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Source: More GM interviews coming, Ross engaged

The Dolphins search for a general manager is not over in that interviews for new candidates are coming, according to a high ranking team source. After all of the interviews are complete -- there have been seven so far -- then the club will narrow down to finalists and pick the new GM.

And this: Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has been present "and engaged" in every interview so far. And he will be physically present for every future interview, and every part of the process that entails, the source said.

The source spoke on condition of anonymity. The source declined to confirm or deny a CBS Sports report that Ross is in the United Kingdom and will be traveling to China thereafter is accurate. (I am now assuming the report is accurate).

However, that changes no part of this process, as far as the Dolphins are concerned.

The team is currently doing a "deeper dive" and "work behind the scenes" to vet candidates already interviewed and those yet to be interviewed.

During the interviews already completed -- with Lake Dawson, Omar Khan, Ray Farmer, Dennis Hickey, Brian Xanders, Jason Licht, and in-house candidate Brian Gaine -- Ross has been part of the full group of people talking with the candidates.

"He is not on his phone or doesn't step out to take breaks," said the team source who is intimately familiar with the interviews.

The Dolphins are talking to candidates as a group led by Ross, advisor Carl Peterson, Dolphins President and CEO Tom Garfinkel, RSE Ventures CEO Matt Higgins and Dolphins executive vice president of football administration Dawn Aponte.

Candidates are also meeting with Dolphins coach Joe Philbin separately, the source said.

(The team needs the new GM and Philbin to forge a strong bond because last year Philbin and former GM Jeff Ireland were not always on the same page).

The Dolphins, I'm told, are acutely aware of the criticism of their GM hiring process. Senior Bowl practices start this week in Mobile and it is clear a GM will not be named before those end. So there's criticism the process is taking too long.

The team's answer?

The goal is to hire the right man, rather than a right now man.

(I would say I agree with this. Obviously, there are deadlines that have to be met. The Dolphins need to hire a GM in time for the Feb. 18-25 NFL Combine as well as May draft. And the team will obviously have a GM in place before then. But him not being on board this week is not going to affect draft preparations. Most, if not all the candidates the Dolphins are considering will indeed be at the Senior Bowl working for their current teams, anyway. So that institutional knowledge will travel to Miami once the hire is made.)

There is also criticism of Ross being out of the country at times during this process.

It doesn't look good on the surface because it suggests the owner has left the process or become bored by it or has decided he has better things to do. This is a perception the club knows exists. And the pushback on that is that there is no part of the process Ross hasn't been a part of or will be a part of in the future -- in person.

Including, and most notably, making the final decision. 


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The Dolphins will be contracted out of the league by 2018. While Buffalo and the Jets will have Super Bowl tiitles wth E.J. Manuel and Geno Smith.

Posted by: Greg Oden's Eye | January 20, 2014 at 09:09 PM

And the dumb continue to get dumber-LOL!

It has absolutely NOTHING to do with how "Ghey" you are either, so don't even try that excuse.

SMH @ "The Dimwit" ;)

The dolphins should revoke their NFL charter and join the CFL. After many years maybe a championship game. I said maybe.

no scott…..really bad idea…..or were you joking? if not…..how many good GM or HC candidates want to work for an owner loopy enough to hire a GM for 1 year and then fire him?--what, like a "1 year trial run"?--yeah, that would be a real desirable organization--think…..

Butt Fumble FTW

The Dolphins should be put on Double Secret Probation.

Benz, you're right. But you're talking to/about mainly one poor misguided idiot that spends his "So-Called(LOL)" Life here.

Philbin inherited a bad team. He improved them and was knocking on the door in just his second year. Only **Monkey Boy** is ignorant enough to advocate firing a HC after only his second season.

Philbin's first season involved a lot of tearing down and immeadiate rebuilding. He improved as did the team in his second year. The rest of the league and personel types would blacklist Ross and the Dolphin's for firing Philbin at this point.

I suspect that most people know this. Only the very few........ah.......**Intensely Ignorant types(shall we say?)** would proce3ed in this manner.

Good Post and well said!!!!

Odin Egg On His Eye returns after weeks of sobbing over his butt boy Jeff Ireland getting fired.

Hey Odin can you be a man and say "I was wrong"

Odin and Dashi thought Jeff Ireland was a good GM...Sarah Palin qualified to be POTUS.

Btw, I don't like The Jets, I like The Seahawks...a real team, with its best days ahead of them, not behind them, forty years ago.

New logo, new era.

you're right Odin……I kid myself that there are a bunch, or even a few, knowledgeable dudes here…..there aren't……I dont think Philbin has done a great job but yes, he inherited a bad team…..deserves at least 2-3 years to implement his plan/system/offense, etc…..2-3 years is the bare minimum, or why bother?--and again……how many "A" list HC candidates did we have to choose from when we hired him to begin with?--and how many would we have available now, if we fired him?--not many…..

Failbin has proved he's a genius, why can't you guys just except I'm special and have a gift. I'm the greatest armchair QB to ever live. you guys can kiss my eye

all fine Fire…..but if you like the Seahawks, why spend so much time on a Dolphins blog?

Where's Waldo?

See what I mean, Benz.....?

Exhibit "A".


**NOW** he's a Seahawks Fan......?

Oooooooo.........That makes me so mad I'm going to go on a 100 post diatribe........Duh!

Sorry Bucky, you'll have better luck Spanking your "Puppy".

SMH & LMAO!!!!

You're a Seahawks fan now? Lmao, Don't buy a Jersey yet, Denver might win and you will have to switch teams again.

Agreed Benz. Philbin hasn't done anything really to make me think he'll be the next Don Shula. But that's not really the point and everyone.....**EXCEPT** Mando's Monkey Boy Knows it-LOL.

Philbin gets a 3rd year, whether you like it or not............BOY!

BTW - another good post @ 9:46 Benz!

I think our defense was even worse than the offense. They couldn't stop any team when they needed too. The sad part is our offense if pathetic.

as bad as the dolphins played the last two games against scrub teams Failbin doesn't deserve a third year.



(( INTEGRITY )).....................................

HAVE NO SHAME .............

guarantee that Philbin has just as much say in the war room as our new FAKE GM.

I can't wait to see Tannehill operate behind a decent offensive line. Even the great Tom Brady looks barely average when consistently pressured. Tannehill's been consistently pressured since coming into the league.

I think we have to go into the off season with a new look O-Line. At this point:

C - Garner.

Guards - Pouncey & Brenner.

Tackles - McKinnie and Clabo.

First I would say that I hope we get the right guy(s)so Pouncey returns to center. But Garner looked adequate when filling in. Matter of fact, he looked better at Center than anywhere else. To boot, Pouncey is a great Center and probably could be an even greater Guard.

The point of the above allows us to get rid of saps like John Jerry and Incognito. It also reduces the total number of starters we would have to have. As well as giving us more room to maneuver in free agency and the draft.

Love My Phins!!!!

TWO YEARS AGO;;;;;;;;;;







tea bagged by my one nads, damn



(( INTEGRITY )).....................................

HAVE NO SHAME .............

Posted by: ALoco | January 20, 2014 at 10:03 PM

Don't look now Monkey Boy, but your "Tardation" is showing again.

I went on record here(I went beserk actually), when Ireland wasn't fired along with SpOrano.

Ah..........Monkey Boy.........don't you have a Puppy to spank or something? The Grown Ups are trying to talk.


HAVE A BREAK KILLER .............

brenner lol. the guy played good for half a game. he stinks.

Posted by: what suckers. | January 20, 2014 at 10:10 PM

So you prefer John Jerry and Incognito..........?

Bhwaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!


*wink, wink*


Exhibit B.

The **MAIN REASON** Mando needs his Monkey Boys to keep the numbers up.

Just look at the idiots contributions - ROTFLMAO!

Tsk Tsk Tsk...........


NO INTEGRITY .............

brenner? oh he shakes fear into those dc's. udfa bench butt.

Posted by: what suckers. | January 20, 2014 at 10:17 PM

(OMG, it's like trying to teach "Pluses" to a Tard)

Brenner allows us to jetison Jerry and Cogs.

Hello? Hello Mr Tard, you there? Pay attention. I'll type **VERY** slowly:

We still have Free Agency and the Draft - Duh!

The line up I posted above is the bottom line or the worst case scenario, you Fvcking Tard........TRY TO KEEP UP........or better yet, Just STFU. You ain't worth trying to teach anything.

As long as you can afford some "Blistex" and make change for a Ten Dollar Bill, you'll be alright.

(Snicker, snickety, snick....)


Posted by: The Sky Is Falling!! (or isn't) | January 20, 2014 at 01:50 PM

The sky already fell . GET A CLUE!!!

There is a high probability that the same thing that happened with Sparano will happen with Philbin. By the 7th Game, when we are 1-6. he will be fired next Season.

Agree oscar. No HC in the league could survive with Tannebust as QB. Philbin included.

It is an impossibility to motivate Players when they think their Coach isn't any good.

The dolphins should give up a #1 pick to get Mark Sanchez, i know it may sound crazy but your 1st round pick will be injured and a bust anyway so why not take a chance??

Care to change it again?

Posted by: Feldman | January 20, 2014 at 10:40 PM

You're right Feldman, it's time for the truth.

It wasn't MY Hottie that arrived that night, it was YOUR Mother. I "Skanked" that Beatch in 15 seconds flat.

She's so good, I just had to Pimp that Ho!

She do me GOOD Dog and don't worry, I let her get her cigarettes and her half pint of McNasters, EVERY TRICK!

PS: Now I know how you make such good money at the Rainbow Room, you get that shyt from yo Mommy!

Sluuuuuuuuuuuuuurp On Brother, Sluuuuuuuuuurp On!!!!

Adolescent as I might be, it's YOUR TURN to TELL THE TRUTH.

How fast would you "Drop Down" for Richard Sherman if given the chance....?

(Come on now, I told the truth about YOUR Mother, it's your turn to tell us the Truth)

Posted by: And to think there are actually bloggers that want to talk to this guy. Talk about desperation | January 20, 2014 at 11:07 PM

Conversely speaking, NO ONE wants to speak to you or any of your insignificant fake names.

Not even your own Momma. She told me. Well, she was TRYING to tell me. She choked it out enough to where I could understand her(but she got the Pimp Hand for interupting my mood with talk of a dumbsheet like you-LOL!).

You better slow your roll Bro, your true colors are starting to show.

You've reposted, "Drop down for Richard Sherman" 3 times and counting in just under ONE MINUTE!

Bhwaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Keep Dreaming Sweet Cheeks, you ain't getting none of Sherman-LMFAO!!!!

To boot, Pouncey is a great Center and probably could be an even greater Guard.

The point of the above allows us to get rid of saps like John Jerry and Incognito. It also reduces the total number of starters we would have to have. As well as giving us more room to maneuver in free agency and the draft.

Love My Phins!!!!

Posted by: odinseye | January 20, 2014 at 10:05 PM

We discussed this very scenario when analyzing the OL last Yr. during T.C. and were BLASTED Non-Stop for a week led by YG! After the 1st Pre-Season game it became very evident that Smuda was in over his head finally laying a brick along the C, G's positions in Houston so the idea of him sliding inside to Center with Pouncey in at L or RG was scratched. That said I believe this Yr. we have no choice but to over pay with our CAP space on Brandon Albert to man our LT spot, really a NO-BRAINER for me and my 1st FA move if it were p to me at 12:01 AM on March-11 (onset)

I'd also consider K.C. LG John Asamoah who'd probably command around 4 Mil per max on the open market. Some here would say well Denver has Zane Beadles hitting the market so why not blow a large CAP chunk on these 2 and I feel we need to try and also hit on either a Day-1 RT and a Guard to toss into the fray as well. This Yr. because of the glut of supposed 1st-Rd QB talent (Manziel, Bridgewater, Bortles, and the UCLA kid who can throw the cover off the ball if he comes out) One of the Top rated Tackles will slip to Miami at #19.

I figure by then Jake Matthews (who I feel overrated at LT and will be an NFL RT) Taylor Lewan and Auburn's Robinson are probably gone as well as Miss St. mammoth Guard Gabe Jackson but that leaves us a real mauler in C.Kouandjio who is raw but nasty and can handle RT or maybe N.D. LT/LG Zach Martin. In this scenario UM's Seantrell Henderson (a MONSTER) 6'7"/350 Pds. maybe a real steal in Rd-2. He slides there because at the U there has been many an issue with him off the field but alot of upside to ignore and someone will bite! Also a bit of a slacker but again the upside is there!

You can take Kuoandjio or Martin Rd-1 while grabbing Ohio St RB Carlos Hyde in Rd-2 whose the best all around RB as you know watching the Big-12 ut in your neck of the woods. My point is we grab the LT in FA while adding a Mid-level CAP# at Guard while looking BA available T or G in Rd-1. The RB could be had in RD-2 with Hyde or maybe a RT like Henderson sliding there while looking at FSU's D.Freeman and/or Wilder Jr. somewere in Rds 4-5. I know alot on here want to see us grab a LB or Safety eary but I feel we're better than we showed and basically miss-using our talent (on the Coaches!) Did you see Aldon Smith at SOLB yesterday?? How would DJ look there with Vernon/Wake opposite maybe moving Misi and his plugger body inside with Ellerbee (what the hell do I know?)

My draft and FA SPLASH are dedicated to beefy us up and toughening our OL/RB Positions with the scenario's I've laid out, again JMO but feel these are the moves to make while not losing sight of maybe LSU Safety Loston in Rd-4 if there. The issue is this could all very well be academic with NO G.M. and NO representation outside Gaine at the Sr. Bowl as of this moment (IMO he will stay even if someone is hired because the lack o movement to me seems like nobody wants the job as is and it's his by default with Ross spinning his wheels!)

That's the best you can do? To confirm your mental development was permanently stunted at the age of 12?

Posted by: Sad, but true | January 20, 2014 at 11:18 PM

Your ignorance proceeds you-LOL.

It has nothing to do with my growth. I was simply trying to talk to a dumbass in his own language.

I'm sure you've heard the ol............ah..........nevermind-LOL. I forgot what a **TurnUp** you are. Oh well, I'm sure the rest of the posters here will get the gist of it.

Ta-Ta TinkerBell!!!!


I'd also like to say that if by some chance in Rd-5 QB's Mettenberger or Logan Thomas are there I'd look to add to give T-Hill some needed Comp. I don't believe LSU's Mettenberger is there but VT's Thomas should be with Georgia's Murray if not to add any to the mix in our little QB farm system were I've seen enough of Devlin and some Plan-B needs to come in and get reps if for nothing else but to breed comp. in Ryan!

Philbin may still be fired when the bullygate findings are revealed.

Everything fell apart after radio voice announcer Rick Weaver was fired, go look it up its true.
I realize many of you young whippersnappers don't know who he is.


That's basically the formula Brother, well laid out. I don't think we can invest too much in the O-Line this year. It has been neglected for far too long. It's time to get it corrected.

Having said that, I'm impressed with most of the names you're throwing around. It's still a bit early for me to start naming names-lol.

Good post though and I think that's the exact type of mindset we need to go into the off season with.

Posted by: 2014 i- another wash year | January 20, 2014 at 11:36 PM

Totally agree. Just a horrible owner in every aspect.

I have to admit the victory speech cue card thing was baaaaaaad.

IMO Sherman's problem is the ship on his shoulder for sliding into Rd-5 of his draft and his Coach Harbaugh passing on him so much but that said he is an A-S-S-H-O-L-E!! I'd also add his schtick will wear thin if they lose the S.B. because alot of QB's including Brady have taken acception to his act and you can bet he fed Peyton's twin-tower WR's all the incentive they need to get physical with him. In watching Sherman's game he's long with huge wing span who shields the ball and player away but is not the most physical and in the dance he'll be up against the most physical not named MEGATRON with the on the Mission Peyton spinning the rock his way! I will go further and add that I thought the Seahawks in general acted the fool and am rooting for Peyton to lay the smackdown!

How would you feel as a player watching your coach talk from cue cards? LOL

Ross is a self made Billionaire.

You are a general degenerate that makes a sports blog HIS LIFE!

Ummmmmm.......ah........No offense, but it's quite evident to the rest of us that you're just a tad bit under qualified to even render an opinion about **SPIT**, let alone and NFL Owner.

But hey, don't let those facts rain down on your little delusional parade.

I miss our bubble baths together, Henry.

Good post though and I think that's the exact type of mindset we need to go into the off season with.

Posted by: odinseye | January 20, 2014 at 11:35 PM

I know it's early and the boards of BA by Pos. will shift between the Sr. Bowl and Combine but now early who do you like? The OL in this draft is deep and should landus a player Rd-1 but I'm asking about RB, you saw Hyde do you like him? I don't think Ohio St. and there 2 QB's make i to the OB Classic without Hyde who runs with Power while showing good hands. I also ike Tampa native James Wilder Jr. (remember his Dad?) as a Big Bruiser to consider in Rd-5 if still on the boards.

From this day forward Philbin will be called Cue Ball. So it is written. So it shall be said.


As usual Bro, you're right on the money in regards to Sherman.

I love the guys talent and that can't be denied. But he cheapens EVERYTHING he touches in life.

He should be on his knees thanking God for his physical skills. Because when it comes to his mentality, he's a midget. He ain't better than ALoco at Life and that's pretty bad.

We need a new secondary...
Our safeties are dreadful...
I hope Taylor and Davis can step up, if not we have issues
The schedule is brutal this year


New LB needed

Wheeler = major liability

Wheeler cost us at least 2 games that would have pushed us in the playoffs

Does anyone else think that Cue Ball resembles 3-CPO from Star Wars?

I remember James Wilder. He was a BEAST and got all the stats to back it up. He could run and catch out of the backfield.

If his Kid is anything like his Daddy, I'll take him.

Wilder has a daughter and believe it or not, she played in the Lingerie Football League!

Them Kids have the Genes!!!!


He should be on his knees thanking God for his physical skills. Because when it comes to his mentality, he's a midget. He ain't better than ALoco at Life and that's pretty bad.

Posted by: odinseye | January 20, 2014 at 11:47 PM

I went to NFL Net. right after his little rant and HOF'ers Faulk was asking Prime and the G.O.A.T. said that he was CHEAPENING the accomplishment with that display. He went on about it but you get the point while Kurt Warner (quietly a good commentator who calls it like he sees it) really taking acception. Your right and the troll is just looking to draw you out because the best there was in those HOF'ers and the best playing as in Brady (who really called him out today) all agree that he's a J-E-R-K!!

Posted by: FIRE ROSS = Lord of douches | January 20, 2014 at 11:50 PM

uhhhh, the d is NOT the problem...

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