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Source: More GM interviews coming, Ross engaged

The Dolphins search for a general manager is not over in that interviews for new candidates are coming, according to a high ranking team source. After all of the interviews are complete -- there have been seven so far -- then the club will narrow down to finalists and pick the new GM.

And this: Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has been present "and engaged" in every interview so far. And he will be physically present for every future interview, and every part of the process that entails, the source said.

The source spoke on condition of anonymity. The source declined to confirm or deny a CBS Sports report that Ross is in the United Kingdom and will be traveling to China thereafter is accurate. (I am now assuming the report is accurate).

However, that changes no part of this process, as far as the Dolphins are concerned.

The team is currently doing a "deeper dive" and "work behind the scenes" to vet candidates already interviewed and those yet to be interviewed.

During the interviews already completed -- with Lake Dawson, Omar Khan, Ray Farmer, Dennis Hickey, Brian Xanders, Jason Licht, and in-house candidate Brian Gaine -- Ross has been part of the full group of people talking with the candidates.

"He is not on his phone or doesn't step out to take breaks," said the team source who is intimately familiar with the interviews.

The Dolphins are talking to candidates as a group led by Ross, advisor Carl Peterson, Dolphins President and CEO Tom Garfinkel, RSE Ventures CEO Matt Higgins and Dolphins executive vice president of football administration Dawn Aponte.

Candidates are also meeting with Dolphins coach Joe Philbin separately, the source said.

(The team needs the new GM and Philbin to forge a strong bond because last year Philbin and former GM Jeff Ireland were not always on the same page).

The Dolphins, I'm told, are acutely aware of the criticism of their GM hiring process. Senior Bowl practices start this week in Mobile and it is clear a GM will not be named before those end. So there's criticism the process is taking too long.

The team's answer?

The goal is to hire the right man, rather than a right now man.

(I would say I agree with this. Obviously, there are deadlines that have to be met. The Dolphins need to hire a GM in time for the Feb. 18-25 NFL Combine as well as May draft. And the team will obviously have a GM in place before then. But him not being on board this week is not going to affect draft preparations. Most, if not all the candidates the Dolphins are considering will indeed be at the Senior Bowl working for their current teams, anyway. So that institutional knowledge will travel to Miami once the hire is made.)

There is also criticism of Ross being out of the country at times during this process.

It doesn't look good on the surface because it suggests the owner has left the process or become bored by it or has decided he has better things to do. This is a perception the club knows exists. And the pushback on that is that there is no part of the process Ross hasn't been a part of or will be a part of in the future -- in person.

Including, and most notably, making the final decision. 


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By the title, I thought Ross was getting married...

Ross is in the UK... I think they have the same technology we have here in Toronto that allows us to meet with execs from the parent company in Rio all the time.

A video camera.

I cant believe how impatient people are. You dont hire someone so hastily. Just so you can see how tall they are while they stand in their underwear, as an auditorium full of grown middle age men check out their physique and "measurables"
This whole process seems kinda gay!!

So who are these new candidates going to be?

Excellent column that fully explains why hiring a GM "this instant" as so many seem to whine about is not really all that important. What IS important is getting the right person and doing your due diligence in the process.

But many here will totally ignore that because it's not what they want to hear.

Ross Engaged! Who would want to marry that guy. Dude looks like a dried up turd on a bad stretch of road.

I think Farmer or the guy from Detroit are in the lead. Looks like we"ll get a first time GM. I dont see an established GM coming here with Philbin and Aponte here to stay..

I like Farmer, theres no reason why. Maybe because his first name is the same as mines..

Too much heat for Armando in the last Blog. He is a Mulatto, you know, and God only knows what else.

My apologies, Prophet. I retract my retarded comment at 1:37 of the last blog. Why the hell would a prophet be either half full or half empty? They already know whats going to happen. Thank you for showing me the error of my ways.

We will have an all-Philbins Team next year.

Someone can correct me if I'm wrong but I believe there's only one other team seeking a new GM.

As such, this process is NOTHING like when you are looking for a new Head Coach and competing with seven or eight other teams from the same pool of candidates.

There is no great need to rush the decision and if reports are to be believed the team seems very impressed with at least two or three of the candidates they have spoken with.

Some of you just need to take a deep breath and stop hyperventilating about this so much. The Dolphins have done plenty to be critical of in recent years but they way they are handling this isn't abnormal or sloppy at all. It'll get done.

Armando is of Bolivian/Icelandic ancestry. His real name is Pablo Ericsson.

Cut it out Oscar, we all know you were born and raised in Hialeah muchacho, stop this "when we left Cuba" bit, its almost as funny as when some Mexicans claim to be from Spain.

Mando, you continue to be the go-to source for Dolphins information. Thanks for this. Thanks for talking or writing me off the ledge today.

The more Armando writes, the more I hate this team.
You don't interview all these candidates and space it out over months This is dysfunctional and totally absurd. Are we supposed to be happy that Ross is focused and staying awake?
Please I need to find a new team to root for.......where do I begin?

After Jeff Ireland, Dolphins should already have a "gm filtering process" in place. 6YRS of Ireland should have them "well aware" of "what a gm should not be".

Therefore, their claim of "right man, over right now man" raises great fear they'll ever just "get it right" period.

While making politically correct and sound good statements(right now man vs the right man)maybe they should consider another simply called:

"Study long, study wrong".

After all, it's beginning to resemble more of a "let's throw crap to wall and see what sticks" process anyway. Right?

. ross is moving the team 2 London.
new team/owner in Miami.

FTA @ 2:00


You, Sir have my vote for best post of the day.

The speed of the process is not the issue. The fact that so many top qualified people refused to even interview is the problem.

Thanks rage.
Why is Oscar in hiding now?

"The more Armando writes, the more I hate this team."

Posted by: MarkB | January 20, 2014 at 02:04 PM

Mark, are you new to the Herald and Salguero? I've come to believe over the last decade or so that his intention is to make everyone hate the Dolphins. I always thought it was a weird kind of community service or something.

the London fog is the new name
;cuz that's what they r in
a dense* fog

come on down

the buffalo bill fish

Seems this is all a veiled attempt to mask ineptitude and complacency by wrongly calling it: Thoroughness of process.

When you can not befuddle the masses with brilliance. Then you always baffle them withbullshit.

And the gong show continues to roll on with this franchise. When the stadium is over half empty next season we will all know why. This team cant even hire a GM properly. Most if not all of the top names are declining to even speak with Miami.

Ross needs to sell this team to an owner who has a clue about football.

Boycott the Fish.........
Don't buy the merchandise....
Don't buy tickets......

It's the only way we can hope to make a change

I just hope all of this will finally result in us finding the right guy.

Fans here are hilarious. Acting as if they have any clue as to who might make the best GM for the Fins. They are about as qualified to judge this (or the process) as to judge who might be the best chemical engineer to be hired by Dow chemicals and the proper way to interview him.

Oh yeah, and Richard Sherman is a classless punk.

go over and chat with man u
4 some more minority owners u cheap bastad
.let tpuke chat all over himself
across the pond

The dolphins do not need a GM, the last 15 years tells you its a wasted front office position on this circus.
Just let DawnJoeSteve aka Moe, Larry & Curley handle everything.


Is it possible that now Ireland has been fired,the poster formally known as "Boycott Is On" now goes by the screen name MarkB?

what do u think
those drunkard hooligans will do
to the stadium with this pathetic bunch
u have now ross.
yeap,they will burn it

What else is new? EVERY OFFSEASON this franchise moves even further away from becoming a championship caliber team as they were the year before.

With Stephen Ross being the great centerpiece f it all. How did "Chad Henne becoming the next Dan Marino" work out for you Mr. Ross? Where is our Young Shula?

Guess now, we gullibles, should be entrusting you to find our next Bobby Beathard. Right?

While I do appreciate that they are aware of the negative press they're getting on the GM search although I'm a little concerned that they're paying so close attention.

It's starting to be like a political campaign taking polls on their favorability.

It's never a good idea to let the fans and media run your football team.

Then again compared to how they've done so far we might do a pretty good job.

2 watt,
At least there will be people at the stadium.

Wow, Craig doesn't even post and he gets a pre-emptive shaddap...

Rage.... Don't sweat it. Prophecy is not an easy gift to put into practice. I often lie awake at night, fearing the human consequences of my Truth.
And BTW, the glass is dirty, & germ-ridden, & slightly cracked.

yeah, but for how long rage?

Ross should've kept Ireland around. Letting him go only doubled his hate posts on this site. He should've kept Ireland around just to deflect a bit.

Wow, Craig doesn't even post and he gets a pre-emptive shaddap...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 20, 2014 at 02:26 PM



I'm axxuming ross told ire
that dawn is his
new boss and he said
uppa u.s.

The Miami Dolphins have now become the "POSTER CHILD" in "How To Successfully Destroy A Once Proud Franchise".

Anyone disagree?

Everybody is in a hurry for a new GM because they think he & his assistants needs to be at the Senior Bowl & the practices, but that isn't true. I am sure Brian Gaine & Joe Philbin are there scouting the players & taking notes right now. The new GM only needs to be in place 2 to 3 weeks prior to the NFL combine (Feb. 18-25), so he has time to assemble his staff, go over Senior Bowl notes & get on the same page with Joe Philbin. The only thing they need to make certain of is hiring the right GM that communicates & works best with Joe Philbin. I am glad that Philbin is sitting in on interviews & conducting separate interviews on his own. This way the only person that can be held accountable if anything goes wrong in 2014 is Joe Philbin, because he will have the most say on who is hired as the GM.

Dave in Pompano.

No, I did not know that. I would of guessed Elway had some Mr.Ed in his background with that smile of his.

2 watt
I'm guessing until the drunken hooligans burn it down. Then it just becomes the worlds largest weenie roast.

Below is a interesting article about Xanders, from the Denver Post.


The current Broncos’ team that is playing in the Super Bowl, includes these players from Xanders’ drafts and rookie free agent classes: Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, Julius Thomas, Orlando Franklin, Zane Beadles, Knowshon Moreno, Danny Trevathan, Malik Jackson, Robert Ayers, Duke Ihenacho, Britton Colquitt and David Bruton.
And Von Miller, Rahim Moore, Derek Wolfe, Chris Harris and Quenton Carter are hurt.
Imagine the Broncos without those players.

Queen Aponte will rule the Dolphin Kingdom from GM to real OC, no need for a GM, once the flash card offense is installed, air Coryell and the greatest show on turf will be put to shame.

In the interviews, just ask who will you draft in 1st 4 rounds next year?

If it's a DE or CB say "don't call us, we'll call you".

If he/she says it's Kelvin Benjamin or Eric Ebron in the 1st round, then OLs, and safety, say "You're hired".

That simple.

Everybody is in a hurry for a new GM because they think he & his assistants needs to be at the Senior Bowl & the practices, but that isn't true.

Posted by: hollywood-Rick | January 20, 2014 at 02:31 PM

Neither is this post entirely true. Fans of the long passed Fins sb era, we're more concerned why the most qualified candidates of all decline to even interview.

This is the greatest RED FLAG of all, when it comes to the possibility of ever restoring the days that were once filled of championship glory. Every offseason, we seem to remove further away to those days than closer to.


Posted by: Greg Williams | January 20, 2014 at 02:33 PM

Doesn't mention Peyton Manning. Without Manning, this is a wildcard playoff team at best. Man most responsible for Manning be there is called:

John Elway

Do not be deceived.

Not worried about speed of hire as much as speed to identify candidates. Why so long to identify who to bring in? Do they not monitor the landscape of the NFL to constantly know who are he top people in every position? That to me is the issue. They seem totally unprepared for this activity! I am still stunned that a Del Rio isn't at least approached for an interview. Philbin will be the biggest offseason mistake Ross makes. His team was totally unprepared for the last 2 games. That is the head coach period! He is responsible for getting his players motivated and ready. That was the worst 2 performances by far all year and that was for making the playoffs. Why is Philbin still around? Because Shula likes him?? So what! Don is a legend in his day but he should have NO input in this decision. If his team would have played like that in his day he would have cut every one of them. So why would he possibly give Philbin some slack other than after getting the cold shoulder form Parcells he is at least now recognized again by the organization. But that doesn't make Philbin a good head coach. You can almost guarantee they will be looking for a new coach next year after another 8-8 season.

Ross is to dumb to realize that he is the greatest problem existing with this team.

I was confused about how Ross could be "present and engaged" in these interviews and be out of the country at the same time. Apparently interviews are on hold while Ross is abroad.


They sure haven't made a blueprint for fixing a once proud franchise but I'd still choose the Fins over being a Lions fan, or a Titans fan, or a Redskins fan, or a Bills fan. And there are several more.

It is amazing though with all the good intentions how we still manage to screw it up.

Ross make Huizenga look like Einstein. We're now out of the pan and into the fire.

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