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Source: More GM interviews coming, Ross engaged

The Dolphins search for a general manager is not over in that interviews for new candidates are coming, according to a high ranking team source. After all of the interviews are complete -- there have been seven so far -- then the club will narrow down to finalists and pick the new GM.

And this: Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has been present "and engaged" in every interview so far. And he will be physically present for every future interview, and every part of the process that entails, the source said.

The source spoke on condition of anonymity. The source declined to confirm or deny a CBS Sports report that Ross is in the United Kingdom and will be traveling to China thereafter is accurate. (I am now assuming the report is accurate).

However, that changes no part of this process, as far as the Dolphins are concerned.

The team is currently doing a "deeper dive" and "work behind the scenes" to vet candidates already interviewed and those yet to be interviewed.

During the interviews already completed -- with Lake Dawson, Omar Khan, Ray Farmer, Dennis Hickey, Brian Xanders, Jason Licht, and in-house candidate Brian Gaine -- Ross has been part of the full group of people talking with the candidates.

"He is not on his phone or doesn't step out to take breaks," said the team source who is intimately familiar with the interviews.

The Dolphins are talking to candidates as a group led by Ross, advisor Carl Peterson, Dolphins President and CEO Tom Garfinkel, RSE Ventures CEO Matt Higgins and Dolphins executive vice president of football administration Dawn Aponte.

Candidates are also meeting with Dolphins coach Joe Philbin separately, the source said.

(The team needs the new GM and Philbin to forge a strong bond because last year Philbin and former GM Jeff Ireland were not always on the same page).

The Dolphins, I'm told, are acutely aware of the criticism of their GM hiring process. Senior Bowl practices start this week in Mobile and it is clear a GM will not be named before those end. So there's criticism the process is taking too long.

The team's answer?

The goal is to hire the right man, rather than a right now man.

(I would say I agree with this. Obviously, there are deadlines that have to be met. The Dolphins need to hire a GM in time for the Feb. 18-25 NFL Combine as well as May draft. And the team will obviously have a GM in place before then. But him not being on board this week is not going to affect draft preparations. Most, if not all the candidates the Dolphins are considering will indeed be at the Senior Bowl working for their current teams, anyway. So that institutional knowledge will travel to Miami once the hire is made.)

There is also criticism of Ross being out of the country at times during this process.

It doesn't look good on the surface because it suggests the owner has left the process or become bored by it or has decided he has better things to do. This is a perception the club knows exists. And the pushback on that is that there is no part of the process Ross hasn't been a part of or will be a part of in the future -- in person.

Including, and most notably, making the final decision. 


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Not to mention the small little fact that Joe Philbin is NOT going to be fired. He will coach the team in 2014, period.

If he fails next year, then that's another story. For the here and now you may as well be demanding that the sun rise in the west tomorrow.

Not happening.

If anything, the national perspective on this team is harsher than the local view.

You, White Man, get back into that Ice!, god-ammit.

I guess the "national perspective" doesn't include guys like Bill Polian and Scott Pioli who have consistently PRAISED Philbin or analysts who actually played the game such as Phil Simms and Ron Jaworski consistently lauding Tannehill as a quarterback with a bright future.

I know, I know...just tune out the things that differ from your set agenda and beliefs. Or is it just convenient amnesia?

- Momma, Momma, I did the test and I'm part Jew and part n..a also! - Shush, kid.

You're part lunatic, too.

mangini mangini mangini!!!!!!!

Again they are the joke of the league interviewing people that no one else wants...

Dan Snyder, shame on you for telling the truth, it won't set you free on this blog, however great to see some one on this blog that can think straight about the Dolphins. Bill

Dolphins fans can rest easy.

Ross is involved.

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"Ryan Tannehill is almost as good as Ryan Wilson...almost"

Delusional Phins fan

Everybody knows, DNA Analyst, that Jews are part lunatics also.

Phil Simms and Ron Jaworski never say anything negative about anyone.

...and Ron Jaworski thought that Chad Henne would lead The Dolphins to an 11-5 record in 2010.

The national perspective about The Dolphins ?

There is no national perspective.

No one cares about The Dolphins.

Unless someone in the locker room is making racist comments, The Dolphins have zero national profile.





The only people who consider the team at all are the eight people who post here.

In about 5 seconds, Dan Snyder will have his a-s taken in this Blog.

They call me the wanderer. I roam from town to town. I drive around the world.

I'm never in one place. Cuz I'm a wanderer. Yeah, a wanderer.

(lots of Buggers here)

Jews and Blacks are one of the same. They both came from Africa.

Same as Gallegos and Cubans. Same thing.

The Black Cuban is smarter than the White Cuban. Fact. Reason Black Cubans don't want to mix with white ones.

Notice Fidel let the white Cubans leave and stayed with the black ones.

You guys ARE in a weird little bubble here where you convince each other that this is how most folks feel.

It isn't.

Posted by: The Dan Snyder of Blogs | January 20, 2014 at 05:56 PM

Then your not in the local area! Turn on either 560AM or 790 from 6AM to 6PM just today they were discussing the backwards antics of the Owner on both be it on the Herd (which is National by the way) Coop-n-Crowder, Adam Silverstein, LeBatard ad Stu Gatz, I could go on and on!

On TV there is NO SECRET to how Joe Rose sees it! Jimmy Cefalo has bee vocal as well! Steve Shapiro on FOX again ect....

What rock are you living under if your local?

"Ryan Tannehill is almost as good as Ryan Wilson...almost"

Delusional Phins fan

Posted by: FIRE ROSS | January 20, 2014 at 06:14 PM


"Ryan" Wilson.

I still LOVE my Dolphins, Ross and all.

All the new GM has to do is fix the O-line and bam! Instant competitor!

PS: Coyle needs to get his head out of his ass and figure out the RIGHT WAY to utilize Dion Jordan.

PSS: Our secondary is going to be lights out!

Yeah.........I said it........so THERE!

My grandmother came from Catalunya, my Grandfather, hmm..., from Italy.

Phil Simms and Ron Jaworski consistently lauding Tannehill as a quarterback with a bright future.

I know, I know...just tune out the things that differ from your set agenda and beliefs. Or is it just convenient amnesia?

Posted by: The Dan Snyder of Blogs | January 20, 2014 at 06:03 PM

I've heard both lauding T-Hill but that's a different story than praising Philbin or is it just me?

Oh, I get it. Deflect and move the goalposts. Internet Tactics 101.

For the record, I did NOT say anything at all about Ross.

What I SAID was that no ex player or respected media person has been calling for PHILBIN to be fired. That particular mindset is peculiar to self-affirming blogs such as this one...nowhere else.

Please try to stick to the actual discussion. If you want to talk about Ross go ahead, but you're not responding to anything I said in doing so.

Posted by: odinseye | January 20, 2014 at 06:24 PM

Geez! Your back! Been waiting to rap some Fins Brudahh!

Yeah, I remember Dion Demucci, great singer, but some kind of element...

Quite the opposite, Oscar, lol.

You Eyetalian, Dan ?

Oscar do you want a canoli my friend

Nobody has been able to figure out at this point what DJ is, except Ireland.


One other point before I must go. With all due respect (and I mean that) what, exactly, I even the point of calling for Philbin to be fired now?

Even if you genuinely feel that would be the sanest and most rational move for the team to make it is NOT HAPPENING. Not now, anyway.

Honestly, it just strikes me as wanting Christmas to fall on December 27th or Pauly Shore to ever make a funny movie. Just kind of pointlessly carping about something that absolutely, positively won't be happening.

IF he fails this coming year, obviously a different story. Until then, though, he will remain the coach regardless of how much you and a few others may desire otherwise. Seems like "banging your head against a brick wall" stuff to me, dude.

Anyway, you are welcome to the last word (for now).

We are about to get another polar vortex it will be 9 degrees and we are expecting 12 inches of snow


Let it snow


How have you been? Good to see you're still alive - LOL!

Do you have a problem with Philbin? I've seen him take a ton of criticism here lately.

I personally like the guy. I don't know if he can be a motivator or not. That's the big question mark in mind.

I do however LOVE his offensive philosophy. He loves to throw the ball all over the field. Deep too. I have a feeling that he and the new OC will make the deep ball priority number one on offense.

Losing out on the playoffs sucked, but we weren't ready to make a serious push anyways. We bettered our record by a game and improved the roster overall.

I criticized Ireland for not addressing the O-Line last year and I predicted it would come back to bite him in the ass. He bet on Martin(ROTFLMAO)and whiffed Big Time. A big factor in his being Fired, I believe.

Fix the O-Line and find us another playmaker or two, we'll be FINE!



C'mon, c'mon, good Coaches come in their first year and win 10 Games like Shula did here and Jim Harbaugh there. We hate to lose our Time.


Richard Sherman is a complete idiot. Good Cornerback or not...........I-D-I-O-T....! Complete.

The only way I would bring Sherman in, is if we brought in Trent Williams at the same time. Williams knows how to deal with "Complete Idiots".

He smacked the Dog Shyt out of Sherman-LOL!


Oscar you are special then cause only a real small amount of Cubans are descendants of Italians. Even smaller than Jews. Cubans have basic spanish last names. Hernandez, Rodriguez, Martinez, Fernandez.

" Haitian Creole is the second largest language in Cuba, and is spoken by Haitian immigrants and their descendants."

This search just doesn't seem to be very serious. Who is it that they are interviewing that leads you to believe the Dolphins will be competing with Kraft/Belichek in the near future? I hope there is a diamond in the rough there somewhere because I'm sick of watching the Patriots in the playoffs. And if we can't beat them when half the team is on the IR, what does that say about how far behind we are?

Yeah no way to get around this front office starting with Ross is horrible the guy just doesn't get it and as long as that goes I have real fear this will just keep be a horrible franchise

2012 Fidel Census

64% White
10% Black
26% Mixed
0% Asian

Yeah, we used to import them as sugar cane cutters, same as the Jamaicans; some went back but most of them stayed. Same as in DR now.

Go finssssssss. Take ur time

Theres lots of Eyetalians here in GA.
Gotta run Boo Boo picking her nose and eating dem booggies again.


With the Phins and so are their representatives, they can't wait to sign here.

Fix the O-Line and find us another playmaker or two, we'll be FINE!

Posted by: odinseye | January 20, 2014 at 06:38 PM

By the title, I thought Ross was getting married...

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2014/01/source-more-gm-interviews-coming-ross-engaged.html#storylink=cpy

If I was he... I'd nail the foxy redhead GM to be...

I think Ross should take as long as he see's fit. Truth of the matter is there isn't any reason whatsoever to be in a rush.

One thing I'd point out to those who keep throwing mud about the Dolphins looking to hire GM's no one else want... No one but Tampa is even looking for a GM. So your right... but your right irregardless of your stupidity. I should also point out that while everyone is slinging mud at Miami for not have hired their GM yet... NEITHER HAS TAMPA...

The reason is as simple is it is clear... They have their pick over every eligible GM who is looking to move up or get another post art GM. They have the entire pool of candidates... Miami should take they're seat azzzz time picking... Get the best guy possible. Try and get a hire where we are not doing this again in 3 to 5 years.

Time has come for Ross to seek and find the GM who can create the sort of continuity and stability that a front office that has been around 5 to 8 years can be... Because as long as this team keeps playing the teams fans favorite game of "Fire Everyone" NOTHING good is going to happen... EVER.

Fans are idiots.... Regrettably, if you don't pacify them when things go wrong they just get dumber...

Ross hand PICKED THE PASTY Faced POS Tschmuck to embarass the Franchise to it's lowest low EVER Eh?

Those games yesterday - esp NFC game really shows how far away the dolphins are from being a contender Tanny wouldn't survive that ferocious play and fast pace of those teams. It wasn't that the qbs were bad it was a product of how fast and physical the ds were

Btw where is the putz "49er fan in Miami". Probably now posting as "Seattle fan in Miami".


Dolphin fans should not worry about other teams fans..Lololo
That's like North Korea worrying about countries with food shortages.
Lets see when was the dolphins last win in a divisional playoff road game?
12-25-71 OMG over 42 years ago.
At least we got to the AFC champ game in 09 & 10 and played divisional games on the road and WON!

The Dolphins will be contracted out of the league by 2018. While Buffalo and the Jets will have Super Bowl tiitles wth E.J. Manuel and Geno Smith.

I agree there is time to make the decision no sense in rushing it, the Dolphins need to hire somebody who is on board with Philbin, which is why maybe they should just go with Gaine for now if Dolphins flop this coming season you can dump both and start a new.Otherwise if they flop which they could Philbin could be fired and then you have a one year GM, where maybe you could of had someone with more experience like Polian for example.

The Dolphins have made way too many bad moves over the years, too many to mention here, if Ross wants to get away and think about then go ahead just make the right call this time, remember he did want Jim Harbaugh but couldn't get him and look what Harbaugh has done.Just get it right this time

its amazing how some folks here still cant figure out one of the primary reasons Philbin will likely be back for a 3rd year---gents, how do you think it would look to outsiders and other potential HC candidates if Philbin is fired after just 2 years, the second of which the Fins were in the playoff hunt until the end? Would that show loyalty or patience from the owner?--of course not…..it would actually show just the opposite…..and would any decent HC candidate would want to work for an owner who fired his HC under those circumstances?--obviously most folks around the league remember how Ross bungled the Harbaugh situation……for him to make the same mistake, and show Philbin the same disrespect, would be beyond foolish.

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