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Source: Hickey was not long for the Bucs

The Dolphins will undoubtedly tell you they got their man when they formally introduce Dennis Hickey as their new general manager.

But that will illustrate the adage of one man's trash being another man's treasure because a source close to new Tampa Bay general manager Jason Licht tells me Licht was going to fire Hickey from his job as the Tampa Bay director of player personnel.

Hickey was with the Bucs 18 seasons, the last three as the director of player personnel. But he was not a candidate when Tampa Bay conducted a general manager search earlier this month and while he might have been retained through the May draft by the Bucs had he not gotten the Miami job, Hickey was headed out the door.

This, by the way, is not to cast aspersions on Hickey. The NFL is about networking and comfort level. It is common for a new GM or coach to clean house of the former things and bring in his own people once he's hired.

Licht apparently planned to do this.

Now the question is how much Hickey will do that in Miami now that he's running the personnel department?  


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I stated in your previous blog if you could find a written job description for the GM position. It would interesting to know who reports to who and what real power Hickey will have (who he has the power to fire if anybody and who could fire him in addition to Ross).

The Phins organization could put to rest all of the gossip as to why the other candidates turned down or never applied for the job if you could get something from the Phins HR department.

...or from an unnamed inside source.

Marco I can understand the concern-we are all concerned but to nail the guy to the cross before he completes his first task as GM is premature and irrational. I share the concern but with every new hire comes a new slate and hope. Call me the eternal optimist but I feel that if we rally behind our people rather than bash the team and one another-than maybe we can portray to these national media asses that we are in it with our team no matter what. Let them be the talking heads. I keep hearing people saying I won't follow anymore. Well, if we all survived 1-15, than this is easy peezy. I'm just not ready or willing to condemn him to failure, but I am ready to give him a chance until proven otherwise.


The bottom line is Hickey was the team's 3rd choice on the short list (that only had 4) and that is after Farmer said no thanks and many other declined to even interview. It is easy to conclude that Dawn Aponte is the reason these candidates want no part of this organization. This is based on Armando's brave and insightful article and the comments made by some of the folks that declined. They keep saying the structure was not right for them. What does that mean? It means that Aponte has way too much power over the organization and those guys did not feel comfortable with that. That is a fact. The Dolphins almost ran out of candidates. They were down to their last two, Gaines and Hickey. The dolphins settled for Hickey as they had really no other options.

Posted by: Marco | January 26, 2014 at 04:26 PM


She was protecting her job against Ireland who wanted her fired. Ireland made many mistakes with his acquisitions. Every person has a right to do that.

No clue what the Dolphins got with Hickey until free agency starts and the NFL draft.

Dawn Aponte doesn't select players but has done an outstanding job with contract negotiations and signings... the Dolphins are solidly under cap and financially set prior to the start of free agency. This after they spent a lot of money last year on free agent pickups.

Not sure why there's so much negative sentiment surrounding Aponte but I'm sure New Orleans, Dallas, and Detroit all wish she worked for them...

The GM's job is to recognize and recruit talent, but without available Cap money you won't be able to sign anyone.

Promichael, was she protecting her job when she involved herself with the team's public relations and it's relations between the players and the head coach. Dawn Aponte tells Philbin what to say at press conferences, she chooses his outfits, she's written his post game speeches and she's the reason that the organization continues with Parcells' policy of not communicating with the media (or the fans). She has been more than just an accountant, and now the word is that she has been given more authority, whatever that might be. The kicker, the Herald's pro-feminist article written yesterday revealed that she has a Mr. Mom husband who takes orders from her. The person who doesn't understand Aponte's agenda just doesn't understand women, especially a certain type of controlling woman that exists in our society...it's really that simple. Not simply being content with being an accounting person she positioned herself and lobbied for more responsibilities/control (public relations) and Ross obliged. Reports now indicate that she wants more player personnel input, it appears as though Ross has granted her this wish. She's in her comfort zone, telling hubby what to do, Philbin what to do...and now Hickey.

Enjoy Dawn's team.

Next year she'll be coaching and playing quarterback.

the dennis hickey hire just might land us jon gruden in 2015 if philbin and his staff don't make the playoffs deep next season gruden and hickey worked together in tampa bay just a thought and ross is very close friends with chucky....e real bryan in oh

Scott needs to read my post and educate himself.

Aponte, just a cap person huh ?


Btw, DawnJoeHickey = FIRE ROSS

I like the new name for the time being.

Like The Dolphins it's amusing.

Hickey is an underqualified unaccomplished scrub.

5-11 next season.

An unnamed Bucs source that said Licht, the new Bucs GM, would fire Hickey.

New regimes usually get rid of anyone hired by their predecessor.
You can also add that Licht knows that Hickey has GM ambitions and could be a threat to his new GM job (considering that they were both applying for the Phins GM job).

It would be perfectly logical for Licht to fire Hickey for either or both reasons.

From the article....

However, some outsiders view her rise through the organization as a power grab. Potential Dolphins targets — including finalist Ray Farmer — have shied away from the job because they couldn’t get a straight answer as to whom they would report to on certain matters, sources said.

One candidate went so far as to call it a “toxic job.”

Once a subordinate to Jeff Ireland, Aponte wrested free of his control and became an ally of Philbin’s and a confidante to Ross. During the 2013 season, the Miami Herald reported that Aponte relayed Ireland’s criticism of the coaching staff and play-calling back to Philbin, widening the divide between coach and general manager.

When Ross embarked on a fact-finding mission after the end of the season, Ireland wound up losing his job. Aponte and Philbin survived.

Some around the league are not surprised. They believe she played a similar role in the Browns’ dismissal of George Kokinis less than a year into his time as Cleveland's general manager. Aponte was the Browns’ vice president of football administration at the time, and an ally of then-coach Eric Mangini, who, like Philbin, won that internal power struggle. A source familiar with the situation in Cleveland said Aponte “can’t be trusted.”

Although that’s just one side of the story, it was repeated more than once in Mobile this week, where league power brokers met for the annual Senior Bowl. Farmer was there, too, and so it would not be at all surprising if he heard the same criticism.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/01/25/3891755/miami-dolphins-executive-dawn.html#storylink=cpy

First question is overall which team has more talent! Tampa gets a real QB and they will be a lot better. We also have to remember it was Sherman/Tannehill that got Ireland fired. Last I checked Hickey will not be the one under throwing Wallace or calling a sweep on 3rd/4th and inches. If Hickey comes in and starts getting good lineman and doesn't hesitate to look at QB's, then the fins will be better. This year was poor play calling, Tannehill not being able to come up big during crunch time, or him being able to consistently hit Wallace. Not to mention poor kicking by Sturgis. So if he get's his priorities straight he will be fine. He will not be tied to Tannehill like Ireland was. Either way next season will not be dependent on Hickey, it will be dependent on what the new OC can do with Tannehill.

gruden 2015!!!!

Rejoice bloggers the new DOLphin GM comes with an easy nickname.They SACKED FIRELAND TO HIRE HICK HICKEY.Whoever posted on here that ROSS watches reruns of HEE HAW IS correct Aponte,Philbin and now Hickey could all be ON THE SHOW.Picture them in overalls with pitchforks in their hand.

Hard to say what went down, but Ross is dysfunctional in Football, genius in business...why does he just not get a Football Czar to make decisions ? In this way, his ignorance would not come across so crystal clear..!

What I think went down was that the new GM would have to consult with both Philbin an Aponte before making decisions,,,heck, those candidates were not going for that shxx,sorry. Not worth it. They went out with their own grace and credibility in tact. Ross, please get your "CZAR" in place already, whether it be Marino, Polian or even Carl Petersen at this stage !!!

"Everyone then deserves a chance, but the guy was the 7th bride Ross went down on one knee for. You can see where we are a little concerned no ?"

At this point Ross was so desperate I think he was down on both knees. (Rim shot.)

Nothing anyone can do now but hope for the best. Maybe Hickey will do ok; maybe not.
Just gotta say that if they don't start showing some sort of progress, there'll be fewer butts in the stands. The whole Club Liv/ celebrity ownership nonsense should also be scrapped. If you wanna go clubbing, go clubbing, don't come to a football game. Tired of this $#it.
Also, mediocrity will get you the 19th pick in the draft and will demand a special eye for talent throughout it as well as in free agency. Hope Hickey's up to the task because this whole retooling / rebuilding crap every 2-3 years sucks.
Wise up Ross or the fans will not put up with this much longer .

If Hickey was responsible for drafting both Doug Martin & Bobby Rainey, the he's got an eye for the RB position where we obviously need help.

Also signed Darrelle Revis & Vincent Jackson & drafted McCoy and Clayborn.

Let's give him at least ONE draft to prove his worth.

No matter who the general manager is.this team will not contend until. It learns to play the players it draft. To wait until a player shows some magical signs in practice before you play him is the recipe that has fueled disaster. That mindset is what needs to change.

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