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Source: More GM interviews coming, Ross engaged

The Dolphins search for a general manager is not over in that interviews for new candidates are coming, according to a high ranking team source. After all of the interviews are complete -- there have been seven so far -- then the club will narrow down to finalists and pick the new GM.

And this: Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has been present "and engaged" in every interview so far. And he will be physically present for every future interview, and every part of the process that entails, the source said.

The source spoke on condition of anonymity. The source declined to confirm or deny a CBS Sports report that Ross is in the United Kingdom and will be traveling to China thereafter is accurate. (I am now assuming the report is accurate).

However, that changes no part of this process, as far as the Dolphins are concerned.

The team is currently doing a "deeper dive" and "work behind the scenes" to vet candidates already interviewed and those yet to be interviewed.

During the interviews already completed -- with Lake Dawson, Omar Khan, Ray Farmer, Dennis Hickey, Brian Xanders, Jason Licht, and in-house candidate Brian Gaine -- Ross has been part of the full group of people talking with the candidates.

"He is not on his phone or doesn't step out to take breaks," said the team source who is intimately familiar with the interviews.

The Dolphins are talking to candidates as a group led by Ross, advisor Carl Peterson, Dolphins President and CEO Tom Garfinkel, RSE Ventures CEO Matt Higgins and Dolphins executive vice president of football administration Dawn Aponte.

Candidates are also meeting with Dolphins coach Joe Philbin separately, the source said.

(The team needs the new GM and Philbin to forge a strong bond because last year Philbin and former GM Jeff Ireland were not always on the same page).

The Dolphins, I'm told, are acutely aware of the criticism of their GM hiring process. Senior Bowl practices start this week in Mobile and it is clear a GM will not be named before those end. So there's criticism the process is taking too long.

The team's answer?

The goal is to hire the right man, rather than a right now man.

(I would say I agree with this. Obviously, there are deadlines that have to be met. The Dolphins need to hire a GM in time for the Feb. 18-25 NFL Combine as well as May draft. And the team will obviously have a GM in place before then. But him not being on board this week is not going to affect draft preparations. Most, if not all the candidates the Dolphins are considering will indeed be at the Senior Bowl working for their current teams, anyway. So that institutional knowledge will travel to Miami once the hire is made.)

There is also criticism of Ross being out of the country at times during this process.

It doesn't look good on the surface because it suggests the owner has left the process or become bored by it or has decided he has better things to do. This is a perception the club knows exists. And the pushback on that is that there is no part of the process Ross hasn't been a part of or will be a part of in the future -- in person.

Including, and most notably, making the final decision. 


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Taylor and Davis need to step up. But we SHOULD be set at CB.

Grimes and Patterson SHOULD make up a dynamic duo. Patterson was so frustrating, he was lights out though, when on the field. Hopefully he'll be healthy.

Personally, I think Taylor and Davis both are can't miss prospects. I don't know what went on last year outside of injuries setting them back early in camp/pre season.

CB should be a position of strength this year. The safety position is another story though. We need ONE REAL GOOD safety to compliment the rest of the mess we have.

Overall, I like our secondary and believe were just one good player away from being dominant.

Philbin's first season involved a lot of tearing down and immeadiate rebuilding. He improved as did the team in his second year. The rest of the league and personel types would blacklist Ross and the Dolphin's for firing Philbin at this point.

I suspect that most people know this. Only the very few........ah.......**Intensely Ignorant types(shall we say?)** would proce3ed in this manner.

Good Post and well said!!!!

Posted by: odinseye | January 20, 2014 at 09:29 PM

Agreed with you that everyone advocating for Philbin to be fired at this point is "intensely ignorant."

It would send a horrible message to any potential replacement candidate as well---that they would have ZERO job security in Miami.

Amazing that so few seem to acknowledge this reality.


I gotta call it an evening but be here on Saturday at around 4:30 to trade thoughts on the Sr. Bowl. Will be waiting on you to kick off our anual build up to the draft (getting to be a pain! want to make Playoff push already!) See you then Bro!

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I like that not succeeding at your position affects your job security. That doesn't send the wrong message it says that results matter.


Will Do!

I'll be looking forward to it.

Clemons, Wilson and Nolan Carroll are horrible.

Jamar Taylor and Davis are unknown.

Patriots midget receivers averages 20 yards a catch on that secondary.

Brady picked them apart the entire game. Itas a miracle we won that game.

Grimes don't even have a contract. Patterson great when healthy.

There is room for concern.

Reshad played horrible this year. He wasn't allowed to roam and always takes bad angles.

But ill be optimistic, new GM and all.

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The Big O who is at the Senior Bowl said he has been told candidates are 2 finalist between Farmer and Licht. Xanders eliminated from list.

The Big O who is at the Senior Bowl said he has been told candidates are 2 finalist between Farmer and Licht. Xanders eliminated from list.

I have purchased spearmint chewing gum in Tampa, Florida.

The Dolphins most likely need a guy who is a personnel evaluator and focus on that only. Acquiring talent that Ireland never had the ability to evaluate and project for the NFL. That will fit in with the other powers that be also.

Joe Philbin is giving us real zombies a bad name. At least we grown from time to time.

Well the way I see Ross can keep interviewing people all through till the season starts this way when we have another
crappy year with statue as our coach he can fired everyone then hire someone from the 8000 possibilities and let that person bring in a new staff. Is this man brilliant or what. Also in the mean time he can donate another couple 100 million to Michigan while Joe Robbie continues to fall apart. Is this man a genius or what. Thank god I don't have season tickets that would be like pissing my money in the wind

why does A Beasley feel HE should "have an answer" about what the Dolphins "plan" is?--he's a writer for the Herald, not a team exec……he really think he needs to be kept in the loop?

Few pure LTs in the Draft this year and none of them stand out except Jake Matthews

oscar, don't you ever sleep, you must be tired

Good morning dolphin fans, another day of suffering is here!

RT- S.Henderson

Mountain of a Man. 6'8" 350+lbs. And it isn't all fat. You can get him in the Mid rounds. 3rd or 4th. Or Possibly a 2nd rd pick after combine and pro day. The guy is a special Athlete.

Resign Clabo for 1-2 years to help mentor and compete with Henderson. Right Tackle Solved.

Sign the best FA LT. Left Tackle Solved. Have your pick. Fat Albert, Monroe, Saffold.

Sign the best FA OG, Preferably a RG. And Draft B.Linder OG in the 3rd-4th to compete with D.Thomas and Brenner for a spot. OG problem solved.

#1,#2,#3 Priority this Off season is the O-line. That and Resign Grimes.

Can we get compensation for J.Martin?

At least a 4th from the League?

The League didn't get all the information on J.Martin. And Ireland wasn't allowed his line of questioning. Cause I bet Ireland would've asked him are you crazy? Sherman would've been allowed to ask future prospects are you a P'ssy? Would've saved us 2 picks.

Dashi, why would we got compensation? WE drafted a marshmellow and are paying for it. Another hidden reason why combine scores are important. High athletic scores and power scores helps indicate how tough or hard someone is. It is not only trueborn athleticism that gets you to the top of these drills - it takes a lot of tme, effort, and dedication to build yourself up to flash and impress.

I have been preaching J. Wilder Jr. on here for weeks, glad to see you folks catching on. I don't think he will make it to the fifth round though. After all the work outs, I think to get him, we will have to burn a third.
On the OL scene though, I see a lot of good projected in the mid to late rounds; I also expect some of them to move up by draft day.
Martin is the most sound collegiate LT in the draft. If his arms were two inches longer, he would be the top rated LT.
You know what is really funny, perhaps the best OL in this draft is a guard from Stanford(Yankey), and he looks a lot like--you know who.

ALL of the GM-wannabes Ross has interviewed until now suck BIG TIME. The hilarious bunch inspires laughs instead of respect, I totally agree. The truth here is that Ross f**ked everything up AGAIN when he decided to keep Philbin. And next year when he FINALLY gets brave enough to fire the loser, he will then feel tied for years to come to yet another inept GM. Even children can see this one coming.

Dolphins are beyond salvation until Ross sells the team. Meanwhile he can forget about a new/renewed stadium by using public funds for the rest of his life.

So......when is oscar going to come on and tell ua all how turnovers could be a key in the SB game??

I can't imagine the league or any team coughing up a pick for J. Martin. Cut your losses and hope he doesn't end up in New England for the next 10 years and retires a multiple Super Bowl winner/All Pro/Hall of Famer.

"Marshmellow." Good one Mark.

hardin, interesting you say that about martin because he has a pretty mediocre score from ESPn stats inc. Usually these guys are pretty good...

Myself? I don't develop opinions on players until I see how they grade out in the combine/pro days.

ff71, the only thing he's going to end up on is his parent's couch. He's one of the most horrible players in the NFL - period.

I'm waiting for the Marc Ross interview. I'm hearing he will end up being the best candidate available. And he's from a stable, well-run organization (Giants) so hopefully that will transfer over to us.

I'm hoping Martin can return in a better locker room environment. He's a 2 yr starter and adequate at RT.

Haha, if adequate means being graded in the bottom two of the NFL for your position for two years running then yes - he's adequate.

I have never been laid and it has caused me to be an extremely bitter hater who lives vicariously through others accomplishments.

Posted by: Hydrashock | January 21, 2014 at 09:25 AM

I'm waiting for the Marc Ross interview. I'm hearing he will end up being the best candidate available. And he's from a stable, well-run organization (Giants) so hopefully that will transfer over to us.
Posted by: DC Dolfan | January 21, 2014 at 09:40 AM

If that cheap SOB Ross stays 30 mill under the cap there aint nuthin thats gonna help.

DC, Marc Ross has intrigued me from the start. I've always liked the approach teh Giants used in drafting. put a premium on atheltes that play impact positions. That's why they've always had pass rushers, corners, wide receivers, and qbs. Unfortuantely it's also why their LBs always sucked since Parcells left.

Up until recently they had a monster o line as well but everyone got old at once unfortunately for them...

But whoever was resposnible for that Justin Pugh pick last year ... ewww

I pretend to know what I'm talking about but it is evident with my last post that I do not. I am just here for attention because I have no life and no friends.

Posted by: Hydrashock | January 21, 2014 at 09:25 AM

I change my name because I'm a coward and don't want to stand up for what I believe in. Because I don't believe in anything and like a child, I misbehave to get attention.

Posted by: CHEAP FISH | January 21, 2014 at 09:46 AM


QB - Ryan Tannehill - seventh. This is as high a rating as Tannehill gets by any measure. Tannehill's cumulative rating of all the PFF stats is 16.4 percent. Here's the quarterbacks before him: Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Philip Rivers, Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers and Josh McCown. Immediately after Tannehill: Tom Brady, Matthew Stafford and Jay Cutler. PFF doesn't penalize sacks as much as other ratings systems. But the way to help Tannehill is obvious - (a) improve protection so he isn't sacked 58 times (b) give him a tall, seam-stretching tight end.

Coming up with a new name to put in front of your old material? LOL U R A MORON.

Mark, that wasn't a very smart call (on Pugh). But Victor Cruz sure was. Anyway, the reports I read were this guy Ross is the most polished out of all the candidates so far.


I feel cheated. The compensation thing is more of a joke. But I would like to trade him and get something in return. A conditional 4th.

The thing on Martin that is reducing his draft score is his length. Many are saying he will have to play G in the NFL because of this, if so i think he will be very successful. When I view his game film, from what is available, he stays with his blocks and gets good position--even with the speed rushers.
Check him out and see for yourself. If you you tube ND skill position players you can get much more footage.


Agreed. Combine scores and pro days are important.

You know me I believe you have a better shot with a prototypical player than with a player who doesn't measure up.

Pugh was alwful for a first rounder but not a bad o line prospect overall - more like a 3rd rd pick, but overall they had some players i really liked - Damontre Moore in the 3rd was a player I thought had first round talent so it may even out for drafting Pugh so high. I also like Cooper Taylor as a Kam Chancellor sized SS, and Eric herman, OG late was nice pick too. And the list of great picks is much, much longer from the past...

Cruz as a UDFA
Justin Tuck in the 4th
JPP 17th overall
David Wilson
reuben Randle
Prince Amukamara
Linval joseph
etc, etc, etc.

Dashi, I felt ripped off when they announced the name.

We may get h0m0 punter Kris Kluwe for him - that's about it - like for like.

I agree Dashi - stick to elite athletes who were productive in college and way more often than not - you will get very good NFL players. Sure there will be exceptions but in the end you will be ok following this mantra.

Bowman has a torn ACL, MCL from the NFC title game , not surprising - that was hard to watch. Hope he comes back - awesome talent.

Wilder Jr. Is OK. He is a Mid round pick. Nothing Special. He fits a Need.

You have 3-4 RBs that fit a need for the Fins.

A.Williams BC- Best RB in The Country. But injury will slide him to the mid rounds.

S.Johnson UCF

T.West Towson

A.Andrews WKU

T.Gaffney Stanford

Any of these guys will be available late in the draft and are more than capable of replacing D.Thomas and Gillislee.


That is why I like Xanders as a candidate for GM. That is basically his philosophy.

Those type of players fit any system.

You don't need to run a system just to get one player the ball.

Plus, Xanders likes the right type of WRs. D.Thomas, E.Decker, B.Marshall. He likes big athletic TEs. And knows he doesn't need to waste a first round pick on a TE. J.Thomas was a mid round pick and J.Fauria was undrafted.

But Cote brings a good point. Farmer could be the first black GM in Dolphin history. Plus, he is qualified for the job.

And After Ireland you need as much a talent evaluator as you need a guy that can handle the media. Farmer could do both.

Concerning Sherman:

He graduated 2nd in his high school class. He graduated from Stanford and even began work on a Master's Degree.

Like most CBs and WRs, he has a lot of confidence.

In his post game 'interview', he was emotional and gave some criticism to Crabtree. He did not curse and it's clear it was an emotional moment.

Yet, he get's all this negative talk directed his way. I'm sure nearly every player and coach on both teams and throughout the league trash talk to one degree or another. Anyone that can read lips knows that even the best head coaches of nearly every sport scream profanities constantly during games.

Sherman's OK in my book. Wish the Dolphins had such a gifted and competitive player like that on the team.

Orlando Alzugaray ‏@BigOShow 1h

#Dolphins fans I'm told its down to #RayFarmer & #JasonLicht for the #DolphinsGMSearch Question is when will Ross make the decision.


I think Farmer is just what the Dolphins need. A young guy with a proven record ready to take the next step.

Anyone know Licht's track record, who are some of the players he was involved in drafting

Well boys...

Shantrell Henderson looked pretty damn good at his pro day.
He could be the steal of the draft.

Ross is looking for a GM to be the savior. He knows he can't screw this up.
Its a lengthy process.

"The goal is to hire the right man, rather than a right now man." - Miami Dolphins on GM search.


Three men who would have been nearly perfect for the job declined to interview. One of them, according to published reports, did not think much of the Dolphin's organizational structure and decision making process.

Also, according to reports, many personnel men around the league are confused by the Dolphin way of doing things.

In short, they are not impressed by the list of GM prospects interviewed by the Dolphins or by the chaos chaotic manner in which the team is run. There is the Aponte factor. There is the Philbin factor. There are the scandals. There is the losing. There is the owner. None of these is considered positive.

The coaching staff lacks experience and players complain (off the record) that they do not learn much, if anything, from most of the coaches. Philbin is seen as a man who is head scheduler. All this supports the observations of many of why players do not perform well in Miami, but play much better for other teams (both before and after their Miami career).

The Dolphins have been unable to hire top talent at GM or Head Coach. For certain, they've not been able to draft, sign, or develop player talented.

The team is mis-built and under-built.

No amount of wishful thinking is going to change that.

My boy from FSU said Wilder Jr can't pass protect.

No news, but I found this interesting.

"Ryan Tannehill is rated seventh by Pro Football Focus. This is as high a rating as Tannehill gets by any measure. Tannehill's cumulative rating of all the PFF stats is 16.4 percent.

"Here's the quarterbacks before him: Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Philip Rivers, Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers and Josh McCown. Immediately after Tannehill: Tom Brady, Matthew Stafford and Jay Cutler."

Have at it, boys.

Well boy's we were stuck with Idiot Ross for 6 years, We can wait a little longer.............

meant Idiot Ireland.

Dashi, I know what you see in the end regarding Xanders and what he left in Denver looks ok, but in my opinion, I don't think he's any better at it than Ireland. There is a lot of waste in his drafts. The funny thing with him is his mid round picks tend to be better than his first round picks, although I will grant you that I thought Detroit grabbed some excellent players last year.

Farmer and KC look to have a little better track record - especially onthe o line - but whos' to know who was rsponsible fro what for both KC and Denver in the end.

Ultimately is you choose the guy you like most and give him about three draft to produce something indicating that he knows what he's doing at a sufficiently high level.

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