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Source: Hickey 'hit one out of the park'

When one NFL source floated Dennis Hickey's name to me as a Dolphins general manager candidate Thursday, I dismissed it.

Hickey doesn't seem like a hot commodity. He's something of a career Tampa Bay Buccaneers worker drone. And, after all, his own organization that is conducting a general manager search as are the Dolphins have not interviewed their own guy.

Then on Friday Hickey's name came up again and it turns out not only is he a candidate but a very, very serious candidate, another source familiar with the process said Friday.

I'm told the Hickey interview was among the longest the Dolphins have conducted during the search that has already included interviews for seven candidates. Brian Xanders had a two-day, 11-hour interview earlier this week and Hickey was not far behind him. And I'm told Hickey "hit one out of the park," with Dolphins owner Stephen Ross.

I'm told by league sources that even if Hickey isn't hired in Miami, he is actually so well regarded by the Bucs that he may be asked to remain under the new general manager once that candidate is chosen.

As you know, I've previously reported that Ray Farmer, Lake Dawson and Xanders opened eyes for the Dolphins owner. I would now add Hickey among that company of top tier candidates.

The Dolphins have yet to interview Marc Ross of the Giants or Lionel Vital of the Falcons. But there is now some sentiment among those conducting the Dolphins search that the strength of candidates is already beyond initial expectations. So this search is nearing its end.

The Dolphins will soon whittle the field to perhaps two candidates and then pick their man.

So, yes, the Dolphins are so far very pleased with their search. Yes, they believe they have identified nearly a handful of potential hires.

And, yes, Dennis Hickey is improbably among the top of the group.


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Of course, the League, also, has to change along with the New Worlds. Maybe we won't see so much chicanery and double dealings from them as before because, there are no Secrets anymore.

Too bad Hickey couldn't have knocked Ross out of the park.

These cynical, High places People care nothing about feelings and only about $ and Power. The Women's Lib was created simply to incorporate the Woman into the workforce and it has paid their due dividends. For whom those? That's debatable.


Thank you for your kind words and you and I are on the same page. Did you see my post on this blog at 1018am today? I you think about it, the dolphins have not consistently drafted well since the 70s! You can never consistently contend in this league without replacing talent. Never ever draft for need unless it late rounds perhaps- always draft BPA. Sometimes you miss when you pick BPA but it doesn't mean you stop that philosophy.

Just curious. If you were GM last year, who would you have drafted? If there was no trade involved, I would have stayed where we were and drafted Tyler Eifert bc like you, I believe in adding talent even if its not a need.

The Lazor hire is a good hire but I am woried that Philbin may constrain him.....

The GM needs to be just a draft evaluator and scout.

Aponte is running this show

Once again, that's touchy. If a choice was given to me to select between Jake Matthews and Sammy Watkins at this place, moment and time, I would go for Matthews.

Mando cue card,

Decosta is heir apparent in Balt and has no reason to leave. Mcgloughan was a long shot and was never serious about leaving. Gamble was not a fan of the structure in miami, which by the way, will be the same structure the 6 time Super Bowl champs Pitt steelers have. Gamble wants to pick his coaches. Who the hell is he to demand this- he's never been a GM before. Let him stay in Philly then.

They didnt turn down interviews bc miami is not a desirable place/team to work for.

DawnJoe os roflmao funny.


Google Dawn's picture.

Imagine this woman attempting to undermine some of your work.

Imagine her having more say with certain personnel decisions then you.

New GM, "I think we should attempt to a big name free agent left tackle."

Dawn Aponte "Absolutely not...Mr. Ross this would cost you millions."

A person only gets one shot at being a GM.

Fail for any reason and you're thought of as a loser.

No one of value wants to come here and be a part of the office politics similar to what was described above.

If you had other options...would you ?


So many plonkers talking shite I'm a true Dolphin Fan from London, UK this team will turn the corner if they don' t in next 5 years then maybe I choose a different team!

I am back Frank and I have read through some of your comments. You have got everything twisted. I am all for women succeeding. However, if women want to be in positions of power they have to accept the criticism that comes with the job. Ireland was constantly slammed on this blog. Philbin, Sherman, and Coyle have also taken a beating. So, we have to be scared of criticizing or making a comment about Aponte because she is a woman.

She can get the equal pay but not the criticism because someone like you may call them a sexist. I am all for women competing for jobs but they have to take the heat that comes with the job. You cannot have it both ways get the equal pay and credit but then hide behind being a woman when it is convenient. Even worst have buffoon men who cannot defend her based on substance but on some lame excuse like "what are you a sexist." I can't stand that crap!

I commend Armando for calling her out. He is an insider and his job is to keep the public informed. He talked to sources that corroborated his story. I actually have new found respect for Armando now. Thanks Armando for saying it like it is. The U.S needs more honest reporters like you.

HoHo, Orlando, when have you seen an honest reporter? Sorry, guys, but it's true.

The balance in this Country shifts towards dis-honesty and making $$ over that of honesty and never being ri$h.

Our biggest need is the OL. We all saw what happened with what they had to play with this past year. So to anybody wanting the BPA or even some that want another WR. I can only say 'Good Luck'.

Until an offensive line is built this team will continue to flounder. I'm not saying anything that you don't know. But I am saying that all the bells, whistles and bright lights that are present on draft day. (Along with all the hype) Shouldn't in anyway stop or prevent this team in the building of on OL. I was correct at the beginning of last year about our achilles heel which only reinforces my belief that if it isn't fixed this team is doomed to another letdown. And if you think for even a minute that it can be done in the 3rd or 4th rounds then a certain sense of delusion has overtaking this blog.

Don't mean to sound argumentative, just firmly stating my beliefs!

Have The Dolphins been turned down for another interview yet ?


is it true that the dolphins just joined GLADD?? I knew it, that explains alot

that is really sad Fire Ross's Tombstone, but I concur,The only thing worse is a Neutered GM

Dion Jordan cost Ireland his job

Michael Vick got HC Andy Reid fired
RG3 got HC Shanahan fired
THill got HC Failbin fired, oh wait, Dolphins do things differently.

I've never provoked anyone who is anonymous.

I know who everyone here is...

I've spent my best days studying.

That's why I'm brilliant.

Lmao and roflmao (that means I'm laughing).

Phins go 5-11 in 2014.

Phins have never been 5-11 in their history.

Or 3-13, or 2-14.

Phins have never been 13-3 or 15-1 either.

This new era of DawnJoe football will bring the great possibility of 3-13 and 2-14.


I gotta propeller hat

Tom Brady is the greatest QB in the history of the NFL

THill got Sherman and Ireland fired.

Tom Brady is the greatest QB in the history of the NFL
Posted by: Dan Marino | January 18, 2014 at 10:00 PM

No doubt. Joe Montana is 2nd.

Stop the clowning around, if these are the best guys we can consider, just get Ray Farmer in here already.

Or maybe Ross is waiting till he gets on a plane to take a job somewhere else, and then offer him the job.

hey guys, Ross has to wait til the Pats are done with the playoffs till he acts. Bill Bellichek is going to be our now GM/HC and as a bonus Tom Brady is coming as a package deal. No one is suppose to know this so please zip it until after the superbowl. Heard it here first

Last year I would've stayed at 12 at picked Vaccaro or traded down and gotten Eifert.

at my age the only thing that makes me happy is a good healthy bowel movement

This draft I'd trade up for Mr Football Johnny Manziel. He IS a franchise QB.

Johnny Manziel will be a bigger bust than Sanchez and even bigger bust than Ryan Leaf


Tombstone has gotten butth*rt by people laughing at him.

He feels humiliated.

This is how it is to be a Dolphins fan these days.

Lmao = laughing my ass off.

Roflmao = rolling on floor laughing my ass off.

Of course you knew that already.

I get to laugh at The Dolphins and their fans daily at this point, everyday it seems there's new material.

Dennis Hickey ?

Really ?


Will he too read off of index cards prepared by Diva Dawn ?


When the organization becomes relevant again you'll have a leg to stand on.

Until then...

Roflmao @ the fact that "your team" can't find a GM.

Jokes on you...

Of course you knew that as well.

That's why you're butthr*t.



Agreed. Ross needs to offer Parcells 10 mill/yr to fix this mess.

Posted by: AtlFin | January 18, 2014 at 05:50 PM

Brilliant post of the day, reward the man who has done more damage and years of harm to this organization with his installed flunkies than any opponent could ever do!

Dolphins fans = NEVER underestimate the stupidity!!

Without Belechick running his defenses, Parcells never won anything, not even a playoff game.

THill got Sherman and Ireland fired.

Posted by: AtlFin | January 18, 2014 at 10:10 PM

Posted by: Let's thank him | January 18, 2014 at 10:13 PM

Funniest thing I've read on this blog for weeks!

By the way, AtlFin your posts are even worse than Dashi's and Sam I Am's. Give it a rest.

I can't imagine what kind of idiot would want Parcells to return to this franchise.
The man that brought in Sporano and Ireland--the killer bacteria.
The Dolphins are still years away from recovering from his infestation.

be .................life is SHORT.......


Posted by: ALoco | January 18, 2014 at 11:47 PM

Dumbest post in the history of Dolphins in Depth.

I got Pats and 49ers winning their respected conferences. Brady and Bellichick has Manning number and the 49ers have more on offense than the Seahawks. Lets go 9ers!

GOOD QUESTION ..........
MY DINNER;;;;;;;;;;;

The Pats/Niners would seem to be the most popular altercation. How Vegas has received the betts will be a major factor in the way the game will be called. The Pats are the main media attraction, but I don't expect them to get their usual preference from the refs. I could be wrong, since this game will be heavily betted.
The NFC is equally challenged, but I think the Niners will get the majority of the calls, especially in crucial situations.
I would look for the pats and the Niners to never get OL holding calls or PI , unless it is way more than blatantly obvious.

How can any real Dolphin fan knock Bill Parcells when he gave us our only playoff appearance in 15 years? Wow.

Tampa sources indicate that Ross was particularly impressed when Hickey emphatically stated "Come On Chelsea!" when asked about Sunday's big match.

Parcells gave the Phins a cancer. He got out before it could be diagnosed.

Eff Parcells, & Huizenga for giving him a no-work-required multi-million $$$ contract, & his utter failure here. Chad P., noodle arm or not, helped us sneak into playoffs. He fell into our lap. Tuna's starting QB was to be Josh McKown!! Tuna also stuck us w/that lousy Jax WR (willford?) & lousy Raiders DB & Pat White & Coach Fist-Pump & Water Boy Ireland.

Been there, done that.

Pennington is proof that a QB that can read defenses and has good timing with his receivers, is far more valuable than a strong armed nitwit.
Obviously the combination of the two is preferable.
A little athletic ability is OK also.

Never seen a Dolphin Hickey...

Perhaps it would be an improvement from the one you usually receive.

Not really that worked up about Parcells anymore;just commenting cuz it seemed that several posters were praising or defending him. N/T/L he is at root of recent decline. And I do get peeved that ESPN treats him like a god whose never ever effed up.

Due to my Education, I cannot keep on shooting the BS here all day along with you People. I need to talk about different themes like Politics, Religion, F-gs and Lesbians, Biology, particle Physics, the dis-honesty of reporters, among a few.

Davone Bess ia a high risk suicide patient at the moment. Intervene!

A Big Scandal can occurr at any minute, anywhere.

Gavin + Alexandria = HIV, CLAP, STD

The new GM has the luxury of South Florida talent

an eternal carnival of ham

Ross is interested in acquiring more Wealth and Power, he cannot be unduly worried about some Sports Team he owns somewhere.

Props to Frank from PA, and billcale. Because the organization has not come out with an "official" list of duties for the GM, I think Frank and bill's opinion could be spot on. I do hope Mando digs into this further.

I whole heartily disagree with most fin decisions the past few years. The process the Fins are undertaking at this point are no less in question in my mind. I will give them the benefit of the doubt (considering how challenging it must be to get anybody interested in coming here after the tsunami of blunders year in, year out). But come this time next year, there better be a dramatic change in tide.

If not, it's going to be Ross' head.

after a good poop I'm ready to face the day fellas. Oh, about the dolphins, who really cares??

I figured out the Ross philosophy. It works the same way when your talking to someone with bad breath.

The Dolphins AKA (defecating demons) smell so bad that good teams are too busy gagging to concentrate, that's why we beat them (Pats, Chargers, etc..)

It doesn't work on bad teams because they are use to the bad smell.

If being GM were a science, a lot of UCF and USF
Ph D.'s would be standing in line with their Vitae
in hand. It's a crap-shoot just like hiring in any
other field. "You pays your dollar, and you takes
your chances ". No one is privy to all the machinations
in the NFL. Even sports columnists are manipulated from
time to time ( I hear ).

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