word Regression)

No way the League was going to allow JJ to do his thing here. Probably, Jerry Jones was advised by them to let JJ go, he was no good for their kind of busine$$, same as Shula wasn't.(remember, this is a theory)

tell me its not gonna be hickey

The League is composed of the Owners of all the Teams in the NFL who look after their collective interests. It is very probable, that after the scandal here, the League came knocking on Ross' door and "advised" him some changes were to be made. That's where we are at now.

"hit one out of the park," to Steven Ross means you can sing the dolphin fight song.

Frank from PA...you are a numbskull...
Orlando is 100% correct....the FEMINISATION of the western world is what has destroyed MOST of our traditional values. It has destroyed children in the main and its imbeciles like you, apologists for women who think you are progressive that have supported this nonsense. YES I agree with EQUALITY....I do not agree with DOMINATION which is what has happened. Am I intimidated by women?...Nope have had many more than you I will bet....many more and I have 3 daughters...but my experience is that 90% are absolutely STUPID.....about 70% of men are stupid too....but that's the difference.
Most women are DEFINITELY jealous scheming and agenda driven.....read history....read great literature....they act upon EMOTION...they lack logic...

APONTE has manipulated her way into a position of power....ROSS is a fool....be careful now...

All the PC movement has done for society is create social breakdown....and it will eventually destroy it completely....and the worst part is MEN support this garbage...what a con !

"...it appears that the Miami Dolphins are no longer the choice franchise they were for so very long.

"The Dolphins lost the opportunity to interview Baltimore’s Assistant GM Eric DeCosta when he decline interest in the Dolphins vacancy. The Dolphins have requested permission to interview Seattle Seahawks Scot McCloughan but Seattle denied the request on behalf of McCloughan who said he was not interested. (Three days ago), highly touted GM candidate Tom Gamble of Philadelphia opted to remain a back-up than take the starting gig in Miami.

"The decision of three highly respected and talented “back-up GM’s” speaks volumes to the decline of a franchise that used to be the “it” destination. Years of bad decisions and management turmoil has left the Dolphins looking more like the Detroit Lions.

"A lot of this falls on (Stephen Ross's) shoulders and the views of Dawn Aponte’s involvement and the rumors of the structure..."

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